Hot Boxed Ginger

Wow, you wouldn't believe My surprise when My Aunt lead Myself and Goddess Draya outside to Our little courtyard area and opened up the old fridge that had been sitting there since forever. Not only wasn't it empty, it also contained a stinky nasty ginger slave, EWWWWWWwwww....

Well, granted it was some incredibly "rotten meat", but that wasn't going to stop Us from tenderiing it and making it into something worthwhile.  First Auntie pulled out a big wooden yardstick and took to whacking it... and the thing immediately started crying out and whining... as She continued to torment the idiot, I grabbed a crop and Draya took the yardstick as My Aunt grabbed yet another tool to beat, errrmmm Tenderize, lol, this worthless piece of meat...

We rapidly took turns smashing things into it's back, legs, ass, and more.... and Draya used the yardstick on it's feet repeatedly as the thing continued to wail... Getting sick of hearing it, My Aunt quickly wrapped the idiot's head in Gorillla Tape to shut it up and muffle it's noise and that made all the difference... because now I could get close enough to its face without having to worry about it yelling while I was there or having to accidentally smell its breath.... god, could you imagine??? Yuck.... But being that close, it made it super easy for Me to crop the dummy on its forehead, chest, nipples, or anywhere else I wanted..

Watch the whole clip to see how brutal We are to this sad sack loser and just what every loser slave is willing to go through for the Mean Girls

<3 Princess Amber <3

Let Her Have as Much Fun as She Wants

Check out this great "throw-back" clip from Goddess Draya's early days at the Mean Girl Manor.  This clip was shot just prior to Her moving in while Ms Dandy and I encouraged to really have at it in beating this old decrepit senior citizen slave.  We started off dragging it down to the basement in the house, and then restraining it over a cage where its legs and arms were locked in place.  And better still, this slave absolutely hates not standing or being able to see everything when getting beat.  Oh well bitch, We make the rules.... 

So after locking the loser in place, and having a few cracks across its ass and back Myself, I relinquished control to Draya and Dandy to destroy the loser.  Watch as the clip progresses how they go from somewhat restrained and measured in hitting this thing, to fully unbridled and unconcerned with its reaction as things ramp up and each gets comfortable wailing on this piece of garbage.  

But My slaves ALWAYS know the RULES...   anytime I put them in a position to be used by other Mean Girls, or to offer up their body for abuse at whoever's hands I leave them in, the RULES are ALWAYS the same ::  LET HER HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS SHE WANTS DESTROYING YOU, and then thank Her for the abuse after the fact faggot...  

Goddess Platinum

Face Down Ass Up

Some of these slaves really think they have a chance to be something or someone important to Us... Unfortunately for them, that is just NEVER THE CASE!  Take this loser for instance, after originally promising that it was this well-built, stallion of a man that would come to the Manor and impress Us as it took whatever We could dish out, it arrived as this frumpy wreck of a thing and disappointed from one task to the next.  

That inspired Goddes Dray to drag it up to the office, and lay down the law as to how things work at the Mean Girl Manor.  She started out explaining the way things work, and within a few minutes realized that the easiest way to ever actually get through to these losers is by beating the ever loving piss out of them.  So that's what We did.  Starting with some simple small little canes, and working Our way up to crops, paddles, and into the ruthless variety of whips We keep onhand.  

This thing tried to impress at first, but as the beating continued it went from proud of it's sacrifice to Our wishes, to begging, and pleading, and nearly crying as it asked for a break and time to pull itself together.  The both of Us couldn't stop laughing throughout as We destroyed any masculinity and ego this thing may have had when it pulled into the driveway and strode up to the door at the Manor.  (Yep, MGM, where beta male dreams go to dye a hurtful and abrupt demise at the hands of their Superiors...)

Goddess Platinum

Goddess Draya Getting Real

Goddess Draya takes Lexi Chase into Our "slave barracks" in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. (No, slaves do not get to rest under the same roof as MEAN GIRLS and GODDESSES!) And Lexi and Draya are there for one singular purpose- to pick out a slave to BEAT.

And the choice is easy for Draya. She offers up her personal live-in slave to Miss Chase to beat as badly as she wants. Draya pulls him out of his bunk and commands him to present itself for a BEATING! Both of my girls go to town on this ginger loser's ass and beat him without mercy. (It is what it exists for anyway!)

And the real-life reason for this beating? This slave actually slipped off its ballshocker a few days ago without Draya's permission, and when Draya had her friends over for a pool party and went to shock this freak's nuts for her friends' entertainment, she was SO embarrassed that he had taken it off without permission!! (Watch the clip for full details of that story!!)

But this just shows some background info that Draya is for real and owns real slaves in real life. And yes, she even abuses them in public in front of her vanilla friends! lol. (This clip is just the beating that is given to the slave though- the "ballshocker" story is just recounted verbally by Draya as she tells Lexi about it before they beat her slave.)

-Goddess Platinum

Bish Tried to Steal a Kiss

This old man, fuck does he have some nerve. Going where he isn't supposed to, and doing things he's not allowed.  So now it's time for the payback.  

I locked this senior citizen to a heavy chair in the basement of the Manor and took out My frustrations on it.  Stupid thing thinks it can live how it likes and listen as occasionally as it feels necessary.  Oh hell no that ain't going to fly.  It's MY WORLD, and this lil bitch is just lucky to live in it...  

