Princess Alexandria and her Stud Sir Ty are enjoying each others' company this holiday season, snuggling on the couch. They are using their personal cuck as a human footstool. It serves the "Alpha Couple" as they command. The Superiors have decided that they should give each other the NICEST gifts possible this year- and they can BOTH use the STUPID CUCK to pay for them, wrap them, and present them to each other! but of course since THEY are the ones that "picked it out" and commanded the loser to "go fetch" for them, they will personally take 100% credit for the gifts!

Alpha Ty orders the cuck to "go fetch the gift I made your dumb ass buy my girl! And hurry the F up, bitch!" The cuck scurries off to fetch the gift and while it is gone Princess Alexandria cuddles with "her man" and tells him how much it turns her on to see him boss around her beta Simp bitch. Princess Alexandria and her Alpha are sooo generous to each other… using this pathetic cuck to spoil each other for the holidays.

This cuck knows it could NEVER amount to anything. Princess Alexandria and Master Ty belittle and humiliate this human garbage, rubbing in its face what a LOSER it is! Hahahahahaha. Being a cuck bitch to such an elite alpha couple is the best life it could ever have!

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Goddess Venus calls her roommate in. She wants a footrub. She is SO "casually demanding" about it. Like she just EXPECTS it. While her "beta roommate" rubs her feet, she calls him out for having a crush on her and laughs about it. She reminds him that she has a BOYFRIEND. But she likes how he pays 100% of the rent and rubs her feet whenever she wants, and runs errands for her whenever she tells him to she is cool with keeping him around as her roommate.

But she lets him know her BF isn't too cool with it. She openly wonders via a text with her BF if this dork is "one of those foot freak weirdos that actually LIKES feet??" This clip involves texts between Goddess Venus & her BF "betting" via text on what she can get this "stupid beta bitch" to do for her just to remain in her life as her bitch-ass, foot-rubbing roommate haha...

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This loser is worshiping at Miss Lexi Chase’s feet. She is chatting with her hot Alpha BF on the phone about how she can't wait to see him later and that she will have her loser beta with her to pay for everything when they go out later! So they can go somewhere really nice! (Even though neither her nor her Alpha BF work or have jobs.) When she hangs up, the loser at her feet starts to complain. He isn't really "into" being cucked sooo bad all the time the way his Goddess does it to him.

Like, she makes him hand his credit card to her BF before they go into the restaurant...and she even texts him to come in from the car to sign the bill and usually TELLS the waiter about how he is a loser and she uses him to pay THEIR bill - right in front of his face, so the waiter, his Goddess, AND her BF ALL laugh at him as he in on his knees next to her table signing their expensive dinner tab...and last time she even slowly poured her glass of water over his head in front of everyone in the restaurant after he paid their tab! He BEGS her not to keep treating him like he does, she simply pulls out her iPhone and starts scrolling thru all the BEGGING and PLEADING messages she gets from guys online BEGGING to serve her AND her BF in ANY way they want...

Hmmm....maybe she should replace this loser with someone that is more "appreciative" of being in her life and being allowed the PRIVILEGE of serving HER??? Even if it means serving her BF too! AND being treated like total crap by BOTH of them! Lexi thinks up worse and worse things that she wants to do to him...and he BETTER happily agree and even BEG for them to be done to him!!!

- Princess Mia

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Princess Ava had an alpha over last night and things got REALLY crazy! The entire bathroom is messed up and the remnants create a vivid image of what went down between them.

Because Ava is a hot girl, she shouldn’t have to clean up anything ever! (This includes condoms and her bulls piss stains) Princess Ava summons a beta into her bathroom clean up all the evidence of last night. Ava’s boyfriend will be arriving soon but he doesn’t know that Ava slept with some hot guy. Ava HUMILIATES this gross beta! She is having TONS of sex with hot guys, and this beta has to LITERALLY clean up after them and keep her boyfriend from finding out! (Meanwhile this loser has probably NEVER had sex in its life hahahaha)

The slave has to gulp down the cum filled condoms. Ava even wants this loser to SWALLOW the condoms whole to make sure there’s ZERO evidence to find. She instructs it to lick the toilet bowl clean of the alphas piss stains. While it follows orders, Princess Ava sits on its back and takes hot selfies for her boyfriend.

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Alex and I have become so close (and so in sync with each other) that we’ve even stared going on double dates, from start to FINISH! HAHAHA. Its SUPER funny because we DON’T even plan it! After a LOOONG night fucking our boyfriends, we realize the room is a bit messy (and like ANY MEAN GIRL WOULD) decided to have our old decrepit slave to do the job!

