Just The Tip

Draya and Amber are standing around in the kitchen, overseeing one of the slaves that has been tasked with mopping up the kitchen floor- with its TONGUE, of course.

Every once in awhile they make sure to take turns "motivating" it with a casual whip-crack along its back. Just to remind it to keep working. And because they simply enjoy being cruel to the house slaves that serve them...

You will need to watch the clip to understand where the title comes from...

Chastity Talk With Amber And Lexi

Princess Lexi and I have been working hard at helping beta males in need.  From small penises to marital problems, we’ve got the solution!  (And here's a little hint: the solution to almost ALL beta male problems is...CHASTITY!!!)

Today we are broadcasting “All Things Chastity” and allowing the viewers to call in with their issues so we can solve them LIVE on the air!  Chastity is truly life-changing.  Plus its a great business to be in when you’re a hot young girl wanting to make easy money!  (Just keep those keys on your anklet and charge top-dollar to allow access to them for one of your locked-up "clients"!)

It wasn’t long before our phones were ringing off the hook! Who knew so many beta males needed our help?? HAHAHA

Some of our callers were REALLY PATHETIC, but we made sure to keep it professional…. We would never discriminate against some loser who’s wife is cheating on him…. Nor would we turn down a goddess who wants her sub TOTALLY emasculated and under her COMPLETE control!  Thankfully, we know what works… we ARE experts after all! If you’re a beta male and have a dick, Lexi and I can provide you with inside knowledge on how to cage your cock for good.  (AND NO, YOU DUMMY, THE KEYS DO NOT COME WITH THE CHASTITY THAT WE PROVIDE! That costs WAAAY EXTRA, and is ONLY available under OUR supervision!)

There is no need to be so hesitant on these life changing decisions.  Just do what we tell you so we all can all be happier!

A Garage Sale For Mean Girls

Like any American, I have accumulated a bunch of useless stuff that I don’t want anymore. BUT Instead of throwing this stuff away in the trash where it probably belongs, I know a business opportunity when I see one!

SO I decided to have my slaves gather a bunch of old stuff that I don’t need anymore… like some whips, handcuffs, debt contracts…. (Because I have BRAND NEW ONES! DUHHH)  And….a really old, pathetic slave that I’ve deemed totally useless!

It’s not long at all before my hot nextdoor neighbor makes her way over and eyes up all my old goodies! She seemed a bit confused why I was getting rid of some of this stuff, (Like the perfectly good shock collars and sturdy handcuffs) but I explained that I’ve used so many men over the years that I needed a refresh of supplies.

I think she was a little hesitant to purchase some of the tools I had laid out, but once she saw that loser in a cage waiting to be literally bought as human property, she KNEW she just had to have it! (I mean, what’s the point of being a super hot girl if you’re not literally owning using pathetic men?) I was VERY motivated to sell that old bag of bones anyway, so I decided to give Lexi an INCREDIBLE deal..

We haggled a little bit on the price (it came down to just a few measly dollars and a hefty debt contract that this loser signed) but we finally came to an agreement, and had that caged freak start serving its new owner straight away!

The Chastity Boss Part 1

Princess Amber has taken over this sales division. Most of the male salespeople have been let go- under unusual circumstances. They were belittled, worked 24/7, and seemed to shudder in fear of Miss Amber whenever she walked into a meeting. And then...they would be gone a few weeks later.

Now it's Bob's turn. He has been called into Miss Amber's office. He is one of only a few men left in this sales division. Miss Amber explains that his numbers are NOT acceptable. He tries to explain that they were perfectly fine for his old boss. "Well, I am your boss NOW!" Miss Amber explains- with her feet up on the desk, right in Bob's face. (Miss Amber got rid of the chairs in her office, as she expects employees to literally KNEEL before her desk when they are in HER office.)

Miss Amber explains that Bob was part of a "good 'ol boy" network before the corporate takeover- and that is gone now. And he better get used to it. Bob was SO cocky when he walked into her office- but his attitude changes over the course of the clip. He is eventually broken by Miss Amber. within minutes he is cowering at her feet, BEGGING to keep his job!!

