Welcoming Princess Alexandria to the Mean Girl Manor

There is little more exciting for the slaves at the Manor than to find out that a New Goddess or Princess is about to visit and use the slaves for anything and everything she wants.  This clip begins right as Princess Alexandria walks into the Manor for the very first and is brought into the front sitting room to be greeted appropriately by the slaves at the residence that day.  

Goddess Draya brings Alexandria into the room and Goddess Platinum is behind the camera filming.  As Draya introduces her, each slave is called over to greet her and acknowledge her superiority to them as they beg permission to lightly kiss each of her perfect feet.  After they have all admitted their inferiority, she calls over one to have the special honor of cleaning the bottoms of the spike heels she wore in.  Of course a Princess should never have to have dirty shoes when a slave's mouth is so readily available.  

Get this quick clip that shows the first time Princess Alexandria walked through the doors of the Mean Girl Manor and allowed the slaves and losers there the chance to be of use to her absolute perfection.  

Tormenting the Thing Under the Table

Princess Mia and I we're having a nice Sunday brunch at the Manor the other day and we even allowed a pathetic loser slave to have a place at the table with Us.  Too bad for it, that place was cuffed naked to the legs of the table on the cold tile beneath our stilleto boots. Hahahaha

While We enjoyed socializing, this loser kept making noises and squirming about so We took to reminding of its place beneath Us.  And how did We do that you might ask?  With cruelty and violence of course!

As Mia drove the spike of Her heels into its tiny worthless boy parts, I smashed its head and crused its ear with My boots.  She wanted to watch it hurt even more so took to kicking it in the nuts repeatedly which only made the old crusty thing louder so I took off My boots and shoved My perfect Size 10 feet right into the losers mouth to shut it up.  

Needles to say, it was noisy no longer.  That didn't stop Mia from trying to make it scream out again as she unleashed another torrent of kicks to its groin.  I even had a little fun kicking and foot slapping the things face as it lay helplessly there on the floor.  

As we continued to laugh and torment the thing, We finished our discussion and decided to leave it there all alone.  But not before one last round of pain that the stupid thing completely wasn't expecting.  The entire time We had hung out there were multiple candles burning on the table, so we grabbed a few of the wider column ones with loads of melted wax in them and helped the loser "WARM UP" with a little Seasonal Holiday Love from the Mean Girls... .Bwahahahah... not... 

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX


The Church Ladies Full Clip

Goddess Platinum and her niece Princess Amber are good, upstanding pillars of the community, and devoutly religious church-going women.  But they also have this "other side" that has mostly just been thrust upon them because they are SO beautiful.  Pathetic men literally throw themselves at their feet - and instead of rejecting them completely (as most women of their beauty would do) they have decided to KEEP them around, and allow them to serve them as their SLAVES.  Most of them were sinners anyway, and not near holy enough to date Amber or Her Perfect Aunt.  Not to mention not being rich or good-looking enough!  

But upon returning home from that day's sermon about "doing unto others", Amber starts to openly question whether its "right" for them to own slaves.  These "poor creatures" have had their lives ruined, all their money & savings taken away from them by Platinum and Amber, and they literally wait hand & foot on Amber & Platium 24/7! 

Platinum decides to do a demonstration.  She snaps her fingers and calls a loser over.  Platinum asks the slave "what its purpose in life?" and the slave quickly answers that "MY PURPOSE IS WHATEVER YOU SAY IT IS MS PLATINUM, ANYTHING THAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY!"

"See??" Platinum asks.  "These pathetic things won't leave even if We wanted to get rid of them, and besides, they are obviously wanton sinners who covet Us and lust after Us and I'm sure their heads are filled with nothing but impure thoughts, so the absolutely deserve to be treated however badly We treat them.  The meek might inherit the earth, but Satan has corrupted these filthy things and as good moral Christians We must stomp out the evil and unholy in them"

Amber feels MUCH better after all of this clarification from her Auntie Platinum.  She now has NO reservations about using, , humiliating, and laughing at the sad and pathetic nature of these sinners, especially when contrasted against the sheer perfection exhibited by Herself and Her Wise and Perfect Favorite Aunt Platinum.  

This clip picks up where Part One of The Church Ladies left off with Goddess Platinum showing Her young and impressionable niece just how pathetic and worthless slaves really are.  Amber gets up off the couch kicking the disgusting bald slave backwards and then walking across its body, making sure to smash her perfect foot right onto its face as she walks off.  Auntie Platinum follows her and walks across the loser as well before really driving the message home about how useless and worthless this slave would be if they didn't allow it to remain their slave.  


