Between Two Farts

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley are standing looking away from each other on their cellphones. The slave is kneeling in the middle between his two Goddesses with his face directly at ass height. Suddenly, Goddess Harley rips a very loud fart and the slave scurries over to Goddess Harley to inhale the fart and kiss her ass. A moment later Goddess Nina farts and the slave immediately moves from kissing Goddess Harley's ass to kissing Goddess Nina’s. Goddess Nina comments that maybe they shouldn’t have eaten all those burritos. The Goddesses are very gassy from the burritos and keep farting over and over. The slave tries his best to inhale each fart by moving back and forth between the two Goddesses and inhaling both of their farts as quickly and as deeply as he can. The Goddesses can’t believe how pathetic this slave is! They tell him that smelling their farts is the closest thing to a relationship he will ever have!

Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley’s asses look amazing in their skin tight gold leggings and they really humiliate the slave by making him chase after their farts like they are the most valuable thing in the whole world. I don’t have this particular fetish so I’ll give this one a slave rating of “7” out of 10. Fans of farting, ass worship, and humiliation will want to buy this video.

School Girl Fart Humiliation

I was just walking through the hall at school when this nerd thought he could just talk to me, duh! I was like, oh youre so cute, but youre a nerd loser, haha! I informed him that I could not be seen in public talking to him and I could definitely not give him my phone number. But I was willing to give him all that he deserved- My farts LOL! I made him sniff my ass while he was down on his fucking knees like a total loser in the hallway so that everyone could watch this spectacle. I don't even know how many times I farted with his face right right in my ass, haha! How humiliating. But the unpopular people are just meant to be treated this way, I think! I honestly love humiliating them like they deserve and I am sooo glad this loser will now be called "fart-face" for the rest of his life by everybody in school! Haha!

-Princess Beverly

Categories: Female Domination, School Uniform, Humiliation, Farting, Femdom, Brat Girls

Inhale Our Pizza Farts

We are siting on a slave for a little extra comfort while eating pizza. Problem is, it is loaded with cheese, onions, and peppers! (And I am lactose intolerant!) So needless to say, it doesn’t take long before it starts having an “effect”- on both of us! And we decide to use the slave’s mouth to suck down our farts so WE don’t have to smell them! OMG slaves are so pathetic…they HAVE to let Us use them for whatever we want- even if it is as a “fart vacuum” to suck our farts right down their mouth. LOL.

Pretty soon we are just taking turns farting on its face and then eventually we time it up so we actually do a “double fart” at the same time on its ugly face! LOL!

FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Goddess Nikkole

Butt Burps

While Princess Leya from Men Are Slaves is visiting Mean Girl Manor she decides to have fun with one of the slaves. Nothing degrades another human being more than to have their face burped and farted in. LOL. So she sits right on this piece of sh*ts face and lets rip with a few good farts right on him. She is drinking some soda to REALLY build up some nice burps for him. And O-M-G can she BUUURP! Wow! Princess Leya lets out some WORLD-CLASS burps from DEEP down right into the loser's FACE! You have to see the video to believe how amazingly loud and long her belches are!! And whenever she feels like it she just plops her ass right back down on its face and lets another fart rip right down its throat! LOL. So humiliating for the slave.

Cauliflower Fart

We are all sitting around when GoddessNo starts explaining the benefits of the "Cauliflower DIet". (You eat nothing but cauliflower, basically.) But the only problem with it? It causes you to FART like ALL the time!
But we decide to have some fun with that- because we use it to torturre a slave with all of our GAS! HAHA!! We make him lay there and we each take TURNS plopping down on his face and letting one RIP. It actually makes for a fun little game! LOL

Then at the end we all sit on his face at the same time and see who can fart on his face first! Winner gets to pick where We take his credit card to go SPEND ALL HIS MONEY tonight!!! :)

Stench Bench

Introducing Our newest member of the Mean Girl crew- Ash Hollywood! And OMG she is SO mean to slaves! :) She had a ton of fun at the Mean Girl Manor- and this video was the funnest.

We were eating pizza during a break and of course we were sitting on some stupid slave We had tied to the bench so We would be more comfortable. Then all of a sudden We both got hit with a case of "pepperoni gas" at the same time! LOL. So We took turns sitting on the loser's FACE and launching Our STENCH right into its mouth. We even took turns sitting on its face when we felt one "coming on" and ordered it to "suck in Our farts!" so the other girl wouldn't have to smell them! LOL!

This is a GREAT fucking video and ANY slave would be LUCKY just to suck in and swallow the butt fumes from Our assholes!