Bathroom Foot Stool

It’s just another day at the Mean Girl Manor and Princess Lexi and I are getting ready to go lay by the pool and take cute pictures! Our bathroom is SO CUTE but the counters are just SLIGHTLY too tall, so we got ourselves a footstool! (I mean, it’s just one of our old slaves that we made into furniture, but it works well enough) We stand on this beta stool while we apply some makeup. Lexi even puts on my lashes for me (she’s such a good friend) This piece of furniture ALMOST ruined everything tho! He kept squirming and asking how much longer we were gonna be (SO ANNOYING!!!) Doesn’t he know that getting ready is a process that CANNOT be rushed!?!? UGhhhh! I just HATE idiot slaves. After we finish applying our many layers of lip gloss this idiot thought we were done! Apparently he “FORGOT” that we hadn’t even taken pictures yet. Lexi and I try not to let him annoy us so that our pictures don’t come out looking all manic (Ew!) We probably took over 50 pictures only to realize that our pathetic foot still messed HALF of them up! (We had already left to go tan by the pool. Which only made us MORE ANNOYED!) He would squirm and try to get some more air and then the pictures would turn out BLURY!!!!! So we had to stand on it EVEN LONGER so we could retake ALL the pictures that he ruined. (Doesn’t he know better than to waste our time!?!?!) That’s and extra 10 minutes we have to spend taking pictures INSTEAD of tanning. I told Princess Lexi that we should stand on him in our heels so we don’t waste ANYMORE time taking them off.

-Princess Amber

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Jump For Joy

Goddess Draya is a big-time college football cheerleader. Her female coach has told her that she needs to work on her balance. So Draya decides to use one of her slaves at the Mean Girl Compound to stand and JUMP on while watching a game on TV to work on her balance! She figures if she can balance on a slave's chest and belly, it should be no problem on a nice, flat football field! And she can use the slaves for whatever she wants, so...

And Draya really gets some height on some of her jumps!

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Making You My Masochist!

Since taking on this new pet loser, I had to figure out what he was useful for! Now I know that EVERY pathetic beta thinks they can handle ANYTHING! But this one assured me he would do WHATEVER I told him.

I told him I wanted to try out trampling on him and that he should just lay there and take the pain like a good boy. I mean this is EVERY loser's dream cum true! Having a SUPER HOT goddess walk all over them, he was extremely lucky for that privilege! Despite my lack of jumping on him, this freak whaled like a miserable bitch and told me he just couldn't do it and yelled "I'm not a masochist!!!" Pshhht, I didn't even wear my sharpest heels... maybe the second or third sharpest, but he was being sooooo whiney and pathetic.

Since he FAILED to let me trample him as long as I wanted, I got into his face and explained that losers get punished when they DISAPPOINT ME!!!
I go and grab his leash and him DRAG him away for further torment!

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Alex and I have completely taken over the losers at our school (staff & students alike! lol) just by being so freaking hot. We’re honestly so cruel together, playing silly schoolgirl games like “who can be the cruelest to the nerds” which is one of favorites!

We’re hanging out together at home when I find out that this pathetic boy that’s been serving us isn't able to come over today and wait on us hand & foot.

Amazingly, the dumb loser apparently has a “girlfriend”- and sent her over to serve us in his place! (I mean it’s the LEAST he can do for NOT showing up!)

When his fugly little GF showed up, she had NO IDEA how poorly we treat her simp boyfriend.  When we asked if she was actually attracted to that nerd boyfriend of hers, she explained that she isn’t, but he is "THE BEST that she can do"! HAHAHAHA HOW FUCKING PATHETIC!

Not wanting to waste ANYMORE time getting to “know” this slut, we command her to lay on her back so we can put her in her place and literally WALK ALL OVER HER.  She deserves to be treated as badly as we treat her ugly nerd boyfriend.

This girl was sooooo small and scrawny that there wasn’t much to trample over, but we made sure to stomp on every inch of her gross body and even gagged her with our feet til she cried! Alex even KICKED HER IN THE CROTCH SUPER HARD!! LOL

Despite her groaning with pain, Alex and I really wanted to “break her in” and really put her in her place. If we would have known that loser had a girlfriend for us to fuck with, we would have done this SOOOO much sooner. But now that we have her, we’re not letting her off the hook so easily!