Platinum takes the thing by its leash and drags it across the cold tile floor to the door, swings the door open and gives the loser the option to leave the Manor and return to a "normal life" where it wouldn't be subjected to constant and humiliation.  The slave immediately begins begging to be allowed to stay, promising to do anything Goddess Platinum or Her Perfect Niece Amber demand of it.  


The girls laugh at how sad it is to stay and be , degraded, and treated like trash by them, but that is what pathetic sinners that don't devote their life to the Lord deserve.  After interrogating the slave a bit more they drag it back into the sitting room and tell it they want it to truly understand its place in the world will always be beneath their feet.  And to make that point as emphatically as possible, they are going to it to lay down and let them walk all over it with their incredibly sharp and spiked Christian Louboutins stilettos as they make it thank them for the attention and effort.


Platinum starts by stepping up onto the loser, then squatting down digging her heels into its chest as she reminds it that it is nothing to her but a worthless slave that can always be replaced.  It tries to hold back  from crying out in pain but doesn't last long.  When she steps off, she kicks off her heel to put her perfect nylon wrapped foot right across the loser's mouth so her niece can step all over it without having to hear it yell and cry.  They both laugh as Platinum offers Amber a hand to balance and dig her $1,000+ heels into the slaves body. She walks all over the thing and doesn't step off until Aunt Platinum puts her heels back on to climb up on the slave again.  When the thing continues to cry out, Amber does like Her Aunt and removes a heel before shoving her foot into the losers mouth to shut it up.  


Platinum stays on the thing walking up and down its torso as Amber eventually gets annoyed enough with it to stand up on its face with both her perfect petite lace covered feet smashed across its nose and mouth.  As the thing continues to struggle and cry out Platinum finally steps off and leaves her niece to walk all over the thing in her stocking clad feet.  As Amber continues the , Platinum again pushes her feet into its face to muffle its cries and make fun of how pathetic a thing it is that it chose to come back inside and be treated like this instead of leaving when she gave it the chance. 


Moments later both girls are stomping and trampling it while verbally it for being such a worthless sinner beneath their perfect Goddess-ly feet.  They smash the thing until it can take no more and Amber sits down one last time to dig her toes and heels into the idiot's face as her aunt practices running in place on the loser.  They walk off laughing, leaving their heels near the loser's head so it can constantly be reminded of all the power they hold over it and how it will always be below their Red-bottoms, and subject to being stepped on anytime they think it doesn't remember that fact.


The Lesser Beings

After a long day of shooting at the Manor, Princess Amber and I were sitting around, talking, taking selfies, and discussing how amazing it is that Our wants and needs are completely tended to by loser beta males and how they sacrifice nearly everything for US!  Just take these two sad sacks for example; instead of having any real useful purpose, We use them as chairs as We reflect on the day and consider what to do later tonight.  These idiots just sit there quietly being objectified and abused while We mock and taunt them.  

And then the stupid ginger one had the gall to say its back was hurting. OMFG??? Are you kidding Me bitch? You're a fucking chair.  CHAIRS DO NOT TALK SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Needless to say, this just inspired more abuse and degradation from Amber and I and even Platinum joined in on the taunting from behind the camera.  The bald one that Amber was sitting was sweating like an NBA All-Star after barely 10 minutes, and My god are these things so beneath Us (Literally and Figuratively...)

Check out the clip to see what happens when Mean Girls sit around and gossip about slaves, previos other slaves, Our boyfriends, Alpha and Beta males, and how pretty much everyone in the world who isn't a Mean Girl, is beneath Us, and truly a Lesser Being... 

~ Ms. Lexi Chase ~

How Mean Girls Workout

So Lexi came out to hang at the Manor for a weekend but didn't realize the gyms are still mostly closed from the lockdown. Well, we still wanted to workout, and when I mentioned to Her how great a leg workout "Scissors" are, She kind of looked at Me like She had no idea what I was talking about.  So I took Her out to the Slave Quarters out back, grabbed a loser from the bunks, and proceeded to show Her.  

After a quick bit of stretching, I shoved the loser's neck between My thighs, locked My ankles, and then squeezed hard for as long as I could.  It is all about the intensity of the workout.  And you have to push yourself to go hard and try and squeeze the loser's head right off it's shoulders.  I turned him the opposite direction and squeezed again.  She was completely shocked but laughing and taking pictures of how pathetic the loser looked the entire time.  Then it was Her turn.  The little loser turned purple as She squeezed and I made sure to twist it's tiny nipples to add to the torment.  

