Welcome to Mean Girls Manor Mistress Tiffany


Mistress Tiffany and I have been talking for some time about abusing slaves together so we finally decided it was time...She is huge in the FemDom world so of course I'm super excited to have her over to play. 

My worthless slaves were all lined up ready when she arrived to kiss her feet and offer their testicles. Wanna see what happens? LOL


-Goddess Platinum

New Shoes VS Old Balls

Princess Mia and I had a long day of shoe shopping...

We found so many adorable pairs of shoes. We of course had a slave come along to carry all of our bags but it was not aloud to be within 5 feet of us. We didn't want anyone to know it was with us. 

When we arrived home at the Mean Girls Manor we had try out all of our super cute purchases so we had another slave open all the boxes and put each pair on us. We had to test them out on its balls! We had to see which pair fit the best for ball busting of course.

We tried out it's worn out, old balls. 

This was definitely the best way to finish out our long day of shopping. Hope you enjoy this as much as we!


-Goddess Platinum

It's Thursday Dumbass!

We were standing at the office water cooler talking about how long the day was already stretching on when this loser walks in dressed like he's going to the beach. This idiot didn't even know what day of the week it was. He's dressed for casual Friday on a Thursday! 

So then this idiot tries to snag one of the cups to get a cup of water but I smack them away. Losers don't get water they get punished! We made him strip down and strapped a ball shocker to him to begin his re-training at work.

He begged to go home and change but we informed him that he will now be required to wear the ball shocker as part of his daily uniform. 

After we finished shocking the crud out of him we sent him back to his desk where we continued to shock him for the rest of our afternoon. Turned out to be a great day at the office!

Guzzle and Bust!

Princess Amber and I were sitting around and thinking of something fun we could do. Princess Amber has had this loser blowing up her phone begging to come over and hang out with the Mean Girls and obviously Princess Amber has just been ignoring him like all losers.

Just then I had a great idea! I had Princess Amber text that loser back and tell him to come over right away.

We decided we were going to have this freak come over strictly for our entertainment. We both know he loves to drink beverages so we would play a game he couldn't resist. Guzzle and Bust!!! We would give this sloppy loser a beverage and give him whatever amount of time we decided to chug it... If he doesn't finish it all he gets a big surprise, a kick to the balls. We obviously won't tell him how the game goes, but he would figure it out really quick.

He finally arrives after making us wait a long 5 minutes. We play nice so he thinks he might actually have a chance with us. LOL! Even though that would never happen, NEVER! EVER!

We make the loser strip down naked. Hahaha he gets all excited. We tell him we are going to play a fun game... Fun for us anyways. This geek tells us he will play any game we want. Oh really? Any game??? Perfect!

We give him the beverage and we make it nearly impossible for him to drink all of it. One of us makes the loser turn away from the other and WHAM! Massive kick to his disgusting balls!!! LOL! We are loving this game! 

Enjoy our fun little game!!!

Goddess Platinum

You Want To Cheat On Us?

Princess Mia and I were hanging out chatting and we got on the topic of our one fat slave. Every time we need that loser we can’t find it anywhere

We definitely need to get to the bottom of this, like is that pathetic, worthless piece of dung stepping out on us? Is it serving another Goddess? Cause that’s what I keep hearing and that is not cool with me at all.

We called for our fat loser and for once he came! We were shocked to say the least. It must be true, all the rumours… It’s actually got the balls to serve another Goddess behind our backs? WTF!!!

Princess Mia and I have got to put our foot down, on its giant balls!!! LOL! If it has the balls to cheat on us we obviously haven’t bashed them enough. WOW! This pile of crud actually admitted it! It actually confirmed all the rumours. It thought it was ok to cheat on us by serving another Goddess!

We are going to give this freak something to think about every time that Goddess calls it to come running… every time that loser thinks about another Goddess I want his giant balls to start throbbing in pain. I want it to never forget this occasion, what Princess Mia and I were about to do to it should be scarred into its tiny, little, empty, shrivelled up brain…

And so it began… the lesson this slave will hopefully never ever ever forget, and if it does we will have no issue giving it a refresher course. 

Princess Mia and i took turns bashing his giant sad balls with our perfect feet, in our perfect boots. Normally we kick its balls in as hard as we possibly can but this time it was different. This time it was like our inner demons took control of our feet and pulverized it disgusting testicles.  

