Morning Yoga

Princess Mia wakes up at the Mean Girl Punishment Compound and has a slave that has been chained face-up all night at the foot of her bed while she rested comfortably. The slave has the audacity to complain that he "didn't rest very well" when Princess Mia asks him! How DARE he complain!! Just for that, she decides to do her morning yoga routine- ON HIS FACE!!!

Poor slave...he seems to have a very hard time breathing through Mia's shiny yoga leggings...

I'll Let It Prove It's Worth

This young little thing is so fucking addicted to Me that it's always trying to do anything it can to be around Me. So the last time it came by the Manor, I decided to put it to the task, and make it show Me how much it truly did worship and adore Me.  

After having it crawl over, I made it start where all losers belong AT MY FEET! And the pathetic thing got to doing as it was told. That's right bitch, lick the bottoms of My heels clean, show Me you know how to suck every little bit of dirt and nasty off the spike heel.  Keep licking, I want them fucking spotless bitch... 

After the shoes, next were My sweaty feet that had been wrapped inside them all day.  And this addict couldn't have been more thrilled. I could hardly help but laugh at how pathetic this bitch was to have My sweaty feet rubbed all over its face, and then shoved down the back of its throat as I stood over it and pushed My toes into its neck to laugh as I watched it choke on My tiny size 5s. 

And that's exactly what it means to be a Mean Girl slave bitch.  After choking it I stepped and slapped My feet onto its face, and just laughed as this thing would never be anything but a stepping stone, foot rest, or other thing to Me.  But it didn't care as anything I used it for was better for it than being ignored by Me... 

After I was done trashing the thing with My feet and heels, I had one last little surprise in store for this bitch that I was sure would take its breath away... Bwahahahaa... get the video now to check it out loser.

Inferior Freak Sucks at Face SItting

You would think that if you happened to be a slave living in the Mean Girl Manor, that one of your favorite things would be the day that any of us Mean Girls actually decided to use your worthless face as a seat.  I mean, when most days involve you getting beaten, being served Alpo or trash for meals, and generally being just destroyed by Us, that when you finally did have occassion to get Our PERFECT ASSES IN YOUR FACE, you might actually relish the opportunity.  

Well, not with this stupid senior citizen.  Yes, My cluelessly old and decrepit geezer slave has such a hard time taking Ms Dandy and I bouncing on its face and keeping the air from its lungs that it shakes on the floor throughout this clip looking almost like it is having repeated seizures... (Frankly, maybe it was, not like anyone would notice if it was slightly more retarded after than before We face sat the thing)

Watch as both Dandy and I lift Our legs and put Our entire weight down onto this losers face...  The old thing completely tries to squirm away as Dandy's Amazonian body sits atop its little head crushing beneath her ass...   A great clip for facesitting fans, with a slave who is certainly a little bit more retarded after than it was at the outset....  LOL

Goddess Platinum

Fucking up the Facesitting Freak

Miss Tiffany and I we're spending time at the Manor when We decided to fuck with My Auntie's freak of a live in slave.  We laid it down on the floor in front of Us and teased it some before We decided to give it a little by facesitting the thing and stealing the air out of its lungs...  But to be honest, sometimes face sitting isn't really Mean Enough for Mean Girls so We took Our time and put in the EXTRA EFFORT necessary to insure this slave absolutely hated its life the entire time... 

Well what does that mean Princess Amber, I hear you lowly losers asking..???  Well dummy, that means that since We all know the slaves at the Manor and what they like, don't like, love and hate, We can use all those things against them anytime We want.  And in this instance, this slave absolutely hates anyone or anything fucking with its nipples, belly-button, or useless excuse for a cock.  So guess what We decided to fuck with on this thing???  Can you figure it out??

And that is the entire point.  You fucking losers belong on the ground beneath Us and under Our feet.  Obviously if We want to trample you, pinch you, kick you, stick a nail or a heel into your belly button, or whatever fucking part of your body We choose, you lay there and take it like the stupid little disposable piece of slave bitch you are... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Shiny Sweaty Superior Asses

After a day of beating, trampling, and generally abusing slaves at the Manor, Myself, Goddess Draya, and Goddess Amber had My little naked mole rat slave at the foot of the Throne and decided a great way to end the afternoon would be to deny the thing the pleasure of breathing with our ridiculously sweaty Superior Asses.  We all had on some of the tightest, shiniest outfits at the Manor, and decided to play some face-sitting games with this freak in our super tight clothes.  Goddess Draya started off bouncing and smashing the things face, followed up by Princess Amber who stepped on it a few times in getting situated to rob it of its air.  After She destroyed it a while, I took My turn and utterly stole the breath from the thing.  Watch as I hiked up My dress and pushed My ass completely over its nose and mouth and watched it struggle helplessly beneath Me.  See how long I made it stay under and how purple red its bald head gets when deprived of something essential for living.  Oh well, Mean Girls Rule the World, so we make the decisions and the losers just live with it (or at least they usually do... LOL)

