Shocked Slot Slut

I brought my old ass freak out to play in public!  I decided we would go gamble- using ITS money, of course!

But I hate to be seen in public with any of my disgusting slaves, so I would never be nice enough to just let it come out to play without makingit SUFFER for the privilege... There was definitely a twist, or should I say "shock"! 

I surprised this loser with one of its least favorite things: the ball shocker "FOR STUBBORN SLAVES"!

I made it strip down strap that thing on as tight as it goes. Then made it put its clothes back on over it so I could test it out and make sure it was still nice and tight and delivering MAXIMUM VOLTAGE to its nut sack!

After a quick slave-tongue shoe cleaning, we went down to the casino. OMG!!! So many people were laughing and barking at my geezer slave since it was wearing its pink dawg collar. I was laughing sooo hard. After walking around with it following far enough behind me that it didn't look like it was "with" me, I finally found the perfect machine. 

I decided that this old wrinkly tuurd had to play max bet at the slot machine I chose...and every time it didn't win me money it got the electrical jolt of a lifetime!  LOL

You will not believe how this fun little game ended! 


Goddess Platinum

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Humiliated And Henpecked Hubby


A fat rich guy is watching the game down in his "man cave" with buddies, and shows them a picture of his new wife that he just married in a rather sudden, private ceremony.  His buddies are amazed at how he got such hot, young wife!  They compliment him on being so lucky and wonder how he did it.  In response, he starts bragging about how he just "puts her in her place" and that he calls the shots in their relationship.  

Then his super hot young wife actually comes downstairs- WAY earlier than her husband was expecting her to be home!  He didn't think his buddies would actually MEET her!  She begins YELLING at him right in front of all of his friends!

In a matter of minutes, this cocky, chauvinist braggart is suddenly ON HIS KNEES and literally BEGGING his new young wife- right in front of his friends!  They are all in shock, seeing their friend that was just bragging a moment ago about how he is "the boss" at home, now suddenly groveling before his wife who is literally less than half his age!

She yells at him about how his friends are being too loud, they are making a mess, and then drops a BOMB on him- "DIVORCE!".  She COMMANDS him to BEG her not to leave him, otherwise she will take EVERYTHING in the divorce!  And to his friends' astonishment, he DOES it!  He is literally BEGGING her not to leave him, like a pathetic groveling FOOL!

When this super hot "Trophy Wife" then hears from his friends about how her fat ugly hubby was  BRAGGING about how he called the shots in this marriage, she decides to humiliate her hubby even MORE in front of her friends!!  "Oh, he said that, did he??  Ok, darling hubby- STAND UP, PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS AND SHOW YOUR FRIENDS WHO REALLY CALLS THE SHOTS IN THIS MARRIAGE!" 

The fat rich hubby is obligated to slowly pull down his pants like a humiliated little boy in front of all of his friends- and he has SOME SORT OF "CAGE" ON HIS COCK!!  His friends can't believe it!!  What IS that thing??? 

Then his "Trophy Wife from Hell" explains that she has NEVER had sex with him, and just to be married to her, he agreed to let her LOCK HIS COCK UP PERMANENTLY!!  So he has NEVER had sex with this "hot wife" that he bragged about!

At first, his buddies are disgusted.  But she is just SOOO beautiful...and the way she commands the room with her beauty as soon as she walks in...  Soon, one of the fat man's friends caves, and slowly slips off of the couch, and sinks to his knees before her.  He begins to grovel for her as well, trying to earn her forgiveness and approval- and she obviously relishes in this.  Then another of the fat rich man's friends gives in to the peer pressure and sinks to his knees and begins BEGGING for her forgiveness as well!!  

Eventually, even the most ardent of the chauvenist pigs on the couch gives in to her beauty, and soon ALL of them are on their knees, grovelling at the feet of this beautiful, powerful 19-year-old Domestic Goddess!  All of these men are 2 or 3 times her age, and they are begging like DAWWGS for a 19 year old spoiled brat!

Then she begins abusing her power, making them perform like FOOLS for her just so she can LAUGH at them...and they will apparently do literally ANYTHING she says at the snap of her fingers just to amuse her and earn her approval....

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Public Mutt Crawl

As you know I own a lot of slaves, and I am constantly collecting more slaves. Eventually I will own an entire army of slaves. But I only accept the most submissive and obedient slaves. Like... literally my slaves will do anything I demand they do. My slaves are the luckiest slaves on this planet because they are owned by me, Goddess Platinum! I give them a reason to live.

 I absolutely love humiliating my pathetic slaves and public humiliation is freaking amazing!!! Hahaha! So I decided I was going to make my slave show 1000’s of people who owns it. I made my slave put on a mutt costume and its pink collar that says “OWNED BY GODDESS PLATINUM” and I walked it up and down the extremely crowded Fremont Street in Las Vegas.  It was soooo epic! I walked it for a couple hours and forced it to stop and kiss my feet a ton of times and I even made my mutt beg and bark over and over to show the crowds that it is my little, submissive bitch! 

