Ball-Slapped Bitch

This prisoner at the Mean Girl Desert Compound has been "adopted" as Mean Girl Guard Draya's "bitch".  She likes to pull it out of its cage, string it up in the dungeon and play with it just to get her sadistic jollies. 

Plus,punishing it help recondition the bitch to show it who's boss.  Draya says there is a competition between the Mean Girl Guards for whose prisoner will pick up the most trash later on this afternoon when they take all the slave-prisoners out of chain-gang duty!  Draya wants HER bitch to WIN for her!

She decides that some "ball slapping" should motivate the bitch to work hard for her today!  So she proceeds to yank its cock out of the way with one hand and deliver a hard open-hand SLAP right into its balls with the other!  The prisoner yelps and screams to Mean Guard Draya that he will work as hard as he can for her today!

Just to make sure the prisoner knows she means business, she delivers some hard knees to its balls as well!

Don't Fuck With My Money (Part One)

***Please note, this is Part One focused on Ballbusting, CBT, and Ball Stomping from the previously released clip by the same title.  So if you previously purchased Don't Fuck With My Money, you already have this clip***

I am so insanely sick of this fat fuck slave I own.  It fucks everything up...  I mean EVERYTHING! I have taken all editing duties back from all slaves because they can't handle doing anything properly. Uggghhh, so annoying!

So I'm sitting at a desk in the small office and I'm editing this really hot face-sitting clip and wouldn't you know it, at least 10 lights, multiple cords, and countless other crud that should never be on camera happen to be in what would otherwise be a super hot clip...   GRRRRRRR!

My beautiful niece Princess Amber also had just informed me that the kick ass trample clip we did with the loser from the Czech Republic was totally blurry and COMPLETELY OUT OF FOCUS because of this fat piece of garbage. So now I'm going to fuck it up so hard it will wish it had never been born.Hahaha I will also feel way better after destroying this pathetic excuse of a male.

I called that fat freak up and after it gets it's slow, pathetic, fat ass to the office I grab it by the hair, shove it's face at the computer screen and point out how completely badly it sucks at life and the tasks it's assigned that I expect it to do competently.  And the entire time the thing acts wholly unphased and as if My assessment of the half ass job it did wasn't even a surprise.   

So I simply took things to the next level and sent the fat fuck crawling off to fetch my Platinum Booties... hahaha....  Those ever infamous booties that I use to absolutely destroy slave balls when they fuck up in ways that are intolerable...  I start by making it lay down for a quick taste of what's to come before dragging it off to my office where I have ample room to destroy it's worthless balls for fucking up my clips and messing with MY MONEY!

In excruciating fashion, I remind this piece of garbage, that the one life lesson it must NEVER FORGET is that NOBODY FUCKS WITH MY MONEY!!! I kick, crush, and absolutely trash this fat fuck's balls over and over and over until I'm satisfied that this idiot is finally getting the concept through it's thick ungodly stupid skull.

Not Like We Need Inspiration to Wreck Its Balls

Some slaves are just meant to be beaten and broken.  My old ass geezer slave is a prime example.  It has so many issues that constantly aggravate Me regardless of how good it is attempting to be, that I never need any additional motivation to destroy it in one way or another.  

Here, Ms Tiffany and I decided to play a little game of punt its balls into its neck and We each took turns unloading on the things balls.  (Well, when We didn't cheat and lay into its sack two or three times in a row just to crush its worthless boy parts.  And as many times as We kicked the thing, We really never got bored of hurting it so this is one of the very rare BallBusting Clips that is OVER 25 MINUTES LONG!!!

Wanna get an idea of what might happen to your worthless little sack if you ever made it to the Manor loser?  Get this nearly Half-hour clip for one of Our longest Ball-busting CBT clips to date.

Bashing Balls to Deck the Halls

What's better than Christmas?  Christmas with an EXTRA LARGE HELPING OF BALLBUSTING! And that is exactly what Ms Dandy and I served up to this Fat Man who was clearly missing his sleigh and eight trusty reindeer...  LMFAO...  

We strapped it into our custom built Little Drummer Balls chair featuring a chain driven kick drum pedal and took turn after turn tenderizing this things boy parts as it kept yelling out and grimacing in pain.  But that onlyu inspired us to hit it more, and to hit it harder...   (If you haven't seen how brutal this chair is, you definitely need to get this clip...) 

