Beta Strokes with Condom

Princess Amber and Lexi Chase are heading out tonight to meet some hot alphas. They can literally have ANY guy that they want, so it’s important that the condom bowls at the Manor are fully stocked. The girls notice that there is only ONE condom left (obviously that’s a problem if they each bring a guy home). Thankfully this pathetic loser is around so it can buy some more condoms before they get back home tonight.

The girls ask this loser if it had ever even used a condom before?? Hahaha (he was probably lying when he told them he had used one, but only to see what it felt like, Ew!) Amber and Lexi call his bluff and tell him to show them how he puts a condom on lol. The beta had NO IDEA what he was doing, OBVIOUSLY! The Mean Girls taunted him and encouraged the loser to stroke with the condom on… they decided it should rid itself of the beta sperm into the condo to make sure that it NEVER gets used on an actual girl (I mean, I try not to imagine how awful and gross that would be, YUCK!!!!)

Princess Amber asks Lexi if they should just dump the condom down the toilet (the only acceptable place for betas to cum) but Lexi Chase thinks it would be more humiliating to have this loser SWALLOW his own cum hahahaha. Amber suggests putting this loser on an ALL CUM DIET to see if it could get itself pregnant lol. The beta doesn’t have a choice, he HAS to do whatever they tell him to do.

- Princess Mia

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Sweaty Ass Wipe Gets Punished

Princess Amber and Princess Skylar just got done with their scissoring workout and got SUPER SWEATY! That’s why they decided to sit on this readily available beta to suck the sweat from their gym close. Princess Amber complains about how sweaty her ass is and lets the sweat drip down her shorts and onto the face of this slave.

The Mean Girls talk about interval training and how you can’t just STOP exercising immediately, you have to do a cool down to slowly lower your heart rate. So Amber and Skylar multi-task by bouncing up and down and this loser's face to cool down AND the sweat drips down faster off of their sweaty asses. They even take the time to stretch their perfect hot bodies! (They’re like so healthy!)

At some point during their cool down, Princess Amber and Princess Skylar notice that this loser got their clothes DIRTY!!!!!!! Like it literally got a stain on our workout bottoms and now it HAS to clean them! The Mean girls drag this loser into the laundry room and explain how to clean their clothes properly! This is SUCH an inconvenience and is counterproductive (like getting their heart rates back up from anger after they were trying to relax.

It ruined out clothes and is fcking stupid!) The girls are literally so fed up with its incompetence that decide to use its head as a scrub and leave “it” on a rinse cycle in the sink.

- Miss Lexi Chase

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Pre Date Prep

Nika and Alexandria are getting ready to go out tonight (with hot dates of course) They discuss what ALL hot girls talk about… hot dates and using losers however they see fit… even as furniture. As they discuss their plans for the night, Nika demands mutt’s wallet so they can have the BEST time at ITS expense. Despite only having three credit cards (how pathetic) Mutt knows its ONLY purpose is to please hot goddess, no matter how humiliating and degrading it may be. (It’s life is literally MEANINGLESS without serving hot girls)

Which is why it doesn’t even complain when they describe in GREAT DETAIL what their night will consist of. Food, Drinks, skinny dipping… and LOTS of fcking at the end of the night! And who might be the lucky loser to clean it all up? Hahahah I’ll give you a hint, (some poor pathetic Mutt!!!) “But first, we gotta take a selfie!” …… mutt makes itself useful LOL

- Princess Amber

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Cucky Cums in a Cup

***Featuring: Miss Lexi Chase***

My poor cuck slave. I treat it like SO bad. And my boyfriend treats it even WORSE because he doesn't really want me having slaves unless we can both treat them like absolute GARBAGE and make like a TON of $$$ off of them as a couple. LOL. And the funniest part? This slave isn't even gay or anything and doesn't WANT to serve my BF. But guess what? I don't care. And it is like SOOOoooo desperate to be in my life that it will do ANYTHING for me. So that means that it WILL serve me AND my boyfriend as a couple- and it WILL do whatever EITHER of us say!!

So I come home from spending time with my Man, and there is my cuck, waiting for me with its face pressed to the floor, right where I left it hours ago. I use the back of its stupid head as a footstool while I tell it how I have been off fucking my boyfriend and that we "need to have a talk" now. And my slave knows what that means... Because it knows that my BF hates that I have a real-life slave. So my boyfriend is always demanding more out of my slave if it wants to stay in my life. And the funniest part? This freak is SO obsessed with my PERFECT LITTLE SIZE 5 FEET that it will do ANYTHING for them! So me n my boyfriend just LAUGH about how bad we can destroy this loser! How much money we can TAKE from it! And the stakes are about to get higher....

