Eating Amber's Trash

I've been going on dates with this SUPER hot guy lately, and he calls me to let me know that he's taking me out to a fancy dinner again tonight. While waiting for him to come and get me, my newest slave crawls over from his corner where I had him stored, and dares to complain that I've been so busy going on dates with my new boyfriend lately that he hasn't been able to eat any of the crumbs of food that I would normally leave for him from my meals at home.  Awww....too bad, so sad for slave!  Maybe it thinks I will bring home some leftovers from my dates for him?  LOL....NOT!

And since I'm really not concerned with his eating habits, I decide to make him rummage through my trash can for some calories LOL. There were SOOOOO many goodies in my trash that I wanted to make sure NONE of them went to waste.

So I made sure to stuff this losers mouth FULL until my date arrived HAHA!!  I go out for filet minion, while this Amber-obsessed loser sits at home dreaming about ME with one of my old tamppon wrappers shoved in its mouth for its "dinner"!  LOL

-Princess Amber


Alex and I have recently become step sisters since our parents married each other. It honestly couldn’t have gone any better because it brought us together!!! We are both HOT AF and just super mean, so of course we hit it off right away. Since going to the same school, it has really brought us closer together. I just love how competitive we are with each other when it comes to bullying simps! (We also try to ONE UP each other at the expense of the most pathetic losers! LOL) Alex and I are catching up with the latest gossip when she informs me of this pathetic lezbo girl who is OBSESSED with her!

Excited to hear about a new potential play thing, I tell Alex to text her and to come over to have a “3-some” with us! If this lezbo is really that pathetic she will come over right away…. (AS IF we would EVER touch something so disgusting!) Sure enough she SHOWED UP!!!! She LITERALLY came dressed in some ugly lingerie and apparently was too embarrassed to fully show her face, TYPICAL LOSER!

Alex and I took turns fucking with her, pretending to be flirtatious and then HUMILIATING her in the most CRUEL ways! Laughing in her face about how we are literally going to treat her terribly. We let this ugly slut know how worthless she is, slapping her SUPER HARD in the face and treating her like the ugly trash that she is!! We even made her CRY!!!!! LOL Despite how cruel we treated her, she didn’t want to leave…. Who can blame her, it’s a privilege to be around the HOT popular step sisters!

Floor Dirt Diet

I walk into the kitchen and this fatass is cleaning the floor- with its tongue, of course. It just makes me laugh what we make these idiots do for us. Then fatty dares to complain that he hasn't eaten in awhile and is getting hungry LOL! I explain that it needs to go on a "floor filth diet"- where all it lives off of from now on is the filth that it licks up off the floor! Aw, poor fatty slave starts to cry...

So I actually decide to feed it. But it is only getting some fruit- AFTER it has been chewed up and spit out by ME! Aren't I kind to the house slaves?

-Princess Amber

Lick & Sniff Our Sweaty Pits

That Las Vegas heat is no joke, and Alex and Amber are not immune to the effects it has on people!  MAJOR SWEATING!

Most girls always complain about how sweaty their feet get, especially when wearing heels or sneakers all day…but Alex and Amber have been feeling EXTRA sweaty lately, resulting in excess armpit sweat. Amber had already had to change clothes MULTIPLE TIMES that day from sweating so much and was getting ready to change again when Alex came up with a great idea:

“Why not use that gross lezbo whore to clean our armpits?”

Loving this idea, Amber agrees to let the girl be useful by cleaning up the sweat from her and Alex’s armpits!  The HIDEOUS loser girl sniffs, licks and blows dry the armpits of the Mean Girls…humiliating herself with such a gross and demeaning tasks! LOL

Amber laughs to Alex about how this lezbo is giving her first "blow job”- by blow-drying her armpits!  Haha.  Can you imagine having your face stink like the armpits of two hot mean girls? HAHAHAHA Well this slut doesn’t have to imagine that because she will continue to get the privilege of being the designated armpit-licker for the Mean Girls from now on- even in public!

Eat The Cum Taco

This is a really gross video.  To be honest, you probably shouldn't buy it- or watch it.

Goddess Platinum commands two of her slaves to kneel before her and masturbate purely for her amusement.  The first one to cum on the tortilla at her feet "wins".  You can guess what the LOSER has to do...

Both slaves have some problems getting "up" for this task, as they are both so scared of losing.

