Mean Tweets

So sometimes Draya and I like to compare notes on the stupid messages we get from idiots on our twitter accounts. The funny thing is, these morons think we will actually reply to their stupidity. As if we can't tell that they are a waste of our time and just trying to get a response from us.

Um...NO. Instead, we call in a slave and make it kneel before us like a dummy. Then we take turns reading the most annoying tweets we can find in our account- and then instead of replying to it (which these idiots do NOT deserve!) we just SLAP the dumbass slave kneeling before us right across the FACE as hard as we can! LOL! It is like really therapeutic!

Pretty soon we are actually having FUN reading these stupid messages and laughing as we make our slave pay the price for other slaves' stupidity! (And yes, these are totally real twitter messages we are reading!)

-Princess Amber

Goddess Draya Slaps Slave Stupid

I cannot stand dealing with so much stupid shiiiiit! Seriously wtf is wrong with males? Like, cause you have a dick you need to be completely brain deeaad??? Or what?

Ugh this supposedly submissive loser that keeps messaging me without sending a tribute is really pissing me off. I was going to block it but then I decided to have fun with this entire situation... LOL!!!! Every time the a-hole annoys me, I'll take it out on this bald headed freak kneeling in the corner just wasting perfectly good oxygen.

That's just what I did... I slapped the bitch stupid.... and kicked it and back handed it and... Okay okay, I know, I got carried away!!!! HAAAAaaaaaa I can't help it... I just love abusing beta bitches!

I still blocked the dumb disobedient cunt! ;))

So, buy my clip and watch me have fun abusing this loser... then go like be a member of our site... Then maybe if you play your cards right, it could be you kneeling in my bedroom just waiting for my next demands.

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Slap and Kick The Loser

This slave just lost a "trample contest" for Amber. She was standing on him and he BROKE before the other slave did! 

So we have it restrained for further punishment. It will need to learn a lesson about disappointing Superior Females. 

We spit right in its face, slap it silly, and even take turns KICKING and STOMPING it right in the FACE!

Amber is SO disappointed in this freak's performance for her.  I mean, all it had to do was LAY THERE!  (While she stood on it in her stilettos.) 

But she MORE than expresses her disappointment to the slave...by kicking its head in, basically!


-Goddess Platinum

Slapped Silly

I have my personal slave locked up in the jail cell in the basement of the Mean Girls Desert Punishment Camp in Vegas. I have had him down there for awhile now with no food or water. But you know what this freak misses even more than THAT?? His PRINCESS!! Haha. So fucking pathetic. Kinda cute, but still pathetic.

And I have him restrained in a REAL straight jacket the whole time so I can basically slap him around at will as much as I want whenever I go downstairs for a little "stress relief". And honestly, I think the combination of him missing his Princess soooo much AND being slapped around like a helpless little BITCH so much has literally left his brain scrambled.

To be honest, there wasn't much "up there" with this one to begin with anyways, but after some serious slaps from his sadistic siren, this bald bitch has gone bonkers...you will see what I mean when you watch the clip.  But can you blame him?

This Is What We Think Of You

Princess Bella and Princess Aria need to teach one of the slaves just how far below them he really is. This particular slave is a white trash piece of shit that is lower than dirt and they decide to give him a beat down to teach him his place. The slave hopes to become one of the house slaves but he can’t live at Mean Girl Manor until he is completely removed of all his pride and accepts that he is nothing but a piece of shit. The slave is kneeling with his hands cuffed behind his head to a spreader bar so he can’t defend himself. This allows Princess Aria to slap the fuck out of his face while Princess Bella whips him from behind. They tell the slave exactly what they think of him verbally humiliating him as they slap and spit in his face. The slave admits that he is worthless and completely below them but Princess Bella gets the sense that the slave still doesn’t truly understand his place. So they continue slapping the shit out of him making him admit and say out loud what a worthless piece of shit redneck he is and that his only use is to serve as their slave to be abused for their entertainment. By the time they are done the slave is a mindless drone ready to obey any command. 

El Jerko Gets Slapped

Myami Mean Girls is run on basically 100% slave labor so the girls can enjoy their amazing and fun filled lives with as much free time as possible. It’s a great system but sometimes the slaves forget their place. Princess Bella informs Goddess raven that she just caught one of the production slaves jerking off to a video he was supposed to be editing. And if that wasn’t bad enough the video he was jerking off to was one featuring both Goddess Raven and Princess Bella. The slave is going to pay for this!

