Sissy Fag Training

OMG I was hanging out with my bestie Amber and we caught that old nasty slave dancing in our mirror, in a dress, looking like a hot mess sissy fag!!!

Wow! Just when you thought you had seen it all. LOL!

If this old freak wants to be a sissy, then we will train it so we can whore it out to make us more money.  It's pretty useless to us right now so it's either we train it or put it out of its misery. 

We dragged it downstairs since it's not even allowed to be in our bathroom. Then we made it show off its train wreck moves. Bahahaha it is such a mess I don't even know if it is even trainable. We may have to put a bag over its head and cut out a blow hole to get anyone to actually hire this cheap whore. LOL!!!!

We trained it how to look and act sexy, then we trained it how to suck off a dick. 

When we were sick of watching this useless sissy we tossed it back in its cage where it belongs but we left it with a dick. We warned it that it better suck that dildo all night till we were ready to see its progress. We will be watching so it better do as it is told or else..

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

Christmas Humiliation

This year is almost over and I want you going out of it with no self-esteem. I want as many acts of humiliation from you as possible before this year is over. Here are just a few ideas.

The Protocols Of Princess Chanel

This slave has been passed around the Mean Girl Manor over and over again. No one wants him because he is fat, ugly and so stupid that he has trouble following basic directions. Princess Bella tells the slave from off camera that his life is worth nothing and she is on the verge of just throwing him into a dumpster and being done with it.  He will however be given one last chance to improve under the extremely strict slave training protocols of Princess Chanel. Everything he does from now on must be done under the authority of Princess Chanel’s rules. He literally is under the total control of Princess Chanel in every aspect of his life. The slave will learn exact obedience or he will be severely punished.

Princess Chanel is seated on her throne in Mean Girl Manor looking very regal with her Princess tiara atop her head and riding crop in hand. She explains some of the new heavy duty protocols to the slave. He will speak only when spoken to. He will answer only yes or no nothing else. He is too fat and will not be allowed to eat for the next couple weeks. His dick will be kept locked up in a cock cage.

Chanels Chariot

Princess Bella and Princess Chanel talk about how much fun it is to be total spoiled brats and own slaves that they can abuse as much as they want. Princess Bella says the slaves are basically just animals and she thinks they should begin treating them like the farm animals they are. Princess Chanel completely agrees so they go outside to abuse the slaves. Princess Chanel has a slave connected by the balls to the “Mean Girl chariot”. Two other slaves are kneeling one holding a glass of champagne and the other a giant palm leaf. Princess Bella tells Princess Chanel to treat them like the fucking animals they are! At that Princess Chanel begins whipping the slave attached by the balls to the chariot so he can pull her along for a ride. The other slaves follow along on their knees one fanning Princess Chanel with the palm leaf and the other holding her drink.

All the slaves really look uncomfortable crawling on bare knees across the burning hot concrete. Princess Bella complements Princess Chanel telling her she really likes her ball chariot. Princess Chanel sees the slaves as nothing but animals with the one pulling her around by the balls being her horse. The other two slaves scampering behind her chariot are her little monkey and lemur. Princess Chanel whips the slave as he pulls her all around the back yard and she keeps going until all the slaves look like they are about to collapse.

I love the ball chariot! What a great device to really show the difference in station between a Princess and a slave. Princess Chanel rests comfortably on her chariot sipping a glass of champagne while the slave risks castration trying to pull her around by his balls. I love it when Princess Chanel gets upset that the slave is getting tired! He’s literally pulling her around by the balls over hot concrete and it never even occurs to her that maybe this would be tiring and he would need to slow down or stop at some point. Oh and while it’s not really a focus of the clip all the slaves are in chastity!

Welcome to Mean Girl Manor

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***


It’s my dream to one day be a live-in slave at Mean Girl Manor so I absolutely loved this inside look at what it would be like to serve as a real slave. Princess Bella is a Tour de force in this clip. She is in complete charge of these losers and gleefully bosses them around. This is an instant Mean Girls classic that all fans of The Mean Girls will want to have in their collection. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "10."

Superior Goddess Brooke Kitchen Inspection

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Superior Goddess Brooke’s new boyfriend is on his way over soon and since she’s really starting to like this guy her plan is to impress him with her ability to keep a sparkling-clean house. But of course there’s no way Superior Goddess would ever clean it herself! That's never going to happen- not when there’s a slave with a ballshocker strapped around his nuts for proper motivation to do it for her!

This isn’t some light cleaning either. The slave has apparently been working for 5 hours deep-cleaning, scrubbing floors on his hands and knees, when in walks Superior Goddess Brooke dressed to kill for her boyfriend and holding the remote control to the ballshocker! She is ready to commence with a final inspection of the slave's work. Superior Goddess Brooke holds the remote up so the slave can see it and tells him he better have done a perfect job! As the inspection begins the slave is visibly nervous and even flinches a couple of times. I guess at this point he’s probably wishing he had done an even better job cleaning because he knows Goddess won’t hesitate to shock the hell out of his balls. After all she cares about her boyfriend and not some stupid slave’s balls.