Miss Amber LOVES this. Maybe there is some hope for this cocky A-hole after all? But he will need REAL motivation...

Mean Schoolgirl Bully: Miss Lexi

Miss Lexi Chase is a mean bully at school.  She picks on all the girls that aren't as pretty or popular as her- which is EVERYONE.  One poor girl's stepdad comes to talk to Miss Lexi about how she picks on his fat, ugly, nerdy stepdaughter "Betty", but...he is instantly in awe of Miss Lexi's beauty! 

Miss Lexi can tell instantly that he is in love with her (ALL old men are!) and when she snaps her little fingers and points to the ground, he instantly drops to his knees before her.  This 18 year old little girl has so much power over grown men...and she KNOWS it! 

Soon Miss Lexi has this old man BEGGING her to KEEP PICKING ON his own little girl and says that she actually DESERVES it!  He says he had no idea how beautiful Miss Lexi was when his stepdaughter complained about the bullying!  But now that he sees how beautiful Miss Lexi is, he actually APOLOGIZES to Miss Lexi and AGREES that she has EVERY RIGHT to pick on "ugly people" that are obviously beneath her- including his own little girl! 

Eventually Miss Lexi even skypes Betty so she can show off how she has reduced her "stepdaddy" to a groveling old fool for her!  She makes "stepdaddy" literally bow down and kiss her little 18yr old feet, she makes him bark like a dawgg for her, and she even makes him tell his stepdaughter DIRECTLY that she will NEED to do WHATEVER Miss Lexi says from now on, or else she will need to find another place to live!  He even threatens to take away her college fund if she doesn't obey Miss Lexi's every command from now on!  This breaks Betty completely.  She needs that college fund!

She agrees that she will now be doing ALL of Miss Lexi's homework, carrying her books, even shining Miss Lexi's pumps with her TONGUE every morning when Miss Lexi arrives at school- in front of EVERYONE at school!  She will even be massaging her feet in class if Miss Lexi snaps her fingers and tells her to!

By the end of the video you can actually hear the old man's stepdaughter CRYING on the other end of the skype call as she witnesses first-hand her stepdaddy literally groveling at the feet of her school bully!  All while Miss Lexi just LAUGHS and comes up with MORE things that she can do to BOTH the stepdaddy & stepdaughter!  She wants to pick on them BOTH from now on for her entertainment- as well as the entertainment of all the other "popular" people she hangs out with at school!!



Rock'em Sock'em Slave Shock-n-Slug

Sometimes when there isn't much to do at the Manor it's fun to take a little time to socialize and play a game.  But We rarely play traditional style board games like Risk or Monopoly, that would be way too time consuming and nowhere near as much fun as what I had planned for Miss Dandy and I... hahahaha.... 

So while thinking back about previous gifts I received at Christmas, I remembered one of My favorite games as a much younger bratty mean girl...  Rock'em Sock'em Robots... and actually, if I'm being honest, it was My step-brother's gift but I always kicked his ass at it so it eventually became Mine because who wants to lose to their little step-sister at a boxing game???  No boy I know...  

But the game gave Me an idea of what We could do to entertain Ourselves tonight... We'd play Rock'em Sock'em Slaves...  and control Our hapless little robots with electric pet shock collars strapped around each loser's nuts...  That way, each time We deliver a jolt to their balls, they deliver a punch to the loser in front of them... I picked My bald little live in bitch, and Ms Dandy took geezer after he bragged his wealth of boxing and fighting experience...  We will make it a best of three rounds and let these idiots beat each other to a pulp while We fry their insignificant boy parts the entire time... 

OMG... if you want to have some real fun fucking with idiot losers, get yourself a pair and recreate this little Mean Girl Experiment... Dandy and I kept mashing the buttons on the shocker remotes and these two kept clobbing each other... Get this one of a kind clip today to see how Mean Girls Play Games loser... 