We taught that loser a life lesson, don’t ever piss off the Mean Girls or you will pay with your balls. LOL!

It probably had to ice its balls for the next two weeks, but guess what? I don’t care!!! When we needed our slave he wasn’t there. Hell maybe we will let that other Goddess have this useless slave. By the time we were done it was broken and even more useless then usual.

Goddess Platinum

Oh You Want To Get Unlocked?

Man oh man...this stupid geezer slave really annoys me. I don't think he understands that the more he annoys me the worse it is for him. Honestly though I don't expect much when it comes to brains; his are old.

geezer was dumb enough to tell me again that he touched a little and came a little. Still don't quite get that, but whatever. Obviously the CBT he received last time for the same remarks didn't teach him a lesson.

This lesson is going to be a lot longer. Maybe then it will sink in...

I called geezer into my throne had no idea why. it quickly found out...

I had one of my many chastity slaves purchase numbered tamper proof chastity locks designed just for occasions like these I'm sure. I locked geezer in chastity and made sure it was an extremely tight fit so there is no way he can wiggle out of it. 

I squeezed his pathetic little cock into that cage and placed one of my handy new chastity locks through it. You see these chastity locks are tamper proof...because you have to cut them to get them off. It's impossible to find an exact lock with the same number. Trust me...I made sure.

Once I was done cramming his pathetic little cock into the tiniest cage I could find I sent him on his way and I went on with life...

I demanded a picture daily to make sure that geezer was being obedient and I left it on for an entire month.

After a month and a few days pass I ordered my geezer slave to come to the desert was time to play.

Once it arrived I chained it's hands to the ceiling with handcuffs and it's ankles to each wall in the corners...spreading it nice and wide. Then I checked it's chastity locks to make sure the numbers still matched...making sure it was obedient. I knew he wouldn't be able to get out of that tiny cage

I asked the wrinkly old sack of bones if it had learned its lesson. it assured me it did. Then I made it beg me to unlock it's pathetic little dick out of chastity.

I then agreed to unlock it for a little bit...just long enough to have some fun. To be honest I was excited to be able to play with my stupid old geezer slave. A month is even long for me...

Once I unlocked it it started to get really scared. it started to realize it made a huge mistake, but it was already too Then the fun really began...

It included paddles, crops, whips and you know my favorite...ball busting. I'm sure by know you all know how much geezer detests CBT...hahahaha. I played with my geezer until he begged me to lock it back up. it's so stupid it said I could lock it up as long as I wanted to so long as I stopped abusing it's cock and balls.

What a stupid thing to promise!

Watch and enjoy...


Goddess Platinum

Testicles For Profit

I have been working really hard making content, editing content, and running the Mean Girls Clip Stores. I watch sales really closely, all the time.

I notice that ballbusting clips always sell really well. I decided to do a clip with Princess Amber and let our pathetic slaves know that I will be using their testicles for my profit. We informed them that people love watching us destroy all our loser's balls. 

I also wanted to make it very clear that we do not give a fuck about their balls or anything else about them and all that really matters is how much money We are making from destroying their testicles

Then of coarse Princess Amber and I had to kick them all in the balls over and over as hard as we could... to make Us more money and because we absolutely love ballbusting our slaves. LOL!


Goddess Platinum

Cock Abuse

Obviously it's well known that I'm a Mean Girl.Lol! The Mean Girls own a lot of slaves and then we each have our own personal slaves as well. I have 4 personal slaves that I use on a daily basis. I get 100's of messages from pathetic losers like you begging for me to accept it as a personal slave, (we all do!) But I am extremely picky as to who I actually allow in my presence and what purpose they will serve. All the other Mean Girls are picky too.

