Skylar's Human Wallet

So I am going on a hot date tonight with my Alpha boyfriend.  But first, I decided to stop by to make a "withdrawal" from my idiot human ATM before meeting my real man though.  I can basically treat this fat lard like garbage and take as much $$$ from him as I want- and he just lets me walk all over him.  I love it.  And me n my man love getting our dates paid for by losers!!  (My BF couldn't believe it when I first told him that I literally own a "human ATM"!)

Watch how bad I treat this fat fuck- and he STILL pays me!  I literally make him count his money - MY $$$!!! - out at my feet and BEG ME to take it!!  Then he has to kneel there with his wallet in his mouth like a FOOL while I rest my arm on him and make a phonecall to my boyfriend and discuss our plans for the evening.  And yes, I TELL my man about what an idiot I think this fat-fuck is for paying for our date- while he is right there listening to every word!  I don't give a fuck. 

Me n my BF are literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD over the phone with each other about how pathetic this old man is for letting himself be USED like this by a hot, young "power couple" like us- just so his pathetic ass can be allowed the "privilege" of bowing down and kissing my cute little feet for a few minutes...until I casually kick his face away and walk out the door with all his money!!

But I leave him with a little hope...because if me n my man get druunnk enough, we may even call him from our dinner table to laugh at him while we are spending his money! 

-Princess Skylar

Coming Home From My Sex Vacation

I have been gone for a couple of weeks with my Alpha boyfriend- and this fatass slave had to pay for it all haha. He has been waiting sooo long for me to return just so he can kiss my feet and worship me again. I make him pay me MORE $$$ for the privilege first though!

And then the whole time he is worshiping my feet, I am telling him about all the sex I had with Alpha while I was on the vacation that this stupid, fat cuck beta-bitch PAID for! Haha it is hilarious to see how crushed he is emotionally while I shove my feet into his mouth and tell him about how good I was to my REAL MAN boyfriend while we spent cucky's money!

Its so much fun for me to these loser's hearts while they literally worship me...


-Princess Skylar

Cuckbitch Meets My New Man

So my man moved in recently. But I didn't want to let go of my live-in slave. I mean, my bitch slave means NOTHING to me- but it is sooo useful though! What girl would want to give that up? Having some loser around that just obeys your every command at the snap of your fingers and literally worships you as its religion...i mean, its great! And I DESERVE to have the "best of both worlds", as they say! So when my man was moving in, I just casually commanded my live-in to crawl into the back of the closet and cover itself under some blankets and to SHUT THE FUCK UP. That was like DAYS ago LOL! And it is like sooo doesn't make a sound! And the poor thing had to listen as me n my Alpha man were fucking super loud & long every night- just a few feet away from my slave's closet! He admitted later that he was literally CRYING as he listened the first night! So that just made me fuck even LOUDER and LONGER the next night cuz I am so sadistic that it actualy TURNS ME ON to know that my moans of ecstasy are causing agony for my slave in the closet! HAHA. So anyways, I decided after a few days of this to finally order my slave to crawl out of the closet and meet its new "Master"- my Alpha boyfriend! My slave is so embarrassed...I would say "mortified" is a better word. But he has to admit what a big muscular stud my BF is. SO much better than my scrawny, ugly bald slave haha. My boyfriend thinks its hilarious and happily joins in to help me humiliate this loser that has been literally living in my closet for days just to be around me- even while I fuck a REAL man. Watch this clip to hear what we say to him and see how I make his bitch-ass kiss my feet while I make out with a REAL man! (It sooo turns me on to have losers worship my feet while I make out with and fuck REAL men!!)

My Boyfriends Back- And Your Gonna Be In Trouble!

***Paid Custom Clip***

(Note from Princess:  This is actually pretty close to a true story of how my current cuck-bitch  slave came to serve Me n Alpha as our personal cucky-boy!)

It all starts off with a bald, ugly loser being an obsessive stalker.  He followed you home from work.  He is outside your apartment and trying to get in!  He is even saying mean things to you because you won't let him in!  You call your big Alpha boyfriend in a panic and tell him to come home ASAP!  When your boyfriend finds the stalker outside, he beats him up, pulls him inside the house, and throws him at your feet.  Princess Carmela cheers her "real man" on, as she is in complete control now, and will have her Alpha boyfriend will teach him a lesson for her entertainment!!  

