Over The Hills And Through Platinums Woods

So while I was away from the Manor during the start of the CoronaVirus pandemic, I dragged My live-in property along with Me to the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat and had all sorts of fun abusing and debasing it while trying to occupy My time as I generally stayed away from most people as We were still finding out about the disease.  After it pissed Me off early in the trip I took it out into the forest, restrained it between a few trees and left it there for about 24 hours before I returned...  The clip picks up as I return the first time and come to torment the loser as it lays helplessly in the dirt and mud where I left it...  I humor Myself making fun of the idiot, calling it names, laughing at it, and telling it what I have planned for it....  then I promptly step up on it's worthless body, and drive My sharp Red Spike Stilletto Boots into it's soft cold flesh.... the stupid thing cries out so loud I nearly slipped off it and so it needed to learn I could do whatever I want regardless of whether it likes it or not...  I take a bit more time stepping all over it, laughing at it's predicament, and then telling it I wasn't impressed with it's devotion to My amusement so it would spend some more times laying where I left it....  I then headed back to the retreat and left the loser to fend for itself again while shackled between the trees.... Hahahahaha..... 

After enjoying a great night sleep in My fluffy down covered bed, and finally getting up to enjoy the late afternoon sun trying to peek out above the tree tops, I decided to go torment the idiot again...  another night laying in the forest made the thing much more obedient and well aware that it was fully at My disposal and it's best chance for survival was to do whatever the fuck I said when I said it.... so when I stepped up and all over the loser this time, it was much more diligent in attempting to muffle it's cries of pain.... not that it helped as I trampled the thing into the squishy mud below until My heart was content.... LOL.....  

As this sad sack lay begging and pleading for Me to let it free to be able to do anything else I demanded I laughed and spit on it and told it how useless and worthless and disposable it was to Me.... I held up the Red Boots I wore the day before and made it use it's disgusting mouth to clean all the mud from the boots as I insulted it for being worth less to Me than the boots would ever be....  and yet it's stupid ass still lay there licking up the mud like a pathetic little bitch that knows it's place at My perfect feet...  

Needless to say, doing the same thing daily eventually grows boring so after stomping this thing and making it beg and plead to have the honor of licking mud from the bottom of My heels, I was ready for a new escape.... so as I  finished up, I unlocked the thing and dragged it behind Me back to the cabin where I had My next surprise planned...   Stay tuned to see what this piece of filth got to experience next while at My retreat......Bwahahahaha.....

Goddess Platinum

Gorgous Goddess Draya's Foot Slut

Gorgeous Goddess Draya was chilling out at her new house, the brand new Mean Girl Manor. It looks so warm and beautiful outside where she is sitting in our new courtyard, but it's actually really chilly out today. 

Goddess Draya decided to take full advantage of the house slave and make it suffer in the cold weather and freeze its ass off laying naked on the very cold cement, for her perfect soles.

Goddess Draya also thought ahead and made sure she was wearing her chunky high heels (which we don't normally wear for filming.) just so she could laugh at it sucking her gurthy heels like a gurthy dick. HAhahaha So fucking funny!

Goddess Draya made this obedient little foot slut lick and suck her heels... Then she made it kiss the ground she walked on... (Let's face it, every male dreams about kissing the ground this perfect, hot, young Goddess walks on.) and then she made it kiss, lick, suck, and worship her adorable, little, cute feet. This is the luckiest little loser alive!

While this slave was hard at work pleasing this Devine Goddess, she took the HOTTEST SELFIE and made this slave drool all over her feet even more when she made it look at the jaw dropping pic she had just snapped. LOL! If only this pathetic present could actually get a woman even 1/10 of Goddess Draya's perfection... This is as good as it will ever get for this slave.This freak is just lucky to be in her presence... 

Ohhhh the amazing life of not only being perfect from head to toes but also be a Mean Girl... It doesn't get better than this.

Princess Amber And Miss Lexi Chase's Young Teen Foot Bitch

Everyday at the Manor brings a new surprise, and today was no different...  Princess Amber and I woke up after a night out and had this 18 year old slave locked in at the end of the bed, and sure enough Her feet were sore in the morning and She was certain the loser had been licking, biting, and kissing Her feet after We crashed out last night...  clearly this idiot didn't know his place and needed to be shown... lol...   so We took turns showing it the proper way to respect Mean Girl's feet if it planned to remain a useful littler piece of property at the Manor...  it licked, worshiped, was gagged with, and choked on Our feet as Amber took pleasure in kicking it's worthless face multiple times to remind it of it's place... check out the clip to see how many feet can fit into this things fat mouth at one time.... it's pretty unbelievable, and pretty fucking pathetic as well..... lmfao...

