Office Shoe-Shine Slave

Skylar comes into my office at Mean Girls, Inc. and she is in SUCH a bad mood!  Apparently one of her office slaves messed up her coffee order and her shoes got dirty on her way into work this morning!  

So I decide to cheer her up by taking her over to the water cooler and introducing her to the slave that I have "re-purposed" into an office shoe-shine bitch for all of us to use whenever our work pumps need a nice shine.

There is really nothing more empowering as a businesswoman than to have some lackey male on his hands and knees tongue-shining your shoes while you casually chat with your Superior Female coworkers! 

-Goddess Platinum

Phlegm-Covered Covered Footworship

Princess Skylar and I decide to take our sweaty boots off and shove our stinky feet as far as we can down this loser's throat.  Then to make it even more humiliating for him, we take turns hocking loogies right into its face!  By the end, its ego is completely destroyed and its face is COVERED in our spit!


Locked Into Feet

I had Mia over for a Princess sleepover.  I had this cool stockade built into the foot of my bed, so we can have a footslave locked into place at Our feet and use it whenever we want!  It is SO convenient!  You just wake up, and SHOVE your feet down its throat! 

Poor slave...this clip opens up after we left it locked up at our feet all night long while we slept...and when we wake up, we just shoved our feet into its mouth until it literally GAGGED on Our feet over & over!!  Haha.

Some of you freaks probably wish you could be locked up at the foot of my bed like 24/7, huh?  ;)

-Princess Amber

New House - Old Foot Freak

I always enjoy having new girls over to show off my "Mean Girl" lifestyle to.  But some of them just don't understand how I can be sooo mean to old losers and treat them the way that I do.  But me n Princess Mia (from "Brat Princess" fame) hit it off right away online, and she was totally down to see my new house that a slave bought me and hang out for awhile.  We even shot a few clips together while she was here. This was the first one.

Basically, I just show off how this old foot-creep is like SO obsessed with my feet that we can do anything we want to him.  I let him bow down and kiss my feet in front of Mia and he is like soo happy...but then I tell him that he has to keep his legs spread niiiice and WIDE while he kisses my feet.  That way  Mia can line up her KICKS TO HIS BALLS from behind!  HAHA

Poor old foot loser is so addicted to my feet that he just keeps getting back up and bowing down to kiss my feet over and over again no matter how much pain it is in...and kissing my feet with his legs spread- even though he knows Mia is just going to KICK his balls again!  So pathetic.

It is so funny to play with loyal foot slaves.

-Princess Amber

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet

We have just finished kicking this slave's balls up into its stomach.  It has learned its lesson and is showing a much better attitude.  So it is time to reward letting it lick our boots and feet.  We take it up onto the deck and let it grovel at our feet as any slave would love to do...  (Yes, this is 100% REAL.)


What Are You Doing New Years Eve

This poor slave has been locked in the closet all night while me and Alpha were out on the town in Vegas for New Years Eve- using THE STUPID SLAVE'S credit card to fund our lavish year-end celebration together!  The fat ugly old slob comes crawling out of its hole and begins groveling for pathetic.  I just mock it for being USED and treated like GARBAGE- and still putting up with it just to be a part of my life.  I throw it in its face about how much the table & bottle service me n Alpha cost- and how much the charge will be on the loser's credit card next month!  I even tell it how I bragged to all of my friends that were at the table about how it was "just some old loser that I was using" to pay for it all.  They coulnd't believe it- but we all just laughed and ordered a second bottle!


And this old loser puts up with it..why?  JUST SO IT CAN SNIFF AND KISS MY STINKY FEET AFTER BEING OUT ALL NIGHT IN MY THIGH-HIGH BOOTS WITH NO SOCKS OR STOCKINGS ON! fucking pathetic.  Here's your "New Year's Kiss" loser- on my FEET!



-Princess Skylar

Whole Paycheck Foot Worship

Its actually kind of funny how I used to actually "work" for a living before I learned that I could make WAY more money just by treating losers like krap and basically letting them PAY to worship me for being so young and hot and PERFECT.  Because let's face it- I AM perfect.  Especially my feet.  My PERFECT size 6 feet.  

This freak cashed out his entire paycheck (as I had ordered him to do if he wanted to worship me!) and he has been waiting here like a fool for me with with over $1,000 in his teeth and his head pressed to the floor in "worship position".  (How long has he been waiting there like that? I have no idea...nor do I care!)  

So I proceed to make him slowly hand over his entire paycheck bill-by-bill as he kisses my perfect feet...until it is ALL in my hands!  I have this pathetic fool's entire paycheck in my pretty little fingers within a matter of minutes- and he handed it all over just so he can kiss my FEET!  Fucking pathetic if you ask me...but its great for ME!  I'm too pretty to really "work" I think letting losers hand over their paychecks just to worship at my feet is what I deserve.

Oh, and I make sure to count the bills out over and over right in front of the foot-freak's face to rub it in that I just took it ALL from him.  He begins crying and literally BEGGING for me to leave him some to "live on" until his next paycheck!  And my answer, NOPE!  Come crawling back when you have MORE for me, loser!!

Honestly, I think if more girls knew about being a "Mean Girl" then probably NO hot girl would EVER work again.



-Princess Amber

Our Feet Hurt

My aunt Platinum and I have been walking around in our heels all day.  We walk into the kitchen of our new fabulous Mean Girl Manor- and there is a footslave that someone left stationed in the kitchen. So we decide to put him to use- and make him worship our perfect, sweaty feet right out of our shoes.  Its so relaxing to be able to just shove your feet into the mouth of some "lower life form" and enjoy having having its tongue bathe your feet without even feeling bad about it.  (Because like, it is fucking lucky to be used for anything buy women as hot as US, right?? LOL)


-Princess Amber

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet

Good Pain Slaves Get to Worship Feet
We have just finished kicking this slave's balls up into its stomach.  It has learned its lesson and is showing a much better attitude.  So it is time to reward letting it lick our boots and feet.  We take it up onto the deck and let it grovel at our feet as any slave would love to do...  (Yes, this is 100% REAL.)


How Mean Girls Work Hard

This is what we call "hard work" around the Mean Girl Desert Retreat- relaxing in a hammock and demanding that a slave-loser worships our feet. Oh, and using another slave to film it, edit it, and post it so we can make more $$$ off of us relaxing and being literally WORSHIPED! Whatta a tough life...LOL.