Survivors Get to Worship

This clip was fun AF.  Its basically a hodgepodge of slave abuse lol.  I have just finished abusing the fuck out of this slave by basically kicking its balls up into its throat all day in some previous clips.  So as its "reward" I tell the loser to lay down and that I will now allow him to worship my feet.  And he is just enthralled at the opportunity.

This slave is just SO "in love" with me.  But it literally means NOTHING to me.  It must be so hard to be a slave.  I mean, the girls that you are "in love" with just walk all over you and basically abuse you.  And that is exactly what I did to the slave in this clip.  But no matter how badly I treat it, it still seems to be in love with me.  LOL

I walk all over it (literally) in both my stiletto heels and my bare feet.  I stand on its throat full-weight and laugh as it struggles to breathe underneath me.  I eventually allow the loser me to worship my feet- after they have been sweating inside of my boots all day.  Of course, the loser is grateful just to lick the sweat off my pathetic. 

I shove my feet DEEP into its mouth...literally shoving my foot down its throat until it gags-while I laugh.  I even kick the loser in the balls a few more times WHILE I am standing on it!  

This slave is so in love with me...I can do anything I want to it.  And in this video, I pretty much do!  How much do YOU wish that YOU were this loser??


-Princess Amber

Pain is Just Part of Being A Trample Slave

This slave has been such a good and loyal one.  It has served Us for a long time.  Bella and Beverly have really hurt it while stomping and jumping all over it in the past, Chanel cruusshed it under her stilettos just so she could get a new pair of Louboutins from an online slave.  And now I have decided to break in My new pair of signature "Platinum Louboutin Pumps"!  These heels are sooo sharp...and the poor skinny little slave is in suuch pain...but it knows its sole purpose ain life is to lay at the foot of my throne and let me walk all over it because it is BENEATH Me.  

I can feel its ribs underneath my heels- but I don't care.  Slaves are MEANT to be walked all over and hurt!  Their feelings don't matter.  Pain, humiliation, and suffering are just what they were born for.  Its purpose in life is to suffer under the heels of its Superiors.  To be literally walked all over- by The Mean Girls!

(The trample slave really was in tremendous pain in this clip...and barely made it!)


Step On An Indian

This slave has already been through the ringer.  We have caned it, bullwhipped it, and even taken CATTLE PRODS to its brown skin, shocking it into complete and total submission.  It is nothing more than a heap of flesh at Our feet at this point.  This is where most "compassionate" girl would probably let up and show some mercy?  Well, that's not Us- we are MEAN GIRLS!  

We just think its funny that we have broken him this badly and decide that it would be even more fun to STOMP ALL OVER HIM IN OUR STILETTOS!  After all, he is already in perfect position for it!

This is actually one of Our best trample videos in awhile.  Skylar literally stands FULL-WEIGHT on the slave's hand with her stiletto heel at one point- and just laughs as he SCREEEEAMS for mercy!!  HAHA.



Life At The Foot of Our Bed

This slave has been stationed on the floor at the foot of our bed at Mean Girl Manor.  Poor thing has to just lay there and let itself be walked on whenever we feel like it.  And do we bother to take our heels off first?  Absolutely not!  It will take the heels- no matter how much it hurts.

Trampling With Grace

After seeing how pathetic my little slave-minions are, Grace is quite impressed.  But I casually explain to her that she "aint seen nothin yet!"

I command a nearby slave to lay itself at My feet- and of course, it does so instantly at the snap of my fingers. I then just casually step up onto it in my 4-inch needle-thin stilettos my stilettos like it is nothing. Grace gasps in amazement, as the slave is obviously trying its very hardest to obediently suffer underneath me in silence.  And now SHE wants to try!

So of course, I graciously offer my slave for her to walk all over as much as she wants!  It IS just a THING for me to lend to anyone I want anyways.  And I must say, Grace has quite a bit of fun with it...until eventually we BOTH get up onto the slave in our stiletto heels and have fun making it SUFFER underneath BOTH of us as we laugh and mock its suffering!  It must suck to be such an inferior male that you have to let women literally WALK ALL OVER YOU like this just to be allowed in the same room as them!