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

The Tax Loser

Ugh the tax loser called and said he needed to come in to discuss our taxes he had just finished. MHM! Yeah more like this annoying ass loser wanted to come drool over us again. Last time he even got drool on our high heels. GROSSSSSS! Talk about fucking pathetic. 

Since this is a family business I was in Aunt Platinum's office to help her completely mind fuck this freak. 

Seriously some males make it way too easy on us. We could tell within 5 seconds of sloppy freak being in our office the first time that he obviously had a wicked foot fetish.

Can you believe this guy actually thinks we are going to pay him for the work he did? We will have to see about that. LOL!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Worship Our Feet Butterball

Miss Dandy and I were relaxing after a long day of shopping. We both agree we absolutely love our super expensive sexy heels but OMG they hurt our feet!

I told Miss Dandy I have the perfect solution... then I dragged in this butterball foot slave on a leash. LOL!

This will fix our sore feet! This loser will do just about anything for the opportunity to be around gorgeous woman like us. Sooooo pathetic!

I bet you wish you could be our foot worship slave... We are always collecting slaves, but only the most obedient slaves. Start by joining our site and then message us.

Prince$$ Mia ;)

Piggy Bank Cuck In A Cage

Princess Amber dates nothing but hot, young guys.  REALLY hot, young guys.  But sometimes they don't have a lot of money- but that doesn't bother her.  Because she keeps a pathetic old foot-cuck locked up in a cage, and uses IT to pay for her dates!  Its a win-win for Princess!

Its really the best situation- she dates hot young guys, and just uses some pathetic old foot-freak fuck to pay for it all!  Amber can make withdrawals from her "Cuck Piggie Bank" whenever she feels like it.  She just has to dangle her shoe in front of it and tease it with her PERFECT foot...and the piggie is literally oinking and BEGGING to give her more $$$ for her dates!!

This time Amber is EXTRA mean!  She talks on her phone to her latest stud really LOUD so the poor cucky-pig in the cage next to her can hear all the intimate details of what his Princess just did on her date.  (Watch the clip to hear what it drives her cuck-in-a-cage CRAZY!!!)

Then she takes the cuck-pig out of its cage and lets it worship her feet after they have been in her shoes ALL NIGHT...but of course it will cost her cuck-pig even MORE $$$!!!  Poor little piggie...all its dignity was taken from it a looooong time it does whatever Princess Amber says...just so it can sniff and kiss Princess Amber's FEET.  Princess Amber thinks it is PATHETIC - and tells it so right to its FACE - but she has no problem USING the old man and taking all its money!! 

Princess Amber takes even MORE money from her piggie-bank cuck slave and even CALLS her  hot date back to brag about it and discuss where they are going to go on the old loser's dime.  Her young stud asks her if she is "fucking that old man" to get so much money from him.  Amber just LAUGHS and takes a picture of the old man's chastity device that she keeps him locked in 24/7 and sends it to her stud!  OMG whatta FREAK!!

Her slave is SO humiliated as his Princess and her newest boyfriend laugh their asses off at him...and then she simply tosses him back into his cage because she is done with him now.  She has taken all his money, humiliated him, degraded him- and now simply tosses him back in his cage until she is ready to use him again.

But in a final act of kindness, she tosses her worn heels into her cucky piggie-bank's cage so he can sniff the insides of them in his cage while she goes out on her next date with its credit card!

Hot New Goddess First Foot Worship

OMG The Mean Girls have a brand new Goddess!!!! Let me tell you all about my gorgeous new Goddess... Goddess Draya is her name and she is 18 years old and drop deeaad gorgeous! Goddess Draya is the prettiest, most adorable, and super cute young women. Goddess Draya has this contagious little giggle that gives me the biggest smile. She is perfection...

The day I first met Goddess Draya I was walking down the Vegas strip and I noticed her from far away. You cannot miss her, she is absolutely breathtaking. I had to stop to chat with her to get to know her. As soon as she opened her mouth I knew immediately she was born to be a Mean girl. This girl is not only perfect from her curly hair to her size 5 tiny feet but she is smart, she knows she is hotter then 98% of the females on this planet and man oh man she is super dominant! This Goddess doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Like I said, she was born to be a Mean Girl!!! 

