Whole Paycheck Foot Worship

Its actually kind of funny how I used to actually "work" for a living before I learned that I could make WAY more money just by treating losers like krap and basically letting them PAY to worship me for being so young and hot and PERFECT.  Because let's face it- I AM perfect.  Especially my feet.  My PERFECT size 6 feet.  

This freak cashed out his entire paycheck (as I had ordered him to do if he wanted to worship me!) and he has been waiting here like a fool for me with with over $1,000 in his teeth and his head pressed to the floor in "worship position".  (How long has he been waiting there like that? I have no idea...nor do I care!)  

So I proceed to make him slowly hand over his entire paycheck bill-by-bill as he kisses my perfect feet...until it is ALL in my hands!  I have this pathetic fool's entire paycheck in my pretty little fingers within a matter of minutes- and he handed it all over just so he can kiss my FEET!  Fucking pathetic if you ask me...but its great for ME!  I'm too pretty to really "work" I think letting losers hand over their paychecks just to worship at my feet is what I deserve.

Oh, and I make sure to count the bills out over and over right in front of the foot-freak's face to rub it in that I just took it ALL from him.  He begins crying and literally BEGGING for me to leave him some to "live on" until his next paycheck!  And my answer, NOPE!  Come crawling back when you have MORE for me, loser!!

Honestly, I think if more girls knew about being a "Mean Girl" then probably NO hot girl would EVER work again.



-Princess Amber

Our Feet Hurt

My aunt Platinum and I have been walking around in our heels all day.  We walk into the kitchen of our new fabulous Mean Girl Manor- and there is a footslave that someone left stationed in the kitchen. So we decide to put him to use- and make him worship our perfect, sweaty feet right out of our shoes.  Its so relaxing to be able to just shove your feet into the mouth of some "lower life form" and enjoy having having its tongue bathe your feet without even feeling bad about it.  (Because like, it is fucking lucky to be used for anything buy women as hot as US, right?? LOL)


-Princess Amber

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet
We have just finished kicking this slave's balls up into its stomach.  It has learned its lesson and is showing a much better attitude.  So it is time to reward letting it lick our boots and feet.  We take it up onto the deck and let it grovel at our feet as any slave would love to do...  (Yes, this is 100% REAL.)


How Mean Girls Work Hard

This is what we call "hard work" around the Mean Girl Desert Retreat- relaxing in a hammock and demanding that a slave-loser worships our feet. Oh, and using another slave to film it, edit it, and post it so we can make more $$$ off of us relaxing and being literally WORSHIPED! Whatta a tough life...LOL.

Foot Cleaning After House Cleaning

This bitch just got done cleaning for me, and what does he get?  The DIRT from the BOTTOM OF MY FEET.  Which is all slaves deserve anyway- and he better be GRATEFUL for it!


-Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls Office- Behind The Scenes

Sometimes people wonder about the "behind the scenes" workings of The Mean Girls. This clip shows the way the Main Mean Girls run thing around here and keep slaves motivated. It starts with "watercooler talk" between Tina and Platinum. Of course, a slave is cowering at their feet, just waiting to obey their every command. Platinum decides that a shoe-shine is in order.

So she simply snaps her fingers...and the slave immediately begins lapping at her leather work pumps to bring them to a shine for her. Then it is off to one of the slave cubicles. The slaves are on their knees (no office chairs for slave! They work on their KNEES 24/7!) as they are editing videos and promoting Our clips. They immediately get into proper position when the "Bosses" enter their cubicle.

Tina and Platinum want a report on sales. (Slaves do all the work around here- and WE just collect all the $$$!! Haha.) The fat slave has been working for Platinum, while the bald one has been working for Tina. Unfortunately for "baldy", Tina's clip sales are lower than Platinum's.

Of course, this is blamed entirely on the slave. So Tina and Platinum decide to teach these slaves a lesson, and also "motivate" them to work harder in the process! The fatso loser is allowed to kiss, sniff, and inhale the scent of BOTH Platinum AND Tina's stockinged feet!! This is like ecstacy to a pathetic fat fuck like this. He is SO lucky!!

And Platinum and Tina make sure it is done right in front of the bald loser so he can see what he is missing- and how GOOD slaves are REWARDED around here for making $$$ for their Masters!! Now it is on to this disappointing bald fuck...what does HE get?? A good BEATDOWN, that's what!! And the fat loser is made to watch his punishment too! So they BOTH learn from this lesson! MAKE MONEY FOR YOU MASTERS, OR YOU GET BEATEN!!!

Making Boot Bitches Beg (Part 2)

This is part 2 of "Making Boot Bitches Beg"in which one of our loyal house slaves is made to lick my boots- in hopes of getting to my perfect, sweaty feet inside of them! (Kind of like "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop" LOL.)

Anyway, this is JUST the footworship part of the overall clip, in which I mentally Torment my loyal bootlicker by making it WATCH as the other house slave gets to worship my perfect, sweaty feet straight out of my thigh-high boots- that he worked and begged SO hard for! Haha.

-Goddess Platinum

The Feet of The Evil Queen Seal Your Fate Forever

Our Hero returns from yet another conquest at the command of his Evil Queen. She has enslaved him and his entire village with the spell cast by her magic stockings. He collapses at her feet, completely defeated, and begs her to PLEASE release him from his servitude. He can simply no longer do this. He has slaughtered DOZENS of villages now in her name, enslaving thousands into servitude for the Evil Queen- surely this must be enough??

The Queen considers his request, and commands him to strip naked for her, and to kneel naked before her as he begs for her mercy. She laughs at his obvious arousal while kneeling before her. She knows there is no way he can ever resist her powers. She commands him to lay himself at her feet and begin stroking he does this, she lowers her feet onto his face and allows the inttoxicating aroma of her magic stockings to penetrate his nostrils...she knows he will be powerless against her now. She tells him that all he has to do is cum- and she will release his family and the rest of his village...but his servitude to her will become PERMANENT and 100 times worse than before.

The hero cannot help himself...she is SO beautiful, the scent of her stockings is SO mesmerizing...he has no chance to resist her. In the end, as the hero is cumming uncontrollably at her feet, the Evil Queen even has one last evil surprise for the hero about his family and the rest of his village...did he really expect her to keep her promise?? 

Louboutins For A Jerk Junkie

This slave did take a pretty good ballkicking from me in a previous video. So I decide for his reward that I will allow him to kneel before me while I sit upon the Mean Girl Throne and masturbate while gazing up at my beauty and telling me how amazing I am. And guess what?

I eventually even let him cum! But with a VERY humiliating surprise at the end! After all, I can't let all that cum go onto the lovely carpet at my feet, can I?? But it needs to go somewhere, so...guess where I demand the slave's load go???

Let's just say it is the LAST place this slave WANTS it to go!!! HAHAHA!!! Watch the clip to see me turn this slave into his own cum-guzzler!!! LOL! And if this clip sells well enough for Us, we all may even start making all the slaves that we own do this on a regular basis for our profit & matter HOW much they hate it!

-Princess Skylar

Grovel for Grace

I am showing off the life of a "Mean Girl" to Queen Grace. This is her introduction to being pampered, basically. We have 2 slaves groveling at our feet, massaging them and worshiping us.

I decide to be a gracious host and allow Grace to borrow my footslave- so she has 1 for each foot! :) She casually expresses in the video that she "thinks she could get used to this"...haha.  Being a Mean Girl RULES.


-Goddess Platinum