The Old Geezer Is Back

...And his back is really all we are interested in.  Because we want to BEAT it and SLASH it the way it deserves.

So this old slave was begging to come back after about of year of trying to be "normal".  LOL whatta joke.  SLAVES can't be "normal"!  They are born to be SLAVES.  That is why they exist!  So of course, in order to get back into our good graces, it must pay restitution with a merciless whipping...

Oh, and Princess Alexandria had one of her female slaves there as a french maid to tend to our needs and present us with our selection of play toys to beat our slave with.  The poor female slave was sooo obedient, especially when she saw how we punish this male slave...

-Princess Amber

Beaten by Lexi Chase

Miss Chase is sitting on her throne and whipping a slave-worshipper at her feet. She wonders what it will take to get this inferior foot-freak to stop worshiping her? Can she just beat it and verbally abuuse it until it has "had enough" and gives up?  Whatta fun little experiment...

But no matter what she says or does to it, the foot freak keeps kissing her perfect, petite, size 5 feet and professing its undying devotion and love for her, no matter how hard she beats it. She even verbally berates the pathetic foot-freak right to its face throughout the entire video, telling it that it literally means NOTHING to her, that she is so much better than him, and that it is lucky that she even LETS it kiss the FEET of a girl as hot as her!

She can't believe that this loser just puts up with it and keeps WORSHIPING at her feet no matter what she says or does to it!!

Her beauty just gives her SO much power over these stupid simps that she can literally do & say whatever she wants to them...and they will just KEEP worshiping her like the Superior Being that she is!!


Pummeling Porky Pig

This is a clip of beautiful, young Supreme Queen Simone's first time ever caning a slave!  She usually just rejects fat losers, but she had no idea that they could be used like this!  Who knew you could just chain them up and beat them for your own entertainment?? 

Supreme Queen Simone is learning from her visits to Mean Girl Manor that old, fat losers will let beautiful young girls do pretty much whatever they want to them just to be allowed around them.

Fat Fuck Double-Dommed

I invited Miss Tiffany over to Mean Girl Manor to beat our fat loser that we keep chained up in the basement...SO much fun!

Come Relax In My Special Slave Chair

So I had one of My slaves build a special chair from steel that is perfect for restraining losers in any number of different ways.  And the slave that I always like beating the best is My old ass geezer slave as it constantly drives Me crazy in one way or another.  Here, Princess Mia and I too the old ass down to the basement in the Manor and strapped the old asshole into the chair and had Our way with it. 

Watch as We get this old man set up for an all time epic Mean Girl Beatdown beating all over the front of its body as this chair makes it super easy to do so.  We both have access to its tiny little cock to stemp on and crush, as well as its chest, legs, arms and head...  We use paddles, crops, whips, canes, and even Our stilletos to hurt and ruin this sad thing.  And you see its head bobble around like a broken doll as it cries out in pain.  

See, what better Christmas present is there from a slave, than a device made to hurt and destroy the slaves themselves? Perfect on-going mindfuck of Our property and alongside an asskicking or ten to boot.  Get the clip now to watch old man geezer receive one of the fiercest ass kickings of his time at the Mean Girl Manor

Goddess Platinum

Beat the Freak

My Aunt's old crazy geezer slave is always more trouble than it is worth, except when we get to beat it senseless as it makes the most ridiculous faces, noises, and grunts. And of course it is even worse and more noisy when I bring someone like Miss Tiffany in on the action to kick this things ass.

Not only did we both crop/cane the hell out of this sad sack, we also took a bit of time kicking it around, digging our spiked heels into its flesh, and basically treating it like the worthless bitch it is... and if You haven't ever seen Miss Tiffany when She doesn't like a slave, OMG  She is so relentlessly brutal... 

Overall, this is probably the most caning/cropping videos beating a loser that I've been in as a Mean Girl...  and that's saying something.


<3 Princess Amber <3

Walloping the White Off of It

We have had a lot of truly pathetic slaves at the Manor over the course of the years, but I'm not sure there are any so helplessly ridiculous and outright worthless as Goddess Draya's ginger slut.  Princess Mia had stopped by the other day while Draya was out running around with Her Alpha, and we both took a look at this sad ginger thing kneeling in the corner not knowing what to do with itself, so we gave it a task... GETTING ITS ASS BEAT BY US!!!

