Being Pampered Poolside

Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela are sunbathing poolside in their skimpy bikinis, relaxing and enjoying the good life. Because this is Mean Girl Manor we are talking about of course they also have a naked slave at their beck and call to pamper them and cater to their every whim. The slave is kneeling on burning hot concrete, the sun beating down on him, devotedly fanning his Princesses with a fig leaf. Meanwhile Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela are relaxing on shaded recliners with cold drinks and fresh fruit snacks served by the slave but are still complaining about how hot it is outside. Obviously the stupid slave is not doing a good enough job fanning them! The slave is ordered to rub suntan lotion on them and to rub it in all over their feet. The slave uses the oil to give each Princess a foot massage. The Princesses make fun of the slave for being such a loser and wonder if his life sucks cause he has to do everything they say or if he loves serving his Princesses. They throw scraps of food at the slave and make him eat it off the ground. When they are done relaxing by the pool the slave is going to take them shopping for new bikinis and will be paying the bill.

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle just from their title. Take for example “Princess” vs “Slave”. This clip perfectly illustrates the difference in lifestyle between the two. The slave is naked and exposed in the hot sun struggling to keep up with the multiple demands of his Princesses who relax in the shade and are waited on hand and foot. I love how bitchy and entitled Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly are in this clip. You can tell that they are totally used to owning slaves for real! They even comment at one point how they can’t even imagine what they would do if they had to live without slaves! I’m so jealous of the slave in this clip. I wish I could wait hand and foot on these two beautiful Princesses in bikinis. 

We Don't Care if You're Sick

The trash slave hasn't been doing his job. Princess Chanel walks into the kitchen to find garbage and she is NOT happy. She calls his ass in and he gives her some lame excuse about a 'bad back' and 'doctor says I can't carry anything'. Bitch, do you think Princess Chanel cares what your 'doctor says'? How about what "Chanel says'? Like get on the floor, ride me around with a heaping garbage bag on your back and CRAWL out to do your garbage duties!! You don't get doctor's excuses when you are a SLAVE for the Mean Girls! That's why its SLAVERY, stupid!

All Slaves Serve Chanel

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Princess Bella is sitting around the manor a little bit bored when she decides to go check out what her roommate Princess Chanel is up to. Since Mean Girl Manor is stocked with multiple slaves usually at least one of the Mean Girls will be using a slave in some way at any given time. In this case Princess Bella finds Princess Chanel enjoying a relaxing bubble bath while two slaves are busily massaging her feet. A third slave is kneeling up on a shelf holding a silver serving tray with a glass of champagne on it for Princess Chanel.

Now for most people this would be a surprising sight to behold but using slaves like this is such a routine thing around the manor that Princess Bella just laughs a bit and carries on a casual conversation like nothing out of the ordinary is going on. They chat about how great it is being a Mean Girl and about how every girl probably just wishes they could live this life. But they both agree that not every girl can do it. First you have to be really pretty but also smart enough to know how to dominate. Princess Chanel is just relaxing the whole time and is texting on the phone with her husband about planning a vacation. Princess Bella suggests that she make one of the slaves pay for it.

This is a great clip for any Mean Girl fan who like me wishes they could serve at the manor for real. I like that it is all about modern female led domestic domination. Domination is not always about leather and whips this is just about every day pampering and service. The slaves are just background objects being used for a purpose but otherwise not even acknowledged in any way. They are basically a foot massaging machine, a human shelf, and towel rack. I’m so jealous of the slaves in this video! Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it an "8.5".

A Day In The Life Of The MGM Houseslave - HousePet

***This was a paid custom clip from a member of our website. He requested to script out a cruel "day in the life" for one of our house slaves. This is one part of his very looong day!***

You enter the room with a can of wet dogfood in your hand and walk to the cage in which a naked slave is kneeling. You let him out and lead him on all 4s on leash around the room before you allow him to lick your boots. Next you hogtie him. Then you open the can of dogfood and make 2 piles on the floor which are at a certain distance from the slave and from each other. You order the slave to grovel to the 1st pile and lick the food off the floor. Then he must grovel to next pile. Just before he is there, you step into the food and he must lick it off the soles of your boots. You are cruel and ruthless and insist that he eat the piles completely. To encourage him you whip and shock him hard and spit at him as well.

FEATURING: Princess Beverly

Beg Me Not to Leave You

Princess Jennifer is showing off to her friend Lynna how PATHETIC her much older, husband is for her. Just for fun she calls him into the room after her and her friend get back from shopping at the mall with his credit card. She snaps her fingers at him and orders him to kneel before them, which he does, even though it is embarrassing to be treated like this in front of her girlfriend. Then she casually informs him that she is going to be LEAVING him! (Just so she can show off in front of her friend and she can see how CRUSHED he is emotionally and how he will BEG her not to leave him!)

He then literally begins practically crying and groveling at her feet right in front of her friend! Lynna can't believe it. It is SO pathetic! Both girls start MOCKING him now! And Princess Jennifer demands that the loser kisses her FRIEND'S feet too now and he should beg HER to convince Jennifer to stay with him! Lynna decides that if he wants her to "put in a good word" with jennifer, that he should get an extra job so SHE can make money off him too! (So she will be getting one of his paychecks every month just like Jennifer does.) They don't care if they work him to because they don't want him around anyhow. They just want his paycheck(s). Jennifer thinks its a great idea and says its perfectly ok for her friend to use him too. He will now support them both!

Then to humiliate him even MORE, they make him lick their shoes clean (especially the bottoms- they need the "mall dust" licked off!) and also massage their feet while they tell him right to his face how pathetic they think he is and how they are just going to USE him like their own personal SLAVE and treat him like complete .

But no matter what they do to him, the loser pledges that he will put up with anything to stay married to Princess Jennifer- no matter how badly she and all of her friends treat him!!