New Toys For Old Balls

I was hanging out with the beautiful Queen Simone when I remembered that I had recently purchased a new toy for us to try out... A brand new ball shocker that is actually a shock collar for mutts, but this one is VERY SPECIAL because it is made for STUBBORN MUTTS!!! LOL!

I called my geezer slave in who has experienced the old but still brutal ball shocker. I showed it the old ball shocker and assumed it thought I was going to abuse its wrinkly old ball sack with it again. Then I just tossed it aside and pulled out the brand new shiny ball shocker that goes all the way up to LEVEL 21!!!  

WOOOOO HOOOO I am so excited to electrify my annoying ass slaves balls with this super duper, crazy powerful shocker!!!

Queen Simone was just sitting back laughing and making fun of geezer and the stupid crud it does when it's in pain. LOL! It's almost like it's special needs or something. HAAAAAAhahaha

Well we hope you enjoy our brand new toy as much as we do!

Goddess Platinum

Smashing Pumpkins

Goddess Platinum and I were getting ready in our costumes for some Halloween fun. We were almost ready when Goddess Platinum told me she had a surprise for me. She led me out to the dungeon room and to my surprise when we walked in there was a pathetic, fat slave strapped into our ball torture chair. Not only that, but a giant pumpkin shoved onto its head! Hahahahaha....funniest crud I've ever seen.

I was so excited to destroy this freaks balls. And it's so much more fun because the freak can't even see what's going on. With it being so restrained it LITERALLY can't move. Lol...it's balls are ours!

I've never had the amazing opportunity of trying out this ball destroying chair, so this was a first for me. The first stomp on the drum pedal was so awesome...watching the "ball hammer" slam down onto this pathetic losers gross balls so hard. It made such an incredible THUD sound. Watching this loser break into tears immediately....I'm sure I broke it's balls right there.....buuuuuuut....we both kept going :)

We took turns slamming our perfect feet onto the drumming pedal...over and over. Listening to the slave in excruciating pain the ENTIRE time was HILARIOUS! Goddess Platinum and I decided that we would leave this freak strapped in this chair and destroy its balls while trick or treaters came, so they could hear his screams and painful cries and think it's just halloween scares!

If they only knew.....hahahahaha

I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite CBT machine....Happy Halloween!

-Princess Mia

New Slave Old Ball Shocker

Day 1 of this pathetic loser slaves tryout. This loser wrote in begging to serve the Mean Girls and followed all my directions. It is a local loser and since it was so obedient I gave it a tryout. The day started with this freak showing up with a big cash tribute in hand. I then had it crawl into my office to present me with its tribute in its mouth. Then it had to kneel before me and tell me why it thinks it deserves to serve the Mean Girls and I. Then I went over it’s limitations and then of course had to push its limits and see what it could take.

This sub is not a huge fan of bull busting or cbt, but I convinced it to strap on the, oh so fun, ball shocker. This slate has never done any electric play until today and trust me...it’s balls definitely got electrified...lol!

I must say I was actually “shocked” at how much electricity it’s tiny balls could take. I had it maxed it most of the time and was thoroughly entertained by watching this freak roll around in pain. 

Enjoy watching this loser suffer.


-Goddess Platinum

Electric Geezer Dick

I was shopping online the other day and found this crazy, fun looking, device.

Its an electrical chastity device. It has all these different settings to send electrical currents through pathetic little dicks. And it just so happens that ALL my slaves have pathetic little dicks. LOL

But I figured who better to test it out on then my pathetic old geezer slave. It absolutely hates any form of CBT. Hahaha

This will be the true test to see how well this dick-shocking chastity device really does work. 

Let's just say my geezer slave hated this device and I honestly think it didn't want to play with me anymore after I took my time going through each and every mode - a few times - and maxing the voltage out every time!


Goddess Platinum 

Shock Beg Toss

Amber and I decided to play a fun game with a slave.  We have a ballshocker attached to its balls and have it set to the highest level.  (It is set on "15" on a scale of 1-15 haha)

When one of us starts sending shocks to its balls, the slave has to crawl as quickly as possible to the feet of the girl shocking it and place desperate kisses on her feet while begging her for mercy to get her to stop sending the painful shocks to its balls.

Remote Control Testicle Torture

This is one of the best videos we have ever shot- and it is totally REAL. 


This slave is owned in real life by Carmela, and she has it stored in a cage down in the garage in the summer heat.  (Seriously, it must be like 110 degrees in there!)  She wants to torture it (just because she seriously LOVES torturing her slaves) but its too hot to go out there!  So I have a surprise for her...


I have our most powerful ballshocker LOCKED onto its balls AND a 2-way babymonitor set up out in the garage so we can literally torment and talk to her slave at the same time- while we relax upstairs in the comfortable air conditioning!  Carmela LOVES it!


We proceed to take turns sending shocks to its balls and laughing our asses off as we watch Carmela's slave flop around like an electrocuted fish in its cage!  LOL!!!  And the poor slave has no idea when the next one is coming- or how powerful it will be.  (Or how long we will decide to hold our finger down on the button, for that matter!)  And this shocker goes all the way up to "15" and can REALLY send some serious voltage!  We shock him so bad that he starts banging himself onto the cage bars and starts to leak the red stuff out of his bald skull!  Haha!!


