The Great Loser Jerk Off Session

I want to create a single massive jerkoff session for all my slaves at once. I want to see how many slave dicks I can make explode at the same time. The combined jerkoff session will be on Fridays at 8:00 California time. So no cumming until then. You have to save yourselves for the big day. I want to picture thousands of slaves lined up all stroking furiously and then kneeling down to eat up their own dick snot. It's going to be hilarious.

Serve Me In Real Life

Youre lucky Im even making this clip for you loser! I wonder if youre even smart enough follow it. Today Im telling you in detail exactly what you have to do to be my slave in real life. This is fuckin real. If you want your dreams to come true youll do precisely what I say. Follow the steps I lay out for you and all your pathetic hopes and dreams of slave-hood will come true. Or you can just waste your life away jerking off thinking about what could have been because you dont have the guts! Either way its ok with me youre still a loser to me.

Kick The Cunt

We have kicked PLENTY of male slaves in the groin. But we have never kicked a GIRL slave between the legs! So we put the legspreader on this bitch, handcuff her hands behind her back, and throw her leash over a bar above her head. Then one of us pulls on her chain, holding the ugly bitch up while the other one lines up her kick! We take turns practicing our "snap kicks" on her cunt! And she HAS to take it!! Cuz we fucking OWN this bitch for the time we have her rented from her Master! We think this is hilarious. And the bitch does SCREAM cuz it hurts so bad. (Although WE would never know cuz WE would NEVER let this be done to us! Haha!) We explain to her that we are pretty and she is an ugly slut so we can treat her however we fucking want.

Eventually her screams are so bad we have to take her inside just so we can keep abusing her LOL. We make her get on her hands and knees and one of us gets right in front of her so we can look directly into her eyes when the other one kicks her in the cunt from behind! OMG soooo much fun! LOL! We keep kicking her in her fat cunt over and over...she is agony and we think its SO FUCKING FUNNY!!


This slave girl has been literally RENTED by us from her "Master" to use & abuse however we want! We mock her for belonging to a male...(ugh!) This bitch is such a whore that she will serve anyone! She is literally subhuman and wants to be used- by anyone & everyone that will take advantage of her. Ok, well WE are like the BEST at that! Haha! She craves making her Superiors proud by showing TOTAL obedience. So we yank her out of her cage and walk her around outside, naked and on all fours like the an1mall she is. We even ride her around like a fat, ugly horsey! SOO much fun! :) She is Our new pett and she HAS to do WHATEVER we say!

-FEATURING: Princess Cindi, Goddess Suvana

Eat Dick Bitch

We decided to test out our new slave's cock-sucking abilities and make sure that it can deep-throat really well. But instead of using a dildo, we decide to just shove our feet down the whore's throat. Grabbing it's leash, we just take turns shoving our foot down its throat as far as it will go until it gags, then start "face-fucking" it with our foot haha. Then she is passed back n forth between us so we can take turns yanking on her chain and shoving our foot down her throat while we laughing at how pathetic she is.

"C'mon, if you can swallow a WHOLE foot whore, you can totally swallow a cock!"

While one of us is shoving our foot down her throat, the other leans forward and spits in her face and we both laugh at her... Then we move on to using a HUGE dildo!! The goal for each of us is to make the whore gag. Then we make the whore beg for it while they hold the HUGE black dildo in front of her like a carrot and laugh their asses off while she actually BEGS to suck it for us! We laugh about how we are going to put her out on the street for us to earn for us! And our cut is 100%!!! All SHE will get is a stomach full of cum! (We joke that will be HER "cut"! Haha. She gets the cum, WE get ALL THE $$$!) -FEATURING: Princess Cindi, Goddess Suvana

Lezbo Poolside Humiliation

~~This slut has been used and abused by Us and TOTALLY treated like the piece of that she is- yet she keeps crawling back for more abuse! LOL! Sooo entertaining to treat another girl this bad. It is like the best part about being a "Mean Girl"... :)
Anyway, We are just chilling poolside when this lezbo slut comes up and wants to "hang out" with Us! LOL! We like can't believe it and just laugh in her face. Then We tell her "sure" she can hang out with Us- IF she does EVERYTHING We say in front of everyone at this pool.

We make the bitch fetch Us drinks, rub Our feet, and even WORSHIP Our feet while We SPIT on her and LAUGH at her and tell her how ugly she is! We even make her go topless so We can laugh at her little boobies! And the fucking dyke TOTALLY puts up with it. She thinks We are so hot in Our little bikinis and is like SOOO desperate just to be near Us- she will literally do ANYTHING to try to please Us. Pathetic. She DESERVES to be walked all over if you ask Me.

Watch the video to see what other demads We have for her and if We decide to let her be Our "bitch" when We go to the mall later. LOL

Degrading the Dyke

Princess Perfection is still learning how to insult female slaves, and I have the perfect pig slave for Us to humiliate! Watch this clip to see Us use lipstick to write the truth about where this worthless slave's place is. She is nothing but a tool to US and WE can use her whore skills to make US money! We also have so much fun cropping this slave and treating her just like the disgusting annimal she is. This slave is such great entertainment to have around, I'm sure Princess Perfection is going to get used to this!

Cucumber Slut

It's time to see what kind of skills Our lezbo whore slave has to offer to Mean Girl Manor! How can We make money off this useless PIG?
Princess Perfection and I agree that cock sucking is a sufficient way to put Our bimbo slave's skills to use but We want to make sure she's actually good at it before assuming this STUPID bitch can successfully complete a task. I can't allow this WHORE to make an embarrassment out of Mean Girl Manor!

We team up to deep throat this slut with a cucumber so we can see what this pig is made of! Watch Us humiliate this slave while We make sure she gets her daily dose of vegetables like a good little SLUT!

Lezbo Foot Licker

Princess Perfection and I humiliate this lezbo whore who dreams of one day becoming as PERFECT as We are, but that will like NEVER happen because this slave is just ugly and stupid. And can you believe this bimbo slave actually went to high school with Us?? We didn't even realize it was her at first, but we eventually remembered her. She would do like ANYTHING We tell her to do just so she can be in our presence. We remind it of how BEAUTIFUL and COOL We are and how it can only fantasize about ever being friends with Us! We make it worship Our PERFECT feet while we have a blast degrading and humiliating this worthless PIG!

Lezbo Hazing Begins

We introduce Princess Perfection to a lezbo slave of Mean Girl Manor. This is her first time humiliating a female slave so I show her the ropes on how to degrade this whore.
We put this slave in its place as we degrade it right to its stupid face!

Watch us team up to make sure this slave knows just how ugly and worthless it is while we remind it how GORGEOUS and PERFECT we will always be! LOL. You need to watch this clip to hear how mean we are to this LEZBO WHORE! (this is an all verbal humiliation clip and we are super fucking mean to her)