Too Bad You Are In Chastity

You just need to sit there with your pants down around your ankles... wishing you can stroking to the thought of me grinding these hot shiny legging up and down along your cock. You might even want to have me send you a pair of my used shiny leggings to jerk with, huh? What if I grind up and down on your chastity device like this? It's a bad day to have your cock owned by me loser.

Creepy Ass Pervert

You're not alone. Everyone loves to look at my ass, so why not enjoy it? It's not like I'm going to make you wear a t-shirt that say “I'm an ass watching pervertr maybe I should... I'll think about it. All I want you to do now it get teased by my ass. Can you do that creepy slave boy?

Under Lock And Key (Humiliated Cuckold)

How much do you REALLY want to be OWNED BY ME? Not just sending me a gift-card and pretending... if you want to be around me and actually remember your name, then you're going to have prove it to me. I want you you to get a chastity device as living proof that you're ready to serve. It will be a constant reminder of my power over you and what I can do to you. When you're my slave then I can REALLY HAVE MY WAY WITH YOU. I'll have you wrapped around my finger, doing things for me you never would have imagined.

Edge Work, Edge Sleep, Repeat

Lucky you You get to buy this video and edge to me for 5 minutes every day when you wake up. Yup, I am going to command you jerk for 5 minutes and rip your hand off your hard cock with a nice last hard tug and pull your pants up and go to work. No orgasm for you, haha! I want you to build up as much cum in those blue balls that you become stupider and stupider for me. Then, when you get home after a long day you can stroke to the last 5 minutes of this video, Yay! But there a catch. You are not allowed to cum then either, haha! I want you to dream of me and make that cum build up nice and thick inside your blue balls. Now repeat this over and over all week and email me and tell me how many days you can go! Haha!

Too Busy For A Foot Loser

Slave I don't have time for your nonsense today I'm too busy texting my real friends and hot guys so just worship my feet and try not to bother me.  

2018 Your Year of Chastity

I have a new Year’s resolution for you! 2018 will be the "Year of No Orgasms" for you!! Lets see if you can make it through a whole year of me denying you the privilege of cumming. We know you don't deserve it anyway, right?? And before you complain, you just need to remember this one simple rule- I OWN YOUR COCK, BITCH. It is NOT yours to wank away at free will! It's Mine. I own your cock, just like I own your mind and wallet. You are going to be an obedient little pig and lock it away for all of 2018... Sometime in 2019 I may give you permission to be let out. Maybe it will be on the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve? Who knows? You just need to watch the clip and follow ALL instructions in this clip to find out! Time to lock up that cock! Oh, and I included some added incentive in this clip as far as monthly instructions for you to follow throughout the year if it gets reeeeaaally bad and you are REALLY desperate to try to get an early release! Haha

Only Real Men Satisfy

I just got back from an amazing date and had the best sex ever... buy you wouldn't know anything about that. You have such a tiny dick, you could never satisfy me or any woman. How does it feel to have no hope of ever being respected by a girl. You will always have to settle for laughter and a pat on the head and women use you for extra cash. I would really like to know the answers to these Small Penis questions that I have for you.

Princess Beverly

Insta-humilation For A Foot Freak

Come on, bitch I'm making you an instant web celebrity today on all my social media accounts. Now smile with my soles in your face, forcing you to sniff my smelly feet!, get on your knees and worship these perfect soles! Now days I don't even need to take you out in the streets to publicly humiliate you, I can do it right here with my 100k's of fans online. Wow, I already got likes and my friends are blowin' up my phone, make sure to Lick in between every toe, lick them clean because that's all you're fucking good for! You're a total foot slave, put on this Earth to bow before a princess like me and now you're internet famous because of it. 

Sock Him The Bill

***Custom Clip***

You come home from shopping your wearing a top jeans boots and plain white ankle sock you tell me you need me to give you $1000 cause that's what you spent shopping today I say no so you take off your boots and put your sweaty dirty socked feet in my face you know I can't resist you ask me if they smell good than you offer me a deal if I give you $1000 you will give me a sockjob so I agree and give you the money you then use a dildo and give it a sockjob until it cums all over your socked feet.

8 Sweaty Hours

It was so cold last night I really bundled up in socks and a sweat suit. I also put this heavy down comforter over me. Who knew it would get so warm, I broke a sweat in my sleep lots of sweat actually. I woke up sweating all over my body, especially my feet. Now you my slave have to lick them clean first thing in the morning. Do you love my special smell? I was sleeping all night for at least 8 hours maybe more. So get to work slave it going to be a busy day.