No More Accidents

You know my geezer slave is about as old as a dinosaur. Lol! Well obviously when you start getting freaking ancient things will start failing, like being able to hold your bowel and bladder movements. Well geezer must be getting to that point.

The very first time Goddess Maci came to the Mean Girl Manor I had Princess Amber teach her little sister how to cane slaves, using geezer. I get geezer all hand cuffed to the crate i made it lay on and we started with the caning training. I swear we were only like 3 minutes in and geezer yelled, "I think I peed!"

OMG!!!! We all start laughing so hard and I'm like, "tell me you are fucking joking right now!" Then it says, "well I think I did but I'm not sure." WTF?!?! You don't know if you pissed yourself or not? LOL! I uncut the freak so it can go to the bathroom and it really did!!! It really pissed itself!

As soon as geezer was done in the bathroom I made it clean up its puddle of pee and then I cuffed it back up and we started caning training again. How ridiculous! 

Lately I have been noticing odd new stains on the carpet and even random puddles on the tiles when geezer is around. I asked it if it has been having more accidents but geezer keeps denying it. I am not stupid! I know it's geezer.

I called Princess Mia over for a meeting about geezer and we both decided that if geezer wants to act like an old ass baby and have accidents then we are going to treat it like a baby. We pulled out our giant baby diapers with stupid pink and blue bears and balloons all over them and the baby powder. Then I made sure we had plenty of latex gloves to make sure we didn't catch its grossness. Lol!

It's time to deal with our wrinkly old baby and teach it a lesson. We grab geezer's leash and drag it over to the pink princess bed where we had all our supplies set up ready to go. We lay geezer down and make it put on a diaper, I made sure we put on plenty baby powder, I don't need this freak getting diaper rash and having another problem.

Once geezer's diaper was on nice and snug we beat geezer. Obviously it needs to be potty trained with force. If this pathetic loser still wants to be a slave at the Mean Girl manor then it needs to wear a diaper. 

Princess Mia and I continued to beat the freak and treat it like a baby. Made it suck its thumb and count on it's fingers. Haha Made the freak call us Mommy and beg MOMMY to stop beating it. We went through a few diapers. We beat geezer till its diaper literally exploded. 

We will see if any of Mean Girl way of potty training works on geezer. Haha... We were  definitely entertained from humiliating and beating geezer, I'm sure you will be too.


Goddess Platinum 

Fathers Day Cleaning Geezer

My geezer slave drove over 8hrs to come serve me on Fathers Day!'s so fucking pathetic and wants to be my personal slave so bad that it bought me a new vacuum. it even bought a bunch of new cleaning supplies just so it could spend it's day cleaning our massive compound. I told it to make sure it had a matching apron/bra and it came with a whole French maid outfit! Just so this loser could look cute cleaning the whole house. What a sissy loser!

I was actually surprised because it actually sucks at everything else in life but was actually pretty good at cleaning. When it came to to cleaning Princess Amber's bathroom I let it know how extremely lucky it was that it got to clean here. The bathroom that Princess Amber uses was so excited that it licked the inside of the bowl and the seat before cleaning itSo gross!

Once the geezer was done cleaning the Mean Girl Manor from top to bottom, I let it kiss my perfect feet and sent him on his way. What a pathetic fucking loser!

Are you such a fucking loser that you would spend your money on the cleaning supplies that you would be using to clean our compound?


Goddess Platinum

Piggy Nips

I found out that my piggy slave has really sensitive nipples so of coarse I had to mess with it!!!

I had never done a nipple torture session before this. 

I looked through my little tickle trunk of fun toys, (more like a giant walk in closet of fun toys.) and found a few fun things to torture my slave's nipples with.

I found some clothes pins and some super strong, chained nipple clamps. Lol!

My slave hated this session but I had fun like always... and that's really all that matters is ME!!!

I went online after and picked out a bunch of fun nipple torture devices, (then made one of my slaves pay for them.) so my next nipple play/ nipple destroying session will be a lot more brutal. Hahaha


Goddess Platinum

PS... as you see I'm always into trying fun new things so if you have a clip idea, send me a MINIMUM $50 tribute (circlepay or amazon gift card) and what you want to see. ***If you don't send a tribute first, you will get ignored!***

Cum Sunday

Princess Mia and I were sitting around the Mean Girl Manor Sunday really bored. We were going over ideas of stuff to do and nothing really peaked our interest. Then we remembered we had my geezer slave locked up in the backyard. LOL!