Watch as we both have at it... sometimes teasing it with little taps prior to smashing our foot onto the pedal to destroy it... other times giving the thing no warning and just stomping down ruthlessly and then laughing as it cried out.  And all the time wearing the shiny bikinis that the fat fuck had to buy us beforehand, because we know that is one of its fetishes... lol....  Would you get your balls smashed this many times just to see us in your favorite outfit loser.  This poor man's Clause did all that and watched its balls swell up after each "kick" from the pedal.  God are you freaks so pathetic that this is the only sort of interaction you ever have with women..  Too bad, not sad bitch, you exist as amusement for us, and we are happy to play Rum-pa-pum-pummmm...  all over your worthless bitch beta balls.... 


Bashing In It's Balls Again

This old crusty slave always finds a way to annoy Me anytime I visit the Manor.  It likes to think it is funny and witty and all too often tries to actually talk to Me or the other Mean Girls.  That is so disgusting, as if any of us want anything to do with the slave on deat'hs doorstep... 

So as Platinum and I were finishing up the day shooting, we decided to have another little impromptu ball destruction session with her rickety old ass geezer slave.  She was behind the camera throughout, and you will hear us talking back and forth as I put this old fuck through the paces... kicking its worthless little berries over and over again in all variety of positions; standing, kneeling, on all fours, looking at Me, facing away... pretty much any position I could think to put the thing in to have unfettered access to crushing its clitty dick... 

Watch as it howls and curls up in a fetal position on the ground after I kick its baby bits into its stomach.  Maybe someday this idiot will learn to stop thinking for itself and truly just surrender itself to the life it was meant to lead.. or maybe this old ass dawg is far too old to learn new tricks... 

Ms. Dandy

Amber's Pet Pummeled by Pumps

What are slaves for? Anything I say they are for, of course... DUH! So while I was relaxing at the Manor I grabbed this thing out of the cage and brought it over to be My foot stool while I planned out My day and posted to My social media.  But footstools at the Manor aren't just footstools, they are things to use for whatever crosses My mind at the time, like scratching an itch on My foot, or having something stupid to kick in the balls everytime My auto-correct inserts the wrong word, you get the idea.  

Slaves are things, property, disposable, and not usually worth the effort We put into training them.  Look at this pathetic thing, just kneeling on all fours as I use it and don't even much acknowledge it is there. (Well except to laugh at it as I kick it and it whimpers in pain... LOL) But that is the joy of being a Mean Girl, these losers come from everywhere and accept their place as inferior things to be used as We see fit, and I saw fit to have a footstool that I could kick, degrade, and as I started My day.  

After I wrapped up My posting and texts to people who actually matter in My life, not like this disgusting thing, I left the loser a perfect little treat, the pumps I just pummeled its worthless peanuts with so it could sniff, lick, and enjoy cleaning the taste of its balls off My heels before I got home again later that day and made its life even worse... hahahaha.... 

<3 Princess Amber <3

Brutally Ballbusting a Burly Bitch

Ballbusting is one of the favorite activities of nearly every Mean Girl, and Princess Alexandria is no exception.  This clip was filmed on her first visit to the Manor and OMG is it AMAZING FOR ANY FAN OF BRUTAL BALL BUSTING!!! (And that is saying a lot considering how many ball busting clips we produce each year.)  

Most times, when a new Goddess or Princess arrives at the Manor, they are somewhat tentative about kicking a slave as hard as they can in the balls.  Regardless of how much we assure them that they have every right to treat the slaves like the disposable property they are, it genuinely takes most Mean Girls a few ballbusting sessions before they get really comfortable hurting losers and ignoring their screams and agony.  Not so for Princess Alexandria.  She is an absolute NATURAL at ball busting!

After Goddess Platinum and Goddess Draya gave her a quick tutorial on how to line up her kicks, and how to do the most damage to the loser, she took her first kick.  And it crumpled the slave immediately.  And yet it only got worse for the loser from there.  With Platinum holding its leash Alexandria unleashe again and again on the loser. Not only did she kick it with her dominant right foot, she also took a shot at it with her left.  As if that wasn't enough, she made sure to knee the things balls as well.  