We start talking to it through the 2-way speaker and making it beg us for mercy...and even start playing mental games with him while we laugh at his agony!  It is completely at our mercy.  We even make it guess who is shocking it- and if it gets it wrong, it gets shocked AGAIN!  OMG it is fucking hilarious to watch it flail around in its cage at a simple push of a button!


And again, this is all 100% REAL.  You can see what level we set the remote control to, you can hear the slave screaming for mercy on our monitor, and you can even see it JUMP within a second or so whenever we push the button.  (There is just like a 1-second delay or so, as the signal goes out to the garage, and the monitor sends the video footage back to us, etc.  But you can tell this is totally real.)


And yes, the slave really was BEGGING us to stop about halfway through this video...but we kept going anyway...LOL!  



-Goddess Platinum

Paassed Out From Pain

This clip is hilarious. I have my personal real-life slave restrained out in the garage (where I keep him most of the time) up against a pole. His precious little cock-n-balls are pulled out and stretched across a table so I can literally walk all over them in my stiletto boots. The funny part is that this slave is SOOOoooo concerned about his precious little balls that he is literally scared for his life. He has some sort of "phobia" about his balls being damaged- which I think is just fucking hilarious. And he has felt my wrath so many times in the past (yes, in real life- not in videos) that he knows what I am capable of. So he thinks this will like literally be the "end" for his tiny little manhood. HAHA To be honest, I am barely touching his cock n balls in a lot of this clip. But he is just SO scared of being this helpless and even the "threat" of what might happen to his little nuggets- that he literally paasses out! LOL! We have to cut the video, unlock him from his restraints, lay him on the ground, and then the clip opens up again with me standing over him as he FINALLY comes to- and sees his pissed off Princess standing over him lol.

*This video isn't really that "painful" but it might be good for those of you that want to see a slave that is legitimately just SUPER scared of having its little balls damaged.*

-Princess Carmela

Weighing You Down

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel have the slave's balls tied up with string in a manner that allows them to hang fishing weights from his balls! The weights come in various sizes so they can keep adding more and more weight from a few ounces to a few pounds. Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel take turns hanging weights from the slave’s balls. They make the slave thank them each time they hang another weight from his balls and make him kiss their feet in gratitude. They make the slave crawl around on his knees so the weights hanging from his balls will swing back and forth. Not satisfied with that they make the slave shake his butt from side to side so the weights swing around even more. No matter how much weight they add the slave has to keep the weights from resting on the ground. When they have added like 15lbs the slave is unable to stand up because he can’t lift the weight so he is handcuffed overhead and forced to remain in a standing position with the heavy weights hanging from his balls until they decide to let him go.

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel don’t care at all about the slave’s balls and enjoy mocking his pain. “Aww, do your balls hurt? Do you want us to take the weights off? Well too bad I don’t think the weights are heavy enough! I think we should put another one on him! How about this big one that weighs three pounds?? After all, Our goal is to see if we can rip his balls off!”

Slave Balls Tug-of-War

The Mean Girls just received a new gift from one their slaves. It’s a “ball parachute” that you can hang weights from or pull on and it will squeeze tighter and tighter around the balls trapped inside. But this isn’t a typical ball parachute this one is even more sinister because the inside is lined with spikes! The Mean Girls love having slave contests so they thought it would be really fun to make the slaves play ball tug-of-war while wearing the spiked ball parachutes! Duchess Dani has the younger smaller slave representing her and Queen Quenzi has the bigger but older slave. Each of them wants their slave to be the winner. To motivate them to pull their hardest the winning slave gets a reward like the chance to kiss his owners ass and the losing slave will be punished. The same slave keeps winning the ball tug-of-war contest so they decide to make it best 4 out of 5. The slave that keeps losing is yelled at by the Mean Girls including Princess Bella and Princess Aria watching off camera. They keep telling him what a pussy he is and to just pull harder! It’s like they don’t even care about how much it hurts his balls or how painful the spikes must be. They just want to see an entertaining contest! I love how the Mean Girls can be so casually cruel like this devising new ways to torture the slaves just for their own entertainment. 

Ball Shocker Beat Off

Princess Carmela and the other Mean Girls rule their slaves with an iron fist. The slave’s lives are filled with long hours of difficult work and when they’re not busy working they are beaten regularly as punishment or just for fun. So Princess Carmela thought she would be nice for a change and grant one of her well behaved slaves a very rare reward and allow him to kneel before her and actually jerkoff at her feet. Of course being a Mean Girl there was one little catch. Princess Carmela has a ball shocker strapped around the slave’s nuts to make sure he doesn’t have too much fun while jerking off. Just when the slave is starting to really enjoy his jerk off time she zaps him with the ball shocker. Princess Carmela has no intention of actually letting the slave cum. She lets him stroke for longer and longer intervals but every time he gets close she zaps his nuts again driving the slave crazy and ruining it for him! The slave can’t stand it but Princess Carmela loves using the ball shocker on her slave and thinks it’s hilarious. Princess Carmela knows exactly what she is doing but acts all innocent when mocking the slave by wondering aloud why he isn’t coming at her feet when finally given the chance to jerk off.