Droopy Dawg Digs Draya's Divine Digits

I've been living at the Manor a little over six months now, and the one thing that still blows My mind everyday is just how ridiculously pathetic you loser bitches are that come here to get abused by Us.  Take this droopy dawg slave here, after having its ass beat ruthlessly earlier in the day by Me, it finally got to get its reward.   

LMFAO. REWARD MY ASS... all this bitch got was to take off My heels, and then to beg to be allowed to massage, worship and adore My perfect little peds.  You can see how frightened and stiff this thing is and hw its back is still all welted and red from being beaten earlier. Now come on over boy, and suck on My big toe while you play with the middle... 

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

New Princess Alexandria Footslaps a Bitch

This clip is an absolute highlight reel of why it’s great to be a Mean Girl.  Not only are We having fun beating the hell out of one of the hapless losers who pays Us thousands of dollars every month just to be allowed to be abused by Us, better yet, one of the other losers who pays for a membership on Our website watching all the fucked up stuff We do to these idiots, he decided to cough up a bunch more cash to have Us pull the naked mole rat out of its cage and kick it over and over in its head until it was senseless...  all in order to show Our Newest Princess and Mean Girl, Alexandria, just how pathetic the "beta bitches" in Our lives really are...  

Watch as We take this thing out of its cage and then proceed to destroy its head, face, and body with kicks, slaps, and stomps from the soles and toes of Our perfect feet...  This clip proves the point, We can do anything We wanted to them whatsoever.  

Get the clip and see all the action... kicking it in the head countless times… slapping its worthless head and face with the bottoms of Our feet… slapping and smashing it over and over and spitting on its face, laughing at it, and tormenting it countless other ways

Goddess Platinum

Covid-19 Converse Contamination

***Paid Custom Clip for AMG Member***
Princess Amber has been visiting her grampa in the "Covid Ward" of the local hospital. They even made her wear this stupid ugly HAZMAT suit because this stuff is supposed to be sooo life threatening. However, Princess noticed that the bottom of her favorite Converse sneakers were exposed to the germs! Especially since she stepped in all kinds of NASTY stuff in the hospital! Like, there were warning signs everywhere, and she even stepped ring INTO a puddle of some "gunk" that may have been like a spilled covid urine sample bottle or something? She wasn't sure, but there were people in hazmat suits scurrying to clean it right after she walked through it...Anyway, she wants the bottom of her Converse CLEANED!!

So she calls in her slave who is like SOOOO in "love" with her...even though the old pathetic losers knows all it can ever be to her is a SLAVE. She explains to the slave's face where she has been all day in GREAT detail. The slave is scared. Then she puts her foot out and commands her devoted slave to PROVE to her how much it "loves" her! And it will prove it by LICKING THE COVID OFF THE SOLES OF HER CONVERSE!!!!

All while she casually relaxes like a total spoiled brat and mocks the old loser because he is probably "like sooo vulnerable to the disease coz he is like sooo old.." and she just LAUGHS about it! She begins literally RAMMING her old, dirty shoes down its throat...the old man obviously means NOTHING to her. She thinks it is sooo funny to degrade - and even INFECT - him like this.

And the loser will just TAKE it from her. Why?? Well, just LOOK at Princess Amber! She is perfection...and she KNOWS it!

Inhale My Hosed Toes

Gawd, these stupid losers will do nearly anything at all for the slightest bit of attention from Us Mean Girls.  This old crotchety thing was laying there like a worthless old ass floor mat when I came back in from an afternoon in the Vegas Summer Heat rocking these kick-ass completely see through booties that just drive suckers everywhere wild... LOL... so of course My feet are absolutely soaked with sweat, so much so that I actually pour the wetness out into this loser's face...  and then the nylons wrapped around its ugliness so We don't have to see it's face become the perfect little trap to hold in all My feet's sweat and nastiness and let Me grind and rub it into this pathetic piece of trash's face over and over again...  HAHAHAHA loser... you're nothing but the worthless thing beneath the soles of My perfect feet... don't you ever think you could be anything more.