This clips is an absolute must have for any true ball busting fan. There is no way you can watch this, and see all the super slow motion replays of how every shot absolutely destroys this losers sack, and not think that Princess Alexandria might just be the one to challenge Goddess Platinums ongoing dominance as the most brutal American Mean Girl at Ballbusting.  

Get this clip today before the Cyber Monday price drop expires!!!

Popular Girls Punish Punter

Draya and I were on the couch the other day talking about Cheer practice and this past weekend's game, when Amber came in with a loser who needed to be taught a lesson.  First off, this loser goes to OUR SCHOOL, but during the game this past Saturday, both Amber and Draya saw it cheering for the other team and TALKING TO THE OTHER CHEERLEADERS!  Oh hell no, that stuff is not ever going to fly with the Mean Girls...  So We let this thing know that there are conequences for its actions, like getting restrained and put on your knees on cinder blocks so We could all make it known how little We care for things that don't show Us the utmost loyalty.  

So bitch boy, up you go...  and now We GET TO HAVE SOME FUN PUNTING BOY PARTS whether this bitch likes it or not.  Between Myself, Draya, and Amber, We utterly annihilate this things cock and balls and watch them swell up like a cantaloupe...  HAHAHAHAHahaha....  Well bitch boy, don't think you can ever get away with playing around behind Our backs, or talking to other Girls when We own and control you...  

Check out the clip and watch Three Mean Girls take out their frustrations on one little loser's baby balls... 


Goddess Platinum

Halloween Heart (and Ball) Breakers

Draya's loser male roommate is totally obsessed with her hot friend Lexi Chase. Draya and Lexi are all dressed up like "Queens" to go to a Halloween party and want to get going before Draya's loser roommate comes home and starts drooling all over Lexi.

Oops... too late.. he comes running into the room and practically THROWS himself at Lexi's feet!

Soon he is BEGGING to go to the Halloween party with them. Obviously, Lexi and Draya don't want to have this loser anywhere near them, especially in public! But then Draya reminds Lexi that they are supposed to provide some "entertainment" at the party, so maybe they can use this loser for that??? And since he will do "anything" to be around Miss Lexi Chase... they come up with a GREAT IDEA!

The loser is told that he can go to the party with them, but ONLY if he goes as their SERVANT and does WHATEVER THEY SAY. Since they are both dressed as Royalty, and Royalty would always have a servant or more, this makes perfect sense for Their costumes and has the loser thrilled out of its mind. 

But just like everything with the Mean Girls, there is always another catch:

Lexi and Draya are going to let ANYONE in the party kick their "servant" in the balls as hard as they want over & over! THAT will be the "entertainment" that they will provide for everyone at the party!! They might even CHARGE people for each kick and make MONEY off this loser!!  They are sure this twist will insure that the loser backs out, but surprisingly it still agrees to go and be their puppet.  

Unbelievable... well, they decide that they will need to "test" it out for themselves first, and make sure it  can take all their kicks with their pointed-toe pumps first... and one of the best ways to do that is with Draya's roommate who is a blonde bombshell who played soccer all through High School and college.  She kicks harder than anyone they know and they invite Her in to have a few whacks on this loser's nuts.  Suffice to say, it had never felt anything quite like the kicks She delivered.  

See what happens when you get the clip, and find out if this meathead, Lexi Chase obsessed loser finally gets to go out with its Dream Girls, or if it was left laying face down on the floor with its manhood crushed beneath Mean Girl feet... 

Present Your Balls

You would think the slaves here at the Manor would learn the routine and process here after a certain number of days. But this ginger one is just incredibly slow and not the sharpest tack in the box, so to say it needs some special attention would be the understatement of a lifetime...

So Princess Mia and I have a perfect plan to help it learn the way things work around here, We'll destroy it balls.  Because ball destruction and smashing Our perfect feet and heels into its worthless pathetic sack is exactly how We get these things to learn the rules.  

Watch as Mia and I move this thing into countless new positions to have it "present it's balls" to it's Superiors and how We promptly kick them fully up into this loser's throat each and every time.  

HAHAHAHAHA, you wish it was you loser.  Get the clip and see how bad you'd be doing too in just 10 minutes of Us ballbusting you to broken....

Goddess Platinum