An Old Ashbucket

Princess Mia and I were sitting outside in the hammock over at the Desert Punishment Compound enjoying the day, using these two losers as an ashtray and a foot licking retard.  How pathetic are they both? The younger bald one is laying on its back beneath the hammock doing little but licking My feet and enjoying Mia spitting in it's face.  Every now and again She shoves Her toes down its throat as well, but it has it way easier than the crusty loser old ass ashbucket We have kneeling next to Us.

The creepy old stalker-turned-slave, hates feet, ashes, dogfood, or anything in its loser mouth that isn't cheap white wine out of a box.  So We smoke multiple cigarettes each and use this thing as an ashtray as it wretches and writhes trying not to have to deal with the nastiness of eating burning hot tobacco ash...  Oh well loser, like We care, We've already dick dwn your throat a dozen times or so, so ashes shouldn't be that bad faggot.   

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Goddess Platinum

Whore Practice

I swear, some days you would not believe the abject excuses for men that show up at the door of the Mean Girl Manor hoping to prove their worth and be of some use to Us.  And while We will generally give most loser's a shot at becoming a pain slut, ball busting bitch, or floor mat trample thing, some of the bitches that arrive are so sad that they can barely even do those things.  So what the fuck is left to do with losers that can't take much pain and are generally useless for tasks that require them to think on their own???  

You know the answer bitch boy, THE LITTLE FAGGOTS GET WHORED OUT!

But before We can send these retards out onto the street to make Us money, We need them to know how to dress themselves, to apply makeup, to act like proper girls, and how to tend to their "new men" regardless of how disgusting those men that inhabit truck stops, trailer parks, and just off the freeway dive bars where they'll be honing their trade.  

So watch as Lexi and I get these two idiots ready for their trial run as Mean Girl whores; painting up their faces, making them curtsey, and doing lots more fun to humiliate, abuse, and rip any little masculinity either of these two sad sacks had left in them prior to performing for Us...  

While most of you losers that make it to Vegas to visit the Manor will invariably get your asses kicked and sent on your way, plenty of you are far too big of pussies for that to happen, so this is the result.  We emphasize your pathetic and make money from it.  Come on down and get some WHORE PRACTICE with us as well... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

FIshing for Chastity Keys

I decided I would show Draya a fun game to play with the house slaves after they have been locked up in chastity for awhile. We tie their chastity keys to the end of a string, and dangle it over the side of the railing at Mean Girl Manor. We make sure the slaves are good and restrained with handcuffs, ankle cuffs, etc- then we make them hop, beg, and grovel for their keys! All while we look down at them, laughing and mocking them for being so pathetic.

I mean, what kind of grown "men" have their cocks locked up and the keys held by young girls like us?? THESE idiots, who LOL.  It is sooo funny to watch how desperate they get, trying to jump from their knees just to catch their own chastity key in their teeth!

And what does the one that "wins" get? Well, it gets its chastity off, silly! But there is still one little surprise for the "winning" slave...because even when its chastity cage comes off, the tease & denial will continue!

Did we mention that those handcuffs are just a little too short to really get the slave's right hand to its cock?? Oh so sorry loser, hahahahaha

<3 Princess Amber <3

Double Dicked Ginger

When Princess Alexandria and I visited the Manor recently, I could barely contain My excitement when Goddess Platinum told Me that She regularly pimped out the house slaves to earn additional cash.  OMG REALLLY???  So We can help it get some practice being good at sucking dick with Our Strap-ons???  

While I'm sure many of the Mean Girls past and present have a great time violating these little shitz, I had to tell GP that pegging and utterly using these little bitches is one of Our favorite past-times.  So We  grabbed the nearest little loser, and pulled the ginger bitch over to explain the plan.  We started it kissing and admiring Our cocks, before We took to destroying its throat as We shoved Our cocks way past its gag reflex.  Alexandria even did its long nappy hair so We would have a pair of braids to use as handlebars to shove Our cocks even further down its worthless pie hole. 

