I Know You Eat Cum

You think you can buy all my cum eating clips and there not be any "consequences"? Well you’re all wrong about that. I have detailed records of every clip you buy...and I know you are first in line every time I make a cum eating video. So what would all your friends and family think of your cum eating fetish?? Hmm? Pretty humiliating right? I think you would not like this kind of info to get out would you? So here is the deal I will make you...

Foot Boys Celebrate

Like being under my soles slave? Do you love looking up and seeing the wrinkles in them? You want to take your tongue and lick them from heel to toe don't you?

Beg for it!

Get on your knees and beg..it's a foot boys dream to be underneath these soles.

Fool's Gold

YOU are the fool, and i am the gold!! Understand, idiot? Now stop creeping me out with that weirdo stare and just make yourself fucking useful...by WORSHIPPING the gold boots of your Goddess! And while you foolishly grovel at my boots...let me do things that are more important then paying any attention to you...like reading my magazine.

(Total ignore clip! Only purchase if you want to show me that you really ARE a complete fool for me when I see your clip purchase order come into my inbox!!!)

But He's Horny Now Cuck Bitch

As your wife I'm adding a new chore on your to-do-list...suck off my boyfriend before we go out on a date. That way I can have fun going out. You need to make sure my hot boyfriend show's me a good time and he's not thinking about his raging hard cock all night. If you don't I'll have to just stay in and have him fuck me all night.

You want me to be happy right? You will do anything to make sure I'm happy won't you?

Then get on your knees!

Beware of Foot Scams

Guys are constantly getting ripped off by these feet clips. Learn what you have to do to protect yourself. It may cost you a little money to learn all the tips and tricks from an insider, but I promise it will save you in the long run.

Chewing You Out

After this clip you might think I have a mouth like A sewer, but that’s just because I’m talking to one. You fucking faggot, I’m fed up with your dumbass- and I’m going to tell you exactly what the fuck is wrong with you today. You’ve been acting like an asshole your whole life just so you can have some woman like me tell you off. What, it makes your dick hard or something to get yelled at by a hot girl like me? That is so WEIRD you FREAK! Let me tell you exactly what I think about you...

Shoe Dangling and Dipping with Skylar

It’s impossible for losers like you to resist anything that involves My feet *hair flip - duh, they’re perfect, just like Me*. your obsession with My feet has sank to a whole new level of pathetic. That’s why I made this clip just for you, foot freak! Get ready to be seduced with a sexy foot tease and exclusive close-ups you won’t find anywhere else!

HAHA I Made You Late Again

Good morning sunshine! I see you have some morning wood again! Let's take care of that before you leave for work

Edging To A Special Day

You have to look a this video everyday till Christmas. You have to edge for one min longer every day till December 24th. and don't just cum on Christmas eve either!! Because I will have more instructions for you by then...

Mean Dom Nice Dom

Together we are going to mind fuck and bully you to the brink of ruin. We are going to drive you insane and your are going to love every minute of it. Think of us as the "good cop/bad cop" of your life. You do what Goddess Platinum says or face the wrath of Princess Skylar! You are totally our bitch now...