Give You All My Money Do Whatever You Say

Sometimes I like to just spend some time "reconditioning" slaves' minds. Its just a necessary part of their ongoing training, really. They need to be constantly reminded just how far BENEATH hot girls that they really are. So I like to make them literally BOW DOWN to me in the "worship position"- and proceed to physically and verbally remind them of what a worthless, inferior piece of human garbage they are compared to me. And deep-down they know its true. That's why they literally worship me as their fucking god and allow me to treat them like total garbage lol. Because they know they are LUCKY just to be literally mistreated and treated like absolute dirt by a girl as hot as me.

By the end of this clip I have this loser reciting out loud the only way a girl as hot as me would EVER allow it around me- which is do WHATEVER I say, give me all its money, and let me treat it like the human garbage it is compared to me! Haha

-Princess Amber

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Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase - I Stole Your Sugardaddy

We have already seen the Power of Miss Lexi's beauty in the first 2 parts of this series.  Since she turned 18 a few months ago, the most popular  (and MEANEST) girl in school has turned "nerd" Betty's stepdaddy literally into her love-struck minion.  She makes BOTH the nerd girl AND her stepdaddy serve her hand & foot, doing whatever she says and give her all their money. 

But Betty's stepdaddy messed up last time.  He let Miss Lexi know that Betty has been seeing this "sugardaddy" guy for a few weeks now and he gives Betty money.  Well, Miss Lexi can NOT have that!  Betty is fat, ugly, and a NERD!  And Betty is, like, LEXI'S "property" now- so her "sugardaddy" belongs to her too!  Besides, if he is giving money to ugly Betty, she knows that all he has to do is see HER one time- and he will be begging to give HER all the money he was giving to ugly nerd Betty.

Lexi orders Betty to send her "SD" to her- and Betty has no choice.  The meeting is arranged.  The unsuspecting sugardaddy is sent to the school thinking he is meeting Betty, but when he walks in- there is Miss Lexi!  He can't help himself...she is SO beautiful...he literally falls to his knees and crawls to her with the money he brought for Betty.  He BEGS Miss Lexi to take it!  She just laughs.  She has this effect on ALL men.  She even brags to this old man that she has all the teachers, step-parents, and neighbors serving her hand & foot and giving her all their money.  people can't help it because she is so hot.  She laughs that nerds literally crawl behind her through the school, kissing the ground behind her that she walked on...

This ugly sugardaddy brought roses for Betty.  Lexi makes him kneel before her and tear up the roses while she Facetimes it to Betty!  She orders him to lay a pile of cash and rose pedals at her FEET just so she can step on them and film it for Betty to watch and make her cry!  Lexi thinks its so funny that she is literally STEPPING on the roses and money that meant so much to Betty!  They are under her FEET because they mean NOTHING to Lexi.  She just wants to take them so Betty can't have them and because she knows it will makeBetty cry on the phone.  She thinks its fun to make Betty cry.  She doesn't know why, but it just feels good when she makes nerds cry. 

Betty's FORMER "sugardaddy" is now literally bowing down and kissing Miss Lexi's FEET as she is standing on the rose pedals and pile of money he laid on the floor before her desk.  Lexi continues to take pictures of it.  She thinks its funny to humiliate old men too.  And the funniest part?  Apparently these two actually really liked each other!  Its so much fun being this hot...

***This is the BEST "Mean Schoolgirl Lexi Chase" clip YET!***

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The Answer Is Always "NO!"

(This is a multi-day clip, showing the slave begging Princess Mia on various days when she was at the American Mean Girl Desert Retreat)
Princess Mia has kept this fat, old slave locked up in chastity for almost a month now.  It is desperate for release.  It comes crawling in to remind his Princess that it is "almost Decision Day"!  (The day she said she might let him out of chastity!)  The slave is so excited.  He knows he will need money to have any chance of persuading her, so he crawls in with cash in hand.

Unfortunately, even after handing over ALL of his money that he has earned throughout the month to Princess Mia, she explains that all this money "buys" him is the opportunity to ASK her to unlock him.  But SHE will decide the answer!  And for poor slave johnny...the answer is..."NO!!!"  He has to crawl off with his chastity cage still rattling between his legs...  Mia just laughs and says "maybe next week" if he has enough money!

