Goddess Maci Does Her Chores

I was standing in the kitchen at the Mean Girl Manor when I decided to look over the Caning Chore ChartThis is when I realized that Goddess Maci hadn't ever done her caning chores since she finally turned 18 and joined the Mean Girls.

I called Princess Amber, (Goddess Maci's for real, real life, big sister.) and Goddess Maci into the kitchen and informed Princess Amber that her little sister hadn't done her chores yet. 

I already had our usual fat slave sprawled out on the futon with its hands and ankles handcuffed to each leg of the futon. I was really hoping it wouldn't exceed the max weight limit on the futon. Hahaha

Princess Amber and I walked Goddess Maci into the front living room where I had our slave ready and waiting to get caned. 

You know Princess Amber and I insisted on helping Goddess Maci with her chores... We want to play and have fun too!!!

Let's just say Goddess Maci will never skip her chores again and she will be very excited for them from now on. LOL! 

It's AMAZING being a Mean Girl!

Goddess Platinum

Round 2 Geezer Whipping

I'm sure by now you all watched the first geezer Beat Down clip I posted back in April. If you haven't watched it you better go buy it NOW!!! It was a brutal beat down by Princess Carmela and I and the old fuck actually blacked and konked out after he couldn't handle my ball busting. (Which let's all be real for a second... There aren't many males on this planet that can actually take MY BALL KICKS!)

Well I truly do love beating this old sack of k9 logs. I have actually brought him on as one of my pain slaves so I can harm and hurt him as often as I want to... It's actually pretty amazing and abusing him is fast becoming one of my favorite things I do to pass time. LOL!

This was my geezer slaves second trip to the Mean Girl Manor to serve me. He is realllllllly fucking stupid and says a lot of dumb crud just to piss me off. So by the end of this trip a lot of anger and frustration had built up. I couldn't severely beat him till the end, so I tortured him a little bit everyday. I figured this wrinkly sack of verbal diarrhea would be completely useless to me if I went crazy on him before the very end of it's trip.

This clip is the first half of round 2 geezer beat down. 

I invited Princess Mia over to join in my fun. It was only fair for me to have her come out to play with me since she had to put up with the geezers stupidity the day she came to the Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Mia and I have a blast whipping geezer over and over again with different types of crops, paddles and whips. 

Maybe one day you will have the balls to come out to the Mean Girl Manor and let us play with you?!?! Probably not though. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Bring Your Homework Slave To School

You all know we are Mean Girls. We own slaves... Lots of slaves. We own slaves for different things. For example one slave may actually be smart and great at homework but another is just dumb as a box of rocks and only good for beating... I think you get the big picture. Lol!

Anyways it was a school day for Princess Amber and Goddess Maci. They are still young and always learning to be better at using, walking all over and beating... males.

Both Goddess Maci and Princess Amber have homework slaves but if you ask me I think Goddess Maci got the short end of the stick when it comes to homework slaves. Poor Goddess Maci got the old and decrepit slave. It was good and smart back in its prime but the old goof can barely remember its name half the time. 

But around Mean Girl Manor High we take everything as a learning and teaching experience. So when Goddess Maci's homework slave forgot to do her homework again, we used it as a chance to teach Goddess Maci how we treat dumb slaves and teach the old, useless, pathetic slave what happens when you are disobedient.  

I'm sure by know you know we beat the dumb and disobedient slaves. LOL! And that's exactly what we did. I don't deal well with excuses. I don't care how old that slave is... it needed to be taught a lesson, one it would never forget. Hahaha 

I'm sure you will enjoy Goddess Maci and Princess Amber's sexy school girl outfits as much as you will enjoy watching us teach that old fart a lesson.


Goddess Platinum  

What Hurts More Loser?

Princess Mia and I were hanging out the other day and I was curious as to what she thought hurts worse... Caning or whipping??? 

Obviously neither Princess Mia nor I had ever been caned or whipped in our lives so we decided we would do a little experiment on one of our pathetic slaves. Lol!!!

We caned and whipped, whipped and caned it... we even added in some paddles and crops... we could NOT get a straight answer out of it. So we kept on beating it, over and over and still no straight answer.

Eventually after beating it stupid we gave up and decided we are going to have to use a smarter slave for our experiment. Lol!

But I will tell you one thing... We had a blast and laughed our asses off while beating our stupid slave. Hahahaha


Goddess  Platinum

Bastinado Games

I just heard that Bastinado, feet caning and that it hurts really bad. You know when I hear of something that hurts realllllly bad,I have to try it out on at least one of my slaves. LOL!

I absolutely love caning, whipping, punching, slapping, kicking... anything fun like that. That's probably the reason I have always played contact sports growing up, the opportunity for contact to harm others. LOL!

I had never tried bastinado so when I heard about it last night I immediately text my geezer slave and told him he better be at the Mean Girl Manor this morning. I didn't tell him why but I'm sure by now he knows anytime I have him over he's going to leave in pain. Hahahaha

This geezer loser is just thankful that I give him the opportunity to be in the presence of my perfection. No other beautiful woman have ever looked at him or gave him any type of attention, NEVER in his life!

So when my geezer slave arrived, I immediately restrained him to a section of my couch and took a crack at it! LOL!

It was a lot of fun for my first bastinado games. Definitely a learning opportunity.  MY geezer slave had a hard time walking after I finished. The bottom of his feet were black, blue, and purple. So it was a success!!!!


