Old Man Standoff

I had a fun little game planned for Princess Amber and I...Old Man Stand Off!

We each have a slave and we stand on their stupid, ugly heads and body, but mainly their empty head... whichever slave lasted the longest got to worship our feet. 

I was really hoping the bigger slave would win because geezer sucks so damn bad at worshiping feet. Ugh, we even switched slaves once the bigger, uglier one tapped out, but it was a giant pussy. That bigger slave couldn’t take anything. So pathetic and to be honest with you, very disappointing to say the least. The big ugly slave is completely useless.. 

But I forced that loser to take more then it probably thought it ever could. Geezer make that freak look worse than it makes itself look. Hahaha, who ever in a million years thought geezer could ever make anyone look worse.

All that matters is that Princess Amber and I had fun... and we did! I love having slaves under my feet where they always belong, specially when it’s an empty slave head under my feet. Haha 

Watch our fun challenge!

-Goddess Platinum

Monkey See Monkey Doo

Princess Mia and I spent the day shopping for new dresses to wear out tonight dancing, but now our feet are so sore! We decided to take advantage of our pathetic live in slave. So we called in our first foot slave...geezer.

I know how stupid geezer is but I had to show Princess Mia. it's so stupid I actually warned Princess Mia. Hahaha It was so embarrassing how ridiculously bad geezer is at foot worship. I knew it was bad but i was laughing so hard at poor Princess Mia's reaction when geezer was attempting to worship her feet. Seriously pathetic!

So after stupid gave Princess Mia a worthless foot massage for a while and we both laughed at it till we cried, I called over another slave to show geezer what the fuck foot worship looks like. Lol! Our other slave worshipped my feet while geezer watched and attempted to worship Princess Mia's feet. No matter how much we forced geezer to watch and learn from the other slave geezer was just too stupid. 

In true geezer fashion it failed! It just couldn't get it. Princess Mia and I were beyond fed up with how lousy it was. I promised Princess Mia that she would understand why geezer was still around as a slave once we beat it. That's all geezer is good for is beating. Princess Mia decided to just gag geezer. Force it to take her perfect foot like a cock. LOL! Watching geezer gag on Princess Mia's foot was priceless! This old bag of bones tried so hard to take her foot in its throat with out gagging but it failed over and over. Hahah Every time it gagged on her foot its eye's popped out of its head like a stupid blow fish.

geezer's new name is dinosaur fart! Because its old like a dinosaur and the sounds that came out of its mouth when it was gagging sounded like a fart. He couldn't help but to gag and choke her perfect foot. Loser.


Goddess Platinum

Hot For Teacher

Johnny Football is being kept in detention by Miss Platinum for being disruptive during her classes.  (Sometimes the boys in her class just cannot control themselves because "Miss P." is just so hot- and the way she dresses and teases the boys doesn't help!)  Even as he sits in Miss Platinum's detention room, he is obviously distracted by her amazing legs...and Miss Platinum catches him staring at her them several times.  She almost seems to be intentionally teasing and tormenting him with her legs crossing and uncrossing...her shoe dangling just off the tip of her toe...

Poor Johnny has a game in a few hours and begins begging Miss Platinum to let him out of detention so he can get away from this cruel, hot schoolmarm and go play in his big game!  Miss Platinum HATES football players and decides to make this "macho jock" humiliate himself for her amusement if he wants out so bad.

She begins by plopping her feet up on his desk and crossing her legs at the ankle.  Then she says that "if you want to go to your game so bad, then kiss the bottom of my shoes and BEG me to let you go!"  Johnny is aghast at the proposition- but he begrudgingly does as he is told.  He places his lips on the dirty soles of Miss Platinum's pumps and begins begging her.  Miss Platinum laughs- but she isn't nearly done with him yet!  His humiliation has only just begun...

Soon she has Johnny shining her shoes - with his TONGUE - as well as literally kneeling before her, bowing down, and kissing her stockinged feet!  Miss Platinum soon notices that there seems to be a "bulge" forming in the crotch of his pants as he kisses her feet and begs for permission to leave!  Well, that is not acceptable!  And what is that from, anyway??

Johnny finally admits that he has a HUGE crush on Miss Platinum and fantasizes about her all the time.  Then he actually has the nerve to start begging to have SEX with her!  Miss Platinum explains that she is MARRIED- so that is just not going to happen.

However, she may allow him to have sex with...her SHOE!  She thinks the idea is hilarious as she slips her shoe off and makes her student kneel before her and thrust himself into her shoe over and over!  How DEGRADING!  But this jock is SO obsessed with her...he actually admits that he is HAPPY to accept having sex with just her shoe!  How pathetic.

So Miss Platinum decides to give him a slight "upgrade"- she extends her stockinged foot and tells Johnny that he can "hump the bottom of her actual foot" instead of the inside of her shoe.  She thinks its so funny that he actually seems EXCITED by this new option!  Miss Platinum basically laughs in Johnny's face as he kneels before her and humps the bottom of her stockinged foot.  "These school boys are so horny and obsessed with her that they will literally do ANYTHING" for her she thinks to herself...

