Something You're Good At

This is my personal and real life financial slave who is used to just doing chores and running errands for me on a regular basis. This was its first day being used as a clip slave for me. If it did well, I was thinking about renting it out to the other Mean Girls to use in their clips, so I can make even MORE $$$ off of it LOL.

It has been a really hard day for it as it is not used to being subjected to intense pain like it has been through today, but it is continuing on because it is so devoted to it's Princess. :) So far it has been whipped , trampled with heels, sucked on a strap on, got put into chastity and so on and so forth- and to be honest, it was really not prepared for any of this haha. (All of that was prior to this video.)

Needless to say it has not done a very good job, and I am now just trying to find something it is GOOD at, so I can end the shoot on a positive note. It has been given the assignment to worship MY perfect feet to see if he could even handle that! I have to say, it seems like it has a very sensitive gag reflex. It sounds like he's almost going to expire if anything comes near his mouth haha. But the slave does have a will and a desire to keep going- so I keep shoving my feet down its throat.

By the end of the clip, he is so out of it that he can barely even put my boots on my feet haha. His brain really has like turned to mush or something at this point. Maybe I had my feet so deep into its throat that my toes were scrambling its brians?? LOL oh well who cares? Slaves are better without brains anyway.

-Princess Skylar

The Chastity Boss Part 2

Amber explains her "technique" to motivate male workers and increase their productivity- CHASTITY DEVICES! She requires each male salesperson under her supervision to wear one until their sales numbers improve. And there WILL be weekly checkups!

This is seems sooo humiliating to Bob. He has never even HEARD of such a thing! But he begrudgingly agrees to put it on...and he accepts that "Miss Amber" will be holding the key to this horrible metal device on his cock AND that he will have to go through the humiliation of reporting to her office each week and going over his numbers- while she talks down to him and decides whether or not she will unlock this device just so he can have access to his own penis!

Eventually, a week later, we see "Cocky Bob" reporting in for his first "weekly checkup report" in Miss Amber's office. After a week in chastity he is SO quick to fall to his knees before "The Boss" and BEG to keep his his job. My, how far "Cocky Bob" has fallen. He used to be so arrogant and chauvinistic. But now he is standing there naked like a fool before Miss Amber so she can inspect his device and make sure it is still "snug". She snaps her fingers and points downward, and instantly Bob drops to his knees before her, his cock still locked up, and he starts KISSING THE BOTTOM OF HER SMELLY STOCKINGED FEET and BEGGING her to look and see if his numbers have improved enough to be unlocked yet!!

Miss Amber relishes in her unlimited power, and realizes that she kind of likes the sight of this once-cocky male fool groveling at her feet like this.

Simping For Amber

Amber invited me over to hang out since she’s back in town and we have soooo much to catch up on! Since taking over the Mean Girl Manor, Amber has been SUPER busy and hasn’t had much time to do some regular household chores… That is until she introduced me to the fat ugly dweeb who has been doing all these menial tasks FOR HER! Amber didn’t seem to think much of it when he explained that he did ALL her laundry while gone, detailed her car, and took care of her things. (WHAT A FCKING LOSER!!!!) “You didn’t tell me you had a Simp around the house, Amber!” She seemed a little confused when I explained to her what was happening…. “He’s doing all the bitch work! I bet you he’d even PAY YOU to lick your shoes clean!” Amber was still a little unsure that what I was telling her was true…. She just thought of him like an ugly assistant that did whatever she told him to for free… like a “friend” but more pathetic and gross. “Trust me on this Amber, when he comes back here… CALL HIM A SIMP AND SEE IF HE DENIES IT!!!” Amber loves to play little humiliation games so of course she agreed to accuse that fat foot freak of being A SIMP!!!! HAHAHAHAH Even if he “wasn’t” a simp… she’s gonna make him one LOL

Angry Mall Elf


Did you ever see one of those cute little mall elves at the Christmas display at the mall and feel just a little guilty for even looking? But they just looked sooo cute in those Christmas-colored tights...

Well, in this clip Princess Mya (all of 19yrs old!) is one of those elves and comes home P*SSED OFF at all the old perverts checking her out at the mall! But what those pervs didn't know is that this "sweet little elf" actually owns a SLAVE that she keeps at home- just to take all her aggression out on!

She comes home to find it waiting patiently - on hands & knees, just like she left it - for her return. Then she immediately goes into a tirade- making him lick her elf boots clean, kicking him, stomping on him, jumping up and down on him, kicking him in the balls, the ribs- wherever she feels like it. She smacks hi across the face, spits on him, and verbally degrades him throughout. As only Princess Mya can.

***the slave actually came out of this one with quite a few bruised ribs from Princess Mya's fury!*** It must be nice for this little elf to have a "thing" like this waiting at home to take all her aggressions out on- as she she seems to thoroughly enjoy it!

Good Behavior

A prisoner has been held in the Mean Girl Punishment Compound Prison for quite some time now. It was put in here because it got caught breaking into the homes of hot girls and sniffing their old, well-worn shoes. Prison Guard Draya knows all its dirty little secrets and loves to torment the prisoner.

She decides to use its fetishes against it. She makes the prisoner BEG her to put a "good word in" for it so it can get out early for "good behavior". Well, Mean Guard Draya wants to see what all this "foot-sniffing" is about!