Goddess Platinum

Geezer Wrap Rap

Since Goddess Maci just turned 18 years old and she is the newest Mean Girl, her big sister (in real life) Princess Amber and I had to introduce her to the oh so fun world of caning. LOL!!!

I know Princess Amber had been telling her little sister all about how much we torture and abuse our slaves, but I don't think she ever went into detail about how. Like Goddess Maci didn't even know what caning was before today. Hahaha

**This is for REAL! Goddess Maci had never used a whip or a cane in her entire life, nor had she ever seen a pathetic loser get beat in real life... Till today!**

I decided to teach Goddess Maci all about caning on my new geezer slave. It is so freaking old and still in training, and I really don't think there is such a thing as beating it too much. A lot of the other Mean Girls keep saying, "You can't teach an old dawg new tricks." but I think if you beat that beast enough it will eventually learn, no matter how old it is. Plus it is so insanely humiliating for such an old creature to be beat by an incredibly hot 18 and 19 year old. lol!

Anyways, as I was saying... I handcuffed the geezer to a big chest so it couldn't move, like literally at all. I had both its hands and feet locked up and also shackled to the chest. I left it there locked up like that for a   while, I definitely wasn't in a hurry. I had some texts to send and we touched up our makeup...

Once I was done all the important things I needed to do, I came back into the caning room and made sure the old fart didn't croak from old age. lol! I got comfy in my high heel chair with my feet up on the senior citizen, ready to enjoy the entertainment.

I called Princess Amber and Goddess Maci in. The look on Goddess Maci's face was priceless, like a tot in a candy store, so excited. Princess Amber explained how to cane and the show began

It had been a while since I laughed that hard. Watching that helpless old fuck struggling against its restraints while my 2 hot, young nieces caned the living dust out of it. Hahahaha It just makes me so happy watching them having the time of their lives while helping me with its slave training.

*This clip is called "Geezer Wrap Rap" because the geezer was making so many funny noises while getting caned that I told it I was going to record it and make a rap song. The rap be all the rage with the young kiids. LMAO!*

Do you think they made it cry?? Do you think it begged them to stop?

***Watch this clip to find out...*** 

Goddess Platinum

Mean Girls Incorporated- The Beatings Will Continue Until Moral Improves

Amber is Vice President of Mean Girls Incorporated.  Mia is interviewing to be the new "Head of Slave Motivation"

Amber explains how things work around here, which is basically that all of the "grunt work" is done by losers that we use as legit slave labor.  Amber asks Mia how she thinks she would "motivate" the slave labor workforce here at Mean Girls Incorporated to work HARDER and MAKE US MORE MONEY.  Mia says "That's easy- just BEAT them harder!"

Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan!  So Amber takes Mia over to one of the cubicles where she has a slave is working for her right now.  Amber explains that sales were down this month and blames the slave. 

Mia notices right away that this idiot is sitting in a chair- well, we will NOT be having any more of that!  Slaves don't get to sit in chairs.  Chairs are for PEOPLE.  And slaves are NOT "people".  Mia even has some other suggestions for how to motivate this slave.  (She explains that the more uncomfortable the slave is, the harder it will work.)  

Then Mia begins to use her cane, and the beating begins...and this slave better WORK HARDER and also learn to THANK its new "Boss" as she beats it!!!

$500 Beating


A 65-year-old man that wanted a "real 100% no-mercy beatdown" with bullwhips by cruel 22-year-old Princess Carmela until he was completely broken and begging for mercy.  He literally offered Carmela $1000 if she could "make him cry"!  So Carmela and I were both happy to accept that challenge!


Caning Chore Chart - Episode 10: Spoiled Princess Amber

The chores at Mean Girl Manor continue.  This time it is Amber's turn! 

I have tried so hard to teach her to discipline the slaves regularly.  She is just soo lazy sometimes!  She doesn't want to cane the slave, but I inform her that it is absolutely necessary to keep them in line and make sure they serve Us to the best of their abilities...even if it is just out of pure fear of the beatings they receive from Us. 

When the slave's screaming gets to me too much, I simply take off my boot and shove my sweaty foot deep into its mouth and encourage Amber to keep hitting him harder.

To be honest, its not the hardest beating this slave has ever taken, but my dear Amber is learning and getting better...  :)


Lets Break Him Completely

This is a continuation of the beating we give this slave in "Caning for Dollars".  (Read the description of that clip if you want the full background.)

He has been beaten & broken badly at this point- just using Our canes.  He is lying at Our feet, begging for mercy, but he still has some $$$ left.  So we decide to make sure we get the rest of it- using bullwhips and CATTLE PRODS!  (YES, these are REAL, full-power cattle prods that are usually used on the thick hides of COWS and other livestock!)  We feel that is MORE than appropriate though, considering we basically see male slaves as nothing more than livestock.  LOL

We whip this slave with these EXTREMELY painful bullwhips and it is simply beyond "in pain".  Its brown skin is scarring up nicely for us!  Luckily, it knows this is its true purpose in life- and that it is LUCKY just to be BEATEN by girls as hot as Us!  Then it is on to the CATTLE PRODS...OMG these thing look like they HURT!!  Oh well...that is what slaves are for- to SUFFER for their Superiors' entertainment!