Break A Leg

My idiot slave gave me a real nice gift. Yes! Louboutin's! Only one problem they are FAKE as fuck and broke the first time I wore them so my slave now has to answer for scamming me. I'm going to punish this bitch forever and totally make him serve me hand and foot for the next 3 weeks till my leg recovers. I have my perfect sexy leg in a REAL cast. I can't move a muscle in it and my slave has to do everything for me. First, I'm making him buy me REAL Louboutin's, maybe two or three. Then, I'll turn him into a human wheelchair to take me wherever I need to go. He's responsible for breaking my leg, and now I'm gonna be responsible for breaking his life!

Mean Girl Pool Party - PART 1

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

The Mean Girls are having a pool party so they have multiple slaves lined up ready to serve them at their beck and call. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look so hot lounging around in their bikinis. Princess Beverly is getting a foot massage from two slaves at once one to work each foot. Another slave can be seen in the background working as a pool-boy skimming the pool to keep it clean. There is a slave busy fanning them with a palm leaf and yet another slave kneeling with a serving tray of cold drinks and snacks. As the slaves tend to their every need they all comment about how much they love being Mean Girls and using slaves and how they want even more slaves. All the Princesses lives are amazing and losers were meant to serve them.

This is a really long clip almost a full hour long of the Princesses just using the slaves while they relax poolside. There’s not any scripted action it’s just super-hot girls naturally using losers in a way that is just another typical day at Mean Girl Manor. For example, the slaves give really long foot massages while they are completely ignored so there is no playing to the slave’s fetishes at all. The Princesses are free to use the slaves or ignore the slaves however they want. There’s not always a ton of action but I like the fact that you get to see how the girls use slaves in an everyday way. It’s an extended look at the lifestyle of a Mean Girl. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8."


Pig Zapper Party

It's so hard to get good party entertainment so it's a good thing we had this out of town slave visiting me. I put the slave in a dawg collar strapped around his ballsack. Then I handed the remote to my girl behind the camera. So basically we got 4 hot girls making this slave wear a pig nose and taunt him endlessly. We laugh and laugh at him as my girl slowly keeps raising the shock number. It just gets funnier and funnier and we degrade this piggy to the max.

Princess Beverly

Spoiled Kendall



Ok, so I've always known I was hot. It's just like, a given. And I'm used to getting what I want and having guys basically throw themselves at my pretty little feet, begging for my attention. But my girlfriend told me about these losers that are sooo obsessed with feet that they will do like literally ANYTHING for them. pathetic! So I am basically making this video to allow you foot losers to WORSHIP me- like I DESERVE. Let's face it, a foot freak like you would be LUCKY just to lick the red bottoms of my Louboutins! I'm like SO out of your league, old man!
And also I am looking for more losers to serve and spoil me in real life. So if you want my email address, I give it to you in this video. (And seriously, if you can't download this clip to get it, then you don't deserve to serve me!) The smart ones will use it to find my wishlist on amazon and buy me something even BEFORE contacting me- now that would impress me, loser! LOL (Or just send me an amazon giftcard to my address.) Don't be surprised if I don't respond to you if you can't do either of those things.
Oh, and for those that are wondering, my feet are super petite. They are like somewhere between a size 4 or 5 depending on the shoe.

Princess Kendall

Seahorse Training

~~We were hangin out by the pool at Mean Girl Manor with a couple of loser slaves groveling at our feet when we decided to play a little game with them. We decided we would turn them into "seahorses" and ride the from one end of the pool to the other and have a race with our slaves!

The only problem was, it gets REALLY deep at the other end! LOL! In fact, the poor an1mals went complete submerged underwater after only going about halfway across the pool with us on their shoulders! Haha! But We didn't care if they were underwater and couldn't breathe- as long as WE still could that's all that matters! So we kept driving them into the deep end with Our riding crops!

Unfortunately mine didn't make it... :'( It passsed out apparently underwater from lack of oxygen lol.

So then Princess Cindi decided to start really training HER "seahorse" to work harder for her and get better at holding its breth underwater and racing her back and forth across the pool for Our upcoming "human seahorse races" at Mean Girl Manor! She wants to WIN no matter what! But I need a new horsey...any volunteers??

-Empress Jennifer

Intro To Bridgette B

I invited over pornstar Bridgette B. to let her abuse some of My slaves. This is the first clip where she arrives at My home, sees how I live, and gets to begin enjoying the fun of being waited on by slaves...and abusing them as much as she wants.

She seems to like having the Power over them! There is not a lot of action in this clip, just Bridgette B meeting My slaves for the first time and playing with them a little bit...I wanted to catch her reaction when she came over and a slave answered the door..,LOL.

-Queen Kasey