Weekly Paycheck Presentation

At Mean Girl Manor we have a weekly ritual that I find VERY important.  You see, most of the local "house slaves" that serve me are forced to have regular "day jobs" in addition to their toil and servitude here at The Manor.  And each week on Friday they are required to crawl before me as I sit upon my throne and present their paychecks to me.  (Yes, their ENTIRE paychecks!)  

They are required to kneel before me, ritualistically hand their $$$ over to me, literally BEG me to take it, then THANK me for taking it.  Then they are allowed to grovel at my feet, worship me, and praise my perfection- as I could MY money!  The more they have earned for me, the more "worship time" and other rewards they will receive!

Additionally, one of the best ways I have found to keep them working hard for me all week long (even when I am not their watching over them) is to keep them locked in chastity.  So of course, after they hand over their paychecks and are groveling at My PERFECT feet, they inevitably end up uncontrollably begging to be released from their restraining cock cages.  Do I ever allow it?  It depends on how much they have earned for me...after all, I don't really care how sexually frustrated they are- all I care about is HOW MUCH $$$ THEY ARE EARNING ME!

Watch the clip to see if any of My slaves earned a release this week!

-Goddess Platinum

A How-To Guide for Cash-Point Meets

So I get these requests for a "cashpoint meet".  And yeah, of course I would be more than happy to meet your loser-ass at an ATM and take a nice big withdrawal out while I laugh in your face!  But you know what? Most of you don't have the guts to do it. Or you won't follow my simple steps to meet me.  (You think I'm really going to waste my time and go out of my way to meet some stranger that isn't a member of American Mean Girls and has never sent me a gift or even a dime in tribute??  Um...NO.)


So I decided to make this little clip with one of my REAL SLAVES as a sort of "demo" for you losers to see what you need to do to meet me for a cashpoint meet- as well as showing you how it is likely to go down!


Oh, and yes, the "cash withdrawal" part is REAL. I REALLY took $400 from this loser's account at a REAL ATM and kicked him right in the balls as people are driving by and laughing at what a pathetic fuck he looks like on his knees before me..


-Goddess Platinum

Platinum's Boyfriend Behavioral Correction Service

Tina's ex-boyfriend wants to get back into her life, but he was a total dawwg and the only thing she really misses about him was his MONEY. Besides, she is seeing someone else now. She comes to Platinum for a solution. Platinum has a mysterious ability to "retrain" male brains. She has a plan to help Tina out... A phonecall is placed to this jerk of an ex. Platinum teases him with the possibility of a facetime call!

He thinks he will be seeing her "boobs"- meanwhile the only boob involved here will be HIM! Because little does he know about Platinum's psychic powers of mind control. Soon he is staring at Platinum's purple mind-controlling crystal. It sways back & forth...and a "trigger word" is placed into his brain. He tries to fight it, but its futile to resist. The asshole is then summoned to Platinum's office at Mean Girls headquarters to put her control to the test in person.

Of course, it works like a charm. he is now ready to be taken to Tina's house and literally GIVEN to her as a HUMAN PET! Tina cannot believe this. This "daawg" of an ex-boyfriend is now literally crawling at her feet, handing her $$$ and credit cards in his teeth! He has been trained SO well! (Or maybe "mind washed" is a better term?) He obviously is trying to resist this new humiliating life- but Platinum shows Tina how to use the "trigger word" to put him deeper and deeper under her control. The asshole ex is absolutely powerless to resist it.

All it takes is a simple command and a clap of Tina's hands- and this male chauvenist is reduced to a whimpering, cowering canine at her feet! Tina decides to push the limits and explains to her ex what his new life will be like. (Apparently he can still understand all human words- even if he cannot speak them anymore. All he can do is bark and whimper like a REAL canine- much to Tina's amusement!)

Tina relishes telling the jerk that he will be giving all his worldly possessions to her NEW boyfriend! And that he will be made to lay at the foot of their bed and listen to them FUCK all night from now on! The poor little puppy is CRUUUSHED! LOL Then it is on to making this new "bitch" of Tina's perform doggie tricks for our amusement! This bitch cannot be humiliated enough as far as we are concerned!

My Shoe Bitch Humiliated In Public Part 2

This is an absolutely REAL video shot IN PUBLIC where I lead my foot-obsessed shoeslave into a shoe store, boss him around in front of eveyone in the store, make him try shoes on my perfect feet, and then USE HIS BALLS to test the shoes to see how good they are for ballbusting! And I command him to take ALL my kicks IN SILENCE because we are in a public place, after all...LOL.

Even with his (almost) silence, we were still getting some prettty weird looks haha. I love humiliating these freaks in public.

-Goddess Platinum

Where's My Slave?- Part 1

So one of Our slaves ran away. Apparently it had gotten wind of our plan to sell him off to a gay guy in Romania. (Hey, he was paying us a LOT of $$$ for that slave! So what do we care what is done to him after he is sold off?? He is our PROPERTY and we can do whatever we want with him!!)

Anyways, I KNOW this fat-ass loser knows exactly where that other runaway slave is. So I have him restrained in our Torment chamber and I plan on extracting the other slave's whereabouts from him- through any means necessary. Oh, and he WILL me!