This is Goddess Draya's very first day as a Mean girl and she has never done any kind of fetish before. When I talked to Goddess Draya this morning before she was heading over to the manor, she was super worried she would just giggle the entire time we would be filming. LOL! I told her that is perfect, just be you! Goddess Draya was so excited to start her brand new life as a Mean Girl that it almost brought a tear to my eye because I was so proud. (It would have actually brought a tear to my eye if I wasn't such a heartless bitch. HAhaha)

Miss Dandy was over hanging out with me all day, we were both so ecstatic to show Goddess Draya the ropes. We reminisced on how not too long ago Miss Dandy was just starting out as a Mean Girl, and look at her now! :)

As soon as Goddess Draya arrived at the manor we walked her into the front living room where 3 of our slaves has been kneeling naked since 5am, just waiting with anticipation to meet Goddess Draya. You see how excited I get when I find a perfect addition to my Mean girls, you should see all the slaves excitement. Lol! I figured since this is all brand new to Goddess Draya we would start with the most simple fetish, foot worship. 

Prior to today I had informed Goddess Draya about our slaves. I told her they are very obedient, trained daily, but most importantly I let her know that these freaks are not men, they are just our objects that we use and abuse anyway we see fit. I told her how incredibly pathetic each one was and some worse then others. But it doesn't matter how much I warn my new girls about how extremely wretched and deplorable our slaves are, the girls never quite get it till they witness it. I guess it's true, seeing is believing. So needless to say when Goddess Draya actually witnessed how pitiful our slaves truly are she really could not stop laughing... it blew her mind.

I was filming while Miss Dandy was walking Goddess Draya through what foot worship is and showing off the 3 slaves that had been ever so patiently waiting to get just one glance at her utmost perfection. The 2 slaves Goddess Draya picked were eventually allowed to welcome her with just one kiss on the foot. Then I made geezer, the slave not picked show off the "Owned By G Plat" tattoo I tattooed on its wrinkly old ass. 

The bald slave and whiny slave Goddess Draya picked were then instructed to show her the most amazing foot worship they could muster up. But once they took her high heels off they immediately got distracted with smelling her stinky heels, which then Goddess Draya began laughing at them again because she had never in her life witnessed such pathetic excuses for males. I let Goddess Draya know that they just have a very sad and pitiful existence.

Finally the slaves did put down the heels and moved onto Goddess Draya's adorable little size 5 feet and worshipped them while she often giggled and commented on how ridiculously pathetic these slaves are.

After a while I had Miss Dandy show Goddess Draya how to gag the slaves with her feet. Miss Dandy literally lodged her massive feet down the bald slaves throat over and over while Goddess Draya looked on in amazement and laughing so hard at it almost throwing up repeatedly. Then it was time for Goddess Draya to give it a go and she was amazing at it! Her tiny feet slid right down that whiny slaves throat like a cork. LOL!

They gaged the slaves for a while before Goddess Draya allowed the slaves to worsship her feet for just a few more minutes before I demanded them to  crawl back to their walls they had been kneeling at all morning and day. Goddess Draya laughed for a few minutes and then we went and hung out in my room.

Goddess Platinum

Mule Fucker

Goddess Platinum is getting ready for a hot date with one of her stud fucktoys. Tonight she is going to treat him to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant- but of course, she isn't going to be the one paying for it!

She snaps her fingers and simply calls out "WALLET!!"- and her human wallet comes crawling out of her shoe closet, wallet literally in its teeth, ready for its Goddess's use. Its Goddess grabs its wallet out of its teeth, laughs in it face, and takes ALL of its $$$ out. She tells her wallet-slave that she officially renamed it "Wallet" because that is ALL it is to her! Then she tells it that she plans on using all of its cash tonight to pay for her expensive date with her fuck-toy...AND she is even going to tell her fuck-toy about how the money she is using to pay their bill came from her loser "wallet slave"! She LOVES telling all her fuck-studs about her ownership of slaves because it always gives them a good laugh over dinner.

The wallet slave is TOTALLY humiliated and doesn't want his Goddess's "fuck studs" to actually know about how she uses him and how badly she treats him. But it has no choice. It is COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Goddess Platinum's perfect feet.

Not to mention, Goddess Platinum keeps his cock locked in chastity 24/7 and then stores him in her shoe closet- surrounded by all her gorgeous, sexy shoes! It is ecstasy and pure torture all at the same time! And Goddess knows that if he is left in there, sniffing the insides of her shoes while locked in chastity for a few weeks, the foot-freak "wallet" will agree to ANYTHING and put up with her treating him however she wants!

But the foot-freak wallet slave is now BROKEN hearing his Goddess talk about how she is going to "fuck the brains" out of her stud tonight- after treating him to an expensive dinner using her SLAVE'S money! And Goddess Platinum looks SO amazing dressed in her black pantyhose while she does her makeup in the mirror and mocking him....

The wallet slave begins to pathetically sob and literally BEG to be let out of its chastity- even if just for a few minutes!!! Goddess eventually agrees...but she is SO cruel and enjoys torturing her slaves sooo much- both physically and mentally!