Goddess Platinum

Welcoming Princess Alexandria to the Mean Girl Manor

There is little more exciting for the slaves at the Manor than to find out that a New Goddess or Princess is about to visit and use the slaves for anything and everything she wants.  This clip begins right as Princess Alexandria walks into the Manor for the very first and is brought into the front sitting room to be greeted appropriately by the slaves at the residence that day.  

Goddess Draya brings Alexandria into the room and Goddess Platinum is behind the camera filming.  As Draya introduces her, each slave is called over to greet her and acknowledge her superiority to them as they beg permission to lightly kiss each of her perfect feet.  After they have all admitted their inferiority, she calls over one to have the special honor of cleaning the bottoms of the spike heels she wore in.  Of course a Princess should never have to have dirty shoes when a slave's mouth is so readily available.  

Get this quick clip that shows the first time Princess Alexandria walked through the doors of the Mean Girl Manor and allowed the slaves and losers there the chance to be of use to her absolute perfection.  

Tormenting the Thing Under the Table

Princess Mia and I we're having a nice Sunday brunch at the Manor the other day and we even allowed a pathetic loser slave to have a place at the table with Us.  Too bad for it, that place was cuffed naked to the legs of the table on the cold tile beneath our stilleto boots. Hahahaha

While We enjoyed socializing, this loser kept making noises and squirming about so We took to reminding of its place beneath Us.  And how did We do that you might ask?  With cruelty and violence of course!

As Mia drove the spike of Her heels into its tiny worthless boy parts, I smashed its head and crused its ear with My boots.  She wanted to watch it hurt even more so took to kicking it in the nuts repeatedly which only made the old crusty thing louder so I took off My boots and shoved My perfect Size 10 feet right into the losers mouth to shut it up.  

Needles to say, it was noisy no longer.  That didn't stop Mia from trying to make it scream out again as she unleashed another torrent of kicks to its groin.  I even had a little fun kicking and foot slapping the things face as it lay helplessly there on the floor.  

As we continued to laugh and torment the thing, We finished our discussion and decided to leave it there all alone.  But not before one last round of pain that the stupid thing completely wasn't expecting.  The entire time We had hung out there were multiple candles burning on the table, so we grabbed a few of the wider column ones with loads of melted wax in them and helped the loser "WARM UP" with a little Seasonal Holiday Love from the Mean Girls... .Bwahahahah... not... 

XoXo Mistress Dandy oXoX


The Church Ladies Full Clip

Goddess Platinum and her niece Princess Amber are good, upstanding pillars of the community, and devoutly religious church-going women.  But they also have this "other side" that has mostly just been thrust upon them because they are SO beautiful.  Pathetic men literally throw themselves at their feet - and instead of rejecting them completely (as most women of their beauty would do) they have decided to KEEP them around, and allow them to serve them as their SLAVES.  Most of them were sinners anyway, and not near holy enough to date Amber or Her Perfect Aunt.  Not to mention not being rich or good-looking enough!  

But upon returning home from that day's sermon about "doing unto others", Amber starts to openly question whether its "right" for them to own slaves.  These "poor creatures" have had their lives ruined, all their money & savings taken away from them by Platinum and Amber, and they literally wait hand & foot on Amber & Platium 24/7! 

Platinum decides to do a demonstration.  She snaps her fingers and calls a loser over.  Platinum asks the slave "what its purpose in life?" and the slave quickly answers that "MY PURPOSE IS WHATEVER YOU SAY IT IS MS PLATINUM, ANYTHING THAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY!"

"See??" Platinum asks.  "These pathetic things won't leave even if We wanted to get rid of them, and besides, they are obviously wanton sinners who covet Us and lust after Us and I'm sure their heads are filled with nothing but impure thoughts, so the absolutely deserve to be treated however badly We treat them.  The meek might inherit the earth, but Satan has corrupted these filthy things and as good moral Christians We must stomp out the evil and unholy in them"

Amber feels MUCH better after all of this clarification from her Auntie Platinum.  She now has NO reservations about using, , humiliating, and laughing at the sad and pathetic nature of these sinners, especially when contrasted against the sheer perfection exhibited by Herself and Her Wise and Perfect Favorite Aunt Platinum.  