You can even tell just how bad it gets for this sad sack looking at the preview image. It goes from having lily white skin that practically matches the white painted walls and carpets in the Manor, to being covered in bright pink and red welts all over its body after Mia and I finished up...   That could be because we went through the entire smorgasboard of implements including crops, paddles, floggers, short whips, long whips, etc... 

So if the pandemic, bad weather, and general state of things have you a little blue, get into the spirit of things as Princess Mia and I paint this loser red with all the brutality you love in Mean Girl's clips... 

Goddess Platinum

Hot Boxed Ginger

Wow, you wouldn't believe My surprise when My Aunt lead Myself and Goddess Draya outside to Our little courtyard area and opened up the old fridge that had been sitting there since forever. Not only wasn't it empty, it also contained a stinky nasty ginger slave, EWWWWWWwwww....

Well, granted it was some incredibly "rotten meat", but that wasn't going to stop Us from tenderiing it and making it into something worthwhile.  First Auntie pulled out a big wooden yardstick and took to whacking it... and the thing immediately started crying out and whining... as She continued to torment the idiot, I grabbed a crop and Draya took the yardstick as My Aunt grabbed yet another tool to beat, errrmmm Tenderize, lol, this worthless piece of meat...

We rapidly took turns smashing things into it's back, legs, ass, and more.... and Draya used the yardstick on it's feet repeatedly as the thing continued to wail... Getting sick of hearing it, My Aunt quickly wrapped the idiot's head in Gorillla Tape to shut it up and muffle it's noise and that made all the difference... because now I could get close enough to its face without having to worry about it yelling while I was there or having to accidentally smell its breath.... god, could you imagine??? Yuck.... But being that close, it made it super easy for Me to crop the dummy on its forehead, chest, nipples, or anywhere else I wanted..

Watch the whole clip to see how brutal We are to this sad sack loser and just what every loser slave is willing to go through for the Mean Girls

<3 Princess Amber <3

Let Her Have as Much Fun as She Wants

Check out this great "throw-back" clip from Goddess Draya's early days at the Mean Girl Manor.  This clip was shot just prior to Her moving in while Ms Dandy and I encouraged to really have at it in beating this old decrepit senior citizen slave.  We started off dragging it down to the basement in the house, and then restraining it over a cage where its legs and arms were locked in place.  And better still, this slave absolutely hates not standing or being able to see everything when getting beat.  Oh well bitch, We make the rules.... 

So after locking the loser in place, and having a few cracks across its ass and back Myself, I relinquished control to Draya and Dandy to destroy the loser.  Watch as the clip progresses how they go from somewhat restrained and measured in hitting this thing, to fully unbridled and unconcerned with its reaction as things ramp up and each gets comfortable wailing on this piece of garbage.  

But My slaves ALWAYS know the RULES...   anytime I put them in a position to be used by other Mean Girls, or to offer up their body for abuse at whoever's hands I leave them in, the RULES are ALWAYS the same ::  LET HER HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS SHE WANTS DESTROYING YOU, and then thank Her for the abuse after the fact faggot...  

Goddess Platinum

Face Down Ass Up

Some of these slaves really think they have a chance to be something or someone important to Us... Unfortunately for them, that is just NEVER THE CASE!  Take this loser for instance, after originally promising that it was this well-built, stallion of a man that would come to the Manor and impress Us as it took whatever We could dish out, it arrived as this frumpy wreck of a thing and disappointed from one task to the next.  

That inspired Goddes Dray to drag it up to the office, and lay down the law as to how things work at the Mean Girl Manor.  She started out explaining the way things work, and within a few minutes realized that the easiest way to ever actually get through to these losers is by beating the ever loving piss out of them.  So that's what We did.  Starting with some simple small little canes, and working Our way up to crops, paddles, and into the ruthless variety of whips We keep onhand.  

This thing tried to impress at first, but as the beating continued it went from proud of it's sacrifice to Our wishes, to begging, and pleading, and nearly crying as it asked for a break and time to pull itself together.  The both of Us couldn't stop laughing throughout as We destroyed any masculinity and ego this thing may have had when it pulled into the driveway and strode up to the door at the Manor.  (Yep, MGM, where beta male dreams go to dye a hurtful and abrupt demise at the hands of their Superiors...)

Goddess Platinum