Caning Chore Chart - Episode 10: Spoiled Princess Amber

The chores at Mean Girl Manor continue.  This time it is Amber's turn! 

I have tried so hard to teach her to discipline the slaves regularly.  She is just soo lazy sometimes!  She doesn't want to cane the slave, but I inform her that it is absolutely necessary to keep them in line and make sure they serve Us to the best of their abilities...even if it is just out of pure fear of the beatings they receive from Us. 

When the slave's screaming gets to me too much, I simply take off my boot and shove my sweaty foot deep into its mouth and encourage Amber to keep hitting him harder.

To be honest, its not the hardest beating this slave has ever taken, but my dear Amber is learning and getting better...  :)


Mean Girls Incorporated (AKA "The Beatings Will Continue Until Moral Improves")

Amber is Vice President of Mean Girls Incorporated.  Mia is interviewing to be the new "Head of Slave Motivation".  Amber explains how things work around here, and that all of the "grunt work" is done by legit slave labor.  Amber asks Mia how she would "motivate" the slave labor workforce here at Mean Girls Incorporated to work HARDER and make us MORE MONEY.  Mia says "Easy- BEAT them!"

Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan!  So Amber takes Mia over to one of the cubicles where a slave is working right now.  Amber explains that sales were down this month and blames the slave.  Mia notices right away that this idiot is sitting in a chair- well, we will NOT be having any more of that!  Slaves don't get to sit in chairs.  Mia even has some other suggestions for how to motivate this slave.  (She explains that the more uncomfortable the slave is, the harder it will work.) 

Then Mia begins to wield her cane and the beatings begin...and this slave better WORK HARDER and learn to THANK its new "Boss" as she beats it!!!

Lets Break Him Completely

This is a continuation of the beating we give this slave in "Caning for Dollars".  (Read the description of that clip if you want the full background.)

He has been beaten & broken badly at this point- just using Our canes.  He is lying at Our feet, begging for mercy, but he still has some $$$ left.  So we decide to make sure we get the rest of it- using bullwhips and CATTLE PRODS!  (YES, these are REAL, full-power cattle prods that are usually used on the thick hides of COWS and other livestock!)  We feel that is MORE than appropriate though, considering we basically see male slaves as nothing more than livestock.  LOL

We whip this slave with these EXTREMELY painful bullwhips and it is simply beyond "in pain".  Its brown skin is scarring up nicely for us!  Luckily, it knows this is its true purpose in life- and that it is LUCKY just to be BEATEN by girls as hot as Us!  Then it is on to the CATTLE PRODS...OMG these thing look like they HURT!!  Oh well...that is what slaves are for- to SUFFER for their Superiors' entertainment!


Caning for Dollars!

People write into us all the time literally BEGGING to be abused by Us in Our clips.  (Slaves are so pathetic..we actually think its funny that you BEG just to be beaten by girls as hot as Us.)  Anyway, for the most part we only grant this privilege to members of Our site.  And this little indian loser joined just like a good little bitch, then sent his ID and deposit- just as we commanded.  (See how easy that is?)  

Then he drove to Vegas.  By the way, we don't like "safewords" here.  We think they suck and are stupid.  So we just tell pain slaves to bring $$$ with them.  If they take ALL the pain we dish out to them- they can keep their money.  In fact, if they REALLY take it ALL- we will even give them their deposit back!  (Isn't that nice of Us??)  But if they ever beg Us for mercy- they need to PAY Us for it!  So its really simple.  You want Us to stop beating you?  Then pay us!  And we will stop.  For a little bit.  But then after a short break the beatings will continue...lol.  And when we break you again?  Then you PAY US again!  And so on, and so on...

Anyway, let's just say this "big talker" was BROKEN withing MINUTES of Us taking Our canes to him and he began literally BEGGING US to keep his deposit! LOL!!!

So we happily agree to that...and then we start beating him some more.  After all, he brought an additional $300 to "buy Our mercy" throughout his session.  Well, let's just say that he blew through that "mercy stash" really quickly.  And soon he is just a pile of broken, babbling male mush at Our feet.



Whip That Smile Off His Face

Some slaves come to Us acting really "cocky".  Like they think this is all "fake" or something.  This slave is another first-timer that says he wants to work for Us at Mean Girl Manor fulltime.  Well, it all starts with joining Our site (which he did) and being used in Our videos.  This is his "tryout" video.  (Keep in mind as you watch this clip that he said in his initial email to us that he would "take ALL pain from ANY & ALL Mean Girls"!)   

We do not want him knowing where Our Punishment Compound is quite yet, so I instruct him to stand in a certain spot on the side of the road- and wait to be abbducted.  We have Our driver pull up- and Me, Skylar, and Carmela all step out of the car.  We throw this loser in the trunk and instruct Our driver to take Us back to the Compound.  Can you believe that as we are driving back, we can smell the slave VAPING in the trunk of Our car!??  And when we pull him out of the trunk, he is still vaping and SMILING as if he thinks this is "FUNNY" somehow??!??

Well, needless to say, he did not think it was funny for long.  After stripping him of his clothes (and his dignity) we make him sign the appropriate paperwork, we close the door of the Punishment Compound and take Our bullwhips to this slave's hide...and it isn't long before he is COWERING BEFORE US and BEGGING US FOR MERCY!!  There is NO smile on his face any longer.  He realizes this is NO JOKE and that WE MEAN BUSINESS.

He obediently crawls into his cage.  We have the Ballshocker strapped onto him, but strangely it doesn't seem to be causing enough pain to please Us.  So we begin taking Our cattle prods to his exposed flesh.  And this REALLY strikes fear into him and he realizes he better learn HUMILITY if he is going to survive around here...  Nothing is more fun that watching a male cower inside a cage while you stand over it holding a cattle prod and it literally BEGS you for mercy!  The fear in its eyes is kind of...a turn-on?

