Attack Of The Amazon

I’m still pretty new at being a Mean Girl and let me tell you, I absolutely love it!  I was born to walk all over weak, pathetic males.

I am an 5-foot 10-inch all natural, redheaded, gorgeous, amazonian woman! I’m taller then most men, I have curves in all the right places, and don’t even get me started with my perfect size 10 feet.

When it comes to Femdom I feel like I have done a lot already, butttttt when Goddess Platinum told me about the tiny little Czech slave that flew over 12 hours just to serve us, the first thing that popped into my head is wrestling him and beating him into the GROUND!!! That is definitely one thing I haven’t had the chance to do, but I definitely have always wanted to!

I may not be a pro at this yet, but man oh man I had a freaking blast! Hearing that little loser moaning and crying in pain as I toss him around! LOL! And I know the odds are way in my favor because this tiny, little submissive Czech bitch would never have a chance against me, but Platinum still used to duct tape to bind its wrists just to make SURE he is HELPLESS against me!!

Anyways, I had a blast tossing this tiny little submissive slut around like a rag doll. I was slapping it, punching it, kicking it, kneeing it, trampling it… I even trampled its ugly head!

Oh yeah and Platinum had a front row seat because she was cheering me on from behind the camera and filming all the action!

My favorite part was stomping my SIZE 10 FEET down on its little head!!

Mistress Dandy XoXo

Pop Him Like A Grape

Princess Chanel knows she can use her sexy and beautiful legs to get whatever she wants from a slave. Any slave would be thrilled to get the chance to worship her legs but it’s also fun to make them do it by force. Princess Chanel calls the slave into the room and gives him the amazing news that he can worship her legs. The grateful slave happily begins kissing up and down Princess Chanel’s legs but like a fly to the spider’s web when he gets too close he is trapped in a deadly scissor hold. Without warning Princess Chanel suddenly has the slaves head trapped between her strong legs. The slave is completely helpless as Princess Chanel begins squeezing the slaves head tighter and tighter until he can’t breathe. The slave is risking his life to serve Princess Chanel he better hope she doesn’t decide just to finish him off for good. 

Beatdown By Mean Girls

So we are all sitting around talking about how Rhonda Rousey kicks ass- but now that she lost a fight, we think we could probably take her. We just need to practice our MMA skills. And what better way to do that then to practice on a slave! So we drag one out of its cage outside and handcuff its hands behind it back so it cant defend itself. (After all, its not like we would let a slave hit is back or something! LOL.) Then Princess Monica serves as the referee while me and Princess Ashley go back and forth trying to fuck this loser up.

And we really do face-bust this loser right in the face as hard as we can over and over. We punch it in its gut too. (It complained because apparently we broke one of its ribs last time we trampled on him! Haha awww.poor slave. Too bad!) I got pissed at one point because I actually broke a nail while punching this idiot in the face.

These are totally real punches. Ashley really let him have it too. Eventually he gives up haha. So we take turns doing victory poses on his pathetic, scrawny ass.

Goddess Harley

Wrestled And Choked

I let my slave out of his cage just so that I could show him what a superior female likes to do to lowly males. I Drag him over to the mat and start choking him with my arms. It's funny how he wants to struggle and grab my arm but you can see he knows he cant move it! I toss him down and put him in a scissorhold to give him a good choke. I love to rub it in by standing on a male in a victory pose! haha!

-Princess Carmella

Creep Gets ***d

This creepy guy followed me home from the gym because we liked my body. Specifically, he liked my muscular legs! So, it's either tell him to get lost or teach him a lesson... the Mean Girl Way! I throw him down on my dinigroom floor and scissor his face and *** hold his head untill he almost ***S out!

-Princess Carmela

Real ***out

I was using this slave as my personal human footstool and watching TV when a news show came on about women in the military. Can you BELIEVE this idiot had the NERVE to say that women don’t belong in the military?? He said he “chooses” to be my slave “because I’m hot” but I could never “really overpower” him! And without physical strength, women shouldn’t be in the military. (Has he SEEN my muscular, powerful thighs?? OMFG…) I am sooo pissed. He needs to be taught a lesson.

So I kick him down onto the floor and wrap my legs around his neck. I use all my leg strength on the big-mouthed slave's neck using a scissor hold. Uh, have you seen my thighs??? I ask him. And when I say I used my strength I mean I really ***d this slave HARD. Watch my whole body flex as I squeeze him in a figure 4 and other scissor hold positions. This clip actually would have been longer but the slave quit! haha!

Seriously, the slave’s face IMMEDIATELY turns beet-red as soon as I clamp down on him and it looks like his head is about to pop. Spit drools out of his mouth. He is like totally ready to pass out from the pain LOL. He literally BEGS me for mercy within minutes haha!! I guess it has newfound respect for its MASTER!

-Princess Carmela

Leotard Leg Loser

This loser apparently has a “thing” for leotards. So I use them to my advantage! I put his head between my legs and just when he thinks its going to be a “treat”- it ends up being a TRICK! Haha. Because I SQUEEZE my super-strong thighs together as hard as I can and try to make his head POP for my amusement! LOL! We will see how long he can last in my Amazon scissor hold…
-Goddess Harley

Silenced By Scissoring

The smart ass slave at Mean Girl Manor decided to talk to me while I was working out...He didn't even crawl on his knees. I swear sometimes slaves try to talk normal to me and I make sure and fuck them up good for it!

Well, this ahole thought I was dumb and didn't know he wanted to egg me on into scissoring him. He was all like "Duh, you can't hurt me your a girl". Well, he didn't know I was about to make this HURT! Stupid slave...you don't get scissored between my legs and not get taken out, BITCH! I hope you enjoyed that Scissorhold, you idiot!

-Princess Cindi

No Tap-Out

~~*Custom Clip*
 This clip was shot in true 1080 60p HD - this clip has UNBELIEVABLE clarity! Better than anything We have ever filmed! It is like you are standing right there next to Goddess Suvana, viewing in-person her flawless beauty! Let Us know what you think...! ;)


"I just want to see Goddess Suvana in a REALLY skimpy bikini holding a loser underwater, squeezing his head between her thighs and completely ignoring his desperate attempts to "tap out" from underwater! She has COMPLETE control over his very ability to breathe and just doesn't care as her taps her thigh, politely begging her to let him up! Eventually she just holds him under until..."

Panty Wrestler Punishment

Goddes Alexis and Queen Farah find one of the slaves sniffing their worn panties. They can't believe it! It's time to teach them a lesson...they are not only "Mean Girls", but also Amazons and NOT to be messed with! Especially by THIS wimp! He is the weakest of all the slaves that belong to the Mean Girls. He should no better because he is no match for just ONE of Us, let alone TWO! Both of the girls let him have it and he is completely DEFENSELESS. It is like 2 catts playing with the same mousse...lol. They not only dominate him, but also humiliate him in the process.