This clip picks up where Part One of The Church Ladies left off with Goddess Platinum showing Her young and impressionable niece just how pathetic and worthless slaves really are.  Amber gets up off the couch kicking the disgusting bald slave backwards and then walking across its body, making sure to smash her perfect foot right onto its face as she walks off.  Auntie Platinum follows her and walks across the loser as well before really driving the message home about how useless and worthless this slave would be if they didn't allow it to remain their slave.  


Platinum takes the thing by its leash and drags it across the cold tile floor to the door, swings the door open and gives the loser the option to leave the Manor and return to a "normal life" where it wouldn't be subjected to constant and humiliation.  The slave immediately begins begging to be allowed to stay, promising to do anything Goddess Platinum or Her Perfect Niece Amber demand of it.  


The girls laugh at how sad it is to stay and be , degraded, and treated like trash by them, but that is what pathetic sinners that don't devote their life to the Lord deserve.  After interrogating the slave a bit more they drag it back into the sitting room and tell it they want it to truly understand its place in the world will always be beneath their feet.  And to make that point as emphatically as possible, they are going to it to lay down and let them walk all over it with their incredibly sharp and spiked Christian Louboutins stilettos as they make it thank them for the attention and effort.


Platinum starts by stepping up onto the loser, then squatting down digging her heels into its chest as she reminds it that it is nothing to her but a worthless slave that can always be replaced.  It tries to hold back  from crying out in pain but doesn't last long.  When she steps off, she kicks off her heel to put her perfect nylon wrapped foot right across the loser's mouth so her niece can step all over it without having to hear it yell and cry.  They both laugh as Platinum offers Amber a hand to balance and dig her $1,000+ heels into the slaves body. She walks all over the thing and doesn't step off until Aunt Platinum puts her heels back on to climb up on the slave again.  When the thing continues to cry out, Amber does like Her Aunt and removes a heel before shoving her foot into the losers mouth to shut it up.  


Platinum stays on the thing walking up and down its torso as Amber eventually gets annoyed enough with it to stand up on its face with both her perfect petite lace covered feet smashed across its nose and mouth.  As the thing continues to struggle and cry out Platinum finally steps off and leaves her niece to walk all over the thing in her stocking clad feet.  As Amber continues the , Platinum again pushes her feet into its face to muffle its cries and make fun of how pathetic a thing it is that it chose to come back inside and be treated like this instead of leaving when she gave it the chance. 


Moments later both girls are stomping and trampling it while verbally it for being such a worthless sinner beneath their perfect Goddess-ly feet.  They smash the thing until it can take no more and Amber sits down one last time to dig her toes and heels into the idiot's face as her aunt practices running in place on the loser.  They walk off laughing, leaving their heels near the loser's head so it can constantly be reminded of all the power they hold over it and how it will always be below their Red-bottoms, and subject to being stepped on anytime they think it doesn't remember that fact.


The Lesser Beings

After a long day of shooting at the Manor, Princess Amber and I were sitting around, talking, taking selfies, and discussing how amazing it is that Our wants and needs are completely tended to by loser beta males and how they sacrifice nearly everything for US!  Just take these two sad sacks for example; instead of having any real useful purpose, We use them as chairs as We reflect on the day and consider what to do later tonight.  These idiots just sit there quietly being objectified and abused while We mock and taunt them.  

And then the stupid ginger one had the gall to say its back was hurting. OMFG??? Are you kidding Me bitch? You're a fucking chair.  CHAIRS DO NOT TALK SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Needless to say, this just inspired more abuse and degradation from Amber and I and even Platinum joined in on the taunting from behind the camera.  The bald one that Amber was sitting was sweating like an NBA All-Star after barely 10 minutes, and My god are these things so beneath Us (Literally and Figuratively...)

Check out the clip to see what happens when Mean Girls sit around and gossip about slaves, previos other slaves, Our boyfriends, Alpha and Beta males, and how pretty much everyone in the world who isn't a Mean Girl, is beneath Us, and truly a Lesser Being... 

~ Ms. Lexi Chase ~