We went through multiple positions and crushed this thing in countless ways.  All scissor holds on it's heads, while working out Our perfect legs and asses...  This loser would have been in heaven if it wasn't constantly having it's breath taken away and getting knocked out from the pressure.  Watch as Lexi and I destroy this thing, leave it broken on the floor, and then spit and step over it for one last degradation before We leave...  Hahahaha...  you wish it was you loser... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Tongue Fuck My Toilet Clean

Everybody seems to think that We Mean Girls are always so cruel and unfair to Our slaves, and I think this clip shows just the opposite. Just before I was about to head out for a Halloween Party with My Auntie and Our hot Alpha Studs, I gave her pathetic little loser a Halloween Party all it's own.  And what is more fun at a Halloween Party than Bobbing For Apples...  BOBBING FOR APPLES OUT OF A MEAN GIRL TOILET OF COURSE!!!!

See, We really can be nice and sweet to these losers when We want to.  I dragged the old ass thing into the bathroom off My bedroom, and tossed a few treats in the bowl for this loser to have at it.  I even was kind enough to give it a little drink mid-way through the exercise.  And better yet, the whole time this loser got to clean and lick and feast on all the various little Mean Girl leftovers that it could find on the bowl. So between that, the apples, and the drink I let it have, this thing had a better Halloween Meal than most of Our slaves get on Thanksgiving.  LOL...  

Get the clip and check out the Mean Girl Meal Plan that put this loser bitch in Heaven on All Hallow's Eve...  

Decrepit Do-Nothing Dimwit Dodging Duties

It's nearly impossible to explain how angry I was when I got back to the Manor only to find the old idiot slave I had instructed to clean the common areas was wasting time playing on its cell phone.  And that isn't even the bad part, what was OH SO MUCH FUCKING WORSE, was that this stupid thing had the AUDACITY TO SIT ON MY FURNITURE, and even worse than that, was the stupid fucking thing did so WHILE IT WAS NAKED!!!

This ends NOW! So see how I put this waste of sperm to work like a bitch.  And dressed like a stupid little bimbo to boot.  See how things unfold when you live in the Manor but haven't done your chores.  Uh-oh, Ms. Dandy is not pleased.  Maybe somebody's gotta little surprise coming for them...  

Buy it now loser and see just how bad things get for this thing.... LOL

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX

Red Roasted Ginger

It's always so great visiting the Manor, because there are no stupid rules about what We can use the slaves for. And when I decided to take a quick swim in the pool, seeing the pathetic pasty bleach-white-ass-ginger sitting next to the door to the back patio, My mind had all sorts of ideas of things to do with it to torture and antagonize it.  Like what else does it actually have to do anyway, other than what I want it to do?  Ummmm, Nothing... LOL

So I had this disgusting thing grab Me a towel, and dragged it outside to use while I had My fun.  After getting situated and comfortable in My recliner and ready to enjoy the beautiful day here in Vegas, I locked the nasty little white thing to the huge heavy wooden stockade out on the patio and set to enjoying My day.  (Mind you I already have a gorgeous bronze base tan and this disaster of a thing has about as much color as a Xeroxed worksheet...) But that's not My problem...  And really, being the fun friend I am, I even let the thing use an old bikini top I found lying around so it could protect its sensitive nipples from the sun....  HAHAHA

So get a real glimpse into what it's like to be a full time slave at the Manor like this pathetic ginger, as this clip is a perfect little mini-view of how different every day can be at the Manor.  One day you're getting trampled on and your balls zapped off, and the next your handcuffed to a several hundred pound wooden torture device, on a 100 plus degree pool patio, and left outside slathered in baby oil to crisp and cook up while your Superiors swim right in front of you... and then even take the time to reinforce the lesson by beating your ass to really enhance the brightness of the coloring the sun already added to your loser self... 

Hahaha, it's all about who you know loser... and even though W/we might both know the Mean Girls, when I visit the Manor, I get treated so much better than you pathetic bitches could ever hope for....  

Goddess Asia

Goddess Asia Squeezes Her Bad Day Away

Everyday at the Manor another surprise awaits the little losers that spend their every waking moment hoping to have an opportunity to be the object of Our abuse or the idiot We beat senseless for fun.  In this clip, our brand new honorary guest, Goddess Asia visits the Manor after dealing with several idiot men in a business meeting earlier in the day.  Of course the men in the meeting spent the majority of the time looking at Her incredible tight, toned, and tanned legs, and barely heard a word She said about the business issues She was there to discuss...  