A week later, Mia's poor chastity slave crawls in, even more desperate to be unlocked!  He pays Mia one $20 bill at a time now, BEGGING her after each one to unlock him...and each time Mia gleefuly laughs in his face and shouting "NO!"   The poor slave is broken and dejected...and he AGAIN crawls off, broke and hornier than ever.  But Mia says if he comes back with even MORE $$$ for her next week, then maaaybe she will say yes!

The next week the slave crawls in and this time he is DESPERATE.  He wants out of chastity SO bad now!  It has been 6 weeks!  He begins giving Princess Mia more and MORE money...but she KEEPS saying "NO!" and laughing in his face!  He is now down to his last $50.  He is hesitiant...he has given SO much money to his Princess over the last couple of months, and all she does is keep him locked up long & longer and laugh in his face...

He decides to "ho for broke" and give her his last $50...and Princess Mia FINALLY says "YES!"  But she has an even crueler surprise in store for her pathetic, fat chastity slave....WATCH THE CLIP TO FIND OUT HOW CRUEL AND UNCARING MIA CAN BE WHEN IT COMES TO LOCKING UP SLAVE'S COCKS!!!

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Legal Trouble

Miss Lexi Chase is high-powered divorce attorney that usually only represents women. However, one day she has a male foot freak come into her office, literally BEGGING her to represent him. He has heard that she is the BEST. She is hesitant to take him on a client, but he says he has won the lottery and will pay her DOUBLE her normal fee! He is desperate to get his divorce finalized before his wife finds out about his newfound money! Plus, he admits that he has a foot fetish that his wife doesn't know about yet, and he just wants to get his divorce before his wife finds out about all his money and the fact that he has been sending money to "foot models" online!

Miss Chase is considering this client when her phone rings. It is next appointment. But the male client in her office recognizes the voice- it is his wife...and she is on her way up the stairs right now! Miss Chase tells him to hide under her desk! Just as he slides under Miss Chase's desk, his beautiful blonde wife comes into the office and sits down.

Miss Chase takes her pumps off and slams her stockinged foot down on the husband's mouth to shut him up, and simply rests her feet on him while she talks to her "new client". To the husband's horror, he can hear that his wife knows EVERYTHING! (Except the fact that her husband is right under the lawyer's desk, listening to her goal to take ALL his money!) The husband tries to object, but Miss Chase pushes her foot harder down on his mouth. He is left there, under Miss Chase's desk, with her foot muffling his objections as he listens to his wife talk abotu ho much she HATES him and wants to take him to the cleaners!

Finally he can't take it anymore as he hears these two powerful women laughing about his foot fetish. His wife is shocked! Both women turn on him, and soon he is groveling at their feet and they are using their feet to make him agree to ANYTHING THEY WANT!

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Your Purpose In life Is To Make Me Money!


In general I would like the tone to be angry.  Scolding, pissed off.  Lots of…

“I’m talking” and “Shut up!”

Like the fat loser that Mia owns keeps interrupts and Mia says “I’m talking” and then just stares at him, for 4 or 5 seconds.  Then "Do you want to get ball kicked?  Do you??  Then shut the fuck up you stupid fat freak and make me MORE MONEY!!!"

A lot of spitting in his face, face slaps, etc..

So the drama would be this.  Mia has repeatedly asked the fat chastity-loser that she owns to pick up extra shifts and OT at work for Mia to take 100% of the $$$ from him.  The loser has had no luck. 

Princess Mia yells at him about how she wants extra shifts and OT for him, and he tries to explain he has but his boss, a women, does not give him any.

Mia says "Tell her your keyholder wants more and you need the extra hours!!  Literally BEG her!  Offer to be a content-slave for her only fans or something!!"

Lots of the chastity slave trying to interrupt,  and then Mia says "SHUT UP!!   That’s back talk!  I told you to quit the back talk!" and she slaps him!

Mia then tells her fat money-pig that if he cant get extra shifts she will have no choice but to increase ball kicking video production for her only fans.

So Mia decides that every time he comes home from work (instead of STAYING there and working another shift!) then she will just use him as HER "content-slave" for her ballkicking videos on her websites!!  So he can either KEEP working for her 24/7- or come home and have his balls kicked in and recorded for her profit!  It is his choice.  She decides to give him a taste of it, and makes him lay down on his back and starts digging the stiletto heel of her shoe deep into his balls while filming it for her OF content and talking to her fans as she films it on her phone...

