Worship My Perfect Ass

Ugh my one new slave is so gross. Like I don’t think I’ll keep it around very long cause it’s just nasty kind of gross. But for now I will just humiliate and abuse it as much as possible. Lol!!!

I pretty much started from day one. You know this is that loser that I forced to let geezer suck its dick the very first day it came to serve me. Hahaha.. it was so shocked that day, I will never forget the look on that losers face when I told it that geezer was going to use its tiny little dick to practice sucking dick so geezer can make me tons of money sucking dick out in the streets. Bahahaha  so hilarious.

Anyways, in this clip I basically get the freaks hopes up. I let it stare at my perfect ass and even kiss my ass a few times while it strokes its microscopic little dick. Gross!

I think it actually thought that I was all of a sudden going to turn nice and let it cum. Funny right?

No instead I let it stroke it’s tiny dick till it got close to coming and then I made it stop!

After it got all worked up staring at my perfect ass, (why wouldn’t it get excited?!?!) and stroking whatever the fuck you want to call that tiny little worm, I made it stop on the spot. Then I informed that freak that from now on I own all of it, including it’s sad little dick and it was not even allowed to think about touching that disgusting hairy dick ever again with ought first asking for my permission. LOL!

We will see if I ever let that freak touch it’s dick ever again. it can definitely forget about ever cumming again. Lol! It will be lucky if one day I am in an extra good mood and I actually let it stroke it or edge. But I will have to be in a “I won the lottery.” kind of good mood. 

I’m hoping that the long it goes without touching it, the more likely it is to shrivel up like a rasin and fall right off.

Hey, a Goddess can dream right?

Goddess Platinum 

Ass-Kissing is All You're Good For

You are pathetic. Absolutely useless. All you are good for is to be kept around to kiss my ass constantly and tell me how amazing I am. This clip is a SUPER tight close-up of my PERFECT ass in this hot shiny you can get a nice, good close up of how perfect it is as you KISS IT for like the 1000th time LOL. And if you ever stop kissing my ass and telling me how amazing I am- I will fucking replace you with another begging groveling worshiper of mine!

Leg Worship Duchess Danni

Duchess Danni knows exactly how to control and manipulate her slave. All she has to do is wear her shiny pants and the slave gets so excited he is like putty in her hands. He will do anything to get the chance to kiss and worship her sexy legs and ass. Duchess Dani knows this but to start with she teases the slave by only allowing him to kiss the bottom of her shoes. If the slave wants to kiss higher up her body like her legs and ass he will have to promise to serve her first by doing chores and spoiling her with gifts. Queen Quenzi is holding the slave by his leash and they decide to play a version of red light / green light with the slave. On green light the slave can kiss Duchess Dani’s legs and ass but on red light he has to immediately stop. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi have fun teasing the slave this way and laugh about what a desperate loser he is for Duchess Dani. When they decide he has been granted enough worship time Queen Quenzi has to literally drag the slave away from Duchess Dani’s legs. The slave tries to cling onto her not wanting to be away from her legs for even a minute. 

Worship a Superior Ass

Talk about your lucky day, slave. This loser was actually getting a reward for taking so many kicks in the balls in our other videos. Sooo, the reward is being humiliated on camera kissing my ass, haha! I make him stare at this superior ass and kiss it!

-Goddess Mya

Smells Like Teen Spirit

We are just two school girls that are in the hall talking about how we rule the school. Suddenly the lame principle comes by and freaks out because we wore our hot latex school girl outfits again. He said the next time we wore them we would be in big trouble. So we decide that he is the one in trouble because we have video on our phones of him staring at our asses like a perv! We could get him fired. But instead we make him get on his knees in the hall and put his ugly face next to our perfect asses as we fart on him repeatedly. It's too bad, at the end, he got publicly humiliated when the other girls saw him on his knees smelling our asses like this in the hall, LOL! You can here them screaming "Look! Look!" haha! I wonder who else we can humiliate the fuck out of like this... maybe the rest of the wimps in school.

