Princess Mia Teaches Goddess Platinum Leg Scissors

Princess Mia and I woke up this morning and we were really lazy so we lounged in bed for awhile. We were chatting and started talking about fun ways to abuse all of our pathetic slaves. Princess Mia asked if I had ever done leg scissors, which I had not, and she was completely shocked. So we decided it was time for me to do leg scissors on some useless slave.

Once we finally got our breakfast in bed, served by our slaves, we got ready for the day and we went down into the living room to prepare. Princess Mia gave me a crash course on how to scissor a slave. I'm in love with doing leg scissors because not only is it so easy to take out our slaves but it's a great work out, so that's a total bonus. 

OMG...Princess Mia has the nicest ass I've ever seen! Lol! Enjoy the view because I know I did!


-Goddess Platinum

Chastity Chain Gang

We have a new Mean Girl - Mistress Dandy !

This gorgeous, super tall Amazon-esque redhead is perfect in every way. She has gorgeous size 10 feet that are perfect for walking all over pathetic men like you!

Miss Dandi is brand new to the female domination world and I am super excited to have her as a Mean Girl. This is Miss Dandy's first day so what better way to start then dragging a few slaves out to the desert compound and putting them to work!

Miss Dandy and I have talked several times over the last month because we were so excited with her coming on board as the newest Mean Girl. As soon as I got back in town I had Miss Dandy meet me over at the Desert Compound so we could start our fun day.

We had a slave make us drinks and chatted on the couch for a few minutes. Miss Dandy was expecting to see all my slaves waiting in their corners but instead had only seen one so far. I informed Miss Dandy that I had several slaves all locked up in chastity and chained together on a "Chastity Chain Gang" breaking rocks out back. It's 110 degrees out and I always like to keep my slaves busy doing something as pointless as breaking rocks in the desert...and we all know the fat one needs to lose weight anyways...LOL!

So after Miss Dandy and I were done with our drink and cool A/C, we both grabbed a whip and went to check on our "Chastity Chain Gang"!

Miss Dandy is going to fit in SO WELL here at the Mean Girls Manor and there is PLENTY of new upcoming content with the gorgeous Miss Dandy coming soon...so stay tuned loser!


-Goddess Platinum

Tanning Oil Slave

This old geezer slave drove all the way to Las Vegas from Utah. It spent all day driving just for the chance to maybe get to serve the Mean Girls and I. But today I am NOT working or dealing with stupid slaves. 

This freak has no clue of the torture I have planned for him for the upcoming week. 

Since it arrived a day early… eager to serve us, I used it as my tanning oil slave. It’s so stupid it probably thinks everyday will be this easy. Nope!  Oh and I made it declare to all the stupid Twitter haters that think I’m way too mean.. LOL!!!!! That i own it! I can use and abuse it anyway I want and if it drops deaad then oh well, on to the next pathetic loser that begs to serve The Mean Girls and I! Hahahaha!!!

Oh you think I’m so mean???? Who do you think you are dealing with?  We are the MEAN GIRLS! Not the nice girls!


Goddess Platinum

Don't Get The Cops Called

----Over 40mins of various WHIPS and PUNISHMENT----

I had one of my slaves build me a new punishmentchair. I could not wait to try it out, and the first slave I found was geezer kneeling in the corner.

This fun new little chair should be drilled into a wall when standing up and I didn’t have time do deal with all that fuss so I laid it back in the Mean Girl Manor living room and made geezer lay back in it like it would sit in it.

-----This clips is over 40mins long of whipping, 

Once I got geezer into place I duct taped it into place so it couldn’t move or get away from me. Lol!

I whipped geezer A LOT! But geezer was being way too loud. I warned it to shut up because i could hear a bunch up little kiddies playing outside and if I could hear them they could definitely hear this imbecile screaming.

It proceeded to be loud and I had enough of it. This is when I figured something out about this old ass male… It is terrified of having its mouth taped shut, or a gag on, or anything covering its mouth, so you know I had to tape its stupid old mouth shut. Hahaha!!! Watching this freak wig out about its mouth being taped was hilarious to say the least.