-Princess Amber

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Trampled Under The Needles You Bought Me

Miss Chase is standing on her "DumDum" in her new Louboutin So Kates while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend. They laugh about how Miss Chase LITERALLY walks all over these simp losers that worship her- and they will TAKE it no matter what! Miss Chase and her BF are talking SO mean about "DumDum" while it suffers underneath her needle-thin stilettos that he paid for. Miss Chase doesn't even seem to care. She just wants to talk to her BF. Simps are so beneath her- literally.

Miss Chase eventually asks, "Hey DumDum, how do these heels feel that you bought me??" and she makes him THANK her just for stepping on him. Miss Chase casually explains to DumDum as he suffers underneath her heels that he is sooo far beneath her that he is LUCKY just to be STEPPED on by a woman as hot as her. EVERYONE wants to worship & serve her and she would NEVER "date" a simp or a foot wierdo like him. Simps and foot freaks are just meant to be USED.

She makes DumDum thank her and confess out loud that he completely understands how far out of his league she is and that he has no chance of ever being "with" her no matter what it does for her or how much it suffers to prove its devotion. But it could be worse...because she could just not give him any attention at all!

At that point, DumDum is BEGGING Miss Chase to keep using him, mistreating him, and walking all over him!! Just PLEASE do not get rid of him completely!  To make it even worse for DumDum, it is really cold and windy out- as he suffers naked under Miss Chase's needle-thin stilettos. But of course Miss Chase is all bundled up in her warm fur coat!

This clip is the perfect example of how perfect Miss Lexi CHase is- and how unimportant and BENEATH her simps and slaves are! It simply signifies their relative places in life.

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Princess Skylars Step Stool

I just wanted to check out my new boots in the mirror, but the mirror is waaay too high up on the wall for me to see my boots when they are on my feet. So I call my slave over so I can use him to stand on as a human stepstool. My slave loves serving ANY purpose for me that it can. It is happy just to be used by me. Even if it is just a "thing" for me to stand on so I can check out how my new boots look on me.

You can tell the slave didn't know what he was getting into as my sharp stiletto heels start sinking DEEP into its stomach. It really had no idea of the awful pain that awaited him, but he WILL put up with it- because he's so desperately trying to please his Princess by doing whatever he can to make her happy.

The way this guy grunts it's like hearing drowwning kittens. Really intense. You would think the last bit of life is draining out of him haha. However I am obviously more concerned about if my boots look sexy on me, than whatever pain my slave is in underneath me.


This is my real-life slave who has been serving me for about a year now. As you can see, it's an overweight, balding, pathetic loser and really has nothing going for itself. It desperately tries to win favor with me by basically doing whatever it can to make me happy- as any good slave should. It is primarily a financial slave for me, as well as an "assignment slave". You know, the type of loser simp that I can use to run my errands and do chores for me- that kinda stuff.

I've never used it in my clips before though, and it is not a pain slave. So today was it's first time ever being trampled in heels, and it really had a tough time with it. But it was willing to suffer for me just to be a good slave for me.  :)

-Princess Skylar

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Bitch Broken Beneath Our Heels

It's not everyday that Supreme Queen Simone makes it to the Manor to torment the lot of losers at the house, and I had totally not realized that SHE HAS NEVER TRAMPLED A LOSER BEFORE!!!  So of course I was going to show Her how much fun it is to walk all the fuck over these things exactly like the Queen She is... 

After pulling over My bald live-in slut and laying it down on the floor, I quickly showed Simone the basics.  And proceeded to point out that She could have all the fun She wanted stepping on it, dragging Her heels across its chest and body, or even jumping up and down on it in Her spiked heel booties.

Once She climbed up, SHE WAS A NATURAL AT CRUSHING IT BENEATH HER! Usually this slave can take a decent amount of trampling and being smashed beneath Our heels but as She went to town you can literally watch it fall the fuck apart.  From sceaming, kicking its legs, and looking like a fish flopping on the deck of a boat, Simone totally destroyed this loser until it was begging for mercy.  

Find out if it got a reprieve or was kicked out to the curb when you get the clip... 