Goddess agrees to release the slave from chastity ONLY IF it will also pay for her vacation with one of her other fuck-studs!! Goddess slowly pulls her perfect foot out of her shoe and dangles the slave's chastity key on her ankle chain in front of the the foot-freak wallet slave- it is quickly broken down even FURTHER and agrees!! It is sooo easy for Goddess Platinum to break a foot-freak and turn it into a useful wallet slave...

Goddess commands the slave to get its "foot humper stool" and stands upon it. She casually lifts the heel of her perfect foot and gives permission to her foot-freak wallet to insert its cock underneath the arch of her foot. Then she presses down with her foot- and commands it to "FUCK!" Adding that the slave needs to "KEEP ITS WALLET IN ITS TEETH WHILE IT FUCKS" her foot! This is done to mentally reinforce its status as nothing more than an OBJECT for Goddess to USE. It is a WALLET- it is NOT a human to her!

The wallet is then fourced to hump the sole of his Goddess's foot while she is stil wearing her shoe, and its wallet is clenched in its teeth. The entire time, Goddess Platinum mocks it for being this pathetic that the "highlight of its day" is humping her shoe, basically. No REAL MAN would ever do this. But the slave humps away at his Goddess's foot and shoe until he is FINALLY allowed to cum! (After literally BEGGING for its Goddess's permission!)

Goddess laughs in its face as she holds her shoe and makes her "wallet slave" shoot its pathetic load inside of her shoe. Then she destroys the slave's ego even MORE by letting the wallet's cum slowly run down into the toe of her shoe- and laughing as she tells the slave that she is going to WEAR the shoe on her date ust like that- with her wallet slave's cum down in the toe of her shoe, squishing between her toes!!

She laughs in the wallet's face, telling it that is all its cum is worth to her! All those little sperm will be desperately swimming around in between her toes, deep down inside her shoe - a perfect embodiment of the fool that produced them - while she is sitting at the table, making out with her REAL MAN fuck-stud!

Then she locks the wallet's cock back up and shoves it back into the closet so it can wallow in its shame as she is out on her date, spending its money! If it is lucky, she may even send it a text while she is on her date, just to remind it of how pathetic it is- as her wallet lays there, surrounded by her shoes with its cock all locked up again!

No Self Esteem

I am showing off to Queen Grace how much I have destroyed the ego of one of our resident foot slaves.  It is literally just a quivering mess of stupidity at my feet.  I make it lick the bottoms of our shoes clean just to show Grace that this idiot will do ANYTHING I say.  Grace laughs her ass off right in his face.

Then I dangle my shoe off the tip of my toe in front of its face- and that is all it takes to make this foot freak become absolutely fixated on my beautiful foot being almoooost showing itself to him...and driving the loser wild LOL.  Its nose starts creeping into my shoe...just trying SO hard to sniff my delicious foot odor! 

Finally the shoes drops off...and the foot loser is in HEAVEN!  It is worshiping our feet like they are the most delicious things it has ever tasted!  Haha! 

To be honest, we actually had fun degrading this loser and shoving our feet down its throat.  The time just flew by...and before we knew it, we had been making it lick the dirt off our shoes and shoving our feet down its throat and for like a half an hour! 

But its big, long tongue actually felt kind of good on our feet...

It is actually kind of funny to us how some of you losers can have your self-esteem SO destroyed by your obsession with FEET that you can literally be turned into a FOOT SLAVE for girls like us and just to be degraded to no end for our amusement!! 

And Grace asked me how I make sure the foot slaves at Mean Girl Manor "don't enjoy this TOO much?" and that when I showed her the CHASTITY DEVICE that I keep this old loser locked in 24/7!!  So while it LOVES my feet soooo can never really completely enjoy it!  We just LAUGH.  There is nothing more entertaining to Mean Girls like us than completely tormenting a sexually frustrating the FUCK out of our slaves!!!

We are like SOOOO Mean to this slave!!!

<3 Princess Amber <3

Beating The Bald Bunny

I was hanging out with Goddess Platinum while she was going through the costume closet when I found the most adorable bunny ears. I knew right away what I planned on doing with those adorable, furry, pink and white bunny ears... I was going to make the slave that pissed me off this morning wear them while I beat the butt head bunny senseless! LOL!

That is exactly what I did! I beat the crud out of this little bunny bitch! Goddess Platinum filmed it all. Platinum was laughing so hard while making comments during this cruel beating. We definitely had a blast and it was so very entertaining. 

I must say by the time I was done abusing this little bitch I felt amazing! But I am pretty sure my little bunny bitch will be thinking about me for the entire next two weeks every time it attempts to sit down on its little bruised bunny booty! HAHAHAHA 


Mistress Dandy XoXo