It is so old and stupid it seems to forget that it has a nose and that’s actually what you use a nose for… breathing. I swear I had to tell this dumb fuck to breath through its nose numerous time. Duh!!!! Like, I didn’t think people could actually be this freaking stupid.  

So anyways I continued to whip the crud out of this old dumb ass!!

I do like my new medieval looking torture chair. 

-Goddess Platinum

Women Rule The World

***This was a custom clip***

---In this world Women have completely taken over. They are born with full time slaves given to them and run every part of the globe. If you are a male and are not enslaved or do not have full time work serving you are whipped to deeath---

A female security guard caught a slave trying to escape. This old, stupid slave actually thought he could trick people into thinking he was a woman. His plan was to escape and then get a sex change so he could come back and get men to serve him. But obviously his plan failed...no surprise by the looks of him. What an idiot for thinking would actually fall for him being a women.

All women are gorgeous and he is definitely not. The security guard took it upon herself to install a permanent ball shocker to ensure this slippery slave doesn't escape again.

When the slave is returned to his owner she must decide to spare him or end his life. She takes advantage of the ball shocker and puts him through some tests.

Watch to see if she decides to spare his life or not...

I Win Step-Son

***This was a custom clip***

My old, rich Husband finally kicked the bucket. It's about freaking time he dropped deead! I was only with that decrepit, old, disgusting, vile loser for his money, obviously. Everyone knows that someone as perfect as me would never be with an old man like he was unless that old loser has money. But unfortunately he changed the will around at the last minute, behind my back, without telling me. I was shocked!!! After all I did for that old wrinkly bastard, he left everything to my asshole step son! Ugh I am beyond pissed off!!!  

I don't do well when I'm told no. NOBODY tells me NO!!! I came up with a perfect plan and decide to take matters into my own hands and get everything that I am owed...

I convince my stuck up step son to have a drink with me to bury the hatchet. I add a little special ingredient to make sure I get my way... Hahaha watch to see if my plan works.

Playing with Aunt's Slave

So I'm going out on a hot date with a real man tonight and I wanted to make sure that Princess Amber and Goddess Maci (Princess Amber's real life younger sister) were thoroughly entertained at the Mean Girl Manor...I left them one of my pathetic, worthless slaves to use, abuse and play with.

So of course the girls made it rub their sore, sweaty, perfect feet. Being perfect and wearing heels all day is hard work. Harder then you will ever know. Lol! You will never understand our struggles and how hard it is to be so perfect in every way, all the time.

I really don't think that loser even deserved to rub their perfect feet, but he did deserve what came next...plenty of kicks with those perfect feet right to its face. Loser.

The girls continue to kick and make fun of it until they get bored. Then they make it tell them how absolutely pathetic it is while they smack it over and over again in it's ugly face! Princess Amber spits on it a few times to make sure it gets its rewards.

This loser deserves everything they give it...the girls know that it hates its nipples being touched so they had to twist and yank on them. LOL! They walked all over my slave like it didn't even exist. It makes me proud to watch how horribly they treated that worthless slave while I was gone out. That slave was exactly where it belongs, under my nieces beautiful feet. While it's way down there under their feet, they feed it some trash on the floor. It's lucky they even gave it trash to eat, I normally let my slaves starve.

I'm sure the only reason they gave it anything to eat was so it would lick the floors clean. Hahaha  course when it's done licking and sucking the floor clean they make it towel dry the entire thing. My floors were nice and shiny by the time I got back from my date. 


Goddess Platinum

Great Balls of Fire

While introducing Goddess Maci to the amazing life of being a Mean Girl, we had to show her some of the creatively fun ways we torture our pathetic slaves.

Today's torture involves a ball shocker fastened very tightly around my geezer slave's scrotum, and an electrical chastity device snuggly locked onto my bald slave's tiny dick. Annnnnnd we all know that out of ALL OF OUR SLAVES, these 2 hate CBT the most. LOL!

This is GODDESS MACI'S (PRINCESS AMBER'S FOR REAL, REAL LIFE LITTLE SISTER) very first time at the Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Maci just finally turned 18 years old, 2 days ago!!! Princess Amber has been telling her little sister all about life as a Mean Girl for over a year. Goddess Maci had been counting down the days till she turned 18, from the very first time Princess Amber told her how much fun we have everyday living our GLAMOROUS lives as Mean Girls.