-Goddess Platinum

Slave Playground

This is just me n Amber playing "jump on the slave" out on our deck. Its fun to jump off of things and land on a squishy loser beneath you, feeling its ribs cave in underneath you as you land on it... :)

-Goddess Platinum

Trampling With Grace

After seeing how pathetic my minions are, Grace is quite impressed. But I casually explain to her that she aint seen nothin yet! I command a slave to lay on its back- and it does so instantly at the snap of my fingers. I then just casually step up onto it- while still wearing my stilettos, of course! Grasp gasps in amazement. SHE wants to try!

So of course I offer my slave to her to walk all over as much as she wants! And she has some fun with it...until eventually we BOTH get on the slave in our heels and have fun making it SUFFER underneath us!

-Goddess Platinum

Standing Room Only

There isn't much room under our stairs, where we keep this freak chained up for days at a time. (Poor thing has to just helplessly listen to our heels clip-clopping up and down the stairs above it when we go out to party in Vegas or bring hot guys home to fuck.) But we decide to pay it a visit to spend some "quality time" with the freak- by literally walking all over it!!  And yes, we think it should be GRATEFUL to see us- no matter WHAT we do to it!!

And it is so happy to see us after being locked up down here in the dark for all that time. Even if it is just to stomp all over it while we laugh about all the great time we have spent out in the sunshine, relaxing, going to the beach, and just generally enjoying our lives while it wastes away down here, dreaming about the next time it will see us...even if it is just to torture it again for our amusement...

Suffer For My New Louboutins

***(Paid Custom Clip for a Member of Our Membership Site)***

True story: An online slave sent these Christian Louboutin stiletto sandals for Chanel to keep. All she had to do was torment a house-slave underneath them in a video! SoChanel said..."No problem! I don't give a fuck how much a slave sufers- as long as I get new pair of Loubs!!" Even though these heels are soooo thin- Chanel really doesn't care, she wants her new Loubs! So the slave she uses HAS to take as much trampling as she wants to dish out! She wants to make sure she REALLY hurts the slave so she maybe even gets MORE designer shoes sent to her by her online slave-fan!

And you can tell that the slave's suffering means NOTHING to her- all she cares about is HER getting to keep these shoes, and maybe even more in the future! And she doesn't care if the slave is completely destroyed underneath her in order to make that happen!

Chanel's heels dig DEEP into the slave's flesh. She leaves LOTS of marks all over its body. She laughs about how it is taking all this just so SHE can get new shoes! Poor trample-mat slaves buy his Goddess shoes- and IT has to suffer underneath them because he isn't rich enough to buy her the shoes himself! Aww...poor trample-mat slave. But every slave needs to serve its purpose for hot, Mean Girls, right??

This slave's knows that its purpose in life is just to be walked all over. At the end, Chanel even stands on the slave and pauses to take "selfies" while her heels dig deeeep into its flesh underneath her! Poor slave is in agony...but Chael totally doesn't care.  She probably isn't even aware of it, honestly.  Then Chanel puts all her weight onto ONE needle-thin heel, as she SLAPS the slave's cock with the sole of her other shoe!

She even gives its cock a some KICKS with the metal spikes on the straps of her shoes, as she laughs about how his cock is "getting as red as the red soles of her new Louboutins!"

Also completely true:  Chanel's skinny little trample slave actually suffered a broken rib from Chanel rocking back and putting allher weight back onto her needle-thin heels so much!  (Chanel probably weighs more than her poor skinny little trample slave does! LOL!)

Stiletto Trample Contest

Amber and I have on the most wicked heels that were sent to us from our wishlists by online slaves. And what better way to put them to good use than to use them for TRAMPLING SLAVES IN REAL LIFE!

We decide to have a little contest. We want to see who's slave will be the most obedient and take the most pain under our stilettos. And I have on these 6-inch NEEDLE-THIN heels that are literally like NAILS underneath my feet!

Eventually Amber gets jealous and changes into some super-thin wicked heels of her own, just so she can push her slave to handle MORE pain for her! Watch the clip to see who takes the most...and what will happen to the loser!

-Goddess Platinum