But every time Johnny is about to cum, Miss Platinum takes her foot away and laughs hysterically at Johnny while he is left desperately "humping air"!  Miss Platinum explains that her husband (the school's football coach!) has always told her that players should refrain from sex before games!

So she makes a deal with Johnny...he can go to his game now, and if he wins, he can come back and "finish" by humping her amazing LEGS!!!

Johnny can't believe it!  He rushes off and plays the game of his life!  His pent-up sexual frustration makes him unstoppable on the field.  And he rushes back to the school as quickly as possible...just to throw himself back at the feet of his Teacher-Tormentor, Miss Plaitnum!  

Miss Platinum is still not done with her humiliating surprises for Johnny, though....and he BETTER do whatever she says, because she took pictures of him humping the bottom of her foot earlier!  And he wouldn't want those posted around the school, would he..?

Between the blackmail and the powerful allure of Miss Platinum's perfect legs, he has no choice...he is Miss Platinum's plaything now...

Our Foot Freak Slave

Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I went shopping. We had super sexy outfits ons so we had to wear super hot high heels to match our outfits. Dumb idea, our feet were hurting so bad after. I'm not sure why we didn't each have a slave crawling on their hands and knees as we sat on their backs getting a ride... oh yeah then we would actually have to be seen in public with those losers. Lol!! NEVER MIND!

So we get back to the Mean Girl Manor and decide to use the slave kneeling naked in the corner to worship our feet till they felt better. We totally forgot how big of a foot freak it was! Like OMG!!! The freak took so long just taking my sweaty boots off then smelling my stinky boots and sopping wet stocking feet. 

We planned on a foot worship session so our feet felt better. If we would have let that freak worship our feet the way it wanted to, we would have been there all darn day and night. 

I don't get it!!!! Like I know our feet are perfect, just like the rest of us but feet???

Whatever! At least we didn't have sore feet after. Honestly though I think that freak would beat its own mother just to be able to kiss one of our feet, just once. It's got it bad! I see foot fetishes all day everyday, specially with how insanely perfect my feet are, but this freak takes it to an entirely new level. Hahaha

When you watch this clip you will see our slave is in heaven worshiping all our feet. But you will also see us laughing non stop at how ridiculous it is. It got to start with taking my boots off and worshiping my sweaty stocking feet, then take Princess Amber's heels off and do the same, Then Goddess Maci's heels and thigh highs. Then the freak was able to go back and take all our thigh highs off and worship all of our perfect bare feet. Jeez no wonder it was in heaven, that freak can now diie happy!!! Lol!

Well enjoy our perfect feet, almost as much as or foot freak did. Baha

Do you have a foot fetish? Are you a foot freak and obsessed with our feet as much as our loser? You know you can have the opportunity to worship or feet too. Start by sending a Minimum $50 tribute and email me telling me what you would do just for the opportunity to worship any or all our perfect feet. Then beg me!

Goddess Platinum

Clean Our Converse Bitch

Princess Amber and I were hanging out on the couch when I noticed how gross and dirty my Converse shoes were. Princess Amber's shoes were dirty too but not nearly as disgusting as mine were.

We snapped our fingers and the closest pathetic slave kneeling in the corner got the honors of licking our filthy Converse clean with its big fat tongue.

Princess Amber was disgusted with the wet marks the foot freak left with its tongue so when it was all done licking our shoes clean, we let the loser know we were taking its credit card to go buy new sneakers. LOL!

Obviously it said yes... It would never be stupid enough to say no to us. Hahaha


Goddess Platinum

Young Hot Foot Worship

The finally 18 year old Goddess Maci came to the Mean Girl Manor for the very first time with her real life big sister Princess Amber. 

We walked Goddess Maci in the Mean Girl Manor and showed her how pathetic or live in slaves are by making them do tricks and having them beg us to keep them around to use and abuse them any way we want. LOL! 

Princess Amber and I wanted to plan out the perfect first day at the Mean Girl Manor for Goddess Maci. So after showing Goddess Maci our obedient slaves we had one of our losers pour us some ice cold drinks. (NON ALCOHOLIC for Princess Amber and Goddess Maci because they are underage.) 

Princess Amber and I wanted to relax and talk to Goddess Maci a little about the amazing life she is about to have joining the Mean Girls. What better way then using some of our human furniture and getting their perfect feet worshiped.

Once we had our dinks and human furniture in place we call in 2 of our foot freaks to worship Goddess Maci and Princess Amber's feetwhile I wrote out my plans for the perfect first day at the Mean Girl Manor. I wanted to give Goddess Maci a really good taste of her new, amazing life as a Goddess.

Today was so exciting for all of us. I know Goddess Maci is a little shy when it comes to her first foot worship but she will get used to this in no time. Before you know it Goddess Maci will be snapping her fingers and yelling, "Bitch! Worship my perfect feet NOW!!!"