So as She left the meeting She called Me and asked if there was a slave at the Manor She could come by and take out Her frustrations on.  And of course there's a slave for Her to abuse until Her heart's content anytime She wants to stop by the Mean Girl Manor...

Once She arrived, She found My helpless little naked mole rat kneeling in the corner of the living room waiting for any of Us to come by and make use of it. And after the morning She had dealing with idiot men who could hardly keep their dick in their pants, She wanted to kick some loser ass...

Within moments of walking into the room, She had taken My helpless little loser and locked Her incredible strong legs across the thing's neck and had turned it's entire head a deep shade of reddish-purple...  and things didn't get better from the loser from there...  She popped Her toned legs and nearly removed the loser's head outright, and switched back and forth between long straight leg locked scissors, to pulling the pathetic little things head right in next to Her body to figure four around it's neck cutting off whatever little oxygen it might have been able to get in the rare seconds She wasn't cranking on it's pathetic neck and loser slave body.... 

But if you thought just choking and scissoring a loser slave was enough for Asia, it definitely was not...  In between turning the bitch blue and laughing as it choked and coughed helplessly for air, She took regular breaks to beat the thing black and blue as well with a thick reinforced leather paddle that She pummeled off it's back, belly, legs, and anywhere else She could whack it...

It didn't take but 10 minutes of this ass kicking for the slave to be completely overwhelmed and nearly knocked out right there...  though obviously that earlier meeting had pissed Her off enough that She still wasn't done with this sad sack....  as it mumbled something incoherent She pushed it fully to the floor and placed Her right foot squarely across it's neck and then stood up and put the weight of Her entire body into cutting off this loser's ability to breathe...  I'm sure you can guess how this ends.... Hahahahaha....  (Well, at least bald, non-descript, generic ass white boys are a dime a dozen in Vegas and I'll have more to replace this one without anyone knowing any better...) 

Yes, I live a perfect life loser, I'm a Mean Girl...  and My friends even get the benefit of treating you little worthless idiots however They want to as well.... because your pathetic little loser beta life, is the kind of things that I'm willing to part with just to watch My close friends take out Her frustrations by removing you from the world......  LMFAO!!!!!!! 

Goddess Platinum

The Shining

Some of these freaks here at the Manor are literally nearly insane.  This overfed, and clearly overly mental odd ball has a major issue when it comes to "shiny objects" and Three Mean Girls in latex pushes all its buttons in a way that is not only pathetic, but generally fucking hilarious.  

After Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber and I had gotten ready to head out for the evening, We let this sad sack be Our pre-game amusement for the evening.  Already sitting in the corner of the living room where We last left it, this fool was locked into a straightjacket and helplessly mesmerized by the three of Us walking in.  

From the outset it was obvious how broken and stupid this thing was as it could really only say one word after seeing Us. But not like it is all the uncommon for most of you beta bitches to get all tripped up over your words and communication when any of Us are in front of you....  

We promptly took advantage and explooiited this loser further making it shine up Our latex with its mouth... then a rag in its mouth... then its mouth again. HAHahaha and the rag, that was a bonus, We shoved it in its big, fat mouth buff our latex, but it also helped us muffle its obnoxious, monotone, repetitive droning about how beautifully ~*"SHINY"*~ We all were.... 

This thing had the time of its life being used to prep Our outfits prior to Us going out and spending the night with REAL MEN...   too bad the little (actually not little at all HAHAHAHA) thing would never fit into that category and instead was stuck being just a disposable tool for Us to use...

But really, even at its worst, being used by Us is still the highlight of this piece of fecal matters life...  What else is it going to do ever with any woman, much less hot perfect Goddesses and Princesses like Us???  The answer there is absolutely nothing sucker, and that's just the sad pathetic reality all of you losers face when trying to worm your way into being permitted to be a part of Our lives...  

Nope bitches, you are all expendable and We will use you and throw you out like the trash you are...  you'll just hope to be so lucky as to get as close to Our perfect asses and bodies as this thing did before We locked it away again until the next time We feel like making use of it...   And maybe by then the thing won't have eaten for another week and will actually fit into its straightjacket...  Or maybe it will need tossed in a ditch in the desert...  Either way, We'll have Our fun, and this thing will continue to be nothing more than a prop and a piece of property that We use however We see fit....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$