Superior Goddess Brooke looks absolutely AMAZING in this clip! And she really seems to ENJOY shocking her fat slob slave. And it looks like this is totally real too because there are times she shocks him and the slave can't even see the remote and the slave really jumps when she pushes the button. I almost feel bad for this poor slave. I think she has it on the highest setting the entire time and REALLY doesn't seem to care about the fact that she is frying his balls with each push of that button! At one point she is so disappointed with his work that she makes him start cleaning the floor with his TONGUE.

This isn't my fetish, but this clip is super hot mostly just because of Superior Goddess Brooke. She looks amazing and she really doesn't seem to care about how much the slave suffers. Plus, I liked the stark contrast between the beautiful, statuesque Superior Goddess Brooke, and this fat, ugly slob of a house slave. He is obviously SO lucky just to be around her and serve her in any way! And he really does seem to be in pain from the shocks and is scared of her. (I would be too!) Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "7" based on the reality of the shocks and the beauty of Superior Goddess Brooke alone. But if you are a ballshocking fan, you should definitely buy it.

Mean Girls Pool Party - PART 2

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

The Mean Girls are having a pool party so they have multiple slaves lined up ready to serve them at their beck and call. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look so hot lounging around in their bikinis. Princess Beverly is getting a foot massage from two slaves at once one to work each foot. Another slave can be seen in the background working as a pool-boy skimming the pool to keep it clean. There is a slave busy fanning them with a palm leaf and yet another slave kneeling with a serving tray of cold drinks and snacks. As the slaves tend to their every need they all comment about how much they love being Mean Girls and using slaves and how they want even more slaves. All the Princesses lives are amazing and losers were meant to serve them.

This is a really long clip almost a full hour long of the Princesses just using the slaves while they relax poolside. There’s not any scripted action it’s just super-hot girls naturally using losers in a way that is just another typical day at Mean Girl Manor. For example, the slaves give really long foot massages while they are completely ignored so there is no playing to the slave’s fetishes at all. The Princesses are free to use the slaves or ignore the slaves however they want. There’s not always a ton of action but I like the fact that you get to see how the girls use slaves in an everyday way. It’s an extended look at the lifestyle of a Mean Girl. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8."


Tattoo The Slave

This is one of my most devious videos, haha! I literally tattoo him with a humiliating tattoo. It is my first time tattooing someone and I am just glad I have a slave to practice on. If you want to be my next victim you can book a filmed session and be a slave here at Mean Girl Manor. I know it must be the ultimate orgasm to know that I did this to him. He is permanently marked by me and he is probably going to get a boner every time he thinks about wearing my marks for the rest of his life.

-Princess Cindi

Your Last Orgasm

Princess Carmela walks over to the house slave sitting in its cage and teases it. She asks it if it would like to be let out of its cage. (It has been left in there for days by one of the other Mean Girls) She offers to let it out, but first it needs to put its ass up to the edge of the cage so she can inject the slave with a special serum. She just laughs as she does it but she doesn't tell the slave what it is.

Then after administration of the mystery serum, she drags the slave out of its cage by its leash over to the new "slave milking machine". She makes the slave insert its cock into the machine and laughs about how this is the closest thing a stupid slave will ever get to having sex with her. Because only her BF gets HER pussy! Oh, and that serum that she injected it with? Once the slave is good and "warmed up" by the machine, Carmela gets in its face and seductively lets it know that it was a "last orgasm" serum! Basically, the next orgasm he has will be his LAST. He will collapse and DYE within 3 minutes of his next orgasm! After telling him this and laughing in his face, the slave spends the rest of video BEGGING Princess Carmela not to make him cum!!! (While Princess Carmela just laughs and uses the remote control to toy with the speed of the machine..)

After awhile the slave cant take it anymore and screams out that he is cumming!! Princess pulls the machine away as the slave is cumming (RUINING his last orgasm EVER- so he can't even ENJOY it!) and then gets even MORE sadistic pleasure by telling it that the only "antidote" for the injection is to humiliate himself further by LICKING UP HIS OWN CUM! (Which will just entertain her even further...) She then laughs while he laps away at the floor at her feet by filling him in on one more little surprise...

Double Denial Destruction

Princess Cindi and I did every thing we could to deny this slaves one chance to jerk to my feet, haha! I told the slave that since it's his birthday I would let him kneel at me feet and jerk his tiny cock. But as soon as he started I ignored him and kept smacking him in the balls with me feet as he tried to jerk! Awe...Too bad huh? They weren't the hardest kicks but they kept coming over and over...

But he knew he was so lucky just to be able to touch himself in my presence that he just sat there and took kick after kick while trying to jerk his micro dick. Princess Cindi happened be checking out me humiliating this loser and came over to add some extra humiliation haha. She piled on the degradation by slapping him in the face with a dildo repeatedly as he tried to get it hard! LOL, A ruined opportunity for him and FUNNY for US! Princess Cindi made him suck that dildo like a humiliated bitch. Since he couldn't get hard with all the distractions, we left him on his knees in shame with sore balls and a dick in his mouth for three hours while we went shopping with his credit card LOL!
- Goddess Suvana