Princess Mia Picks Her Pet Pig

All the Mean Girls got to pick a slave and make it into any pet they wanted for a day!  Mia picked this old loser and turned him into a pig!  Just for her amusement she decides to play with her little is so much fun to see how much an old man will debase itself for a hot young girl's amusement!

Beta Beats It for Brutal Brats

Here's something you don't see everyday, the Mean Girls allowing a slave to beat off while We watch and tease it mercilessly... 

What do you think earned this young beta bitch the honor of getting to pull its worthless cock in front of Myself and Miss Dandy?  Whatever the reason, this pathetic young bitch was in such a state of bliss that it took to stroking its cock with both hands as if it thought it was unwinding a fire hose...  (though sadly this thing nowhere near the length of a firehose to be working with...)  As it kept stroking, Dandy and I teased it repeatedly with Our asses, feet, and verbal barbs until it was on the edge of spurting... 

Do you think We let it?  And what do you think happened to the load if it dod find its way out of its cock?  Get the clip and find out loser.. Goddess Platinum

An Old Ashbucket

Princess Mia and I were sitting outside in the hammock over at the Desert Punishment Compound enjoying the day, using these two losers as an ashtray and a foot licking retard.  How pathetic are they both? The younger bald one is laying on its back beneath the hammock doing little but licking My feet and enjoying Mia spitting in it's face.  Every now and again She shoves Her toes down its throat as well, but it has it way easier than the crusty loser old ass ashbucket We have kneeling next to Us.

The creepy old stalker-turned-slave, hates feet, ashes, dogfood, or anything in its loser mouth that isn't cheap white wine out of a box.  So We smoke multiple cigarettes each and use this thing as an ashtray as it wretches and writhes trying not to have to deal with the nastiness of eating burning hot tobacco ash...  Oh well loser, like We care, We've already dick dwn your throat a dozen times or so, so ashes shouldn't be that bad faggot.   

Get the clip to see how losers live the life or LOSERDOM at the Manor, Compound, MOuntain Retreat, or wherever Mean Girls go... 

Goddess Platinum

Whore Practice

I swear, some days you would not believe the abject excuses for men that show up at the door of the Mean Girl Manor hoping to prove their worth and be of some use to Us.  And while We will generally give most loser's a shot at becoming a pain slut, ball busting bitch, or floor mat trample thing, some of the bitches that arrive are so sad that they can barely even do those things.  So what the fuck is left to do with losers that can't take much pain and are generally useless for tasks that require them to think on their own???  

You know the answer bitch boy, THE LITTLE FAGGOTS GET WHORED OUT!

But before We can send these retards out onto the street to make Us money, We need them to know how to dress themselves, to apply makeup, to act like proper girls, and how to tend to their "new men" regardless of how disgusting those men that inhabit truck stops, trailer parks, and just off the freeway dive bars where they'll be honing their trade.  

So watch as Lexi and I get these two idiots ready for their trial run as Mean Girl whores; painting up their faces, making them curtsey, and doing lots more fun to humiliate, abuse, and rip any little masculinity either of these two sad sacks had left in them prior to performing for Us...  

While most of you losers that make it to Vegas to visit the Manor will invariably get your asses kicked and sent on your way, plenty of you are far too big of pussies for that to happen, so this is the result.  We emphasize your pathetic and make money from it.  Come on down and get some WHORE PRACTICE with us as well... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

FIshing for Chastity Keys

I decided I would show Draya a fun game to play with the house slaves after they have been locked up in chastity for awhile. We tie their chastity keys to the end of a string, and dangle it over the side of the railing at Mean Girl Manor. We make sure the slaves are good and restrained with handcuffs, ankle cuffs, etc- then we make them hop, beg, and grovel for their keys! All while we look down at them, laughing and mocking them for being so pathetic.

I mean, what kind of grown "men" have their cocks locked up and the keys held by young girls like us?? THESE idiots, who LOL.  It is sooo funny to watch how desperate they get, trying to jump from their knees just to catch their own chastity key in their teeth!

And what does the one that "wins" get? Well, it gets its chastity off, silly! But there is still one little surprise for the "winning" slave...because even when its chastity cage comes off, the tease & denial will continue!

Did we mention that those handcuffs are just a little too short to really get the slave's right hand to its cock?? Oh so sorry loser, hahahahaha

<3 Princess Amber <3