Watch as We absolutely degrade, defile, and ruin this pathetic thing (FOR OVER 30 MINUTES!!!).  See it gag and nearly vomit from Our relentless pounding of its mouth with Our super sized cocks.  Then bring your bitch ass out to the Manor and feel the tears strea, down your cheeks as We R-A-P-E your worthless mouth and fuck your face like the stupid little slut you truly are..

- Spoiled ALPHA Allie -

Party Puppy Pregame

Goddess Draya and Miss Lexi Chase are going to another Halloween party, of course, dressed as ROYALTY. But they want to take a house slave along with them as an "accessory" for their costumes, as their "pet". It will get them SO much attention at the party! Like a lot of vanilla girls still don't even know about owning losers as slaves and keeping them as pets! So the Girls make sure to correct, discipline, and train this puppy appropriately with crops and canes as it learns its tricks.  Watch as two gorgeous and cruel Mean Girls put this loser through his paces and make sure it will obey their EVERY command at the party!!

The Dawg in Me

As if We didn't all already know men are dawgs, here's more evidence for the statement. Ms Dandy and I were about to head out for a night of Halloween Parties and decadence, but My Cruella de Ville outfit was missing one of its most critical accessories; a stupid mutt I could torment and abuse.... LOL

So we grabbed My crusty ass geriatric geezer slave from the corner and dragged it over to test it's doggie skills.  We had it beg, roll over, fetch, and do numerous other little doggie tricks before using the "Evil Queen's Magic" and casting a spell with Our feet to turn this loser into a real pound puppy.   Bwahahaha...

Once transformed, I took puppy for a walk and made it show off all it's new talents so it would be a hit at the party.  What a loser pathetic bitch this thing is...  I mean could you imagine being dragged out of the house in a doggy costume to be humiliated all night while hot girls did nothing but laugh and spit in your face....  (I bet you can loser, and it probably gives you the hardest lil baby boner anywhere)  

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Goddess Platinum

Cruel Covid Test

***Paid Custom Clip for AMG Member***
Princess Amber was at a private party over the weekend, as she usually is. She gets invited to all the "in" mansion parties for all the cool people in Hollywood, Vegas, and all over the world, really. Well, she gets a call on Monday morning that some loser at the same party she attended tested positive for Covid-19! She is SO pissed. Amber and her friend discuss what a pain it is to go get tested for this covid thing, and that she hates being around all those "common people" in some doctors office or clinic. But Amber suddenly has an idea...and tells her friend she may have a way around all that "testing" stuff. She doesn't tell her friend what it is, and just giggles wickedly and hangs up the phone.

Next thing you know, Princess Amber is calling out, "Oh LOOOOOOSER....get IN here!!" She explains to the slave that comes crawling to her feet what happened and how PISSED she is about it! But she is not about to go to some dirty "clinic" and have some swab rammed up her nose to she if she has covid! Ew, NO! That is why she has SLAVES like IT!

She goes on to explain that since the slave has been locked away in the Manor with just her for the most part for awhile now, it will basically be used as her GUINEA PIG! She will literally spit right down the slave's throat to give IT all of her germs- and then send IT off to get tested for her! Its GENIUS! If the slave comes back positive, she will know her own results without even having to leave the comfort of Mean Girl Manor!

Princess Amber grabs its leash, commands it to open its mouth, and begins literally spitting LOOGIE AFTER LOOGIE RIGHT INTO ITS OPEN, GAPING SLAVE-MOUTH! And the slave has no choice- it WILL receive it's Princess's germs and it WILL LIKE IT!! (Why? Because PRINCESS SAYS SO!) Amber thinks its hilarious to use a human "test dummy" like this and thinks that EVERY hot girl should be able to use some loser idiot like this as her "surrogate covid tester"...

After Princess has spit about a gallon of saliva down the slave's throat, into its eyes, and basically all over its ugly face, she leaves it there to "really soak in and infect the slave" and casually walks off to make the freak's appointment at the free clinic...

The slave can here Princess Amber in the other room on the phone as Princess Amber's spit is still slowly dripping down its face..."Yes, Free Clinic? Yes, I'd like to make an appointment for a covid test. Oh no, its not for me..."

