How Pathetic Are You?

So I have been hanging around here and getting waited on hand and foot by these pathetic old losers for awhile now since my aunt took over Mean Girls.  But usually I don't talk to these freaks too much except to tell them what the fuck to do for me.  But this time, while this fat old loser is serving me my brunch, I decide to ask him WHY he does whatever the fuck we say.  Like, does he actually enjoy being treated this way???  And can you believe it, he actually said "no"!


Then he admits to me that this is literally the only way he can be around girls as hot as me.  So this fat, ugly, old fuck is putting up with all this just to be around me because he is seriously just THAT pathetic!  And he does make a good point that being treated like dirt by ME is still better than being around some fat old ugly woman- even if she is "nice" to him.  Well, I can't resist...I want to see exactly HOW much abuse he will put up with to be around me LOL.


So I proceed to humiliate the FUCK out of him, telling him right to his face what I think of him.  (It is NOT "nice"! LOL)  I slap him right across the face, mock him, yell at him, throw food at him, and literally spit right in his face over and over- and he just LETS me, like the pathetic fuck that he is!  Gawd, I love being young and hot...and power that it gives me to treat ugly people like DIRT.  LOL



-Princess Amber

Graapes Of Wrath

This is just me stepping on a bunch of grapes that some slave paid me to step on with my beautiful, PERFECT feet. Lotsa closeups of my feet for you to drool much would you losers pay for wine made with MY feet!!??? Haha -Princess Chanel

Piggy Gets Fed

(custom clip)

"Your slave is in a cage outside. You go to cage and let him out and force him to lick your high-heel boots including the sole, while you slap his face and spit into his mouth. Then you put a leash on his collar and walk him like a dog on the sprawling property for approx. 3 minutes. Please film his walking from the front, side and back. During the walk you boss him around harshly. You lead him to the wet muddy flower beds and take a can of dog food (change label to read "pig food" with black sharpie) and pour the "pig" food on the muddy ground. Then you squish the food into the mud with your boot and tell him to squirm forward till his face is right over the dog food you just trampled into the mud. You place your boot on the back of his head and order him to start eating while commanding him to "oink" for you. Next you sit down; he kneels before you and licks your muddy boot soles with "pig" food stuck to them clean. At the end you pour more "pig" food on the wet mud and you firmly grab his head by the hair and you spoon feed him the "pig" food-mud mixture till his mouth is well filled. Then you duct tape his mouth and lead him back to the cage Please abuse the slave verbally during the whole clip and let him know how pathetic he is."

Let Them Eat Cake

~~A slave is laying face-up on the concrete between the pool and the lawn. Princess Cindi comes walking up with Princess Bella to the slave and places the instep of her boot over his neck and looks down on him. She says “So, you thought you could just eat some of the cake in the kitchen that was meant for US- and I wouldn’t notice?” The slave tries to answer, but she pushes her foot down on his throat cutting him off. “You thought you could get away with it and I wouldn’t figure out which one of you worthless slaves did it?” she says. She crouches down and glares at him, “Today, you’re going to pay for it.”

“Get on your knees” she says. “Since you seem to like cake so much, I’ve decided to give you a WHOLE cake.” She walks over to a muddy area in the yard. There is a cake on the ground at their feet. Both Princesses take turns spitting on it. Then they take their cigarettes and stub them out in the middle of the cake and spit on it again. They start to laugh at this and ask the slave, “How do you like your cake now?”

And with that she sloooowly pushes the cake off its cardboard base and into the MUD with her boot and then slowly squishes it into the mud. After having some fun trampling the slave’s “treat” into the mud, She commands it to lay on its belly and SQUIRM forward like the worm it is, until its face is right over the cake she just squished into the mud. The slave does as he is told until his head and shoulders are over the mud and cake. “Open your mouth” she says. She takes her boot and places it on the back of his head. Slowly she begins to force his face and head down and says, “Eat it!”

Then the REAL humiliation begins, as Goddess demands he eat it ALL since he is such a greedy p1g…and the poor slave tries desperately to please his Goddess as he grovels in the mud at Her boots… - Princess Cindi, Princess Bella

Force Feed Fido

~~OMG Selma and I actually fed one of the slaves at Mean Girl Manor, haha! But we fed him food out of a bowl and made him eat it off our dirty shoes, haha!

-Goddess Raven


Eat My Insoles

I put some delicious bread in my sneakers before I worked out. Now that they are nice and sweaty, it's time to feed those bread insoles to my foot slave, haha! Here you go doggie! Yum Yum, bark for me doggie bark... Oh, let me rub it in the dirt in the ground a bit too, haha! Open wide!

Now that you had your doggie treat it's time to worship my feet like a pathetic foot slave!

-Goddess Rodea

Force Feed Fido

OMG Selma and I actually fed one of the slaves at Mean Girl Manor, haha! But we fed min food out of a bowl and made him eat it off our dirty shoes, haha!
-Goddess Raven


Cuck-Meal (Part 1)

You've heard of "Fourth-Meal" from ? Well, this is "CUCK-Meal" LOL! And it is MUCH more expensive than ! LOL! Cuck-Meal is when you have a LOSER cuck-slave You and Your boyfriend on a date as your fucking chauffeur to an EXPENSIVE restaurant, make it wait out in the car while You and Your BF run up a REALLY high tab (who cares? the fucking SLAVE is paying for it!) and then make the loser come in and pay your bill for both of You while You laugh at it and make out with Your BF in the booth. LOL. Oh, AAAND I made it kneel before Me at the end of the night and PAY ME for allowing it the "HONOR" of being OUR "bitch"! (I charge it $20/hr just to wait out in the car for Us. My BF thinks its hilarious...LOL.) THEN comes the BEST make the loser eat the leftovers- OFF THE PAVEMENT OUT ON THE PARKING LOT! HAHAHA!!
This is a TOTALLY TRUE story, btw! My slave was BEGGING to spend more time around Me even though I have a boyfriend. So I told it that it can be a driver for Me n My boyfriend and take us for an early Valentine's Day dinner date- IF it PAYS for Our romantic date! And of course, the fucking pathetic loser AGREED. So I made it take Us to the most EXPENSIVE place I could find and made it come in and pay Our bill when We were done. Me n My BF documented some of it on Our iPhones. And the funny part was, We really barely ate anything! We just nibbled on a few things and then ordered MORE different stuff- just to try it. I mean, who gives a fuck since the slave is paying for it? LOL. But that gave us an idea- We should feed the SCRAPS to the slave afterward and FILM it for Our clip store so We can make even MORE $$$ off this loser! We even joked about how it was probably starving out in the car anyway because I had left it in its cage most of the afternoon after abusing it all morning. (Sometimes I have so much fun using and abusing My slave that I totally forget that it needs food sometimes...LOL)

So I texted one of My filming slaves and instructed it to meet Us in the parking lot with the camera. THAT'S when it gets REALLY good! I make My slave get on its knees and basically DUMP Our leftovers on the ASPHALT parking lot and STOMP all over it in My super-expensive heels (that the fucking freak bought Me!) LOL! Then I SPIT LOOGIES into it and command the freak to EAT IT- while Me n my boyfriend watch & laugh Our asses off! It was like "dinner & a show" for really mean slave-owning Couple! LOL! -Goddess Randi

Eat My Pie, Slave!

GoddessNo decides to feed Her slave...but she wants to make sure it realizes its place and doesn't get any ideas that it means anything to her! It is just a thing that she has to keep alive so it can continue to live to serve She feeds it...with Her feet!  Stepping all over its food- and it slurps it up without hesitation because it KNOWS where it belongs- at its Mistress's FEET!