<3Princess Amber <3

This Is My World Bitch

It's my world bitches... you're just a squirrel, tryin' to get a nut... and that's doubly true at the Mean Girl Manor losers...  LMFAO! 

As I'm sitting on the Throne, there are three pathetic bitches kneeling on the floor dying to be of use to Me... so of course I'm gonna have some fun with them and show them how pathetic they are and how out of their world I am...  I start off calling them all up in front of Me, questioning them, belittling them, treating them like the brainless dolts they are.. (you beta bitches are a dime a dozen...)

I watch them tell Me how perfect I am, how honored they are to be at My feet, and how they would literally do anything to be of use to Me...  after the first one nearly chokes himself trying to get out 1,000 words in 30 seconds, the next one sounds like its nearly in the grave speaking so slow I have to start whacking it with My crop to get it to finish its monotonous bullshit..  then the new lil teeny-slave rounded out the herd of idiots with something that sounded like a fetish haiku of adoration... lol..   

And each of these freaks wants so badly to be of use to Me, I can simply play them off one another...

:: Hey old man, are you really going to let this teen mother fucker beat you with his purple prose? 

:: Wow, do slaves really lose all their intelligence when they lose their hair? 

:: Wait, young bitch, do you really only work one job when each of these old coots has three?

How fucking pathetic... all three of these fools begging and trying to one up each other for the chance to lick the soles of My shoes or taste the sweat between My toes...   fucking peasant and fossils...  what a joke... 

So I return to the Q and A as an easy excuse to insult and beat them more...  (Did you really think anything a slave says is ever the RIGHT ANSWER??? Ummm, that'd be a NO...)

Question, Insult, Beat, Repeat...

Maybe that'll become My new Mean Girl Motto.. but they keep trying, and I keep insulting and beating... HAHAHA.. and sure enough they are addicted as within minutes the furry ass teen slave is already asking if it can take off My heels and get a closer look at My Divine Feet...  

Howsa bout NO slave bitch....  I say when things happen, and you rushing and pushing things is going to get your ass corrected, insulted, and beat more... 

Then the stupid old fossil chimes in and gives a random speech about what its learned in the million years it has been on earth and thinks that might be enough to remove My heels... Nope, Strike Two... how about the middle-aged bald ass mole rat... nope, he gets more retarded with every answer...

My level of disgust with these idiots is approaching a level none of them wants to see so the senior citizen tries to lighten the mood by offering to show Me its ass...  OH HELL NO GRANDPA...  why the fuck would I want to see that???  Oh, because Goddess Platinum tattooed and branded your stupid geriatric ass.. Mhm...  exactly, you bitches are fucking cattle to Us... 

My God, how does anyone put up with these losers if they aren't beating them or kicking their balls into their throat??? After dealing with old man ass shaking it like he was Twerking I decided to smack his fresh injuries with My crop a few times and he promptly promised Me I could tattoo his forehead or brand his body anywhere I wanted.. 

And of course a promise like that raised the stakes across the board..  next thing a slave is deep throating My heel showing how it could make Me money with its mouth (yep, definitely pathetic...) and they kept going until I decided to change things up and really put them to the test...  what happens when the heels come off....  HAHAHA.... work little bitches... work for your Deity.... LOL

I dumped the stank old coot first and sent him to kneel with his nose against the wall.. leaving the ugly teenage Clark Kent versus the middle age mole rat... bitch versus bitch for the title of Goddess Draya's Best Little Foot Faggot.. (I mean do you really think either one of these losers actually ever touches a woman if it isn't licking Her feet?) And that's exactly what they did for Me... massaging, then kissing, then full foot worship to doing anything and everything I say exactly when and how I say it... 

But guess what, even slaves can occasionally surprise a Goddess...  One of these two idiots had an "Ace in the Hole" with a new way to pamper My feet that I had never even considered.. and that advantage put him well in the lead... (Meanwhile, grandpa continued decomposing against the wall hoping for the afterlife to come and steal him away from his humiliation..) Eventually only one loser remains, and it gets its reward... the true Heaven of time alone with My feet all to itself.. while the other loser joins the arthritic dinosaur with its nose to the wall...