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

Get It In Deeper

So I am hanging out around Mean Girl Manor and I had to go to the bathroom. (Of course, someone was filming it because even when I take a Sh*tt its a big deal LOL.) When I'm done, I walk out to the living room and there is my stupid slave right where I left it- like the robot that it is. So I lay down, snap my fingers, and command it to get to cleaning my ass. After all, who needs to use toilet paper or even TOUCH themselves back there when you have subhuman slaves to literally LICK you clean at the snap of your fingers?? And we know that they are so pathetic that they probably actually ENJOY licking the sh*tt out of Our asses anyway LOL. (Yuk!)

So I just lay down and check my texts while I get my ass licked clean. But I want it REALLY clean. I want it cleaned BETTER than toilet paper- I want that Goddess bung-hole cleaned out on the INSIDE too! So I change positions and get up on the couch and yank on the slaves leash to put it in position. I keep checking my texts, of course- because it is like just second nature for a woman as hot as me to have her ass licked clean by inferior people. :)

But the idiot STILL isn't getting in DEEP enough for me!! So I put it into the ultimate ass-cleaning position- bent over backwards and face UP! Now I can just lower myself full-weight onto its stupid face and spread my cheeks nice and wide and NOW I finally feel that tongue getting in their NICE and DEEP for me!! I mean, it literally felt like this idiot was licking my colon clean! Haha! I didn't care if he was having problems breathing under my enormous, round booty. Its a SLAVE- who cares about ITS need?? LOL. And isnt it LUCKY just to be down there? I mean, you all probably WISH u could taste what I had for lunch like this, huh? Pathetic but useful! :)

-Goddess Nina

CATEGORIES: Face sitting, Female Domination, Toilet Slavery, Ass Worship, Toilet Humiliation?

Lick My Ass Sweat

I'm just laying out relaxing and texting my boyfriend and it is like SUPER hot out. I am getting all sweaty and I can just feel the sweat dripping in the crack of my ass. So I decide to use one of the house slaves at mean Girl Manor to lick the ass-sweat out of the crack of my ass while I relax.

It actually solves the problem and feel good at the same time. I love having these submissive idiots around to use for whatever I want at the snap of my fingers... :)

-Goddess Raven

Human Toilet Paper

We keep a slave on its back in the bathroom at all times, hooded and blindfolded, with a ball shocker attached to its nuts and a riding crop in its mouth. It's tongue is basically used like a warm, moist toilette for Our asses all day. But for this privilege of tasting our asses, the slave in this position must SUFFER!! Goddess Raven is using its warm thighs to rest her feet on while she goes to bathroom. When she gets up she just calmly picks up the shocker remote and riding crop and then proceeds to sit on its face and use its mouth to clean her ass after going to the bathroom. She reminds it of how LUCKY it is to be used for this. And she drives her point home by bringing the crop down HARD on its balls- and this also “encourages” the slave to get its tongue in her ass DEEPER!!

Worship Ass Loser

Goddess Nina is just laying around Mean Girl Manor during one of her many visits and decided to use a house slave as an ass-licking lackey while she reads her magazine. Pretty straightforward stuff around here, but we decided to grab the camera and film it. :) (Which kind of caught her by surprise.) Oh, and she has the thing on a leash that attaches directly to its DICK! LOL! Slaves are so pathetic...letting themselves be dragged around (LITERALLY) by their dicks and licking ass-crack at the snap of Our fingers. Just because it feels good to Us while reading.

Kissing Perfection Ass

Princess Perfection's ass is the BEST! In my dream clip she is wearing REALLY tight jeans showing off her perfect ass. She is standing at the bar with a man literally dropped to his knees from her beauty. She mocks him and laughs at him. Then she tells him "People kiss My ass all the time. But I want you to LITERALLY kiss My ass! For REAL!" And the loser does it! He starts kissing her perfect ass while she laughs at him and mocks him. Then to further his humiliation she demands that he LICK her ass through her jeans! She also makes him lick the DIRT from the soles of her BOOTS to show how much he adores her and ahow off how PERFECT she is!! At the end of the clip she should hurt him in a very creative way. :)