Laughing At Small Pee-Pees

This is just me basically laughing at some of the small cocks that you losers have.  Honestly, I think its ridiculous that some of you try to actually even call these "penises" LOL.  They are seriously soooo small that I swear these do NOT even qualify!

*(This is truly heartless, cruel mocking of small penises- so if you have tiny little pee pee, you probably shouldn't watch this clip, as you may find it offensive and a little heartbreaking to hear what I have to say about "cocks" that probably look just like yours.  Not that I really care that much about hurting the feelings of a loser like you...LOL.)*

Princess Amber

You Will Serve Us Both

My Alpha man just moved in with me and he thinks its hilarious what I do for a "living". (Basically just using, abusing, and degrading weak beta men like YOU! Haha.) Anyways, he is totally cool with it. In fact we decided to make this clip for beta losers that want to serve us as the hot, Alpha couple that we are. Are you pathetic enough to admit that you could never please a real woman like me, and are willing to accept your role as a BITCH to support and serve me and my REAL man that fucks me good and pleases me in ways that you know YOU never could?? Really?? Ok then... Watch this clip because we are taking REAL APPLICATIONS from beta losers that want to be a "cuck bitch" for me n my Alpha! And I give you EXACT instructions in this clip about what we are looking for in a loser. You need to have absolutely NO spine, LOTS of $$$, and be willing to bow down to us as your King & Queen. And no matter how bad we treat you, you need to put up with it and THANK us just for abusing you. *** THIS IS TOTALLY LEGIT- DOWNLOAD, WATCH AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY IF YOU WANT TO COME TO VEGAS AND SERVE US IN REAL LIFE!!! ***

You Wish You Could Date Me

When I get ready for a hot date I first blow dry my hair, then put on my makeup, and then pick out a sexy outfit! I know you'd love to be sitting there at my feet, worshiping while I get ready for my stud to come pick me up! And, face it, you're such a fucking loser, you'll never have a girl primping herself like this for you. So just watch and enjoy, cuckold bitch!

Watch A Real Skype Session

I was paid by some slave to skype with him.  So I decided to film it too so you losers can watch.  Goddess Platinum joins me. 

By the way, if you are wondering "how can i skype with princess Beverly too??"  Um, well how about you start by joining American Mean Girls so I know you have a working credit card and that you are a REAL fan of mine before contacting me??  AND send me a nice Amazon GC as a tribute AND a few gifts off my wishlist while you're at it?? 

I honestly HATE when you idiots email me out of the blue and you are asking me for shiitt (like a skype session) and you haven't even done SHIITT for me yet.  Like, seriously??  You think I want to even talk to you if you haven't joined our site, sent me a gift or a tribute?  Fuck off and come at me right if you wanna have a shot at serving me, bitches. 

Your email will be discarded like the trash it is if it doesn't include your AMG slave-member name as well as a gift card and a list of things you bought off my wishlist.  Why would I EVER take you seriously if you haven't spoiled me and shown true worship & obedience??  Duh...

-Princess Beverly

My Butler Slave

Now that you are my live in slave for the week you will kneel down and listen to the list of chores that I am making you do for me today. My friends are coming over later and I expect you to go to the store and get the freshest ingredients for our snacks. Then I want all the floors and bathrooms cleaned. You will be making sure all my shoes are polished and clothes are organized at all times. If you have any left over time I want you to chain yourself to the stove and wait there on your knees with your head down. I dont want you looking up at anything, you only get to stare at the floor. Oh and you can only look at one square floor tile not two, you only get to look at one floor tile and thats it! Haha! When you are done for the week I will toss you two dollars to take the bus back to where ever you came from because there will not be any funds available on your credit cards I maxed out.

Your Favorite Foot Clip

This is my hottest foot clip yet! You foot boys are going to drool over my flawless, pedicure as I encourage you to stroke for my perfect feet. A hot princess, with long slender legs and a classic feet that are total perfection. Come on loser, let's have some foot boy fun with my wiggling toes and wrinkled up soles.

Beat It And Eat It

It is the time to practice your cum eating for me today. I want to give you some extremely sensual JOI so you actually "get in the mood" to eat it joyfully. I am going to as I tease you in the most erotic ways, and then coerce you to cum and eat it MY way! It is going to be seductive, dominating, instructive, and beyond exhilarating when you eat loads of cum for your Princess. First, it's going to start off easy and then slowly begin testing your obedience...every time making you go more & more extreme for me.

Secret Cock Cravings

Here you are hidden away thinking of cock! A regular closet faggot. you can't even get an erection without thinking of sucking cock. I have designed it to be this way. I planted the seed and reprogrammed you for cock. you didn't even realize what was happening or how deep this fantasy would take you. I have turned you into My closet fag.

Basement Cuckold

Well, you wanted this you flew all the way over to Los Angeles so that you could live in my basement for a month and serve me, haha! You want to worship my worn nylons and sit at my feet. Sit there jerking at my feet until I take of my stockings and shove them in your mouth. After that I am making you put those black stockings on my feet and stoke your cock until you cum all over them! - Goddess Rodea

The Final Pain Pill

You have no idea what you are in for as you sit in the cage at Mean Girl Manor. I walk by you and taunt you with the evil plans I have for YOU… My newest slave and victim! I explain all the pain and humiliation that you are about to endure here and I even offer to enhance your experience. I give you a little pill, Haha! You swallow it obediently and then I tell you that it will make your skin crawl. The pain of the whips will be much more excruciating. Your balls will swell up and become easy targets for kicking with my boots! But then I tell you the best part… You have been selected to get the best pill I had… The one that will end your life! Yup, you better enjoy all the attention We give you as we beat you today because it will be the last thing you ever remember! Let’s get started slave!  

Princess Beverly