Mia digs her heel in sooo deep that the chastity slave BEGS for mercy and decides that he would LOVE to work back-to-back shifts for his Princess Keyholder Mia (with only brief naps in-between) so he can earn money for her 24/7...

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Kicking the Cash Out of It

There is little more fun than taking cold hard cash from a slave.  But making the stupid ugly thing pay Me each time I kick it in it's miserable face or head, is an even bigger thrill.  This sad thing is so desperate for any attention from any of Us, that it literally paid Me over $500 to simply kick it's head and face over and over and over again.  HOW FUCKING PATHETIC IS THAT???   My perfect little feet smash into this loser's face and head, and it coughs up another $20 each and every time.  Watch Me make this loser agree to go into permanent debt to be kicked in the face by Me.  All just for the honor of My perfect feet destroying it's face, and any little bit of self-esteem it had left.  Sorry loser, you're nothing except a wallet and "kicking-bag" to Me.  And once your little wallet is drained and rinsed of all it's resources, you get kicked aside until it's replenished.  (And as an extra bonus, check out how this loser's face looked at the end when it's nose finally gave way after one of My last kicks... Boooo hoooo bitch boi, not My Problem...) 

Goddess Asia

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Chastity Release Review

This poor slave. It has basically given up its life to live at Mean Girl Manor and serve Us. It has given Us all its money, and all the money it earns from now on goes to Us. It spends its days serving us hand & foot 24/7. And we treat it like absolute garbage 24/7 too. But to make sure it is 100% compliant no matter HOW badly we treat it, or how hard we work it, we have it locked up in chastity. I have been holding its key for quite awhile now. And it is like soooo desperate for a release...

But the thing is, it needs to PAY to be released! And it is out of money coz WE take it all! Haha. So it basically comes down to how much it is willing to go into DEBT just to have its pathetic little cock released so it can tug on it for a few minutes lol. OMG males are so fucking pathetic...but this makes it SO easy for me to get a shopping spree paid for! So I'm not complaining.

And today is "that day". It has been a good several months since I even considered releasing the slave last time. The loser starts whimpering at my feet, mumbling something about it being "the 1st of the month". At first I don't even know what the fuck the idiot is mumbling about. But then I remember, "Oh YEAH, isn't this supposed to be the day I review your performance to see if I will grant you a release from chastity for a few minutes??"

The slave is like SO ecstatic that I even remembered.

Then I tell the slave that we will have to play a little "game" to see if it will be released...haha. The poor slave seems distressed because it knows that my "games" always end up costing him- not just his money, but his pride, his dignity, his credit score. But it makes it entertaining for ME- and that is all I care about.

I make the slave go fetch ALL his credit cards and kneel back at My feet. As I am using the top of its head like a human footstool, and dangling one of my Louboutin stilettos off the tip of my toe right in front of its loser face just to tease it, I explain the rules of the "game". I will run through ALL of its credit cards, attempting to purchase this REALLY expensive NEW pair of Louboutins online. IF one of the slave's credit cards goes through, the slave will get released! If not, well...its "six more months of winter" for the slave's poor, locked up balls. Haha

Watch the clip to see if the slave gets released or not! (HINT: I am EXTRA cruel to the slave...and it is COMPLETELY BROKEN at the end! Haha)

<3 Princess Amber <3

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I Want It All

It's amazing the things I learn with just a little effort.  One of the live-in slaves here at the Manor had the audacity to have it's mail sent to it here so I took the time to do a little snooping and lo and behold, found out that this thing had been holding out on Me and all the other Mean Girls here at the house.  Not only did this stupid little bitch off a thing have more money than it let any of Us know about, it also had a ridiculous life insurance policy and money stashed aside in case of it's end so it's mother, and other family members could go on without it....  YES I SAID MOTHER.... what a fucking loser.... Hahahahahaha... who has a will and insurance policy with their mother as their beneficiary???  This fucking thing has never had a girlfriend, or anyone that cared about its worthless self, so it's been hoarding cash endlessly for years and trying to hold on to that money to give it to its mother????  Oh HELL NO.....  That's all coming to Me loser...  

