Slave Squatter

Princess Amber is the hottest real estate agent in town. She gets all the best listings. This one is the strangest one she has ever had though...

She is showing the empty home to Miss Lexi Chase, a rich, arrogant housewife.

When they enter the biggest room in the otherwise empty house, there is a conspicuous-looking cage of some sort in the corner of the room. Miss Chase asks, what is that?? Amber explains that the previous owner of the home was a dominatrix and she left her "slave" behind- literally as part of the listing. Like, it literally comes with the house like it is part of the property! They both laugh at this! Amber admits it is totally strange! They have both sort of heard of what a "dominatrix" is, but didn't even think it was like, a real thing lol. Let alone that they really own real-life SLAVES!

Amber pulls the slave out of its cage to show it off to Miss Chase as a "selling feature" of the home.  Amber has been stopping by in between her other showings over the past few weeks and using it to rub her feet as much as she wants. (During those visits, she has been training this "thing" to literally BEG anyone she brings by to buy the house.  Like, it knows anytime it is dragged out of its cage, at the snap of Amber's fingers it is to literally throw itself at the feet of Amber's prospective buyer, kiss their feet, and BEG them to buy the house from Amber!)

She explains to Miss Chase that it is SO obedient that it will literally do ANYTHING she commands it to! They start by making it do tricks for them like a pet. They both laugh at how pathetic this is, but apparently this "creature" has been totally branewashed and programmed to OBEY any order it is given, instantly and without question!

Miss Chase is starting to warm up to the idea of owning her own slave...this could actually be useful, and a very nice "bonus" feature for this property!

Amber decides to take it to the next level. She commands the slave to take off Miss Chase's designer shoes and WORSHIP HER FEET! Miss Chase can't believe it! This thing is literally licking the sweat from between her toes!!  But it feels so...good! She wonders if this "thing" enjoys this? Amber shows her the metal chastity device that has been LOCKED ON IT'S COCK! And Amber thinks the previous owner just took the key with her! HAHA! So this slave can't "enjoy" anything They both just laugh right in front of the slave's face about this.

Amber and Lexi begin discussing all the other things this idiot can be used for- from landscaping to home repairs! Miss Chase will need to sell her husband on it, but she thinks the "chastity thing" permanently locked on its cock will help convince him that it is ok for her - even as a married woman - to have her very own slave and use it for whatever she wants, even to worship her feet after a long day. As long as it does whatever it is told, works its ass off, and has its cock locked up permanently!

Amber decides she wants to shove HER own feet into its warm, wet mouth too...just for fun, after having them in her stockings and leather heels all day...

Watch the clip to see if Miss Lexi Chase decides to buy the house...AND the slave that comes with it!

Simping for Lexi Chase - PART 1

This Is part 1 of a 3 part series, 

Miss Lexi Chase has some loser simp come to visit her hotel room while she is traveling and grovel at her feet in person while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend. She makes it pay her thousands of dollars and place it under her perfect little feet as a tribute to her. This particular simp has been begging for Miss Chase for yeeeaars to go on a "date" with him- and been thoroughly rejected by her. But it is still SO desperate to be in her life. She laughs with her BF that it is "DumDum" that is groveling at her feet right now. She tells her BF about all the simps that beg for her- they both find it amusing how badly she treats them and they make up mean nicknames for them so they can tell them apart when they are mocking them to each other. It makes her and her BF laugh when they insult Lexi's simps and call them mean names right to their faces- but yet they STILL worship the ground she walks on and do whatever she says at the snap of her fingers.

The loser just keeps kissing Miss Chase's little size 5 feet and telling her how PERFECT she is- while all she does is laugh at it and insult it and remind it how little it means to her. She laughs out loud that no matter HOW much the simp worships her, spends on her, and does whatever she says at the snap of her fingers- it still will never be good enough for her. It will just be used and walked all over. But the only other option is WAY worse for the simp. Because if it doesn't let Miss Chase use it, mistreat it, and walk all over it- she will simply get rid of it. And the simp would MUCH rather be used and walked all over by Miss Chase than to be discarded by her completely!!