Goddess Platinum

Assphixiate the Ancient Asshole

When Goddess Draya moved into the Manor, She never realized all the things We can do to these losers to torment them, and generally fuck with their worlds.  So this ancient old coot, My geezer pain slut, never was much of a fan of face sitting or of having its oxygen cut off, but that's what makes it all the more fun to do what We want and facesit it anyway.  I started out showing Her how to sit right over its face and cut off its air supply by completely covering its mouth and nose.  And then just watch the loser struggle.  This thing squirms and whines and then We both take so many more turns antagonizing it.  Whether We both were on it at once, or only one of Us, this thing got the time of its life getting so close to Our perfect asses.  Check the clip to see all the action... 

Goddess Platinum

Amazon Crushes Teen Betas Face

What’s more fun than crushing and suffocating a little loser beta’s face…??? Crushing it with the incredible ass of a beautiful curvy Amazonian woman who has no time for little loser things like this for any other purpose than destroying them….. hahahaha

So this little loser teen slave has been stopping by the Manor to serve whenever it could get out of mommy and daddy’s house for an abusive “sleep-over” and this is part of what happened to it on it’s visit.  First I dragged the thing down into Our basement where no one could hear it’s yelps or muffled cries, and then I proceeded to have My way with it.  Smashing My perfect ass into it’s helpless loser face…. Time and again as the thing fought for air and gulp at every opportunity I wasn’t slowly taking it’s life from it….    LOL

I bounced over and again on this loser’s face, and then it’s body as I knocked the wind from it’s lungs as it struggled beneath Me.   The poor little restrained loser had no option but to lay there as I took out all My day’s frustrations on it’s beta-boy self… 

You’ll also hear Goddess Platinum making fun of the loser from behind camera as She films the action of this poor sap getting ridden hard, and put away broke…. LMFAO…


XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

Face Sit The Freak

After another wild weekend in Las Vegas, Miss Dandy and I caught up at the Manor to discuss plans for the upcoming AVN parties and other fun that would be happening later this week….  Unfortunately, it’s only Monday so there wasn’t much to do but recover from the fun of last night and cure the early week boredom by tormenting a loser and laughing at its misery….  

Since there are always random pathetic loser male live-in slaves in cages around the Manor, we grabbed the nearest freak and decided to amuse ourselves suffocating it and playing with it’s ability to breathe without Our permission…. lol… 

We dragged the little bald freak out of its cage and Miss Dandy and I took turns bouncing on it’s face, cutting off it’s oxygen supply and laughing as it struggled beneath us….   We each took multiple turns until the little weirdo turned so purple that we decided to put it back in it’s cage before  we’d have to go dig another hole in the desert…. lmfao….. 

Prince$$ Mya ;)

Simone's New Seat

You know Queen Simone is still a brand new Mean Girl. She is extremely young...like 19, and still learning the ropes.

Well, today I decided it was time to teach her how to do face sitting. Queen Simone has never ever done face sitting before this. She is extremely brutal at everything I have taught her this far so I know once she gets that hang of this she will be mean as hell. Lol!

Queen Simones first ever face sitting session is on the annoying, bald slave that mumbles and talks way too much. You can totally tell she had never done this, but man oh man she definitely has a perfect ass for it. 

I taught Queen Simone the different ways of sitting on the slave's face and we took turns. I love the fact that she literally didn’t even get up when the slave was kicking and twitching because it needed air so bad. 

Queen Simone is going to be amazing! She doesn’t hold back ever! She’s so real and OMG it makes me sooooo proud!

-Goddess Platinum

Definitely Not The Worst Way To Go

I invited Mistress Tiffany over to the desert compound so she could enjoy abusing my slaves with me. It was so insanely hot out that I decided it was time for us to play in the water. I cuffed my slaves hands to the bottom of the hot tub. Miss Tiffany and I then proceeded to submerge it over and over and over...

Miss Tiffany and I were having a blast. Sometimes we pushed it under with our feet on its head. Other times we submerged it with our hands; forcing its pathetic head to stay under water. The element of surprise definitely made it more exciting. Like when they slave had no clue we were going to submerge it again....hahaha. It couldn't even breathe most of the time in between dunking.

This was such a perfect idea. We got to wear our super hot bikinis, torture a slave and cool off in the water. There's even a surprise in the end...



-Goddess Platinum