The Mean Girls have a bunch of slaves rounded up together waiting side by side in the same room. They are all naked, kneeling, heads bowed in total submission to the Superior Sex. They are surrounded by an entire group of Mean Girls including Queen Casey, Princess Carmela, Princess Beverley, Princess Aria, Goddess Harley, and Goddess Rodea.

The kneeling slaves are being interrogated by Princess Carmela as another slave crawls into the room carrying an arm full of assorted dildos in different sizes. The Mean Girls point and laugh out loud when they see all the different dildos especially the gigantic dildo that is like three times the size of all the other ones. Princess Carmela immediately grabs the gigantic dildo (of course) from the slave and begins forcing it into the slave’s mouth. The head is so wide it barley fits but Princess Carmela forces it in and face fucks the slave while everyone laughs at the ridiculous sight! Princess Carmela shows the dildo to all the other slaves watching and threatens that if anyone thinks it’s too big to suck she could always fuck them in the ass with it instead!

The sissy slave is commanded to get in position on the bench. Everyone knows this means the sissy will be getting ass-fucked. But it has no choice.  Its ass is gonna be violated if that's what Princess Carmela wants.  (Literally all the slaves fear her wrath almost more than any other Mean Girl!) 

All the slaves watch as Princess Carmela grabs her strap-on dildo and begins putting it around her waist. Each of the slaves is watching knowing that any of them could be next. Princess Carmela makes the sissy slave suck her strap-on before fucking "her" in the ass. When Princess Carmela finishes fucking the sissy slave’s ass her strap-on is covered in brown stuff! Incredibly Princess Carmela commands the sissy to put it in her mouth and forces her to suck it clean!

Edging His Ass

The pool party at Mean Girl Manor continues as a naked slave with visible whip marks across his back is kneeling and sucking on Princess Bella’s toes. Princess Lilly from behind the camera notices the way the slave sucks toes like he’s sucking on a cock. Since the slave likes sucking cock so much she decides the slave should get fucked in the ass. Princess Carmela comes out with a variety of different sized dildos to use to the fuck the slave’s ass. She makes the slave arch his back and spread his cheeks commanding him to prepare to take the cock like a good little whore. As Princess Carmela fucks his ass with the dildo the slave is made to continue sucking on Princess Bella’s toes and told to imagine it’s a cock that he is sucking on. Princess Bella and Princess Beverly pose for selfies as the slave is ass fucked in front of them and sucking on their toes. Princess Carmela removes the dildo from the slave’s ass and forces him to suck it clean before shoving it right back up his ass and continuing to fuck him with it. Just as the slave is getting close to cumming from the prostrate stimulation Princess Carmela suddenly removes the dildo denying the slave an orgasm. The slave has just had his asshole edged. 

Consequences Of The Contract

So this slave BEGGED to come and serve me at the AVNs in Las Vegas- and be my SLAVE while I am there for the weekend partying. He thought it would be hot to be a slave to a pornstar for a weekend. So of course I agreed- as long as he PAID me! (and he had to pay me a LOT! LOL) So I took a sh*t-ton of his money up front AND made him sign a legally binding contract that I had a lawyer fan of mine write up for me- that states that he is to be my COMPLETE AND TOTAL SLAVE for the entire weekend! And since he signed that paper, he HAS to let me do literally ANYTHING I want to him! Regardless of whatever HIS stupid fetishes are LOL.
So he thinks its going to be "fun" being my slave and thinks he will get to have sex with me. He has no idea what's in store for him though LOL. I pull him out of the corner where I have been storing him in my hotel room while I am out partying. (I just leave him there like a bitch while I'm out! Haha.) And I explain to him that I AM finally going to fuck him now- in the ASS!! He starts to beg like a little bitch saying some sh*tt about how that's not his fetish blah blah blah, but I remind him that he signed that contract- and I can use him for whatever the fuck I want the entire weekend! So he better fucking get up on that table - on all fours dawgy style - and stick his ass out to make it nice and convenient for me!
So now I have his bitch ass up on the table and I get to use my strapon on his virgin asshole and totally RAAPE his ass while I look out over the Vegas skyline, baby! I love my life...and raayping slave-ass against their will! Haha :)

-Goddess Raven Bay

Heels Jammed In Your Ass

Me n Princess Selma are trying to figure out what else we can do to our human "plaything" to REALLY humiliate and debase him- purely for OUR entertainment! (Because we can literally do ANYTHING we want to him! Haha!) So we decide to get creative...

We take a set of rubber dildos and ATTACH THEM TO MY HEELS! Then I proceed to literally RAM THEM UP THE LOSER'S ASS! HAHA!! (After making him "lube them up" with his MOUTH, of course!) Oh, and btw, this particular slave HATES this "ass stuff" and is afraid it "makes him gay" that we are doing this to him LOL! So basically that makes us just want to do it MORE to him then! And Selma totally gets off on watching him being humiliated and even mocks him in his face while I do it.

So pretty soon I am just ramming that sh11tt up in there as deep as I can get me heel up in there. Like I'm pumping a gas pedal or something LOL. And the bitch is like making all of pathetic, weird grunting noises as I experiment with bigger and BIGGER dildos. ("Squeal like a P1GG, bitch!") Selma can't believe how mean I am to slaves LOL.

-Goddess Raven

Meet The Fuckstick

After humiliating and beating the "cut & paste" slave senseless, Goddess Raven blows its mind by telling it that not only is she going to have sex with it, but she is going to have ANAL sex with it! The slave is SOOO excited! But there is a catch, of course! And that's when Empress Jennifer hands Goddess Raven "The Fuckstick" from behind the camera. You see, around here at Mean Girl Manor the girls fuck the GUYS in the ass! And this loser is going to get Our fuckstick rammed up its ass while we mock it and laugh about how it thought it was going to have REAL "sex" with us!
Goddess Suvana just uses the loser as her footstool while Goddess Raven is rayping its ass with Our "Mean Girl tool of manhood destruction". Like he is just a human coffee table to her LOL. This will probably be the last time this idiot writes the same cut & paste email to every girl on the website telling them she is his "favorite"!

Princess Selena - Jump! Jump!

After absolutely destroying one of our slaves using Her stiletto heels, Princess Selena decides to take them off and literally JUMP ALL OVER slaves bodies- just for fun. So she uses one of Our slaves for awhile, then pulls another one out and actually uses his body to step UP onto the American Mean Girl pink throne and JUMP off it high in the air and come crashing down on the slave's soft body underneath her stockinged feet. She does this over and OVER again...and it is actually a great, comfortable workout for her and great training for a footslave as well!