(A PRIVILEGE FOR LOSERS) His old wrinkly ass crawls into our room and immediately begins to complain how he couldn’t rest last night because Alex and I were making “too much noise”. EWE! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU!!!! We had to explain to this dumbass those were the sounds of a hot alpha male pleasing a woman…. In ways that he couldn’t even fathom. (I bet the sounds made his tiny gross dick TWITCH and it was HURTING in his chastity LOL) We stay laying in bed discussing the wild night that we’d just had, allowing this loser to polish our shoes with his tongue and fold our clothes and panties.

When the slave sees our used condoms still on the floor, filled with cum…. He gets super jealous and upset that HE has to clean them up. (AS IF WE WOULD CLEAN THEM UP OURSELVES! GROSS) Unhappy with this loser’s attitude, we to shut him up by making him SUCK those condoms DRY! Just so he could get a TASTE of what it might be like to have a HOT GIRL! HAHAHAHAHA



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Goddess Draya is shopping for a new slave. 

Specifically, she wants a cuck-slave this time because she is getting pretty serious with her boyfriend, and she wants a slave that will serve the 2 of them hand and foot as a couple whenever they are together, withOUT any hesitation.  It should literally be a MINDLESS servant.  And some slaves are just so terrible at serving other males, even when they are COMMANDED to point-blank by their Goddess Owner!  It can be so embarrassing when you are with a hot Alpha guy and you just want show off the betas that you have at your command (just for like, entertainment for you & your man) and the inferior betas are like so hesitant just to bow down and kiss the feet of their Alpha Masters.  Like, Draya wants INSTANT obedience!! 

Also, Draya hates how fat, ugly, and gross most of her slaves are.  Like, they do whatever she says for the most part and worship her as the Divine Being she is, but...they are just sooo gross.  So she is looking for an "upgrade" and heard about Princess Amber's new store: "Cucks R Us"!  She heard they have a decent selection of 100% OBEDIENT, well-trained, mindless drone-slaves and a lot of the other Findoms and Femdom Princesses are buying their personal live-in slaves there now.

Amber shows Draya a new model she has been working on.  It is a "formerly Alpha" male that is getting old and has now been retrained to SERVE & OBEY MINDLESSLY.  Amber also explains that it can literally be kept in a closet or small crawlspace for DAYS or even WEEKS if you aren't using it, just like you would store any other household "thing" that you own.  It does not know how to complain.  And if it "expires" within 30 days, she can return its carcass for a replacement.  Amber tells Draya that this formerly Alpha male has literally had its brain "re-wired" into a beta brain, using electro-shock therapy.  Amber puts on a show for Draya.  The slave is commanded to do whatever Draya says at the snap of her fingers. 

It BOWS DOWN to its Superiors at the snap of fingers

It kisses her feet. 

It licks her shoes. 

It crawls and barks like a pet (it has NO pride or self-respect left! It has all been "wiped clean"!)

Amber and Draya take turns spitting right in its face and saying the meanest things possible directly to it- and the slave just takes it and THANKS them, as it has been trained to!

Amber even shows off how it has been trained to "presents its balls" for kicking at the snap of her fingers!  Draya tests them out.  The slave mindlessly THANKS her after each kick to its balls like a broken, trained zombie!

Then they discuss the "cucking" aspects of the slave's training and uses.  Amber explains that this was hard because this slave was not gay, and its electro-shock therapy training is not 100% complete yet.  So it will need to be fitted with an extra electronic device for a small upcharge.  Amber attaches the electronic device to the slaves testicles so she can demonstrate how it works for Draya.  Basically, if the slave hesitates to do ANYTHING either her or her BOYFRIEND command it to do, an agonizing electric shock can be sent directly to its testicles at the push of a button- and the slave WILL do whatever you command at that point.  It will suck her boyfriend's cock if she tells it to!

They test it with the ultimate question of obedience...Draya wants to know if she can "rent this motherfucker out" to suck cock 24/7 on streetcorners or whatever it takes to earn her back the $$$ spent on it!  At the push of a button, she has her answer!  The slave is groveling at her feet, BEGGING to do WHATEVER she commands- anything to get the electricity to its balls turned off!

To "seal the deal" Amber goes on to explain that, for no extra charge, if she purchases this cuck-slave, the electro-shock device can be surgically implanted INSIDE the cuck's scrotum and hardwired directly to its testicles so it can NEVER be removed without the cuck literally ripping its own testicles out!

And the thought of that just makes them both laugh hysterically!!

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My poor old cuck-paypig.  It is sooo in love with me, even though I treat it like dirt and blatantly use him.  Like, I literally keep it locked in a cage for days at a time while I am out fucking my hot, young, muscular boyfriends- and using my cuck's money to pay for the dates!  And the worst part is, I literally TELL my cuck to its face what I am doing, and that it is just a human piggie bank to me.  It means nothing to me.  And yet it still loves and worships me!

I tell my stud lover about my cuck-pig and that I keep t locked up in a cage.  He wants to go see this!  We decide it will be fun to really torment the old loser... 

