Garbage Disposal

*Custom Clip*

Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber are having a problem with their garbage disposal.  They call a plumber in and put him to work under their sink.  (And yes, the garbage disposal at MGM was really broken! lol)

After awhile, the disposal is STILL not fixed!  Spoiled girls do NOT like to wait, so they start abusing the blue collar worker under their sink.  He tries to resist, and totally objects to being treated this way on the job, but these women are SO hot...and soon he is doing whatever they say.  

Amber especially is VERY spoiled and mean...she keeps dropping things on the floor "accidentally" and saying "oops"- and then making the plumber clean it up off the floor!  (She even makes him do it with his teeth!)

By the end of the clip the failed plumber is told that he needs to clean their whole kitchen floor and that if its isn't done good enough they may just store him under their sink and USE HIM as their "human garbage disposal"!

Off To The Races!

In this clip we are just being MEAN AF to our slaves.  We pit them against each other, with me riding one slave and Amber riding the other.  (Special thanks to our girl Skylar for helping film this!  She thought it was a hilarious idea to do this to the slaves too!)  

We make them crawl with us on their backs back & forth and KISS THE TOES OF OUR SHOES at each end of the "race track" in the basement of Mean Girl Manor to earn points for us.  The "winning" slave will not get tortured after the race.  

The slaves are literally leaving a trail of "red stuff" stains on the carpet behind them from the rug burns on their knees because they are so desperate to scurry their Superior Female Riders to a winning race!  


Whore Bag

This slave will literally do ANYTHING it is told.  It does not just focus on "its fetishes" or selfish desires, like most slaves.  It is truly OWNED PROPERTY and does WHATEVER it is commanded by its Owners.  Recently, it has been whored out by The Mean Girls to increase profits and make sure it is "always earning" for its Masters!  Platinum cannot wait to show off to Tina what she has done to this freak loser NOW.  (As if its dignity could not be stripped from it any more than it already has!)  


Platinum explains that since turning tricks is totally legal in Vegas, she just has that "thing" stationed out on a streetcorner, literally begging passersby to turn tricks for any tourist that wants a quick BJ- or anyone else that wants to use ANY of its holes!  Tina asks if the slave is gay?  (She hasn't really used this one much.)  And she laughs her ass off when Platinum informs her that he definitely is NOT gay!  "So he literally gives BJs to random dude walking by- just because you TELL him to??"  She is amazed...but that is the power we have over these freaks.  And they want to please us sooo bad, so...why not take advantage of that and push it to the max??  We really believe these freaks were CREATED to be USED by us for OUR profit and amusement!  Why else would God make them so fucking PATHETIC and desparate to please us??  (Not to mention let us treat them like absolute GARBAGE.  LOL)


This is where the real fun begins.  Platinum explains that if this piece of trash male-whore ever does hesitate to obey, Carmela (his specific "Mean Girl Owner") had his balls PERMANENTLY HARDWIRED with an electronic shock device!!  And with one little touch of a button - from anywhere in Vegas - she can literally drop him to his knees in agony with a delitating electric SHOCK directly to its balls!!  Apparently, with this setup it feels pretty much like a cattle-prod directly to the balls haha.  The slave begs her not to, but Platinum demostrates how well it works just for Tina's amusement.  Of course, Tina just HAS to try it herself!!  (Can you blame her?  It looks like SO much fun!)  One touch of her little finger, and this bitch goes DOWN!  Oh yeah, he would MUCH rather give a BJ to a total stranger than have THIS done to him!  (No matter HOW "straight" he is!!  Or...was??)


Platinum has even locked his hands behind his back so there is no way he can try to rip the wiring out.  And a bag that literally says "Whore Bag" is hung around his neck!!  Can you imagine being sent out onto the street like this??  But he has no choice.  


Now it is time for Platinum and Tina to count THEIR $$$ that this bitch has earned for them.  (Of course they get it ALL- the bald bitch with the sore jaw and gaping holes gets NOTHING.)  But there is only like $100 and change in here!  After a WHOLE NIGHT of streetwalking for them??  WTF?!  This bitch has some explaining to do to its Mean Girl Hustler Masters....

Drink Up Toilet Boy

So this loser has been stationed in the bathroom and basically just left there, bowing down before our "porcelain throne". When I sit down I see that there is no toilet paper!! Obviously, he thinks I am stupid and that I will let him "lick me clean" by using his tongue as my toilet paper. Um, I think not, loser.

So instead I make him literally drink out of the toilet after I have relieved myself into it! HAHAHAHA!!!! By the way, this is TOTALLY REAL and you can not only hear me "going" into the toilet, but you can hear his pathetic bald ass SLURPING it up out of the toilet!! LOL!!!!!


-Princess Carmela

Freak Gets Fed


This was one of the grossest clips we have every shot. Even WE couldn't believe we put our under-the-stairs "human pet" through this for one of our online fan's enjoyment!

We made it eat REAL dawgfood (we even show you the can up-close to the camera before opening it!) AND me n Skylar take turns ashing cigarettes into its "delicious meal" that we have prepared for it!

At one point - no joke - the slave literally throws uup its "meal" at our what does any Mean Girl do in a situation like that?? We MAKE ITS PATHETIC ASS LICK THAT SLOP BACK UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! (You need to see this clip!!!!)

My Alpha Wants His Car Cleaned

I was coming over to shoot some clips and as I was leaving, my Alpha says that he wants his car cleaned. He joked that I should make "those pathetic losers" that I beat on in my videos clean his car for him!  So I told him "no problem babe" and that was the first clip I made these bitches do for me- while me n Grace just hang out n chill and boss them around like the bitches they are for us.