Watch as I work over this old piece of idiot fucktard, beating it with an assortment of different implements until it understands that what is its, is MINE!!! And what's mine is mine.  Especially when I say so and demand it do what I say.  In the clip I insult, degrade, abuse, and treat this piece of garbage like the trash it is.  Chop chop disposable old thing, sign that all over to Me and be of use to your Superiors... and do it quick because I hate having to repeat Myself...   you exist for My benefit, not the other way around loser...  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

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Beat It Before I Delete It

This idiot pain slave of Mine had the audacity to tell Me that if I wanted the tribute it owed Me, I'd need to beat it to get My money out of it.....  Well, happy to oblige Mister Moron....   I dragged this thing from it's cage and hung it from the rafters in the ceiling of the Mean Girl Manor...  this disobedient little tuuurd had been on My nerves for months with it's on again off again inability to stay obedient and do as it's told...  apparently, it has step-mommy issues and feels like no WOMAN has ever loved it back..... BWAHAHAHAhahahaha.... no kidding loser, no WOMAN loves you now, and NO WOMAN HAS EVER LOVED YOU AT ANY POINT IN YOUR PATHETIC AND ANNOYING LIFE.....  lol.....  

So, since of course I'm going to get My money, I took this loser, tied it up, and then beat it as hard as I have since the first day it walked into the Manor and pledged itself to Me..  I don't have time for annoying idiots who refuse to follow My instructions and get butt hurt every two minutes when I don't give them enough attention..  loser's exist for My benefit, not the other way around... so watch this stupid little loser's last beating at My hands...   HAHAHA...  after kicking it's ass and taking all but it's smallest bills from it's wallet, I laughed and kicked the thing to the curb.... Bub bye bitch boy...  remember who the disposable part of the relationship WAS sissy-cuck...  it's no worry in My world not to have your mentally unstable jealous cry baby ass around, but pretty sure the loser wandering around the pandemic with it's ass tatted and branded with My name feels every bit like the stupid worthless disposable discarded trash that it is without Me.....  bwahahahaha....   I'll start My watch now on the countdown until this retard comes crawling back....  and just wait for the hell I have lined up for it once it does... real Gay-Ass-Geezer-Going WATERWORKS because I will hurt it so bad if it ever tries to crawl back to My feet.... TRY ME BITCH..... !!! 

Goddess Platinum



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This Little Piggy Took Me To Buy Louboutins

Oh what these pathetic little losers will do just to be let out of their cock cages.  All you have to do is lock their cock up, use & abuse them as your slave for awhile- and see how long it takes for them to crack.  Eventually they will be willing to spend ANY amount of $$$ to have their cock unlocked.  Haha.

This old loser had been locked up for a few weeks now and was literally begging just for a chance to get out of the chastity cage I have had it locked in for what seemed like an eternity to him.  (Of course I didn't even know how long it had been, since I have been dating and fucking as many hot guys as I wanted during that same time.)

So I made the loser chauffeur Me to the most expensive mall in Las Vegas so I could shop, shop, shop....and spend, spend, spend HIS money!  And I made sure to record the public stuff on my iPhone so EVERYONE could PAY ME to watch it here and LAUGH at his pathetic ass. 

(And yes, you better believe this is all 100% REAL!!  I even make him pull out his cock-cage and show it to my camera right out in the middle of the parking lot before we go in to the stores!)  haha

Then I dragged him through the mall to get Me some Red Bottoms....and of course I made it get Me twice as many pairs as it initially agreed to!  (Watch the look of depression in its eyes as it realizes that getting its cock unlocked is going to REALLY cost it some BIG bucks this time!)  

When we finally get back from shopping, I make it kneel before me and BEG some more to get unlocked!  (Just because I'm power hungry and I like seeing grown "men" beg like fools at my feet haha.) 

Eventually I make it agree to the most humiliating things just to be allowed to touch its own disgusting little cock and masturbate to MY beauty...while I look down at it and LAUGH.  (While I am wearing my new Louboutins that IT spent a ton of $$$ to put on My gorgeous feet!  LOL)  I even make sure to dangle my gorgeous, expensive new shoes right under its nose just to mock it a little more and remind it how much it had to spend in order to be allowed this little release!

I am so kind though...I let the loser create its little "worship puddle" at my feet right on the expensive tissue paper My new Loubs came wrapped in!

Buy this clip now loser- and see what i would do to you after we got home from spending thousands on Me as I laughed in your pathetic.

<3 Princess Amber <3

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