I have never seen Goddess Maci have more fun before today. The huge smile on her face and the adorable giggles she let out every time she shocked my old geezer slave's balls. LOL! 

Goddess Maci absolutely loved torturing my geezer slave and actually made fun of him all day. Goddess Maci was ripping on geezer all day about how pathetic his life is and how humiliating it must be since he's like a million years old, and had his balls tortured and fried by a hot young GODDESS THAT LITERALLY JUST TURNED 18. Hahahaha     Goddess Maci was totally born to be a Mean Girl!!!

It was so much fun watching Princess Amber torture her least favourite slave with our brand new ELECTRIC CHASTITY DEVICE.Every time she would shoot the electric currents through that slaves sad little dick and he was freaking out, her eyes lit up and she was laughing soooooo hard.  

The slaves were in sooooooo much pain. Watch their facial expressions every time we light them up. LOL! They said it felt like they stuck their cock and balls into an electrical outlet. Oh well, we could just fry them right off, it's not like they will ever get a chance to use them with a real woman. HAhaha

Come laugh at our pathetic slaves being tortured just for our entertainment.


Finally 18

OMG!!!!! Princess Amber’s FOR REAL, REAL LIFE SISTERis FINALLY 18! 

Meet Goddess Maci, our newest Mean Girl!!!

Goddess Maci finally turned 18, two days ago. The time has finally come... I finally have my 2 gorgeous nieces both in Mean Girls with me. I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

 I had to film right from the moment Princess Amber arrived with Goddess Maci. I was so excited for her to finally get to try out The Mean Girl lifestyle. 

Princess Amber had been telling Goddess Maci all about what goes on at the manor but it's kinda hard to believe it till you actually get to experience it. THIS IS ALL REAL!

I had 4 of our top slaves kneeling, waiting in the front room of the house. We didn't do one specific fetish at first, we started off with a fun mix and showed Goddess Maci how truly pathetic but very obedient our slaves are. LOL!

Goddess Maci was able to have her high heels cleaned after stepping in what she thinks was k9 craap. lol! Then the slave was allowed to worship Princess Amber's amazing red High heels

Then we had to humiliate our fat slave, like always! Hahaha We did some slave/ pooch training, played fetch... then we made him beg us to keep using and abusing him. LOL! I'm sure he was just happy we weren't beating him, YET!

Then we humiliated the other 2 for a while... we all used one as furniture, did obedience training,  made geezer show off his training panties, then wear them on his head. Bahaha It was so awesome seeing how shocked and empowered Goddess Maci was. It didn't matter what Princess Amber told her, seeing is believing. Goddess Maci was finally able to witness just how truly pathetic these its areHow these slaves will do and take anything just to be around us because we are their reason for living.

I think the best part of today was watching the FINALLY 18 YEAR OLD GODDESS MACI realize as a beautiful Goddess, she has amazing power over all these pathetic men. By the end of the day Goddess Maci was ready to go home, pack her bags and move into the Mean Girl Manor!!!

Serving A Spoiled Pop Star

*(Paid Custom Clip)*

Amber is a mega-famous (and super spoiled!) pop star.  She has legions of fans that literally worship her everywhere she goes. 

Every once in a while she opens up an opportunity to her fans that follow her on Twitter to win a chance to be "a part of her life" and be around her- as her personal assistant.  She just simply sends out a tweet to her millions of followers- and she receives thousands of desperate responses from (mostly) male admirers literally begging to do anything for her.

She just simply picks the most pathetic one, brings them in, and then runs them ragged working for her.  She treats them like absolute dirt and works them like a daawgg until they are all used up.  Then she simply discards them and replaces them with another one! 

Her longtime manager has seen her do this to hundreds of old losers already...but there are always more of them in her fan base just waiting and begging for her to use them next!

This fat loser is the latest victim...er, "fan"...that Popstar Amber has brought in to her dressing room and given the "chance of a lifetime" to meet her- and basically wait on her hand & foot.  And she fully believes that he is SO lucky to be allowed to do this...