When the simp's money finally runs out, Miss Chase decides that she is done with the simp loser and his "worship time" at her feet is over...unless he puts a new pair of Louboutins on her perfect feet! The simp is so pathetic that he agrees to take Miss Chase shoe shopping for the expensive designer heels, just so he can be in the presence of her beauty a little longer...

Boot Worship for Your Life

This fat slave is brought faaar out into the desert- where it will need to worship Lexi and Skylar's boots, licking ALL of the sand and dirt off.  And it will need to do it like its pathetic life depends on it- because it DOES

We intentionally walk around in the desert dust and dirt, getting our boots nice and FILTHY. Then we command this fat old slave to LICK THEM CLEAN! If it doesn't do a good enough job, we may just drive off and leave it out here in the desert, naked fat and afraid as night falls....

STARRING: Princess Skylar and Lexi Chase

Foot Freak Under The Stairs

I was working on my clip store and I decided that I felt like having my feet worshiped. So I decided to take a break and under the downstairs where one of the house foot-freak is stored and bring it out to use it to worship me for awhile. It just feels good to have a slave-tongue sliding in & out between your toes while you take a relaxing!

But then once I am done using it, the freak goes bonkers when I try to take my perfect feet away from it! I explain that I am done with it and it NEEDS to be stored back under the stairs until someone else wants to use it! Ugh, the freak literally throws itself on the floor and BEGS to worship my feet some MORE.

So guess what? You better PAY ME, bitch! So I make it go fetch all its money that it has been saving up.

And the rest of the clip I am basically just pulling my feet away from it to drive it INSANE until it pays me MORE....and MORE...and MORE!!!!! Haha. It is so easy being me. This idiot ends up paying $5,000 just to grovel at my feet- all while my clips are selling and earning me MORE money, and I am tweeting on my phone to beta losers around the world demanding that they send me MORE money just for the privilege of even receiving the slightest bit of attention from me...

And I just sit on my throne and relax while I am worshiped and paid for being pretty- as it should be!


-Princess Amber

Princess Amber Meets A Real-Life Fan

Some loser had been BEGGING for my attention online for some time. Normally I don't take these losers seriously unless the prove they can be of some use to me. Luckily this one was SUPER OBEDIENT and literally did everything I told him to- which led him to the opportunity of serving me IN PERSON!

He paid for a private session with me a month prior, and he clearly just couldn't get enough of me (WHO CAN, THO??) Unfortunately, he didn't have enough money for another private session, so I told him if he wants to serve me more, then he can be a slave in my clips!

That was an amazing opportunity that he just COULDN'T pass up, so he agreed to be on camera as my slave with the exception of wearing a mask.

He sent his deposit before arrival (so not to waste my time in case he "chickened out") and showed up like the good little beta I know he is. He was SOOOO excited to serve me that he booked his flight to NV on the soonest dates I was available LOL.

Because it was his "first time", I had him follow me on his hands and knees to my throne, where he laid cash at my perfect stocking covered feet. I teased and humiliated him the entire time: laughing in his face and MAKING him admit what a LOSER he is for agreeing to all of this just to be around me HAHAHA...


-Princess Amber

Foot Sweat Vacuum

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya want to have their feet worshiped- right out of their old, smelly Converse sneakers. 

They think its hilarious to make a slave lick their feet when they KNOW how sweaty and smelly they are! 

So they take turns shoving their sweaty feet right down the slaves throat while they mock it and laugh in its face for being such a pathetic foot freak that they can just USE it like this.  They even SHOVE BOTH OF THEIR FEET DEEP INTO ITS BIG, OPEN MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!

Eventually they make the slave literally SUCK the sweat from in-between their toes using its big nose!!