We really can't stand my geezer slave. He sucks at foot worship, he smells like old people, (half deadd) He likes to do stuff just to piss us off... he just gets under our skin. 

We were thinking of ways to humiliate it even more then we normally do. Hmmmmmmm What could we do worse to him then when I made him suck the other new slaves dick???

Hahahah all of a sudden it came to us when we heard one of our chastity slaves moan in pain, again. 

Princess Mia and I decided we would be really nice to our chastity slave for a couple of minutes and let it out of chastity. We even decided we were going to actually let it cum for once. I think it's been years since we let that freak jerk off and actually cum. We are only letting it cum ONLY because we need its cum for our brilliant humiliation plan.

We let the chastity loser out and made it jerk off like the little hairy monkey it is and we had it cum in a cup. While it was jerking off I unchained geezer from the back yard and dragged it into the bar area.

Once we had our cum in a cup I forced geezer's mouth open while Mia poured the cum in it's mouth.Lol!!!She made sure he got every last drop of cum. Then we forced that pathetic old fuck to swallow it down like a little whore.

After we were done humiliating it we sent it away like a bad pooch.

Oh don't worry we didn't forget about our hairy little chastity slave. We iced his tiny little dick back into submission and I forced his chastity cage back on where it belongs.

LOL! And there you have an oh so fun and very humiliating CUM SUNDAY!!!!

Goddess Platinum

True Submissives

Everyday I have hundreds of pathetic losers begging me to use and abuse them. I only select the very most obedient subs to bring to the Mean Girl Manor and try out. 

I really can't stand the ridiculous liars that constantly reach out telling me they will do anything I want and are willing to serve me anyway possible, meanwhile I can tell by the way they don't do what they are instructed to... the way they answer questions asked to them... and just by what they are saying, that they are completely full of craap. Some of these things reaching out are not even submissive at all. I hate having my time wasted!!!

When I finally decide to give a slave a tryout I give them very direct orders as to how to get here, what exact time to be here... Once it has arrived I have the slave is instructed to crawl into my office, strip down and kneel before me. Then the loser must tell me why they are there, what they can do for me, how they plan to serve me, what are their limits.... I will then ask them specific questions and from the answers I will then decide to have them stay or to make them leave. If I decide to test them further I will make them leave my office and kneel in the corner until I am ready to deal with them.

***THIS IS REAL!!!*** This is the very first time this new slave is kneeling before me in real life... even though I'm sure in it's fantasies it has knelt before me many times. LOL!

I had this slave crawl into my office and do as so many slaves have done before... 

When I asked direct questions I asked what it's limits are as far as forced bi... if it would be willing to have it's dick sucked by another male slave. He told me as long as I ordered him to thenit would any forced bi. Hahaha

With slaves that kneel before me I will push their limits to make sure they are not wasting my time or full of the brown stuff. I just so happened to have my newer geezer slave that needed to learn how to suck dick so I can whore him out and he can make me even more money then I already take from him.

After it's initial slave interview I sent the slave off to kneel in the corner while I changed outfits and touched up my makeup.

I did not tell this slave what he was going to be doing for me. I put a collar on it and led him in. The look of pure shock on its face was priceless. This was the ultimate test for both of these slaves... geezer had never in his life done forced bi and definitely never sucked cock before. The new slave had never done forced bi before and never had his dick sucked by another male, or a female I'm sure. lol!!! Neither of these losers wanted to do this and it was a true test to see if they were both TRUE SUBMISSIVES, or not.


Goddess Platinum

Garbage Disposal

*Custom Clip*

Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber are having a problem with their garbage disposal.  They call a plumber in and put him to work under their sink.  (And yes, the garbage disposal at MGM was really broken! lol)

After awhile, the disposal is STILL not fixed!  Spoiled girls do NOT like to wait, so they start abusing the blue collar worker under their sink.  He tries to resist, and totally objects to being treated this way on the job, but these women are SO hot...and soon he is doing whatever they say.  

Amber especially is VERY spoiled and mean...she keeps dropping things on the floor "accidentally" and saying "oops"- and then making the plumber clean it up off the floor!  (She even makes him do it with his teeth!)

By the end of the clip the failed plumber is told that he needs to clean their whole kitchen floor and that if its isn't done good enough they may just store him under their sink and USE HIM as their "human garbage disposal"!

Off To The Races!