We had THOUSANDS of people taking pictures and videos. People were laughing at my slave and yelling humiliating things at it. I had a huge crowd watching me walk this freak on a leash the entire time. Lol! There were women that spanked my mutt, some pet my mutt, but most just laughed and laughed and laughed!!!!! I had other males begging to be on the end of my leash. They wish they could be so lucky. 

This is just a small clip of what my night looked like. I had a blast doing what I do best... dominating males, looking hot af and drawing a crowd.

-Goddess Platinum


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Yum Yum Cum

My slave that came all that way from the Czech Republic, just to serve me, has been so extremely obedient. I decided to finally let this freak Princess Mya and I were hanging out and laughing at what a pathetic loser it is, but how obedient it is. So we decided to play a little red light/green light game...

We put on our shiniest red and green pants, that look amazing on our perfect asses, and we stood in front of the freak on his knees. When I had my ass in its face it was time to stroke his tiny, anteater cock...because I was wearing green. When Princess Mya's amazing ass, wrapped in her tight shiny red pants, was in his face...he had to stop. 

The entire time we were playing our little red light/green light slave with Czech slave we were forcing geezer slave to kneel and watch. I even restrained it so it couldn't get away because I had a little yummy surprise for it when we were done with Czech slave....hahahaha.

When the Czech slave finally came I made sure it had an XXXXXXXXSMALL condom on its pathetic cock so we could catch all that disgusting cum. When we were done with the Czech slave we took the condom full of cum and forced fed it to geezer through his crusty old mouth hole. We made that freak suck every last drop of Czech cum out of that tiny rubber condom.

And if you know anything about geezer slave, he hates anything this is right up his alley. 

I had to plug geezers big old nose to make sure it swallowed every little drop. Princess Mya and I laughed at how old and disgusting it is watching it suck down fresh, warm cum.

Man oh man...Princess Mya and I love being Mean Girls...this is so much fun.

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Learn To Suck Dick Good

I was sitting in my office going over my monthly Slave Tribute Report when I realized that my stupid, ugly, geezer slave had barely handed over any money to me. Obviously this is not going to fly. This geezer owes me a lot of money, so we need to find something this pathetic piece of crud is good at. Obviously his "good looks" aren't going to get him very far...

I called that freak into my office and asked him why even though I'm whoring him out he's not making me any money? No more bullshit...I need to get to the bottom of this. Apparently even though I've made geezer suck dick for me and he brought the other freak to completion, he's just a horrible dick sucker. I could only imagine how terrible he is in the sack...LOL! 

So it's time to do some dick sucking training. I will go through this every day with the old sissy until I feel it's ready to be back out in the wild. Because even though geezer is one of my many pain slaves it needs to be bringing in income too. I don't care how old it is...there is no such thing as retirement when you belong to the Mean Girls!

After geezer gave me all kinds of excuses, I pulled out a smaller dildo than usual and proceeded to "work out his gag reflex". LOL! 

This idiot even puked on my I made it lick it clean and keep on sucking! I'll make him a dick sucker yet. Even if it takes the rest of his days living to get good at it!


-Goddess Platinum

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Jerk Off Competition

I'm always looking for fun ways to torture my slaves and entertain myself. Usually when I wake up in the morning, before I get served breakfast in bed, and lay there and ponder. Trying to decide how I'm going to amuse myself; of course before I go shopping and spend all your pathetic loser's money. So I decided it's a perfect day for a "Jerk Off Competition"! Especially since a couple of the slaves haven't eaten in days...this is a perfect opportunity for them to eat!

Really the bald freak looking slave has an advantage since geezer's balls have been broken and extremely bruised for at least two days now. So this should be an easy win for him...

Rules are:

1) Both Slaves Jerk Off

2) Whichever one cums first doesn't have to eat the cum covered pita bread


LOL! Entertaining right? I thought so! 



-Goddess Platinum

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No More Accidents

You know my geezer slave is about as old as a dinosaur. Lol! Well obviously when you start getting freaking ancient things will start failing, like being able to hold your bowel and bladder movements. Well geezer must be getting to that point.

The very first time Goddess Maci came to the Mean Girl Manor I had Princess Amber teach her little sister how to cane slaves, using geezer. I get geezer all hand cuffed to the crate i made it lay on and we started with the caning training. I swear we were only like 3 minutes in and geezer yelled, "I think I peed!"

OMG!!!! We all start laughing so hard and I'm like, "tell me you are fucking joking right now!" Then it says, "well I think I did but I'm not sure." WTF?!?! You don't know if you pissed yourself or not? LOL! I uncut the freak so it can go to the bathroom and it really did!!! It really pissed itself!

As soon as geezer was done in the bathroom I made it clean up its puddle of pee and then I cuffed it back up and we started caning training again. How ridiculous! 