You are casually sitting on the sofa with Your Feet in front of the loser's face, and start laughing at how Alpha has kicked Your stalkers ass.  Alpha orders the slave to crawl to Your feet, kiss them, and Apologize to his girlfriend!  You relax away with a total bitch face looking down at this pathetic scrawny loser, your legs are crossed at the ankles, and the beaten-down loser is literally praying out loud to you and saying "sorry" for everything as Alpha slaps him around some more, and orders him to apologize even LOUDER to you!  You make him CRAWL over and over while laughing at him.  You even make him strip naked so you can laugh at him and demand that he literally SLITHER like a WORM to the feet of its new MASTERS- unless he wants to get beat up some more!  You just try as hard as you can to make him sink loser and lower for you & Alpha's entertainment!

Eventually You sit up, crossed legs and see the Stalker kneeling head down and CRYING now at your feet!  You Verbally humiliate him even more and order him to Kiss Your Feet even MORE and warn him that an old man like him should never to Fuck with a Young Goddess like You. Alpha joins You on the Sofa and You Both Demand that the loser debase himself even MORE for entertainment!  (The humiliation of this old freak cannot go far enough in your opinion, and you wonder how far you can push this loser to debase himself?  How scared is he of your big, strong Alpha boyfriend??  This is turning out to be really FUN for the young, superior Alpha couple!)  

You eventually even make him lick the soles of Alpha's boots clean so he can display true and COMPLETE submission to a hot young couple that is literally half his age. After the beating, verbal bashing, crying, feet worshipping, You both stand up and order the slave to kowtow 10 times in front of You and Kiss Your Feet as the hot young Alpha Couple makes out passionately to the point of bringing any Beta male to Tears...Kissing away - and showing him what he will never have - as the old man freak has no choice but to humbly bow down at the Feet of the ultimate young "Power Couple"!

Lastly You make the slave lie on his belly at your feet and You stand on its face full weight, smashing his Face full weight underneath your stockinged feet as You want to use its head as nothing more than a stepping stool for you to gain more height to kiss your tall Alpha man.!

You both then explain to the loser that the 2 of you may be keeping him around for awhile, as you are not done with him yet...since he wants to be "in Carmela's life" soooo bad....maybe she will have to find some use for him!

And she will have ways to make sure he does WHATEVER her & Alpha say from now on!  (Carmela even takes pictures with her phone of the freak while it is licking her Alpha's boots so she can blackmail him into doing whatever her & her man say from now on!)

Cruel Couple Caning

This clip was hot AF. So just being honest, my Alpha and I are both pretty cruel to slaves. I think that's why we get along. We both LOVE using slaves and treating them like total shi*t.  Like we fucking get turned on by beating Our personal cuck-slave. We are like the perfect couple haha.

Anyways, the whole backstory to this is that my cuck-bitch actually complained about having to serve me n Alpha breakfast in bed the other day! Like, he was ok serving ME breakfast (of course!) but actually dared to COMPLAIN about having to serve Alpha too! So me n Alpha decided to teach him a lesson- by CANING his fucking ass! Like we beat the FUCK out of him- and it actually was TURNING US ON to hear him screaming and begging for mercy!!

I even sit on my cucky's back at one point so I can sort of feel the vibrations of it getting caned by my man (withOUT feeling any of the pain myself, obviously lol) and it was like SUCH a turn on! Eventually I just couldn't take it anymore and I jumped on Alpha and we just started making out...and then we went straight to the bedroom to FUCK! Haha.

Poor takes all that pain from 2 people that don't give a FLYING FUCK about him- just so we can leave him there in pain and go fuck our brains out. And I know he could hear us in the other room too! haha I love tormenting him emotionally too.  Even better to really remind him of where he stands in my life- as nothing more than a "masochistic foreplay device" for me n Alpha to BEAT as much as we want before we FUCK. Haha.