In this clip we are just being MEAN AF to our slaves.  We pit them against each other, with me riding one slave and Amber riding the other.  (Special thanks to our girl Skylar for helping film this!  She thought it was a hilarious idea to do this to the slaves too!)  

We make them crawl with us on their backs back & forth and KISS THE TOES OF OUR SHOES at each end of the "race track" in the basement of Mean Girl Manor to earn points for us.  The "winning" slave will not get tortured after the race.  

The slaves are literally leaving a trail of "red stuff" stains on the carpet behind them from the rug burns on their knees because they are so desperate to scurry their Superior Female Riders to a winning race!  


Whore Bag

This slave will literally do ANYTHING it is told.  It does not just focus on "its fetishes" or selfish desires, like most slaves.  It is truly OWNED PROPERTY and does WHATEVER it is commanded by its Owners.  Recently, it has been whored out by The Mean Girls to increase profits and make sure it is "always earning" for its Masters!  Platinum cannot wait to show off to Tina what she has done to this freak loser NOW.  (As if its dignity could not be stripped from it any more than it already has!)  


Platinum explains that since turning tricks is totally legal in Vegas, she just has that "thing" stationed out on a streetcorner, literally begging passersby to turn tricks for any tourist that wants a quick BJ- or anyone else that wants to use ANY of its holes!  Tina asks if the slave is gay?  (She hasn't really used this one much.)  And she laughs her ass off when Platinum informs her that he definitely is NOT gay!  "So he literally gives BJs to random dude walking by- just because you TELL him to??"  She is amazed...but that is the power we have over these freaks.  And they want to please us sooo bad, so...why not take advantage of that and push it to the max??  We really believe these freaks were CREATED to be USED by us for OUR profit and amusement!  Why else would God make them so fucking PATHETIC and desparate to please us??  (Not to mention let us treat them like absolute GARBAGE.  LOL)


This is where the real fun begins.  Platinum explains that if this piece of trash male-whore ever does hesitate to obey, Carmela (his specific "Mean Girl Owner") had his balls PERMANENTLY HARDWIRED with an electronic shock device!!  And with one little touch of a button - from anywhere in Vegas - she can literally drop him to his knees in agony with a delitating electric SHOCK directly to its balls!!  Apparently, with this setup it feels pretty much like a cattle-prod directly to the balls haha.  The slave begs her not to, but Platinum demostrates how well it works just for Tina's amusement.  Of course, Tina just HAS to try it herself!!  (Can you blame her?  It looks like SO much fun!)  One touch of her little finger, and this bitch goes DOWN!  Oh yeah, he would MUCH rather give a BJ to a total stranger than have THIS done to him!  (No matter HOW "straight" he is!!  Or...was??)


Platinum has even locked his hands behind his back so there is no way he can try to rip the wiring out.  And a bag that literally says "Whore Bag" is hung around his neck!!  Can you imagine being sent out onto the street like this??  But he has no choice.  


Now it is time for Platinum and Tina to count THEIR $$$ that this bitch has earned for them.  (Of course they get it ALL- the bald bitch with the sore jaw and gaping holes gets NOTHING.)  But there is only like $100 and change in here!  After a WHOLE NIGHT of streetwalking for them??  WTF?!  This bitch has some explaining to do to its Mean Girl Hustler Masters....

Drink Up Toilet Boy

So this loser has been stationed in the bathroom and basically just left there, bowing down before our "porcelain throne". When I sit down I see that there is no toilet paper!! Obviously, he thinks I am stupid and that I will let him "lick me clean" by using his tongue as my toilet paper. Um, I think not, loser.

So instead I make him literally drink out of the toilet after I have relieved myself into it! HAHAHAHA!!!! By the way, this is TOTALLY REAL and you can not only hear me "going" into the toilet, but you can hear his pathetic bald ass SLURPING it up out of the toilet!! LOL!!!!!


-Princess Carmela

Freak Gets Fed


This was one of the grossest clips we have every shot. Even WE couldn't believe we put our under-the-stairs "human pet" through this for one of our online fan's enjoyment!

We made it eat REAL dawgfood (we even show you the can up-close to the camera before opening it!) AND me n Skylar take turns ashing cigarettes into its "delicious meal" that we have prepared for it!

At one point - no joke - the slave literally throws uup its "meal" at our what does any Mean Girl do in a situation like that?? We MAKE ITS PATHETIC ASS LICK THAT SLOP BACK UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! (You need to see this clip!!!!)