I toy with him, as I plan on having my fun with this... I start with blowing Smoke in his face (he hates this! haha) as I let him know exactly how bad this is going to be for him...

Then I begin by simply walking back and forth over his broken toes with my high-heeled boots. I burn him with my cigarette. (At one point, my still-lit cigarette butt rolls under fatass's ballsac and is burning him like crazy!- and I just laugh!!)

Then I cruussh his balls under my boots as I twist my foot back & forth. I give him plenty of hard whacks to his big, swollen and tender testicles with my riding crop...ouch, that must hurt, huh?? And to make sure he can't block my blows to his balls, I have his legs spread open using pulleys and cranks!!

Princess Skylar

Give Us Even More Money

This is the part "The Return of Euro-Trash" where we make him lay his tribute out at Our feet- while we literally mock him to his face for it and take ALL the money he has saved up since the last time he saw us! I mean like we literally TELL HIM TO HIS FACE that we think he is pathetic for doing this AS we are taking all his $$$ from him! Haha.

We laugh about how hard he probably had to work for all this money- and how we are just TAKING it from him in a matter of seconds!! We then make fun of him by telling him how little we think of him, and how all he is going to get for this money is pain, suffering, and humiliation...

BTW this is TOTALLY REAL!!! No fake "roleplaying" or "scripts" here! This is a REAL slave of ours that REALLY came to see us and meet us!!

Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley

Taking Out The Trash

This is just the beginning part of our real-life "session" with our "Euro-Trash Slave". 

From a 1-minute opening of us explaining how he got to come here, to what we plan on doing to him- to us actually driving over to his hotel and grabbing him right out of his room and tossing him into the trunk of our car and taking him to the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound"!  Oh, and of course we filmed him PAYING us and literally laying $4,000 out AT OUR FEET!  Haha

Princess Skylar (who we just met for the 1st time and was awesome!) filmed the whole thing for us so we could make even MORE $$$ off of this loser by filming our abuse of him and selling it!!

Wanna know why THIS loser gets to experience this and you haven't??  Because he:

-Joined Our site when told to do so

-He sent his ID as commanded!

-He sent a nice deposit and proof of travel to prove he was SERIOUS!

-He agreed to be filmed AND to do it without a mask!

-And most importantly, he paid us a LOT of money to show he knows that we deserve it more than he does!

Can you do all of those things?  Then you can come here too.  Or do you have a problem with any of that? can just keep watching and dreaming, loser!  Too bad so sad.  Because quite honestly, we get sick of slaves that wrote to us and just TALK about coming here, or have a problem with our demands.  Be a REAL slave like this one, and you can come here too!!

-Princess Ashley

Euro Trash- The Abbduction

So we went to this slave's hotel in Vegas and literally abbducted him, tossed him in a car trunk, and then drove him to our Mean Girl Desert Torment compound to abuse and tortuure him. This clip was shot mostly on our girlfriend's iphone when she came with us to watch us k1ddnapp this loser. This is totally REAL btw!! Then we get him back to our place, sit on our thrones, and make his Euro-trash ass PAY us!! After smacking him around a little bit he is more than happy to give us ALL his money and grovel at our feet! (Watch the clip to see how much we make him give us and how scared he is of me n Chanel! LOL)

FEATURING: Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel


Cruushing Your Credit Card- and Your Head


"You come from shopping, hands full of bags. You yell at your slave, slapping him hard across the face for not having enough money on his credit cards for you! After several hard face slaps you order him to stick his tongue out. You cruelly wipe your dirty boot soles on it while laughing at him. When your boot soles are clean, you want to trample his face with them while checking your new gifts on your phone that you bought with his credit card online. You stand on his face until he is literally crying in pain."

The School Girl And The Loser

***Paid Custom Clip From A Member of Our Website***

A Young School Girl that knows she was born to be a Goddess is about to have a party. The clip starts off with Princess Cindi in a usual looking School Girl Outfit, with bare legs and wearing her favorite pair of flats walking back home with Her secret "Old Man Slave", who she ordered to spend his entire lunch break shopping for her.  He is holding all her bags and then serving her at home.  She is a super bratty Young Goddess and arrives home with her slave following behind, looking exhausted, holding all her bags and she Immediately jump on the sofa and orders her slave to put the bags away and get on his knees to spend the rest of his lunch break at her Feet.

Princess Cindi is an intelligent and Super Bratty School Girl who has a Man 3 times her age shaking, tired and financially drained by a her- a Young Female Supremacist. She lifts her foot and orders him to remove her shoe and start massaging her feet....Now she starts with Your plans for Your Super Bratty School Girl Party...

You Outline what You Want, when You want it and How You want it...You demand and Your slave obediently agrees...You then simply verbally humiliate him...mock him for how she is a Young Girl and has a man 3 times his age completely Broken and on the verge of Crying..all whist on his knees massaging Your feet while You sit back and ignore him...

You then Order him to lick and worship your feet and demand every last penny off of him while you ignore him and talk to your friends on the phone....You Eventually make him say a prayer and Bow down 10 times before You, and then you Slap him, kick him and then you send him off to go back to work and make you more money!