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Don't Fuck With My Money (Part Two)

***Please note, this is the second part of a previously released clip by the same title focused solely on the trampling portion of the clip.  If you purchased the original Don't Fuck With My Money, you already have this clip***

Once I'm sure he understands, it's time to make sure it realizes that it still owes me for fucking up my previous trample clip.  I take this mountain of moron and restrain it between two opposite walls with heavy duty straps and thick bamboo so it is completely helpless and unable to even attempt to squirm away from the pain I intend to inflict.  I then trample this thing until it's face turns a dark purple color as tears stream down it's face from the pain My heels inflict upon it.... hahaha....     I should never have to take time out of My life or from My busy schedule to fix the mistakes of a subhuman wretch like this fat stupid slave.  Watch and see how well it learned it's lesson and how much it begs and promises to do a better job so I don't put it out of it's useless existence.

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Fishnet Fuck-up :: Double Domme Trample

So Platinum and I both got these super cute mesh and fishnet outfits off Our wishlists from some loser and were looking for a reason to try them on and show off a bit. And when there is no really good reason at hand, We just made one up... LOL...

She remembered kicking Her bald live in loser to rest on the deck outside the night before as there is no room at the Punishment Compound to have slaves inside... so We got done up, paired the outfits with matching Ben Franklin Boots, and walked outside to torment and trample the freak in Our new outfits.

Needless to say, the loser was gawking so hard, but its excitement became agony real quick. We both stepped up onto it and dug in our heels as it squirmed beneath Us. As Platinum stepped off to cover its loud mouth with Her heels I did a little victory dance on the fucker as We both laughed at how stupid slaves are.

I let Her get back on it and shoved the spike of My heel into the slut's mouth so it couldn't make noise and She bounced around and walked up and down the helpless thing. We continued on until it was literally breathing and heaving so heavily We worried it was having a stroke. Hahahaha.... at that point, Platinum shoved Her heels down its throat again and made it pull Her boots off with its teeth... 

After We were both barefoot the loser thought it would be in for an easier time and maybe a chance to not lose its life beneath Our feet, but easy is never an option with Us. And without those heels on, it is way easier to jump, stomp, and bash around without falling off the stupid thing. So that is exactly what We did. And now it was so noisy that Platinum had to shove Her entire foot in the stupid things mouth to get it to shut the fuck up.  Get the clip yourself to check out everything We subject this idiot to and then go buy Us both something from Our wishlists as well.  Chop chop slut puppy... 

Princess Mia

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Walking All Over a Path of Slaves

This is one of the wildest clips We have filmed in awhile as Princess Mia and I decided to start Our day with a walk through the desert canyon not far from the Punishment Compound here in Vegas.  It was a beautiful day, and We both wanted to get out and feel the sun on Our skin while enjoying the scenery throughout the area.  So we put on some sexy, shiny, bikinis to go for Our walk and torment the slaves with how hot We looked (especially the fat one, who might even have a bigger addiction to shiny than it does to food) as We walked through the desert.  

But of course nothing is ever that easy for slaves.  Did you really think We intended to let them just sit there and watch Us go for a morning walk and ogle Us with their eyes and brains filled with loser thoughts as We walked by???  Of course not stupid, We had been out partying the night before and Our feet hurt way to bad to put on shoes first thing in the morning so We decided to take Our walk barefoot.  But since walking barefoot in a desert canyon known to be home to countless snakes, scorpions, and other scary and nasty creepy crawlies, there was no way We would just be walking around without some means of protection.  

And guess what that protection was loser?  Right, slaves as a walking path.  We lined up all three losers that were at the compound that day, sent them down to the base of the stairs that leads down into the canyon from the compound, and had them lay head to foot to head to foot to head... Hahahahaha....  so when We got to the bottom, all We needed to do was step up onto each loser, an enjoy Our walk worry free.  And obviously We wanted to walk farther than the height of three losers, so as We stepped off one, it was made to run to the top of the path and lay down again, making Our slave path almost like a never-ending treadmill of losers...  and it seemed everytime one would run to insure Our path continued as long as We wished, they would almost always inadvertently lay down with a rock digging into their back, or a thorned plant reminding them that normal people don't lay down naked on the floor of the desert... but they aren't normal at all... they are the pathetic loser slaves who give up every aspect of their personal life and well being to come live at the Manor and have the opportunity to be at the feet of Perfect Women like Us permanently. (Can you say NO SELF ESTEEM??)

Oh and a few other notes about this clip... I was filming all the close up content as I walked out into the desert across these idiots.  Mia was just in front of Me so in the video there are countless shots of Her perfect gorgeous ass.. Anyway, get the clip now and support Our daily fitness goals loser, you know you wish it was you under Our feet.. 

Goddess Platinum

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