We are already taking like its entire paycheck to pay all our bills and go out on expensive dates as a couple. But my BF thinks we can get MORE out of this stupid cuck. I dangle my Louboutin off the tip of my toe under the reluctant cuck's nose...and I can tell right away that my BF was RiGHT! LOL this cuck is SO stupid. It will go into debt just to fund a lavish lifestyle for me AND my man! Even though we both treat it like DIRT!

Like, I tell the stupid cuck (me n my Alpha both call him "Dum Dum") right to its face about how me n my man LAUGH about how stupid he is how we are just going to use him and run him into the ground for our entertainment and profit. I even tell "Dum Dum" how it actually TURNS ME N MY ALPHA ON to take advantage of him! Haha! Like we seriously treat this stupid cuck like dirt then go FUCK like rabbits in the bedroom while we laugh about the aweful things we have done to Cucky Dum Dum.

I make Cucky Dum Dum kneel before me, gazing up at MY beauty, and START STROKING while I list out all of the new demands that me n my boyfriend are going to require of him from now on!! And it is HARSH!! My boyfriend says that from now on, he not only wants this bitch working for us, but it needs to start PAYING MORE just for the privilege of working for us!! Like we are seriously going to start CHARGING it by the hour to work for us! And we are going to start adding all kinds of financial penalties and fees for the privilege of me still keeping it around. (You need to watch the video to see how bad it is going to be for cucky! Like for the slightest infraction it will pay us HUNDREDS of dollars!) Oh, and we want an all-expense paid first-class vacation for me n Alpha to Hawaii too!!

But we are already taking all its money, so you know what that means! It needs to get a SECOND job AND open up some new credit cards for us to max out! Poor cucky Dum Dum is SO broken and scared...but it agrees! Why? Because it is stupid AND because it is the ONLY way I will let t have permission to cum now! LOL

After it agrees to EVERYTHING I have demanded, I finally let it cum like a pathetic fool into a teacup I place on the floor at my feet.

But aw, after emptying its balls into the cup, poor cucky starts to have second thoughts about all this debt it has agreed to take on- just to support a hot, bratty couple that treats it like absolute dirt? Well, I have a choice for "Cucky Dum Dum" to I hold a cup full o cum in front of its face...I MIGHT let it out of its financial obligations...but it will need to DRINK THAT CUP O' CUM! HAHAHA. you think I would be SOoo mean to "Cucky Dum Dum" that I would trick it into drinking its own cum and then STILL hold it to all me n my boyfriend's financial demands and just laugh in its face about it?? will just need to watch the clip, loser!

(This is a GREAT clip, and all you wannabe cuck losers need to watch to see the crazy, humiliating stuff I make Dum Dum agree to just to stay in my life!! It is seriously sooo stupid and my BF really does hate him! LOL!)

Miss Lexi Chase


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Fine Dining at Mean Girl Manor

I invited my friend Nika Venom from Brat Princess over to enjoy a nice slave-served dinner at Mean Girl Manor. She brought her personal slave with her, and we both enjoyed our fine dining experience, being served hand and foot by the house slaves. We each had our own personal slave literally kneeling at our feet, starving- as we dined on whatever we wanted haha. And the house butler slave was serving our various courses as we relaxed.
This is very much a "reality" type clip and we chat about our respective clip stores, our fans and worshipers, etc... And every now and then we drop a scrap of food on the floor for our slaves to scurry and beg for. LOL They are so hungry and overworked. Oh well...whatever. That is NOT my concern. They are so lucky just to serve girls as hot as us...and they better fucking know it.
You can watch the clip to hear what we talk about and what we think about slaves in our normal day-to-day conversation. Oh, and at one point we had trouble hearing each other because the table at MGM is sooo long, so we had to send our slaves back and forth to relay our messages to each other! haha

- Princess Amber

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Slave Rides In Princess Park

Princess Amber had made arrangements for the Mean Girls to spend the afternoon together. She wanted to surprise us with something fun, so we literally had NO IDEA what Amber was going to have us do (she is so sneaky!) We even had to keep our eyes shut until the BIG REVEAL!

I could NOT believe what Princess Amber surprised us with…. Slave rides in Princess Park!!!!! All of us girls were SO SURPRISED! We always talked about doing something like this but never actually made plans to do it. All of the girls had an assigned slave, and Princess Lexi even had her boot slave towed behind. We literally rode our slaves through the park and ended up on top of this hill to watch the sunset. The slaves were so well behaved! None of them even complained about being tired carrying us the entire time. (I think they were all secretly in some stupid slave competition hahaha) Then again, they know if they moaned AT ALL that they would get beaten by us.

The sun was hitting us PERFECTLY, which was a great time for us to take photos. We all sat on our slaves and took pictures of each other as the sun went down. Eventually we lost our good lighting and couldn’t take cute pics anymore (so annoying). By that time, we had all worked up an appetite and Amber made us dinner reservations (She is just SO thoughtful). We all raced down on the hill on our slaves and hurried back home so we could go eat a fancy sub funded dinner! It was the PERFECT ending to a perfect day!

