No Asylum Trample [PIP: Picture-in-Picture]


Can you believe She had two cameras running the whole time while We stomped on this little, weird, communist, foreigner slave She had in from the Czech Republic (or some other weird pretend-Kremlin place over there... ick...)  whatever... I get grossed out even just thinking about where these things We stomp on come from beforehand... like, how gross is it that We have to stand on some disgusting piece of floor trash from the evil empire.. as if this thing deserves a place in Our World or Society except as the trash as it is Under Our Spiked Heels as We Dig Them In CONSTANTLY!!!!

Yeah, so point being, We abuse and trash this third world import.  It gets the spike and abuse treatment beneath Our heels before We give it a bit of a break with Our bare feet (but that doesn't necessarily make things easier.  Hahaha loser.)

Watch as We exploit the hell out of this thing and get it ready to be sent back to whatever "S**T-HOLE" country it came from... and the whole time get to see every single bit of the action from the up close shots of Our heels completely crushing into its saggy body, and how it squirms under Our spikes...  HAHAHA

Get this first ever Mean Girls PIP clip now bitch boy and show Us you appreciate Our hard work abusing you things like the worthless little wannabe American, begging to be Our bitches, deplorable deportables you are.... LOL

<3 Princess Amber <3


***This clip is shot with 2 cameras capturing all the action at the same time- one camera angle shows our full bodies standing on the slave, and the other (main) camera is zoomed-in on our STILETTO HEELS digging DEEP into the slave's flesh beneath us!!  We are trying this "picture-in-picture" thing for the first time in a trample clip, so let us know if you like it!  The slave really suffered for Us in this clip as we stomped all over him, and kept our heels on almost the entire time while we held him down and just laughed at him while he seemed to be in agony underneath Us!

Trampling My New Pet Ginger

In these times of trouble, We're doing Our part by taking action that everyone can agree upon.  Trampling a Ginger, because Ginger's Ain't Got No Soul..... !!!!!!!    LMFAO, and yes that was sarcasm loser, I wouldn't give a fuck whether it had a soul or not, I'd trample the thing and do what I wanted with it regardless... 

So this pathetic but oh so submissive thing showed up at the Manor during one of Our latest "slave tryouts" begging to be used and abused to be allowed to be a part of Our lives...  after stripping it down.....  OMG EWWWwwwww... Carpet does match the drapes... and putting it on a leash, I dragged it up to My office to do the paperwork making it legally binding that it was My bitch for the day, the I laid it down, restrained the ugly thing, and took to teaching it what it means to be a Mean Girl's Bitch...... HAHAHAHAHAHA...

We don't fuck around loser...   it isn't a game....  you don't get to come visit, pretend you think We might actually be interested in you or your pathetic, needy, weak beta ass, and hang out at the Manor and be Our friends... We do what We want, and so in this instance, that means lay your ugly weird fucking balding ass ginger bitch self down and let Me Step All the Fuck Over you loser...

And that's exactly what I do with this freak...  digging My bright red Jimmy Choo's into this pasty, disgusting, soul-less freak, and laughing as it made the most bizarre and humorlessly painful noises as it struggled beneath the spiked heels. Watch as I just laugh at how pathetic this thing is as I step all over it and remind it exactly where it belongs as long as it is at the Manor; below Mean Girl Feet...  (even if We happen to be wearing spiked stiletto heels that We value more highly than your life loser.... ) Bwhahahahahaaa....   but too bad, soooo sad...   I'll just step up and all over you just like I do this worthless ginger, and keep going until it is whining so constantly, and begging so repetitively, for Me to stop that I stop to consider it for a moment....

Ummmmm.... No, Fuck you loser..... hahahahahaaaaa.....

I don't care about You, I do care about breaking in these heels because I don't want them digging in on Me when I'm out with an Alpha.....  but around a beta bitch boys like you of course the only place you'll be is under them.... 

Watch the little loser ginger get destroyed, and imagine it's you loser...  that's the closest you'll ever get to actually being beneath My perfect feet bitch boy.... 


Goddess Platinum

These Heels Are Made For Walking All Over Slaves

So for any of you who might wonder why a stupid, old, disobedient shiiitt of a slave would get deleted, here's another little story about why We Take Out The TRASH when it needs to be put at the curb...  Here's what happened...

I had just walked into the Manor after a great morning shopping and partying on another loser's dime, when I sent My bags up to My room with the door slave and saw this idiot in the foyer...  so I decided to amuse Myself and dragged this thing over in front of the fireplace in the little Throne room and took to teasing it some as I trampled it because of how good I was feeling....  I let this little toad tell Me how beautiful and perfect I was so it could enjoy the act of Me stepping all over it's worthless self, but what does it's stupid old cracker ass go and do????  HE FUCKING TALKS ABOUT MY TITS AND ASS AS IF HE WAS A REAL MAN....    UMMMMM, HELL NO UNCLE OLD ASS FAGGOT TOM....  I was having absolutely none of that garbage from a lowly half in the grave rotting carcass of a slave....   lol...  