Converse Cum

Sitting outside on my day bed taking SUPER cute selfies, with my new slave down at my feet, I notice that he starts to DROOL all over my converse and his sad excuse-for-a-dick twitches when I move my feet!

I figured it'd be SUPER humiliating to make him to lick the dirt off the bottoms of my shoes while I take pictures of him and laugh in his face and think of ways to humiliate him MORE!!!

I eventually decide to let this loser have a chance to finally cum- but ONLY on MY COMMAND of course!

I even slap him around and further degrade him as he strokes his tiny cock! But all losers know that ANY pleasure from me must CUM at a cost HAHAHAHA


Czech Freak Begs For Princess Mia's Feet

One of the noveltys of staying at the Manor is the fact that there are literally slaves FOR EVERYTHING! I mean, it isn't just a slave that is downstairs to beat when we feel like it, or a slave outside to wash our cars, or the one kneeling in the kitchen that will always cook or go fetch us any food we'd like, but even losers locked into the end of our beds (if we want) so there is always a pathetic little bitch there to worship or masage our feet as soon as we wake up in the morning, or if we get scared in a bad dream at night, something to kick in the face to scare away what bothered us... lol

So after crashing out hard the other night, I had half forgotten I had locked this loser from some foreign land at the foot of the bed and when I came too I nearly giggled to myself seeing its pathetic face right at the foot of my bed.   But what was I to do?  Obviously manipulate the poor sad thing with my flawless perfect feet. So I started by lightly teasing it, and made it use its teeth to pull off my knee high socks.  

And we were only just getting started.  Watch the clip and see me torment this sad foreigner as it is obviously so addicted to my feet.   Needless to say, I am nowhere near as interested in it so I had a great time kicking and slapping my peds off its face and tongue while also gagging and humiliating it.  Such is the life of a slave.  You wish you could be so lucky loser.

Ugly Euroseat While It Worships My Feet

Why use just one slave when two are at the ready?  After a day of shopping and generally having a great time spending loser money, I got back to the Manor and needed a bit of a break from being in heels.  I dragged these two losers over and had the import from the Czech Republic serve as My seat, while the bald thing got the pleasure of tending to My tired worn out feet.  

But as much fun as foot worship can be for losers, I never let them have it that easy.  Of course My whole foot goes down its throat as I gagged it, and not only did I expect worship, but the loser was obligated to massage whatever foot I didn't have it attached to by its lips... hahahaha...   that's right, work for MY perfect tiny peds loser... show Me how they mean the fucking world to you..

Of course this bitch did exactly that... licking every inch of My soles from heel to toes, between every toe, and sucking every bit of dirt and pain away as it lapped like a helpless pet at My feet..  How jealous are you that you aren't the one here on the floor opf the Manor being able to show your understanding of your inferiority while being My foot licking little bitch?  

Get the clip now and then get in touch after to make your pathetic little dreams of foot slavery to all the Mean Girls a real life experience you'll bnever forget bitch.

Leashed Meat for Sneakered Feet

There is nothing more pathetic than how addicted this slave is to Mean Girl Feet.  So when Miss Tiffany stopped by the Manor to visit Princess Amber the other day, this slave was practically in Heaven having the opportunity to have two perfect sets of feet to adore and worship.  

The slave took every opportunity it had to sniff the Girls perfect feet and shoes until Ms Tiffany pushed her foot right into its face while pulling hard on its collar.  She pushed the thing to its back while both She and Amber used its body as a foot rest while often smashing its face beneath their feet.  

Over and again this thing is to be near their feet.  Amber uses a leash to its dick to yank and slap its cock as She and Tiffany further tormet it.  It is perfectly happy beneath their toes, but every few moments AMber yet again whacks its balls to remind it that it is still always just a thing to no matter how happy it might be.  That is what life at the Mean Girl Manor holds for the slave. It exists to do whatever they decide and nothing else.