Cucks Never Cum

Princess Carmela's man isn't usually around MGM when she's abusing slaves. He's usually got better stuff to do, since he isn't a freaking loser like they are. But today Carmela thought it would be funny to have her man sit in and watch Her humiliate the crap out of this stupid cuck she calls 'cousin it'. She edges the dumbass little loser, making him kiss her legs while he strokes his pathetic dick. Her man is just sitting there looking at this dork like its the funniest thing he's ever seen. He even gives 'cousin it' some direction on how to properly kiss Carmela's legs and lick up her spit while he strokes it to her. Not that a real man would know, but damn straight this bitch is gonna listen to what he says anyways! LOL! By the time Carmela has had enough fun, this dumbass has been drenched in her spit. Is that his loser precum all over his pindick, or Carmela's many loogies? The world may never know! lmfao!

Open Your Wallet, Cuck

You're my good little cuck, always here when I need you. You obey your God. I am God. I've got you so mind-fucked. You're wrapped around my little finger. And your job, little cucky, is to take care of me and pay for all of my needs. You'll pay for my dates and even stuff like condoms- that I will use with OTHER guys, not YOU!  Haha. I'm going to lock that little dick of yours up too. it belongs to me and I'm going to dangle the key off of my chain just to torment you even more my mind-fucked, locked up little cuck.

Cuckholded By My Feet

You are such a loser foot freak you don't even deserve the privilege of licking the bottom of my feet. I love teasing you with my feet and sticking them in your face but never allowing you to touch them. But not all guys who are into feet are losers. My boyfriend actually has a bit of a foot fetish and as I tease you with my feet I describe how he gets to worship my feet all the time. Princess Bella

Real Life Cuck Abuse

Princess Carmela and her real-life boyfriend Sir Shane don't waste their time with just any fucking pathetic losers that beg to serve them as a couple. They've got to be useful & obedient fucking losers.  Like they need to offer them something of value, suffer tons of abuse for their amusement, and be willing to do anything either of them say- no matter how degrading or humiliating. And if you want to serve Them, you better at least bring giftsfor your Superiors, right? That's the task for stupid "Cousin It" in this clip. He clearly has nothing else to offer his Superior Couple Owners, so he comes bearing trinkets and dresses for his Superiors. Carmela opens her gifts right in front of him...pretty new dresses, nighties that Sir Shane will love to fuck her in later...and Sir Shane is amused by a nice new crown. And then there's the CASH this real-life loser presented to his Superiors too- always a good gift for Royalty! 

And what is this loser's reward for worshiping us, PAYING us, and literally groveling at Our royal feet?? He literally gets spit on. That's right- we spitright in his fucking face and laugh at him. LOL!! He comes crawling to us with cash and gifts - just to have the privilege of  licking the DIRT off the bottom of our royal shoes - and he gets a face full of Carmela's spit. Sounds pretty fair to me!

Maybe he should not be such a loser if he doesn't want to drink Carmela's spit. Until then, that's all his loyalty and gifts will get him!  And he better THANK us and be GRATEFUL for it!  Or else it will get worse for him...

Guess Who We’re Fucking

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela have a small goal post set up with 4 condoms full of their various fuck buddy’s cum in them. They tell the slave it’s time to play their favorite game where he has to correctly match the cum in each condom to the right guy they are fucking. The slave has been doing so much fluffing for them lately he should automatically know what each boyfriends cum taste like. Princess Carmela tells the slave you suck our boyfriend’s dicks more than we do so just think back to all the times you had their big dicks in your mouth and remember what each of them tastes like.

The slave is blindfolded and positioned underneath the hanging condoms and told to open his mouth wide and keep it open. Princess Carmela has a pair of scissors in her hand and uses it to cut open the bottom of the first hanging condom so all the thick cum flows right into the slave’s mouth. The slave is commanded to swallow all the cum and not to waste a single drop. The slave begins to guess which of the guys cum was in the first condom. Is it Fred? No! Is it Daniel? Nope guess again! Every time he guesses wrong he is cropped by Princess Beverly and flogged by Princess Carmela as punishment.

This is the type of outrageous over the top humiliation clip that I would like to see more often from the Mean Girls. I love thinking about how the Mean Girls have so much power over a slave they can literally force him to do anything no matter how humiliating. And for most straight slaves nothing is more humiliating than being made to serve as a fluffer and forced to swallow boyfriend cum! I really enjoyed the creativity of this scenario pushing the humiliation to maximum levels. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "9.5."