The slaves hands are cuffed overhead to a spreader bar as he is confronted by Princess Bella and Goddess Raven for his crime off jerking off to their videos when he should have been editing. Princess Bella tells the slave if she catches him jerking off again she’s going to cut his cock off! Goddess Raven thinks the slave’s dick must have already been cutoff it’s so small she can’t really see anything down there. Princess Bella and Goddess Raven punish the misbehaving slave by spitting in his face and slapping him in the face over and over again until there are tears in his eyes!

Respect A Strong Black Woman

This slave has no idea what he is getting himself into, serving a Strong Black Woman is so totally different from the young bratty blond girls he is used to serving. Especially if you are a racist redneck from the south like this slave. Goddess Saucha will teach the slave to respect black women. The slave is handcuffed and kneeling naked before Goddess Saucha and is about to get a lesson in respecting the beauty and power of black women. Women that his ancestors enslaved and abused. Goddess Saucha doesn’t hold back and bitch slaps the slave as if she invented the term. She orders the slave to tell her how beautiful she is. The slave tells her she is gorgeous but Goddess Saucha isn’t buying it she can tell the slave is being insincere. So she continues beating the slave even harder until she literally slaps some sense into the slave. Goddess Saucha doesn’t stop until the slave has come to accept the fact that black women truly are superior.


EDITING SLAVE'S NOTE:  This slave really IS a total racist and self-described "white supremacist" in real life and did NOT want to do this clip.  (You can totally tell that he is hating it in the clip.)  But he was COMMANDED to do this by Princess Bella, so he basically had no choice as he knelt before his new "Master" (Goddess Saucha) and you can also tell that she is totally LOVING this opportunity to slap this racist white boy around and degrade him as much as she wants just for her own amusement!!



Left Cheek Right Cheek

It seems like Princess Bella and Princess Beverly are always in competition with each other. Nothing is off limits even slaves. They are in a face slapping mood so they decide to play a game of slap the slave. Princess Beverly loves playing games and predicts she’ll win. Princess Bella says face slapping is her specialty so she‘s going to win. They want to see who can slap the slave the hardest. The slave is not going to be judging the contest he is simply there to be used as a prop. They will take turns each slapping a separate side of the slaves face and then judge the winner by seeing which side of the slaves face is the reddest and most swollen.

After first humiliating the slave by making him oink like a pig the contest starts. They each take a cheek and take turns slapping one at a time like a game of tennis or Ping-Pong. Back and forth they really get into it as the slaps just keep getting harder and harder. At one point Princess Beverly even starts using a crop instead of her hand and you can tell this really hurts the slave. But they don’t care about the slave’s wellbeing they just want to win the game. The contest goes on until the slave eventually .

The slave is just a prop to be used by the Mean Girls because they were bored and wanted to play a game. They don’t even consider him to be a human being he is literally just a game piece for them no different than the shoe or any other game piece on a monopoly board.

Bullied By The Mean Girls

Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel are relaxing in the backyard of Mean Girl Manor using one of the slaves as a footrest. The slave is not even that good at being human furniture which is one of the easiest ways for a slave to serve so the girls are already irritated with the slave. On top of that the slave just called Goddess Harley by the wrong name! That was a big mistake that must be punished. The slave is ordered to stand facing Goddess Harley with Princess Chanel positioned behind him. Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel go back and forth taking turns slapping the slaves face.

They slap the slave full force, as hard as they can, to the point they are hurting their own hands. The slaves face is completely bright red, his ears are ringing, and he looks disorientated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered a concussion from all the hard hits. Goddess Harley says she has been working on improving her pimp hand. She explains the key to a strong pimp hand is to deliver a hard backhand strike using all four knuckles so it hurts a lot more than a regular slap. The goal is to try and give the slave a black eye. This slave can really take a lot of abuse so this is one of the hardest face slapping scenes you will find. 

Attitude Adjustment

Princess Beverly can’t stand the smirk on this slaves face. He should know better than to get caught smiling in front of Princess Beverly. The problem is the slave is not actually all that submissive. He’s a pain slave so he likes getting beat up by the beautiful Mean Girls. Princess Beverly is going to slap the smirk right off the slave’s stupid face. She sits above the slave who is kneeling with hands cuffed behind his back. Whack! Whack! Whack! Princess Beverly is going to slap the out of this slave until he admits that he is a submissive little bitch!

Princess Beverly slaps the slaves face as hard as she can over and over again until she is actually hurting her own hand enough that she has to stop. The slaves face is extremely red and his eye is twitching but being a pain slave he is still enjoying himself too much and won’t admit to being a submissive. If he’s not going to be submissive then the slave will receive the ultimate punishment. He will be discarded as a slave and no longer allowed to serve Princess Beverly.