AND we took turns filming it so we could make MORE $$$ off these idiots washing my man's car, AND I made them all PAY ME for the privilege of doing it!! HAHAHA!!!  Gawd, I love being a Mean Girl!!  It is so great being able to use these pieces of human garbage for whatever we want.  I even rub it in their faces as they are washing my man's car that "Alpha wants his car SPOTLESS bitches for when he takes me out on a date in it later!" lol.  I even make one of the losers LICK THE FILTH OFF THE RIMS OF MY MAN'S CAR WITH HIS TOUNGUE when I see that he missed a spot!  Alpha would not like that, so the slave needs to learn a lesson...

Me n Grace even take turns beating the slaves to make sure they do a good job, and joke about how we should open a "Mean Girls Carwash" and staff it literally with SLAVE LABOR- so they do ALL the work for us like 24/7 and WE make all the MONEY!!!  Haha who wants to come work for us at our carwash??  :)

-Princess Skylar

Dorothy Humiliates Toto

***THIS IS ALL TOTALLY REAL...and humiliating AF for the slave! LOL***

I want to dress up as Dorothy for Halloween- and I want to make one of my slaves dress as "Toto" and use it as part of my Halloween costume!  So this was a public test to make sure it will obey all my commands, and can handle the humiliation I will put it through in public at the party we will be attending.  So I literally walk it down the street on all 4s like the DAAWWG that it is- acting like it was "nothing" when people pass by and stare haha.  SO much fun!  (Well, for ME, anyway!)

You can totally hear a couple of black guys yelling out humiliating things at my slave almost right from the beginning of the clip as they walk by.  I don't care.  I think its hilarious that they are mocking this pathetic fucking freak.  It DESERVES it, IMO!  I mean, who would allow themselves to be treated like this?  I mean, I know I'm HOT, but...

Anyway, after walking for a bit, I get tired and my feet are all sweaty from walking all night in my "ruby red" converse with no socks on. :)  So I have a nice, comfortable seat right there in public and make my daawwg-slave take my shoes off and worship my sweaty feet as people pass by and laugh at him! Haha only in Vegas can you degrade a stupid male like this..and people just walk by and laugh.  :)

Maybe I should start my own "slave-walking" business year-round?  Who else wants to come here and pay me to walk them down a public street like a bitch?  LOL

-Goddess Platinum

Princess Chanel Is Hot And So Is The Ground

***(Paid Custom Clip for a Member of Our Membership Site)***


America has become a female-dominated society and all men when they reach the age of 18, will automatically have their identity card revoked and become slaves to women. Women, on the other hand will automatically become slave owners and be entitled to numerous privileges, one of which is to train, torment, and humiliate new male slaves at specific dedicated training centers such as the Mean Girl Desert Compound.

Princess Chanel is one of these trainers. And a slave has been sent to the Mean Girl Compound for additional training. Unfortunately, he could not tolerate life under this new regime and actually tried to escape!! Needless to say, he got caught and is now sent back to Princess Chanel for further harsh punishment. Princess Chanel is obviously very angry and has decided to punish her slave by physically exhausting him. (Since he has so much energy to try to escape...). Princess Chanel decides to make the slave leopard crawl (military style) around the hot deck, caning him along the way to make him crawl faster for her!

This is painful for the slave as the knees and elbows will be hurting from crawling from the burning hot deck in the blazing hot summer desert heat.  Finally, Princess Chanel asks the slave if it wants a break and to have some ice cream? Of course the slave says yes! But Princess Chanel announces a twist. She has the ice cream on a plate with a string attached and pulls it around the deck, making the slave crawl after it and BEGGING for it- until it quickly melts in the hot sun before his eyes! The entire time, Chanel is continually to taunting the slave, saying how sad it is to be a "man" in America now.

At the end of the clip, Princess Chanel finally allows the slave to have its ice cream- and just as it is finally getting its opportunity to bow down at her feet to eat its melted ice cream like the broken slave that it is, Princess Chanel casually & quietly lifts her foot, placing it on the back of the slave's head- and slams its fat, ugly face down into the ice cream, twisting her foot back & forth as if she is grinding into its little brain that this is how its life will be from now on...

Chastity Weight-Loss Program

This slave is so fat and he has been locked him up for awhile now by all of Us until he loses weight.  But it doesn't seem to be working...he has only lost a few pounds! 

So I explain to him right to his ugly pig face what his ultimate reward will be if he loses 100 pounds...and he actually seems quite motivated by it! (You need to watch the clip to hear what my "motivational offer" is! haha.)

I don't blame him would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to a fat, ugly loser like him. And to be honest, it would be a privilege that is beyond what any stupid SLAVE should ever be allowed, in my opinion!!!  But all you fat ugly losers at home will need to watch to hear what it is and just DREAM that this was YOU.  Haha. 

You all would probably be starving yourselves for months to earn this reward...


-Goddess Platinum

Bum Humiliation- Part 2

So I told my 18 year old niece Amber about this bum I found that I like to go and humiliate by making him literally BEG for my pocket change. (As well as making him do degrading acts to "earn" his pennies haha!) And she LOVES it. She is sooo mean sometimes!! And she hates street people almost as much as I do!

So we have our personal driver take us in our nice new car over to this bum's "home" in a deserted parking lot, and we proceed to treat him like the street urchin that he is, while making him BEG and perform for our entertainment while we laugh and toss nickles at him!

We even make the subhuman creature lick the dirt off the bottom of our shoes while we openly mock it for its living conditions.  We even make him strip naked right out in public- and then literally BOW DOWN AND KISS OUR FEET AND BEG just for our spare pocket change!  Haha!!

You have to watch this clip to hear my little niece and i absolutely DESTROY what little "dignity" this bum has left! And if it wants a whole shiny quarter, it better do whatever the fuck we say! Gawd,it is so much fun to be rich and degrade poor people! Haha.

-Goddess Platinum