Get the clip and see what you can expect no matter how good you think you are at being a submissive little slut for Mean Girls..  This clip runs over thirty minutes, and is loaded with verbal humiliation and degradation, loads of quick strike crops across loser bodies, and a full assortment of foot worship, fetish, and humiliation.... In other words, treating beta boys like the worthless trash they are..  

So click buy now, or add to cart, and make the purchase and make Me happy loser...  Chop chop... you need to hurry up and get this paid for and then go out and find yourself another job so you have enough money to keep Me as well paid as these losers do....

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

UGG-ly Foot Slave

Goddess Asia has just come back by the Manor following a loooong day of shopping. While She was gone, She left the Mean Girl Manor "live-in house slaves" literally withering out in the hot sun on the blistering hot pavement waiting for Her return. (Goddess Asia has been staying as a house guest at Mean Girl Manor for the past few days and has been LOVING the various amenities and benefits, especially the fun of having as many slaves as She wants so there's always another waiting if She breaks or ruins any one of the things...)

When Goddess Asia sits down (in the SHADE, of course) to consider what She wants to do next to the pathetic things that have been left kneeling on the hot pavement all day, She adds to their torment by reminding them that she has been wearing an Old Worn Pair of Nylons inside Her Hot, Sweaty, and Utterly Unbearably pair of UGGS All Day as She walked around shopping in the Las Vegas Heat!!! 

The slaves are all squirming on the pavement now, and it's not just because of the sun beating down on their worthless bodies... It's because they all might have the chance to fulfill the pathetic desires that stupid losers have to lick a Goddess' feet and towel in some hope they might actually be of some use to Her...

She sits down and after laughing at how sad and worthless each of them are, She makes them BEG to worship her ever so perfect feet. Whoever She picks will not only get to taste and smell Her perfect size 7 feet, but they will finally get relief from the blistering hot sun that has been beating down on them for hours!

She picks Her favorite piggie... the one that handed over his credit card to Her for Her shopping trip earlier that day! If only he knew how much this little treat cost him... Well, he will find out when the credit card bill comes at the end of the month! LOL

But as any slave knows, licking the filth off the soles of Goddess Asia's Uggs, sniffing Her warm nylons, and tasting the salty sweat from Her perfect bare feet is PRICELESS. And that is absolutely the best thing any loser residing at the Manor could hope for in its life....

Over The Hills And Through Platinums Woods

So while I was away from the Manor during the start of the CoronaVirus pandemic, I dragged My live-in property along with Me to the Mean Girl Mountain Retreat and had all sorts of fun abusing and debasing it while trying to occupy My time as I generally stayed away from most people as We were still finding out about the disease.  After it pissed Me off early in the trip I took it out into the forest, restrained it between a few trees and left it there for about 24 hours before I returned...  The clip picks up as I return the first time and come to torment the loser as it lays helplessly in the dirt and mud where I left it...  I humor Myself making fun of the idiot, calling it names, laughing at it, and telling it what I have planned for it....  then I promptly step up on it's worthless body, and drive My sharp Red Spike Stilletto Boots into it's soft cold flesh.... the stupid thing cries out so loud I nearly slipped off it and so it needed to learn I could do whatever I want regardless of whether it likes it or not...  I take a bit more time stepping all over it, laughing at it's predicament, and then telling it I wasn't impressed with it's devotion to My amusement so it would spend some more times laying where I left it....  I then headed back to the retreat and left the loser to fend for itself again while shackled between the trees.... Hahahahaha..... 