Goddess Draya

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Goon for Our Legs

Hot girls are ALWAYS looking for a reason to wear a bikini to show off our PERFECT bodies. In this case, the weather was nice enough to wear them out on the balcony above the pool. Princess Alexandria and I were have a deep meaningful conversation while sipping on our sparkling water when this LOSER rudely interrupts us! (Like who the fck does it think it is?!?!?!) I literally SNAP at this beta for messing up our conversation and continue to ignore it.

Barley a MINUTE had passed and it INTERRUPTS us AGAIN!!!  So now I just knew that I had to deal with it if I was going to enjoy the rest of my day without being disturbed.  I asked this dummy WHAT it could possibly want at this fcking second.

Apparently I FORGOT to let it out of chastity, BFD!  Princess Alexandria was appalled by this beta for even mentioning something so MEANINGLESS (she ALMOST spilled her sparkling water because of it!)  I guess its tiny little beta cock had been locked up for a loooong time and it just couldn't take it anymore with Alexandria and I standing right in front of it with our perfect bodies in our bikinis haha. Especially when I had promised to unlock it earlier...and got its poor beta hopes up.  The combo was just too much for the beta. lol

So We decided to mess with this loser for being SO ANNOYING! I let it out of its chastity and we allow it to GOON FOR OUR LEGS! Hahaha. This obviously isn’t an open season for this slave to stare at as and stroke its cock, Ew. There are RULES that is must follow… like keeping its eye gaze BELOW THE LOSER LINE! That’s right, the "Loser Line" is this invisible line that only BETAS can see (its actually painful if they look above this line…because we HIT them right across the face if they do!  hahaha)

We tease this loser and tell it to stroke to our perfect legs (well it either strokes while staring at our legs or NOT at all!) It obviously doesn’t pass on the opportunity to touch itself and gets hard just staring at our strong smooth legs! Real men obviously don’t stroke to legs LOL, and we make sure to remind this loser of that!

We humiliate and INSULT the beta, and yet it continues to stroke like a fool for us. Betas are SO pathetic.  Eventually it has to BEG for permission to cum (It’s literally not allowed to cum unless it BEGS for OUR permission!) And well…’ll see what happens hahaha.

Princess Amber

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Micro Managing The Laundry Slave

While other slaves get to worship the Mean Girls’ feet, the laundry slave only gets to polish their shoes in some back room that most of the Mean Girls don't even know about. This slave is like a Cinderella figure that is treated like a slave stepchild. His only interaction with the Mean Girls is when something is so wrong that the Mean Girls need to go in and yell at him.

Miss Lexie Chase wants to know why things are not getting done and finds that there is a literal backlog of laundry baskets that are not being attended to. There is a pile of high heels that have not been cleaned for days and wonders what is the slaves major malfunction. She orders him step-by-step, telling him what to do at every turn. Princess Draya, also frustrated with the way things are going, drops in to get a last-minute shoe-cleaning before her night out. She also is appalled of the slaves lack of effort. they give him a quick bitch slap and get him back on track with his daily duties at this rate the laundry slave will never progress and will spend the rest of his life just trying to catch up with all of them Mean Girls laundry coming in…

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See How Strong My Legs Are

Princess Ava and I have been working out together A LOT, recently. There is this SUPER hot instructor that has been flirting with us while shaping our bodies to be even HOTTER! After an intensive cycle class, Ava and I decide to do what any hot girl would… see how strong our legs are! Anyone can just like lift a bunch of heavy weights to determine their strength or whatever, but at the Mean Girl Manor we have losers available to use.

We take turns squeezing the life from this loser. Our sexy strong legs wrapped around its neck is basically a dream come true! So what if this loser can barley get any air, the true test is to see if we can make it pass out LOL. Not only is this old bag of bones getting crushed between our thighs, we take pictures of each other scissoring it so we can send it to some hot guy at our gym.

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Dum Dum Ashtray

Miss Chase is bundled up in her nice warm fur coat, while a slave is kneeling before her, naked and cold on a chilly windy day. She decides to use it's mouth as her personal ashtray and spittoon. These slaves are grateful for ANYTHING from Miss Chase- even the ashes from her cigarettes. In fact, at one point Miss Chase can't help but laugh as she makes the loser literally BEG just for her discarded ashes!!! She spits right in its face. She discards her chewed-up gum into it's mouth. She knows she is so beautiful that she can do ANYTHING she wants to idiots like this and they will gladly put up with it.

She likes to make the slave just hold its tongue out and spread wide, in the "ashtray position" that she taught it. It is so humiliating for the slave. Miss Chase just casually smokes her cigarette while the slave kneels naked before her, with his tongue held out like a fool for her to use as her personal ashtray.

Miss Chase even stubs her cigarette out on the slave's tongue, and discards it into his open mouth to swallow for her...slaves mean nothig to Miss Lexi Chase.

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