Soooo I'm sure you have noticed one of my newest personal slaves... geezer. it is a really good pain slave! I beat it alllll the time! But it is stupid af! I swear sometimes it sends me these messages just to piss me off and I'm pretty sure it knows it will get beat for them. Hahahaha

The night before I shot this clip that geezer, stupid ass slave sent me a bunch of ridiculous messages. There is no way it didn't know it would get beat for them... maybe that's why it does such stupid stuff like the messages. It's like a little ked, any attention is good attention. Doesn't matter if it's good attention or it's realllllllly bad attention, like the attention I give geezer. I guess it figures as long as I am beating it I am paying attention to it.Âp>

Wow just saying that out loud makes me think about how really freaking pathetic geezer is. But I do really love beating it... I just can't stress how much joy it really does bring me.Hehehehe geezer is really lucky I own its ass, it's probably the only reason it is still alive. I keep geezer alive so I get to play with it another day. If I didn't own it and it was only a one time thing it would be a rough ending for geezer.

I was laughing at geezer while beating it. Bahahaha I always laugh at geezer but you will see in this clip, I couldn't stop laughing at it. When I tell geezer to close its eyes and put it's hands on its old wrinkly head, you would think I was asking him to do backflips or something impossible. LOL! Just plain DUMB!!!Âem>

The other reason I couldn't stop laughing at geezer was how insanely terrified of me it is... really?!?!!! it wants to be scared now but it had giant balls the night before. Lol!!! Giant balls when it sent me all those stupid messages that it knew it would get beat for. Watch the look of fear as soon as I walk close to geezer. You will laugh too. It's like a bad pooch that gets beat for doing bad things, then the pooch shakes when the owner that beats it comes close... yeah kinda like that, but then you add in geezers dumb faces it makes all the time and I can't help but laugh at it. Lol! I'm laughing right now just picturing geezer, the faces, the look of fear and the shaking.

I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I enjoy beating my geezer slave!!!


Goddess Platinum

Soccer Mean Girls Style

Princess Amber and I decided we wanted to get outside and get active. We also thought it would be a lot of fun to bring 3 of our slaves out to play with us. 

Well what better way to get active and include our slaves then soccer?!?! Soccer has been my favorite sport since I was a little Goddess girl.(Let's be real for a second, you know I was born to be a Goddess and I had little boys doing whatever I wanted, even when I was just a young little girl. LOL! Nothing was different back then, I always treated them horrible. Hahaha)

Princess Amber and I picked out sexy soccer outfits with matching thigh high socks, because we always have to look hot. 

We pulled the slaves out to the garage by each of its leash and collar. We had a blast trying to nail them in the balls with our soccer ball, over and over and over again. Lol!!!

I used to be a phenomenal soccer player but I was definitely a little rusty. Princess Amber never played soccer before and she had beginners luck. We had so much fun!!! We also took full advantage of having our slaves cuffed and blindfolded, we got in a bunch of hard testicle kicks too, We couldn't resist. 

Anyways we had so much fun playing soccer with our slaves that we decided tomorrow we are going to try baseball!!! Can't wait!

Goddess Platinum

Little Drummer Balls

A while back The Mean Girls had a fun slumber party.All the Mean Girls slept over at the Mean Girl Manor and we brain stormed on a bunch of new fun ways to abuse ALL OUR PATHETIC SLAVES!!! 

We came up with a really fun chair device we can restrain or slaves to and stomp on a pedal for a drum... It literally beats their balls like a drum. Fun right?!?!?! Hahaha

The best part is every part of the thing we decide play with in our chair, it's body is restrained so they cannot move at all, BALLS are pulled extremely tight by a ball nooose, ankles are cuffed, thighs are strapped in, hands are cuffed... they are completely strapped in and helpless. LOL!

Princess Amber and I went out for drinks and this geek who thought he was sooooo cool kept trying to talk to us, even though we made it very clear we wanted him to go away. Then Princess Amber and I decided, WHAT A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to try out our new drum chair device.

I just so happened to have some powder in a baggy down my bra that would knock it out. That loser just made the biggest mistake of it's life. It was also dumb enough to say it was down for anything with us... Hehehe ANYTHING?!?!

We put it to sleep and took it to our dungeon. We strapped it in then poured water on its head to wake it up.  

So funny, all of a sudden that loser didn't want to play with us anymore. Lol! Oh well, it was too late for him. We wanted to have some fun and we always getWHATEVER we want!!!

We destroyed it's balls,  over and over and over again. It begged us to let it go but NO! LOL!

We were going to teach that freak a lesson it would never, ever forget! We tied it's balls so tight they probably fell completely off after we left. Haha!! Oh well, It shouldn't have messed with the Mean Girls!!!  

Goddess Platinum