After enjoying a great night sleep in My fluffy down covered bed, and finally getting up to enjoy the late afternoon sun trying to peek out above the tree tops, I decided to go torment the idiot again...  another night laying in the forest made the thing much more obedient and well aware that it was fully at My disposal and it's best chance for survival was to do whatever the fuck I said when I said it.... so when I stepped up and all over the loser this time, it was much more diligent in attempting to muffle it's cries of pain.... not that it helped as I trampled the thing into the squishy mud below until My heart was content.... LOL.....  

As this sad sack lay begging and pleading for Me to let it free to be able to do anything else I demanded I laughed and spit on it and told it how useless and worthless and disposable it was to Me.... I held up the Red Boots I wore the day before and made it use it's disgusting mouth to clean all the mud from the boots as I insulted it for being worth less to Me than the boots would ever be....  and yet it's stupid ass still lay there licking up the mud like a pathetic little bitch that knows it's place at My perfect feet...  

Needless to say, doing the same thing daily eventually grows boring so after stomping this thing and making it beg and plead to have the honor of licking mud from the bottom of My heels, I was ready for a new escape.... so as I  finished up, I unlocked the thing and dragged it behind Me back to the cabin where I had My next surprise planned...   Stay tuned to see what this piece of filth got to experience next while at My retreat......Bwahahahaha.....

Goddess Platinum

Gorgous Goddess Draya's Foot Slut

Gorgeous Goddess Draya was chilling out at her new house, the brand new Mean Girl Manor. It looks so warm and beautiful outside where she is sitting in our new courtyard, but it's actually really chilly out today. 

Goddess Draya decided to take full advantage of the house slave and make it suffer in the cold weather and freeze its ass off laying naked on the very cold cement, for her perfect soles.

Goddess Draya also thought ahead and made sure she was wearing her chunky high heels (which we don't normally wear for filming.) just so she could laugh at it sucking her gurthy heels like a gurthy dick. HAhahaha So fucking funny!

Goddess Draya made this obedient little foot slut lick and suck her heels... Then she made it kiss the ground she walked on... (Let's face it, every male dreams about kissing the ground this perfect, hot, young Goddess walks on.) and then she made it kiss, lick, suck, and worship her adorable, little, cute feet. This is the luckiest little loser alive!

While this slave was hard at work pleasing this Devine Goddess, she took the HOTTEST SELFIE and made this slave drool all over her feet even more when she made it look at the jaw dropping pic she had just snapped. LOL! If only this pathetic present could actually get a woman even 1/10 of Goddess Draya's perfection... This is as good as it will ever get for this slave.This freak is just lucky to be in her presence... 

Ohhhh the amazing life of not only being perfect from head to toes but also be a Mean Girl... It doesn't get better than this.

Princess Amber And Miss Lexi Chase's Young Foot Bitch

Everyday at the Manor brings a new surprise, and today was no different...  Princess Amber and I woke up after a night out and had this 18 year old slave locked in at the end of the bed, and sure enough Her feet were sore in the morning and She was certain the loser had been licking, biting, and kissing Her feet after We crashed out last night...  clearly this idiot didn't know his place and needed to be shown... lol...   so We took turns showing it the proper way to respect Mean Girl's feet if it planned to remain a useful littler piece of property at the Manor...  it licked, worshiped, was gagged with, and choked on Our feet as Amber took pleasure in kicking it's worthless face multiple times to remind it of it's place... check out the clip to see how many feet can fit into this things fat mouth at one time.... it's pretty unbelievable, and pretty fucking pathetic as well..... lmfao...

)(* Miss Lexi Chase *)(

The Tax Loser

Ugh the tax loser called and said he needed to come in to discuss our taxes he had just finished. MHM! Yeah more like this annoying ass loser wanted to come drool over us again. Last time he even got drool on our high heels. GROSSSSSS! Talk about fucking pathetic. 

Since this is a family business I was in Aunt Platinum's office to help her completely mind fuck this freak. 

Seriously some males make it way too easy on us. We could tell within 5 seconds of sloppy freak being in our office the first time that he obviously had a wicked foot fetish.

Can you believe this guy actually thinks we are going to pay him for the work he did? We will have to see about that. LOL!

<3 Princess Amber <3