I gave it a chance and it failed miserably, like it did in nearly every instance where it tried to C-clamp it's way onto something where it didn't fit...   so I took even more joy and pleasure in stomping it's old ass body over and over and over again...  I dug My perfect clear plastic stilettos into it's legs chest and sloppy chubby belly as I laughed at it and told it what trash it was and always will be... and then as I really dug in, I made this thing stick out it's tongue so I could wipe the soles of My heels clean on it's worthless mouth and face before I dug the spike back into it's frumpy smooth fatness...... HAHAHAHA....  

Watch one of the final appearances of slave "Old Stupid Cracker Ass" as I trample his mental midget ass into the ground beneath My perfect feet... Beat it, trample it, abuse it, degrade it, and then kick this stupid fucker to the curb... Buh-Bye bitch boi.... Cya again Never loser...    Bwahahaha....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$



Slaves Heads Were Made For Standing On

On a recent trip to the Manor I caught up with Princess Mia and We got to talking about all the things you little losers spend your money sending us.  And since We started on the topic, I absolutely wanted to show off My new Heel$$$ and have some with them from the moment I placed them on My feet. So Mia and I grab this bald loser slave out of the corner of the room and order it to lay down in front of Us and guess what We are going to do to it...  You have to see the little sissy thing shaking as it looks at the size of Our heels and listens to Us explain that We plan to stand right on it's worthless face and head with Our heels and see if it lives through the process....  

First things first, I step right on the side of the loser's pathetic little head as My stiletto kisses it's cheek so close that the slightest slip and this thing could be blind, deaf, or deeaad....  but slaves are disposable so it's not a loss...   after I took My turn Mia had at it, and then I climbed on again... We took turns for a while... as this freak struggled to keep from seeing it's life end so unceremoniously.... LMFAO... 

After a while, this freak started getting slimy, sweaty, and nasty and was nearly impossible to balance on in heels so Mia and I decided to remove the heels and instead thump, whack, and walk all over this freak and especially it's head...  We both took multiple turns standing with both soles smashed into it's worthless face, and laughing that it exists for nothing more than to lay on the floor at Our feet so We can stand on it and tell it what a stupid, sad, excuse for a man it's beta bitch ass is... and see Who of Us can make it cry for a final insult and humiliation to this worthless thing that lives for nothing more than to be treated like garbage by girls like Us...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Mistress Dandy XoXo

Queen Grace Trampling With A Hot Spot Of Tea

You obviously know Queen Grace is from England so she obviously loves tea as well. 

Queen Grace has recently come back to America and truly misses the feeling of American male scum under her feet. Seriously all American males belong in the "rubbish" as far as Queen Grace is concerned. 

Welllll what would be better then sipping a scolding hot spot of tea while trampling the scum she despises so much...

So that is exactly what she did!!! 

And The Queen makes sure to let the American male scum under her KNOW that if it squirms too much underneath her stiletto heels and causes her to spill her tea, well that scolding hot tea will most likely spill right onto its UGLY FACE!  Which Her Majesty would just find sooo is a total "win-win" for The Queen!

Goddess Draya Tramples New Teen Slave

You know I'm brand new to the Mean Girls and you also know I'm hot as fuck... But did you know that I freaking love being a Mean Girl? I am soooo serious! I love destroying all these pathetic, submissive slaves! 

Before I started with the Mean Girls I didn't know very much about female domination, but after having the Boss Goddess, Goddess Platinum show me the ropes and teach me her ways, I am obsessed!!! I have been destroying mens hearts since I was little so it's only fitting that I also destroy their bodies and wallets. Lol!

But in all seriousness I was born to be a Mean Girl!

I was over at the Mean Girl Manor hanging out with Goddess Platinum discussing me moving in to the manor very soon, which I am super stoked about. Goddess Platinum brought me downstairs to show me her brand new 18 year old slave that she had locked up in a cage. When Platinum allowed it to look at me it instantly fell in love with me and offered up its life to me. Hahaha! No surprise there.

Since I have only ever trampled one loser in my life I figured I would practice on this freak.

I asked it if it had ever been trampled before and it never had. Well, well, well... Time to take this little bitches trample virginity and really step up my trample game. (Goddess Platinum talks from behind the camera like always ;) )

This was so much fun!!! 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Under My Hot New Heels

OMG I like get soooooo many pairs of hot new heels from pathetic losers every single day. I love shoes so it works out great for me. 

One of my slaves must have been patiently waiting all night then all the next day till I finally got home from one of my boyfriends houses. Lol! What a good little bitch! I actually totally forgot that I had told it to bring all my new packages of shoes up to my room and wait for me, before I left.

This is perfect because now I get to try on all my brand new, super hot pairs of heels then walk all over this freak to see which ones I love the most. That is where it belongs anyways, under my perfect feet, like dirt! HAHAAAAha

This worthless submissive piece of garbage is so lucky that I even take time out of my busy day to I guess kind of acknowledge it's existence... I mean I could care less if it was deeaad or alive and I hate it, but I do thoroughly enjoy watching it suffer.