While we are literally making out on top of its cage, I make sure to tell my paypiggie cuck how little it means to me while I am fooling around with my big, muscular stud boyfriend right in front of him!  I really rub it in about how we are out spending its money on US having fun together- while it  is locked up down here in a cage like a fool.  

Just to add to its humiliation (and show off a little to my BF) I decide to give my cuck-pig a little treat at the end...

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So this pathetic slave has been locked up for ages and constantly wimpering and begging to be of use and maybe be let out of chastity.  But frankly, what benefit do I receive by letting it out to "release" itself?  That is always the most important question.  And this overgrown hairy loser is about to find out the exorbitant cost associated with being My Chastity Cuckie-slut, and keeping Myself and those closest to Me happy.  

So right as Goddess Draya was getting home and started chatting with Me in the living room, I decided to make a little "show" out of this loser's humiliation. I dragged it out of the cage in the corner and tormented it with the key to its locked cock dangling around My perfect ankle.  You could literally see the tears welling up in its eyes as it begged and pleaded to be released.  But before I would let it release its cuckie-cock, I had Goddess Draya pull out a new agreement for it to sign.  After the thing heard what it would be obligated to do if it decided to take off it's cage, it sat wavering for a few moments before completely breaking down, signing its life away, and rushing to get its cage off.  

But that wasn't even the worst of it for this loser.  No, We both humiliated and degraded it as it stroked and lusted after Our feet and shoes... Watch as We treat this thing like the garbage it is and destroy any masculinity it might have had left before We fed it a special little meal after it made its mess.  

<3 Princess Amber <3

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Every day I make my rich, fat husband recite out loud his "cuckold affirmations". It's kind of like a "pledge of allegiance"- to ME! I want him sooo indoctrinated that he is completely under my control in this marriage. It's always so hard to explain to my new friends the structure of our relationship...but its very simple: My pleasure is everything, his his pleasure means nothing.

I even make him wear a chastity device so I have COMPLETE control of his I make sure he can only masturbate to the thought of me having sex with other men! And once you have your husband in can make him accept anything! Especially with the right brainwashing techniques!

So I have him repeat his affirmations over & over to cement into his little brain that he is a CUCK- and nothing more.
Watch the clip to see exactly what messages I drill into his brain about my having multiple boyfriends while BEVER sleeping with my own husband....

-Princess Amber

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My pathetic old husband is never satisfied with how good he has it…. He started out fine with just being able to call himself "my husband"... but obviously he thinks he deserves more. LOL! So I needed to show this rich old sack of bones that he will never get to do to me what my real men, my fuck toys get to do to me. You would think it was obvious to him that I don't want anything sexual to do with him since the day we got married, I locked up his tiny little pathetic excuse of a dick. 

It was complaining so much when it overheard me talking to my boyfriend on the phone, talking about our upcoming date. So I decided to relocate him to his new bedroom, in a cage. Then I made him wait patiently for my real man with his credit card in his mouth. Hahaha That's all he will ever be good for, his money.

My super ripped, sexy tats covered, real man got to MY house, we obviously couldn't keep our hands off each other. While we were making out on the couch I informed my man that I left the old freak locked in a cage, waiting to present his credit card to us. My stud thinks this is fucking hilarious and obviously loves that we blow all the old mans money instead of our own.

We went down to laugh at the old piggy bank locked in his cage. Since I was already so worked up from dry humping on my real mans big hard cock while making out with him, I decided to really show my old hubby what goes on when I'm with my fuck toys. LOL!!!!

I forced the old piggy bank to hand over his credit card to my boy toy, with his mouth of course. You know my hilarious boyfriend didn't make it easy for the old freak. I think secretly he was hoping the geriatric sack of wrinkles would dislocate a hip reaching for his credit card he dropped... Then to rub salt into its bed, I mean cage sores... I had my boyfriend bend me over the old freaks cage and eat my perfect pussy while making my husband look at my perfect face.He was whining more than ever before.

While listening to my old husband whine I had an even better idea to torture this old fuck... My real man popped me up on top of his cage and fucked my pussy sooooo good. He didn't last very long cause he was already so turned on from licking and finger fucking my amazing, tight, yummy pussy. I then slid the condom off his large cock and tied of his huge load of cum... then made my disgusting husband nibble a hole in the tip and suck it dry. This dumb old male dripped some on himself so I made him wipe it off with his hand and suck it off his own fingers. 

Ugh he's soooooo fucking nasty! I finished off by giving the caged freak the condom to use as chewing gum... ya know, to help him pass the time while we were out spending his money. LOL! Seeeeee I do care! HAHAhahahaha

When we get back from our romantic date, I'm gonna drag this freak up to my bedroom, cuff him under my bed, and listen to us fuck allllllll night long!!!!!


***NOTE:  There is NO nudity on My part in this clip!  You losers do not deserve to see me like that- sorry, not sorry!  LOL   -GP


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