So I started with the bamboo cane, all across its back, legs, and until I broke the thing hitting its feet Bastinado-Style.  One cane broke, another dozen to go bitch.  For 20 minutes I beat this thing.  Canes, crops, and whatever else I grabbed from the trunk of toys.  Hitting it right across its freshly branded ass.  Watch as it flops around like a fish out of water.  And see why none of the loser's at the Manor ever want to get on My bad side.  

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Alpha Amazons Annihilate Asshat

So last week when Princess Alexandria said She had a surprise in store for this pathetic slave, little did it know that the surprise would be the NEWEST MEAN GIRL SPOILED ALPHA ALLIE!!!  So not only did this sad little retard get to get beat by Princess Alexandria, it also got destroyed by a SECOND SIX FOOT TALL AMAZON at the same time!  Watch how quickly this thing goes from a boot kissing apologetic bitch, to being helplessly pummeled, flogged, paddled, caned, and more by this pair of Blonde Bombshells.  

The pathetic thing never had a chance and since they kept in cuffed and leashed so they could drag it about the room as they beat it, the thing got not only it's back and ass destroyed, but also its chest, belly, legs, feet, and pretty much anywhere else they could find to strike it.  

Check out what it's like for losers the moment a New Goddess, Princess, or Spoiled Alpha walks into the Manor and decides to take our Her frustrations on Mean Girl Property.  Slaves exist for Our amusement, and you can see the excitement and laughter from both Alexandria and Allie as they put this sad sack through the ringer.  Don't you wish it was you loser???

Goddess Platinum

Stockade Beatdown

What can We say about this terribly clueless ginger slave? From the time it arrived at Mean Girl Manor and declared it's intention to do everything it could to become Our newest live-in slave, nothing has really gone according to plan (well, at least not for it.)  But of course, everything goes to plan for Us. Because the plan for Us is always just to exploit, manipulate, humiliate, beat, and denigrate these losers until they are the obedient, passive, foot-licking beta-bitches We expect them to be...  Got it loser? 

So before filming this clip, the ginger retard did some other moronic thing that pissed Me off and made Me want to beat it.  So Princess Amber and I had the other live in slave bring the Stocks into the slave quarters where We locked this pathetic Ginger in and took to beating it's ass severely once again.

It really shouldn't be this hard.  And it doesn't need to take 3 months for a loser to become a usable live-in slave, but when you beta bitches can't understand that it is your job to keep the house tidy, your job to do the laundry, your job to keep Our cars washed, your job to remember Our birthdays (Mine is less than 2 weeks away currently loser), and your job to get things done so We Mean Girl's don't have to toil with chores and tasks that are meant for Our inferiors.  In other words, YOU EXIST TO MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER.  

And if it just so happens you ever forget those facts, it won't be five minutes until you find yourself like the ginger here, locked up, locked in, gagged, with nowhere to go until We are done disabusing you of the wrongheaded notions in your skull...  Step up your game, or We will beat it completely the fuck down bitches... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

Cleanliness is Next to Goddess-liness

OMG, You absolutely wouldn't believe how stupid and disgusting My lil beta bitch ginger is.  This unbelievable fuck asked permission to use the restroom during one of Our shoots and I told it to hurry back because it was needed for the next video.  Lo and behold this idiot thinks that means I want it to piss and get back so fast that it doesn't wash its hands.... EWWWWWW, FUCKING GROSS YOU MAGGOT....

So right then I was done with it... this thing needed to learn, and it was a perfect opportunity because Princess Alexandria had just come by for the day and had never yet caned a loser, so We laid right into this thing and made it remember We don't want disgusting slaves... (yes you are all disgusting but try and minimize it as much as you can loser..) 

Nothing gets on My nerves more than stupid, clueless, unable to use logic losers...  this thing got its ass kicked for its stupidity.  See what happens when you are up to expectations beta bitch...

Fat Fuck Double Dommed

Check out this great never before seen clip from Miss Tiffany's first visit to Mean Girl Manor.  Obviously, anyone who watches Our content, or has seen the things Miss Tiffany does on Her site, knows We both love to put losers to the test.  So in this clip, I had Our worthless fat fuck loser locked down in the basement and brought Our guest down to have Her way with it...  

Once We got downstairs, I showed Her where the various implements and devices We had to destroy slaves were at and We took to each having several rounds of beating this things ass.  

Check out what it means to get broken and beaten by the Mean Girls and the ever alluring Miss Tiffany, and learn exactly how little you beta bitches mean to Us ever.  

Goddess Platinum

Beaten for the HBIC

This strange pathetic old man slave... it is such a freak in it's devotion to Me.  It has promised Me countless times that I am the only person that could ever possibly "BREAK-IT"...   


So in step Princess Mia and Mistress Dandy to see if they can make this pathetic wretched old thing go back on its word to Me... if they can make it cry out for mercy, and break My old geezer pain slave bitch... 

From short little 24" leather whips, to full length single tails and bull whips, these Mean Girls lay into this old senior citizen as it attempts to prove its fidelity and obedience in tolerating anything for Me... 

Watch the ass kicking and brutal beating this old man takes, by the end his nipple is extremely red and messy, as are his arms, one ear, and all sorts more...  god is this thing a stupid pathetic old piece of shiet... but it sure loves to take an ass beating because I tell it to.... HAHAHAHA.....   it's so fucking wonderful being Me... 

Goddess Platinum