Facesitting - The Best Way To Go

Sometimes slaves just need to be put in their place- and their "place" is BENEATH US!! 

And there is nothing better than wearing tight leather pants as you facesit a slave, because you know how hard it makes it for them to breathe. 

And this poor slave is really struggling...as we take turns holding him down while the other Mean Girl cuts off his air supply.

Does he make it?  You will need to watch to find out!


Princess Skylar

Facesitting for Silence

So I am sitting on the Mean Girls throne (something I like to do from time to time just to exart my royal dominance over slaves) and my personal slave starts whining because it is so desperate for me. 

So how do I silence it?  Facesitting, of course!!  And in my skimpy, shiny, thong bikini...so I can create a nice, solid seal around its ugly FACE.  And my slave is locked into its position with handcuffs, so it doesn't really have a choice...

Eventually it is in heaven (or is it hell?) underneath his Princess!


-Princess Carmela

Life and Breath

So Skylar and I are talking about how much fun it is to have slaves' lives literally at our mercy. I ask her if she has ever played with a slave's ability to breathe? It is SO much fun! When they are chained up and helpless like this, you can totally have their life in your hands! (Or under your ass, if you want!) So we take turns sitting on this slave's face until it reeeeaaaally starts to struggle underneath us. Then we swtich out and give the other person a turn! The poor slave can't tell if he is in Heaven or Hell...I guess it just depends on how long we remain seated on its face? LOL At the end, we have a special surprise for the slave...

Goddess Platinum

Bikini Butts Own You

I am showing Skylar how to control a slave's air with your butt. A bikini makes it really easy because you can feel all its air getting cut off real good while you are sitting on it. We take turns making it gasp for air and beg us for mercy.

-Goddess Platinum

You're Just A Cunt Cushion

This is exactly what I consider this bitch to be- my personal "cunt cushion" lol. And I tell him that right to his pathetic face- right before I sit on it! Me n my new BFF Princess Adrianna are taking turns sitting on this loser's face while we take hits on the hookah. So relaxing and refreshing for US- and so agonizing for the poor loser underneath us! And when we DO finally let him get some "air"- we blow smoke into his ugly face! Haha!

Princess Carmela

Punishment for a Panty Sniffer

Princess Chanel caught our stupid slave sniffing her panties instead of doing the laundry like he was supposed to. So of course she's PISSED as all hell and needs to discipline his misbehaving little pig nose. And Chanel's got the perfect system too. A face-sitting bench with handcuffs. If he wants to sniff Princess Chanel's things so badly, he can try to sniff out some fresh air from underneath her buttcrack! LOL, the things we do to our bitches! "Oh but it was this excuse or that excuse!" Mean Girl Manor isn't a free country. Princess Chanel isn't interested in this LOSER's excuses. It's nose up the crack, until Chanel has decided he's had enough. Yeah it's not fair, but deal with it bitches.

Slave Fertilizer

My personal slave is strapped into a workbench out in the garage- which is where I keep him stored when he is not in use. He is strapped down and handcuffed to the bench so he is immobilized and I can do whatever I want with him. He LOVES being sat on by me, but yet it scares him to deeath at the same time...because he knows that one day I may just not get off until he is "gone". (If you know what I mean haha.) I even comment to him about the bags of cement that I keep out in the garage. It will be soooo easy to make his body disappear out in the desert if he expires underneath me...and I won't even miss him. He is easily replaced- and he knows it. I comment that I may even just turn him into fertilizer in the back yard.

Can you imagine?? How degrading is THAT? You dedicate your pathetic life to serving ME hand and foot because you are like SO "obsessed" with how hot I am...and yet you mean SO LITTLE to ME that I sit on you like you are literally furniture until you paass out and dye underneath me- and then I just dump your body in the back yard and use your carcass to feed my plants. LOL fucking hilarious! Slaves are so pathetic that I honestly feel like they deserve it.

-Princess Carmela

Who's Ass Is This?

For this game, we blindfold our slave. We're going to stick our dirty, mean assholes in his face and he's gonna have to guess which Princess or Goddess the ass belongs to. Hahaha! i wonder if our dirty asses smell different or he's just gonna be guessing? Whatever, he BETTER do a good job at this game. Our slaves have been serving us obediently and it would be very disrespectful for them to get it wrong. So he damn well better know the difference! Yeah it's all cr@p, but that's no excuse to get it wrong lol. Put that sniffer to work bitch, and score high!  You need to know your Master's scent...

Human Cuckold Seat

Goddess Nina has a date tonight with her bf. As usual she has her slave helping her get ready to go out with another man. And by 'helping' we mean he's just making his useless ass into a human seat while she applies makeup. But hey, he's useless, and the bathroom mirror has no chair, so why not right? Nina gets a brilliant idea. She calls up her bf and has it all planned out. Her seat cushion can go WITH them on their date. But not as another man. As a little tag along cuck bitch. She tries to sell her bf on the idea, outlining all the ways the slave could make their night just a liiiiittle more special. He could wipe their car down, he could find them seats at clubs, he could BE the seat at clubs...dispose of their trash. And wouldn't you know it the dumb slave starts crying. Well if he's gonna bitch about his opportunity, then he's not going to be allowed to go. How about spending the night licking her toilet clean with his tongue while Nina is out on a date with her bf? Ha!

Who’s Ass Is Better

Princess Chanel and Goddess Nina have a slave chained up to a bench. The slave has been annoying them so they decide on a great way to shut him up! Goddess Nina stands above the slave straddling his head with her perfect full ass squeezed into a pair of tight jeans looming above him. She lowers her ass on the slaves face knowing this will finally shut him up, maybe permanently, seeing that he probably can’t even breathe. Goddess Nina grinds her ass into the slave’s face totally smothering him and enjoying the fact the slave is left gasping for air. Princess Chanel takes her turn smothering the slave and they switch back and forth until the slave is on the verge of passing out. As the slave struggles for air trying to stay alive Goddess Nina comments on how comfortable it is for her sitting on the slaves face. She could sit on it all day long and even forget that there is a slave underneath. If that happens the slave may be taking his last breathe but what a way to go! This a great smothering and face sitting clip. Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel look amazing dressed in their matching outfits of skin tight jeans and crop tops with cleavage on display.