She makes the prisoner take her work boots off and DEEPLY inhale the fragrant aroma of her well-worn stockings that she has been wearing inside of her boots ALL WEEK. The prisoner is SO eager to do whatever Guard Draya he sniffs as deeply as he can!! Draya says that maybe if he begs and sniffs her feet hard enough, she will put a good word in for him! The prisoner is so happy that he may get out soon!

Unfortunately for the prisoner, Guard Draya eventually decides that ALL the other female guards may want him to sniff THEIR feet and stockings too...which will delay his release considerably. And they all aren't nearly as attractive as Draya...

Shoe Worship Boosts My Ego

You know what makes me feel REALLY good about myself before going on a date with a guy that I am really into? Using, mistreating, and really humiliating one of my old-man slaves. It reminds me of when I used to pick on the nerds in high school before a cheerleading competition. There was just nothing better than spitting in some nerd's face and telling it what a loser it was to really give me a nice "boost of self-confidence" before a competition! There is just something about walking all over some loser that makes me feel better about myself!

So before my date comes to pick me up, I have one of my old-man slaves literally polish my shoes with its TONGUE- just to make me laugh. It really is a good shine, don't get me wrong, but it is more about making some "lesser being" literally lick the filth off my shoes that gives me a real ego boost. ESPECIALLY when I make it lap up the filth off the very BOTTOM of my shoes...haha. So disgusting. I wonder what it's like to lick the filth off the soles of someone else's shoes?  Oh wait, date is here. Fuck off old man. LOL

(My favorite part of this clip is when I literally KICK THE OLD MAN IN THE FACE and shove it away from me when my date arrives! haha)

-Princess Amber


Shoe Shine Saturday

It is "Shoe-Shine Saturday"! This is the day I use my shoe-shining slave to tongue-shine ALL of my heels that I think I might be wearing that week. I simply snap my fingers and the slave places a pair on my perfect feet and it begins LICKING! My favorite part? Making the loser lick the SOLES of the shoes. I literally wipe the sole of my shoe on its outstretched tongue like its a rag. LOL

Whatta life. But some losers are just meant to be used like this. And it thoroughly entertains me.

-Miss Lexi Chase

Kitchen Foot Mop

Princess Mia walks through the kitchen- and the bottom of her feet are NOT clean enough! She needs them CLEANED! And a slave tongue will do nicely... The Mean Girls always have a house slave stationed in the kitchen with its head bowed to the floor, ready to be USED for whatever they want. Mia uses its big head as literally nothing more than a stepstool to get up onto the countertop. She doesn't care if she smashes its nose into the floor underneath her. It is a SLAVE- it is an object that can be used for however she WANTS.

Princess Mia then commences to use the slave to clean the filthy soles of her beautiful feet, all while reminding this piece of human garbage beneath her just how stupid and insignificant it is. Mia likes being really mean to slaves and hurting them emotionally. It just makes her happy to say mean things to them, make them lick her feet, and remind them how much better she is than them.

Human Alarm Clock

Sometimes I like to just make a slave literally bow down and worship me- overnight. Yes, that's right loser. ALL night long, on its knees with its ugly face pressed down to the hardwood floor in a literal "WORSHIP position" facing toward I relax and sleep comfortably all night in a nice, comfy bed. I think it just reminds a slave of its place in life. And to be honest, it just makes ME feel good to have so much control that I can make these "things" literally bow down and worship me for 8 hours straight haha.

I have the slave's watch alarm set for 8am. At that time, it was instructed the night before to finally leave its "worship position", crawl over to my bed, and begin my "wake up routine"- which involves gentle, worshipful kisses and licks on the soft soles of my perfect little size 5 feet. I like waking up this way. It is so relaxing to wake up to a nice, long footworship session...

Once I am fully awake, I send the slave to crawl off and fetch my breakfast and serve it to me on a silver platter. And then, guess what? MORE footworship!  That's right- I want MORE!!! And I just lay back and relax as my feet are worshiped more as I enjoy my breakfast...

Hmmm....who else out there would like to be my "human alarm clock"? LOL I could maybe add a second slave so BOTH my feet get worshiped at the same time...

-Miss Lexi Chase

Foot Freak Room Service

Miss Lexi Chase lives a very pampered life and is staying at a high-end hotel. She calls down to the front desk. This hotel has a special package available for their Gold Members that includes having a complimentary foot-servant sent to the room of all female guests. Miss Chase wants one sent to her room- and she wants it NOW!

When the foot servant gets to her room, Miss Chase is SO mean to it. She is "elite" and beautiful- and she KNOWS it! She has nothing but disdain for "the help" wherever she goes, but foot-servants? They are literally the lowest of the low, and deserve ZERO respect. (I mean, who would take such a lowly job??)  Miss Chase treats it like trash while casually shoving her feet down its throat and verbally belittling it.

To make SURE she gets the BEST service possible, Miss Chase threatens to leave a bad review on yelp, stating that the hotel's foot servants on staff are "subpar"- and the lowly servant at her feet knows this will get him fired!  He becomes absolutely desperate to please Miss Chase...which only makes her even MORE power-hungry as she relishes the power she holds over him due to her pending "review".  This idiot MUST do whatever she says and lick her feet like its job depends on it- because it does

Miss Chase can be so cruel to inferior people that she can see are clearly beneath her...

By the end of the clip, she is calling down to the front desk and demanding that she receive 24/7 footslave service during her entire stay, AND that her entire stay be 100% "comped"- while the foot servant is still groveling and worshiping at her feet, trying desperately to please this impossible customer!