Lately I have been noticing odd new stains on the carpet and even random puddles on the tiles when geezer is around. I asked it if it has been having more accidents but geezer keeps denying it. I am not stupid! I know it's geezer.

I called Princess Mya over for a meeting about geezer and we both decided that if geezer wants to act like an old ass baby and have accidents then we are going to treat it like a baby. We pulled out our giant baby diapers with stupid pink and blue bears and balloons all over them and the baby powder. Then I made sure we had plenty of latex gloves to make sure we didn't catch its grossness. Lol!

It's time to deal with our wrinkly old baby and teach it a lesson. We grab geezer's leash and drag it over to the pink princess bed where we had all our supplies set up ready to go. We lay geezer down and make it put on a diaper, I made sure we put on plenty baby powder, I don't need this freak getting diaper rash and having another problem.

Once geezer's diaper was on nice and snug we beat geezer. Obviously it needs to be potty trained with force. If this pathetic loser still wants to be a slave at the Mean Girl manor then it needs to wear a diaper. 

Princess Mya and I continued to beat the freak and treat it like a baby. Made it suck its thumb and count on it's fingers. Haha Made the freak call us Mommy and beg MOMMY to stop beating it. We went through a few diapers. We beat geezer till its diaper literally exploded. 

We will see if any of Mean Girl way of potty training works on geezer. Haha... We were  definitely entertained from humiliating and beating geezer, I'm sure you will be too.


Goddess Platinum 

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Fathers Day Cleaning Geezer

My geezer slave drove over 8hrs to come serve me on Fathers Day!'s so fucking pathetic and wants to be my personal slave so bad that it bought me a new vacuum. it even bought a bunch of new cleaning supplies just so it could spend it's day cleaning our massive compound. I told it to make sure it had a matching apron/bra and it came with a whole French maid outfit! Just so this loser could look cute cleaning the whole house. What a sissy loser!

I was actually surprised because it actually sucks at everything else in life but was actually pretty good at cleaning. When it came to to cleaning Princess Amber's bathroom I let it know how extremely lucky it was that it got to clean here. The bathroom that Princess Amber uses was so excited that it licked the inside of the bowl and the seat before cleaning itSo gross!

Once the geezer was done cleaning the Mean Girl Manor from top to bottom, I let it kiss my perfect feet and sent him on his way. What a pathetic fucking loser!

Are you such a fucking loser that you would spend your money on the cleaning supplies that you would be using to clean our compound?


Goddess Platinum

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Piggy Nips

I found out that my piggy slave has really sensitive nipples so of coarse I had to mess with it!!!

I had never done a nipple torture session before this. 

I looked through my little tickle trunk of fun toys, (more like a giant walk in closet of fun toys.) and found a few fun things to torture my slave's nipples with.

I found some clothes pins and some super strong, chained nipple clamps. Lol!

My slave hated this session but I had fun like always... and that's really all that matters is ME!!!

I went online after and picked out a bunch of fun nipple torture devices, (then made one of my slaves pay for them.) so my next nipple play/ nipple destroying session will be a lot more brutal. Hahaha


Goddess Platinum

PS... as you see I'm always into trying fun new things so if you have a clip idea, send me a MINIMUM $50 tribute (circlepay or amazon gift card) and what you want to see. ***If you don't send a tribute first, you will get ignored!***

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Cum Sunday

Princess Mya and I were sitting around the Mean Girl Manor Sunday really bored. We were going over ideas of stuff to do and nothing really peaked our interest. Then we remembered we had my geezer slave locked up in the backyard. LOL!

We really can't stand my geezer slave. He sucks at foot worship, he smells like old people, (half deadd) He likes to do stuff just to piss us off... he just gets under our skin. 

We were thinking of ways to humiliate it even more then we normally do. Hmmmmmmm What could we do worse to him then when I made him suck the other new slaves dick???

Hahahah all of a sudden it came to us when we heard one of our chastity slaves moan in pain, again. 

Princess Mya and I decided we would be really nice to our chastity slave for a couple of minutes and let it out of chastity. We even decided we were going to actually let it cum for once. I think it's been years since we let that freak jerk off and actually cum. We are only letting it cum ONLY because we need its cum for our brilliant humiliation plan.

We let the chastity loser out and made it jerk off like the little hairy monkey it is and we had it cum in a cup. While it was jerking off I unchained geezer from the back yard and dragged it into the bar area.

Once we had our cum in a cup I forced geezer's mouth open while Mya poured the cum in it's mouth.Lol!!!She made sure he got every last drop of cum. Then we forced that pathetic old fuck to swallow it down like a little whore.

After we were done humiliating it we sent it away like a bad pooch.

Oh don't worry we didn't forget about our hairy little chastity slave. We iced his tiny little dick back into surrender and I forced his chastity cage back on where it belongs.

LOL! And there you have an oh so fun and very humiliating CUM SUNDAY!!!!

Goddess Platinum

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