Anywayssss... back to me, the only thing that actually matters. I had this slave open my new shoes one by one and I tried them on. I walked around in them while it drooled at my perfect feet, then I made it lay down and I walked all over it. Each pair of these heels looked like they would hurt like hell if they were digging into like flesh, not that I would know. LOL! 

I was laughing so hard at this door mat when I asked it which shoes were its favorite and which ones hurt the most while my hot heels were sinking deeper and deeper into its chest. Hahaha it sounded like it was actually dying. What a little bitch!!!

You know here at the Mean Girl Manor we are always looking for new slaves to use and abuse. I think Aunt Platinum is even looking for a few more live in slaves. If you think that you would be a good little house keeping slave or even a really obedient errand bitch for us mean girls you should definitely send us a message on our American Mean Girls site. Maybe you could one day be lucky enough to breath the same air as us. Lol!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Waste Of Time

I get emails from you idiots all the time begging to come to Mean Girl Manor. BEGGING to be in our videos, etc. Andmost of you get completely ignored. You know why? - Because of idiots just like the fucking loser in THIS video.

He spent WEEKS trying to convince me to let him come and be used as a slave in my videos. He said he "loved" me (LOL!) and that I could do "ANYTHING" to him! Uh huh...RIGHT. Heard it all before- and its pretty much what ALL you losers say.

So I made him join my American Mean Girls members site and send a tribute to show that he was serious. I also made him send a picture of his ID and proof of his travel plans. So far so he was allowed to come here and suffer at my feet in person.

Then I invite Brat Princess Mya over to help me have fun abusing this loser and I had a WHOLE DAY planned around beating and abusing him! We were gonna have SO much fun shooting a bunch of clips abusing this tiny-dicked loser...

And guess what?? As soon as I strap this piece of human garbage into place at the Desert Compound, he starts to complain! LOL! Then he complains even more as soon as we step him in our stilettos!! Keep in mind, this is the idiot that said in his endless emails that I could do "ANYTHING I wanted" to him!!! And in his very first clip he begs us to stop the moment ONE heel is placed on his chest?? WTF??

There is footage included at the end of us finally unchaining his fat ass and basically kicking him out. This fat piece of garbage wasted SOOO much of my time AND Mya's time!! Our WHOLE DAY was ruined by this idiot!

So you want to know why YOU probably aren't allowed to come here? Because of idiots like THIS. All your emails to us BEGGING that you will "take anything for us, blah blah blah"...they are most likely GARBAGE BS. And as soon as you get here (IF you even show up!) you will quit the second you feel your first whip-strike or a stiletto heel sink into your flesh.

So just keep watching the videos we make with our live-in house slaves, wimp.

Think you are "different" and can handle it? LOL well the price of admission just went up! Because of idiots just like this that are a complete WASTE OF TIME.

**(This is still a decent trample clip even though the slave was such a pussy, we were definitely mean as fuck!)**

Goddess Platinum


Weak For These Feet


This evil villain Goddess has taken everything from the locals and enslaved all the men that live for miles and miles. All these stupid men think they can overpower this evil Goddess but they don’t realize she has magical powers in her feet... until it’s too late.

Every male that tries to break into the Goddess’s castle gets instantly captured and brought before the Goddess that sits upon her throne. Once all these ignorant males kneel before the Goddess and her throne they are force to stare at and then smell her magical feet. Once they have one sniff of those powerful feet they are consumed by their magical powers and the males instantly devote their life to the evil Goddess. 

With these magical feet, evil Goddess has captured hundreds of males within a very short time. These dumb males have no idea that beyond being captured and enslaved to this Evil Goddess they have an even more grim future that lays ahead... she will soon be making her new throne room floor with all these useless males. She will not k*ll them but instead they will be alive and forever encased in her floor to be walked upon for the remainder of days. Hahaha 

This evil Goddess gives these males just a taste of what is to come.

You Two Were Made For Stepping On

Mistress Dandy was dealing with 2 annoying ass slaves and she really wanted to torture them. The one slave had written in and begged me to allow it to come serve the Mean Girls. It did as it was told, sent a tribute, joined AmericanMeanGirls website, and then sent me the front and back of its ID. The other slave is my personal live in slave.

Hmmm.... what can she do? Ahhhh.... she can trample both these freaks. Miss Dandy is an Amazon woman, almost 6 feet tall with super sexy curves and gorgeous size 10 feet. Most males cower when they are in her presence.

Mistress Dandy restrained both slaves to each side of the couch to keep them from getting away while she crushes them under her huge, powerful feet.

Mistress Dandy wanted to see which one of her 2 bitches could take more trample use from her.

I watched and filmed as Miss Dandy took turns trampling on each of her subs. When one slave could’t take another second then she moved onto the other. I was dying laughing watching Miss Dandy stomp and jump all over these two. I was so excited watching the slaves truly suffer to the point of breaking I couldn’t help but laugh non stop from behind the camera as i filmed. I don’t think I haver seen any slave suffer from trampling like these two did.

If you love to see slaves suffer or love trampling you need to watch this clip, If you think you could be a good little bitch and serve us then reach out to me.


-Goddess Platinum