Goddess Platinum

Foot Job Torture

Have you ever thought about what you'd be willing to give up for just one foot job from My Perfect feet?! Of course you have, LOSER...

Now try to imagine how far you'd go after months of COMPLETEorgasm denial, being locked in chastity and literally chained to the foot of my bed. That's exactly what I did to one of my personal slaves.

Teased, tormented and denied by my gorgeous toes, I start to play a little game to see just how weak this loser really is. I start asking sking how many months of total denial he is willing to suffer through for just one little release from my feet...Needless to say he gives up ALOT! 

And how do I return his commitment to such long term denial??  By RUINING his one little orgasm before locking his cock back in chastity for a VERY long time.

I never agreed to letting him enjoy the foot job did I? Lol! 

The funniest part is, by the time I have him on the very edge of orgasm at the end of the video, I make him agree to such a long time in chastity if I let him orgasm, that he is literally begging me not to make him cum! 

But at that point my perfect feet have complete his orgasm is MY decision now!  And it looks really painful too when I pull my foot away at the first sign of his cum...the way his rock-hard erection just starts "twitching in the wind" as he BEGS for me to keep touching it...LOL! 

Oh well, too bad!  And it will be a looong time until his next one!  Haha      


The Family Business

Since my niece Amber has come aboard with our "family business" of owning & beating slaves for Our profit, we have been having weekly meetings to discuss our upcoming clips, etc.  At this meeting though, we discussed whether we think Our current crop of house/video slaves are as appreciative as they should be to be in the lives of such powerful, beautiful women.  (Even if we dobeat the tar out of them regularly and treat them literally like dirt 24/7. LOL)

Princess Amber and I decide to call in 2 of our regular losers and make sure they realize how fucking lucky they are.  We inform them that we get hundreds of emails weekly from pathetic men that feel their lives are meaningless unless they can be owned and used by the Mean Girls and these 2 idiots could be dismissed from our lives at the snap of our fingers if we feel like it. 

We make these pathetic pieces of human garbage worship at our feet and literally beg us not to get rid of them!

Did they convince us of their sincerity or did we cut them loose...?  Watch this clip and see...

Interviewer Bias

*(Paid Custom Clip)*

Ms. Platinum is the hiring manager at a major Fortune 500 corporation.  She brings in two candidates to interview for the same management position, and the two candidates find out that they have to interview with her at the same time in her office!  

One is an Ivy League educated man in his 40s with tons of business experience, and the other looks like she is just a spoiled-rotten 19 year old girl with barely a high school education!  

When the man arrives to see this hot young girl sitting in the only interview seat in the office, he can't believe it.  Miss Platinum indicates that he can "just kneel" in front of her desk for the interview- while the female candidate gets to sit with dignity in a chair.  He is mortified!  But after meekly complaining about this kind of treatment not being acceptable, he begrudgingly complies.

Unfortunately for him, it only gets worse from there. 

This company apparently has zero respect for male employees and actually openly discourages the hiring of them!  Women have the advantage now in the workplace, and they are hired for allupper management positions, no matter how young or unqualified they may be- as long as they are hot.

And his competition for this job - "Miss Amber" - is definitely HOT.  She quickly realizes that she has this job in the bag once her and Miss Platinum start talking and getting along wonderfully.  Soon she is teaming up with Miss Platinum to completely degrade this old loser during the interview!  The old man is made to literally strip naked, gets openly mocked by both women- and then even made to rub his young female competitor's feet!

SPOILER ALERT:  "Miss Amber" gets offered a CEO-level position!  And she ends up asking Miss Platinum if she can keep the old man on staff as her "personal assistant" just to she can keep bossing him around!  She even decides to make him suffer the indignity of being used as a HUMAN FOOTSTOOL for her while she is sitting in Miss Platinum's office chatting with her about her new job...and comments that "maybe this is something she will use him for on a regular basis!"

(Watch the clip to see how badly this 19 year old girl ends up degrading this old man that is literally twice her age, once she realizes that she can get away with it!)  SUPER HOT CLIP!

Face Busting Fun

This is pretty straight-forward.  We just think this slave of ours is SO ugly!  So Queen Grace and I laugh about how we just want to literally kick it in its ugly face!  So...we do just that! 

Why not??  Its a SLAVE and we can do whatever we want to it!  So we make it position itself on its hands and knees between us, and literally "present its ugly face to us"- so we can KICK it! 

And then we simply take turns stomping on its face and kicking its head back and forth like a soccer ball! 

These are some HARD kicks and stomps to the head too! 

Poor slave was so dizzy and disoriented by the end of us kicking it around.  We just thought it was funny and walked off, leaving it there on its hands and knees, just "dazed & confused"...while it waits for the next Mean Girl to walk by and decide on a whim to abuse it for her amusement!

-Goddess Platinum