JOI In the Office

OMG what are you doing!? Jerking off in the office is not OK. Well you started this you had better finish it. You are already in trouble so just finish what you started.

I know you're doing this because I'm here, so I' might as well stay here and see this to the end.

Worship My A n i m a l Ass

These print shiny pants accentuate every single one of My curves and really bring out the wild in Me... see for yourself.

Intro to Platinum Slavery

If you know nothing about me this is the perfect place to start.

The question is will you be able to ever stop coming back?

Stay Down There Footboy

The only angle pathetic foot boys like you deserve to see Me from. you wish you could drool over My bare feet but the closest you'll get to seeing them is through this tight pair of sheer pantyhose. Enjoy the view while I torment you with My perfect feet and drain your wallet...

How to get Un-Blocked

You have found out your life is meaningless without me and you're on the edge of doing yourself in because you lost ALL contact with me. It was so fun tofuck with me and now you realized you were only hurting yourself.

I can tell you how to repent all of your sins and how a Goddess will forgive you. It's not going to be easy and you will have to prove a few things to me. It's going to be hard work but worth it for you in the long run.

Mind-Fuck With Feet

Good morning, loser. You’re so funny. When I stick my feet in your face you get this blank stare and your mind turns literally to mush. My feet put you in a state of mind that you're absolutely powerless to stop. I love it when that happens. Want to know why?  I will gladly tell you...

Mesmerizing Amber

You have a deep longing for submission... You need to be properly conditioned and trained in order to allow yourself this type of surrender... You must accept your true nature.,. Accept your submissive side... Just relax... I will be taking control of you now. I will direct you into the proper state and mold you into a slave. I will lead you down into the bliss of submissive ecstasy..........

Mmmm I love My White Stockings, Don't you?

If a white fetish was not bad enough try sucking all the dirt from my stockings. I’m not leaving here till they're like band new again.
Get down here where you belong and turn on that vacuum cleaner you call your mouth...i’m getting impatient!

Extreme Ignoring

You asked if you could visit me and worship my feet or get kicked in the balls...but I said you need to show me that you are lower than that! You can only come over if you show me that you are the "LOWEST of the LOW". That means you must agree to fly all the way here and pay me $5000 without saying a word than just sit there while ignore you for 10 minutes. After that I am kicking you out and sending you back to where ever you came from completely used and rejected. You are such a hard core humiliation junkie that only this utter disrespect can turn you on. You need to know that this equals the biggest "fuck you" that a girl can dish out! Haha! (For those of you buying this clip, you are only getting a silent video of me on my phone showing you my legs and ass... so Fuck You too! And thanks for your money, Muah!)

Toe By Toe Cum Countdown

You are about to face a slow long countdown.

My divine feet are your weakness; they will put you in a haze... Listen as I get you warmed up.

You will become consumed by my irresistible Goddess feet. Watch and listen as I give you a toe by toe cum countdown you will never forget!