Cock-Slapping the Catfisher

Wow! It is honestly hard to even know where to start to describe this incredible clip.  But bear with Me, because this recording is nearly AN HOUR LONG HUMILIATION EXTRAVAGANZA that followed one of the most "Bizarre" attempts by a loser to ask My Auntie Platinum out on a date... LMFAO! 

It went something like this:

- Loser comes across My Auntie's contact info online and reaches out
- It pitches itself as a 30-something, in shape, charismatic, Alpha-male
- It assures Her that it is definitely the kind of man She would want to be seen with

And then it showed up. CAN YOU SAY CATFISHED???  

So of course My Aunt wasn't going to spend an evening out on the town with this thing.   And with Myself and Goddess Draya there, We decided to have all sorts of fun with this "Alpha Male"   Bwahahahahaha.. 

We started by stripping it down, teasing and manipulating it, and convincing it We wanted to help it achieve its goals of dating gorgeous girls like Us.  And lo and behold, the thing believed Us.  We showed it how to tighten up its appearance, contour its cheeks, and look like a million bucks with countless appearance and style tips. Oh and this thing ate it all up. 

We then told it all sorts of fun stories about what girls like us want to see in a man.  You know, like how We just love a man who doesn't mind getting cock slapped across the face, or taking that same cock into its mouth for a little while to just enjoy the taste and thrill of having a large and strong mouth.  OMG, I swear, We told this freak so many bullshit stories about how bisexual boys and feminized faggots got Our juices flowing and made Us want nothing more than to spend intimate time next to them (in bed or in public) and that following the advice We were offering would definitely spruce up its love life...

Anyway, there are way more surprises, twists, turns, and dirty decisions throughout this Mega Sissy-Forced Fem Super Clip!  Check it out and see what happens to beta-bitches who think they have a chance at dating a Mean Girl.  I mean, it wasn't all bad news for sissy, it did get to spend nearly an hour with the three of Us and got more attention from Us in that hour than most of Our slaves get from Us in a month.  And really, helping it to learn to really get the kind of sexing and love it truly needs, might be one of the best gifts We have ever given a worthless little sissy beta male.  

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<3 Princess Amber <3

Swim For Your Life

I was hanging out by our pool at the new Mean Girl Manor, and I was getting kinda bored so I was trying to think of something fun and entertaining...when I remembered that Platinum was showing me the REAL straight jacket we have here for restraining slaves that we have abused out of their minds!  haha

Hmmmm straight jacket + pool= torture! LMAO! And I know juuust the freak to drag out into the backyard to "play" with... That bald, slippery little bitch that talks and mumbles way too much!  He's half crazy and deserves to be put in a straightjacket anyways.

So I made it crawl out back and strapped this loser into the jacket and made it kneel at the edge of the deep end of the pool.  Then...BOOM!  I kicked this freak right in! HAHAHAHAHA I was laughing so hard watching it struggle, trying not to droowwn! Freaking hilarious! And it looked soooo scared for its life!  I guess cuz it knows that its life means like literally nothing to me. He could sink to the bottom while I take a 2 hour phonecall from my boyfriend and I could not care less.  I probably would just laugh at the bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pool...and then get bored or distracted by my boyfriend on the other end of the phone and walk

Anyway, lucky for the slave, I just kept kicking and pushing it in over and over so I could have fun literally playing with it.  I also made it lay on the step so I could see the fear in its eyes as I stepped on its face and submerged it under water. Lol!

So cruel...but way too much fun not to do!

I watch this submissive little bitch suffer over and over until I just got bored with tormenting it.

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

I'll Suck Dick for Goddess Draya

Yea bitch, get it thru your head, that is your new mantra.  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA,  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA,  I WILL SUCK DICK FOR GODDESS DRAYA....   

Say it again and again and again... just like I make this little aspiring ginger faggot do in the clip here after zapping the fuck out of its worthless cock for pissing Me off with its shitttty job and lousy income.  This faggot is so broke, so stupid, and so fucking insanely worthless the only benefit I get from it is frying its eggs with the shock collar and laughing in its face as I take the few dollars of tips it makes at its job everyday as soon as it arrives home...  

Watch and see how pathetic boys become when they arrive at the Manor. Bow down bitch and acknowledge your place serving your Superiors...  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$