By the end of this video, this "newby" slave is literally crumpled on the floor at Our feet and CRYING!!  (No, we are not making this up!  It is REALLY shedding REAL tears at Our feet while it begs Us to "let it go"! LOL!)  We thought it was so funny that Skylar even filmed his tears close-up on her phone so we could all watch and laugh at it later!

If you think you are a "tough/cocky" slave and want to come here, you NEED to watch this video.

We will be bringing this loser back for more abuse though- now that he knows his proper place.  Skylar has decided to take ownership of him and use him regularly.  

-Goddess Platinum


Brexit Beatdown

So this loser got cocky today and when I COMMANDED it to bow down to me as ITS QUEEN- it actually refused!  Can you believe that?  It started to talk about how it is an "American" and that they "no longer fall under colonial rule" or some blubber!  Well, I am having none of it, and Goddess Platinum helps me BEAT HIM INTO SUBMISSION!  

We had started its beating as soon as we pulled it inside from out in the cold- where Platinum had been storing it overnight.  And let's just say that by the end of the beating, it is BOWING DOWN TO ME PROPERLY!!  To the point that I literally walk up its fat backside like a ramp up the steps!  HA!  All these slaves around here WILL bow down to me when I snap my Royal fingers and command them to!


Queen Grace

Platinum's BDSM Product Reviews

Sometimes when I order items from Amazon to beat and torture my slaves with, they send fucking TOYS. Like "novelty" crraap made in China.  Um, NO.  No beuno at all.  So I decided to start doing my own "product reviews" specifically for BDSM equipment.  Whips, floggers and the like.  And I test them out on my slaves to see how much they hurt.  It is kind of fun for me!  The slaves totally hate it, but who cares what they think??  


Anyway, today I am reviewing a couple of new whips I ordered recently.  I compare them to one that We have been using on our slaves for awhile that I know stings quite a bit.  But these 2 new bad-boys look pretty wicked!  Pretty sure these are NOT "toys"!  LOL


***SPOILER ALERT:  These whips are the REAL DEAL!  The 1 especially cuts into the slaves' backs and leaves what I like to call "insta-bruises"!!  PERFECT!  You should see these bitches JUMP and beg for mercy after each crack of these whips!!  The look of agony on their faces in the clip is PRICELESS!!  (And yes these are REAL whips from amazon and these slaves are obviously not faking the agony they are in after each time I crack these whips on their backs!)

Whipped For An Attempted Escape

This slave has been kept in chastity for so long now, it has lost count of the WEEKS that it has been locked up. It has finally broken. In a desperate attempt at freedom, it has stolen a pair of car keys and starts backing out of the garage. It is still naked, wearing nothing but its cock cage, as that is how it is kept 24/7 now. Its goal is to drive straight to a hospital where it can hopefully have the chastity device surgically removed. The slave doesn't care how embarassing it will be...it is so harny it just wants OUT at ANY cost!!

Unfortunately, Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber have gotten wind of his plan. As he backs out of the driveway- the ominous leather boots of Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber appear in his rear-view backup camera. Its pathetic attempt at freedom is over before it even began. The slave is practically shaking with fear as the dreaded tap on the window comes from Goddess Platinum's perfectly manicured fingernail. "Where do you think you're going, slave??"....

The slave is literally shaking, sobbing in tears, and begging for mercy, as it is uncerimoniously dragged from its "escape vehicle". its life is over now. Soon, it is literally strung up from the ceiling in the garage it planned its pitiful "escape" attempt from. Platinum and Amber plan on teaching it a lesson it will never forget... Let's just say that by the end of this "lesson", the slave is literally BEGGING to be kept in chastity for "as long as Goddess and Princess want"! Haha!! It is amazing what dangling a slave from the ceiling and whipping it to shreds will do for changing its attitude!

Hung and Whipped Without Conscience

We have had complaints about how we make slaves just stand their and let us beat them. Personally, we see it as a sign of their obedience that they will just let us beat them as much as we want without even needing to be restrained- they take it just because we TELL them to! But some of you want to see slaves RESTRAINED and HELPLESS- we get it.

So we had a new "slave pulley system" installed so that we could ratchet-up a slave and have it basically dangling at our mercy. And we decided to try it out on the fat slave. We figured if it could hoist HIS fat ass up, it could handle ANY slave we bring out here to Torment! LOL And Torment him, we do...wow. Me n Carmela beat the FUCK out of it.

Until it is literally semi-conscious, dangling from the pulley. (Seriously- no joke. It was pretty much "out on its feet" haha.) Not sure if it was the beating, the strain of being hung from the ceiling by its wrists, or just the unbearable heat out in the hotbox of a garage of ours...but it was a wet sloppy mess of flesh by the time we got done beating it and dropped it to the ground at our feet.

***NOTE:  Seriously, if you watch the preview file closely you can even tell when at one point the slave is literally just dangling there, slowly spinning and totally limp and practically lifeless as Carmela beats it!  It was over 100 degrees the day we beat this fucker, and his fat ass probably wasn't used to hanging from his wrists as it takes its regular beatings either. Of course, Carmela just keeps beating it...HAHA I love how she doesn't give a FUCK about these losers when she beats the FUCK out of them!

-Goddess Platinum

Mean Girl Tribunal - Trial and Tribulation - Ep. 1 Part2

This is just the "beating/punishment" portion ofus passing our judgement on this idiot thatwrote a rude email to Princess Beverly. (And wereally beat the FUCK out of him!!) By the end ofthis beatdown he isn't talking so "tough" anymore...LOL!

Princess Bella