Rip Your Own Balls Off

This was SOOO much fun! We were just chilling at Mean Girl Manor when we realized that the poor foot slave that we’ve kept under the dining room table hasn’t been fed any FEET in awhile! LOL So we decide to give him a little “treat”. Problem is, he is actually TIED to the table by his BALLS. And we are sooo mean…we just HAVE to tease and torture him a little. (ok, a LOT haha.) After all, We can’t let him enjoy it Too much or else we wouldn’t be “Mean Girls”! ;)

So we make sure we hold our feet are juuuust far enough away that he can’t quite reach them! Haha! Poor slave…he has to make a choice- its either his balls or our feet! Because if he wants to reach out feet, he is going to have to rip his own BALLS off to do it! Haha! Because we are pretty sure that huge table isn’t going to move! Well, guess we will find out how bad he wants our FEET…haha!

- Goddess Raven and Princess Breanna

Higher Voltage Ballshocker

Ok, so we have found that the old ball-shocker just wasn’t strong enough to suit our tastes anymore. To be honest, sometimes it worked (and totally shocked the slaves nuts) and sometimes we found out it wasn’t! It was getting old and very “hit or miss” with the voltage it was delivering to our slaves nuts. And that is just not acceptable. We want to be able to deliver HIGH VOLTAGE to our slaves nuts at the push of a button- and know that it will cause RELIABLE, CONSISTENT PAIN for our slaves! (With MINIMAL effort on OUR part of course LOL.)
So we got a new one the other day and decided to try it out on this young, annoying loser of a slave. (*True fact- its really a dawgg shock-collar that we just adjust to attach to our slaves nuts LOL! Oh, and we made sure we got one that is for BIG dawggs! Haha!) This slave needs a lot of training anyway on how to be QUIET. So this was the perfect “training aid” we think! This “ballshocker” goes up to 15! (The old one only went up to 10!) And its way bigger so we’re pretty sure this is more powerful. And judging by the slave’s SCREAMS, we are pretty sure we are right! Goddess Harley has to sit down HARD on the slave’s face to muffle its screams of agony actually. Poor slave. It is in heaven because Amazon Goddess Harley’s ass is right on its FACE- but yet it is in pure AGONY with all that high voltage electricity shocking its nuts! LOL! That just adds up to PURE ENTERTAINMENT for US! :)
You will want to buy this clip just to hear this 18yr-old loser’s muffled screams of despair through Goddess Harley’s perfect amazon ass…poor little boy being abused by such a big, mean Glamazon! LOL


A Shocking Good Time

Time for some laughs at our new young slave's expense. Princess Bella and I absolutely LOVE using the dawgg shocker on new slaves balls! We just love to laugh and laugh hysterically at slaves in pain! It is SO funny that we can do anything we want to these losers! We even spit in his mouth and make him lick the dirt off the bottom of our shoes- AS we are shocking him! And there is nothing he can do because he has his hands cuffed behind his back while he is in his cage- so he couldn't get the ballshocker off even if he tried! LOL. And he is in agony and begging us not to shock his nuts on LEVEL 10, LOL! But we will tease him with our bare feet to "motivate" him to TAKE it for us! (Can u believe this slave actually COMPLAINED about how dirty the bottom of our shoes were and how smelly our sweaty feet were! How DARE he!??) Little bitch needed to pay...

btw sometimes the prongs touched his balls and made him practicaly JUMP out of his cage, and other times he was able to "take it" either because OUR feet were in his mouth lol...so pathetic that our FEET are like pacifiers to these foot-freaks...
-Princess Cindi

Testicle Transportation

Ok, honestly, We saw this slave-chariot thing on another C4S store and just HAD to have one at Mean Girl Manor! So we made one of our slaves build it for us. Haha We love making slaves actually BUILD their own devices of torrture that We will just use to HURT them with! Haha SO demoralizing... Anyway, We call this thing Our “testicle chariot” LOL! And it is SO much fun!! We tie one end of a rope to the chariot and the other end around a slaves BALLS- and then make it PULL US throughout Mean Girl Manor! And of course we HAVE to whip it to make it go FASTER for us! At first we take turns, then we BOTH get on and make it pull us BOTH! (Who CARES how hard it is on the slaves balls? Its a SLAVE. We can do whatever we WANT with it!) And it keeps getting stuck on rugs n stuff in the clip- so what does that mean? That just means we need to whip it HARDER to make it GO!! LOL

Testical Tug-O-War

We decided to have some real fun with our slaves today- and test their devotion to Us at the same time. We tied their balls together and made them play a little game of "Testicle Tug-Of-War" for Our entertainment! Haha. We wanted to see what they loved more- US or their testicles LOL! No matter how much it hurt we commanded them to "PULL!" away from each other until either the other slave gave in- or their balls came off. LOL. Poor slaves. This was just pure entertainment for US- and pure testicular terror for them! And just to make sure the ropes stayed ON, We DUCT TAPED them to their testicles! Haha! And then used some implements of torrture to "encourage" the slaves to PULL for Us!
Watch the clip to see who's slave won!
-STARRING: Goddess Suvana, Queen Kasey

Torturre Table

I have decided to take my torrture of slaves to a new level. This is a device I made a slave create for Me so that I can torrture slaves by crushing their balls with the greatest of ease and convenience for ME. (I love making slavs create their own devices for Me to torrture them with! LOL!) With this thing, I just simply command them to place their cock and balls into the device, trapped under the plexiglass plate. Then I step up onto the plexiglass and casually walk around and stand full-weight RIGHT ON TOP OF THEIR BALLS!! SOO easy for me- and apparently very painful for slaves? I don't know since I don't have any balls myself- and I really don't care how much it hurts. As long as it's easy for Me and keeps them totally in FEAR of Me and completely obedient... And its so great to be able to look down and see a slave's "manhood" being CRUSHED COMPLETELY FLAT under my feet! HAHA!!

In this clip I actually have a casual conversation with My mom on the phone as I am standing on this loser's balls. He apparently is in agony. Whatever. He doesn't say a word to interrupt My conversation- so at least he is finally learning. And of course I make another slave film it so I can profit from this slave's suffering under My perfect feet...

Taking Grampas Check

This poor old man comes crawling to us every month with his social security check from the government, handing it over to us and just BEGGING just to be near us- no matter how badly we treat him. This time though he actually tries to NOT give it to us! Can you believe that?? Like, we have flat-out TOLD him this is the only reason we even allow him in the same ROOM us. But he has complained about it. Something about "needing that money to live" or something. LOL. Whatever. We do NOT care. His stupid little check is a new pair of shoes for us. And that is more important!

So we make him a deal- he can present his BALLS to us and we get to BEAT them as much as we want until he gives up his check to us. And the longer he takes the beating, the longer he gets to stay in our presence for "free". So it is either pain or money- it's like a win-wn for US. :)

Download the video to see how long the old man lasts when Me n Mom start going to town on his bare cock & balls with our riding crops and cane. Btw, this slave is a smartass so just warning you before you watch the clip. But by the end his jokes finally stop and he crawls off to FETCH OUR CHECK like a good little bitch. HAHAHA!!!

Locked Up Forever By Sierra


Hey slaves! This is MY favorite video I've ever shot so far! I didn't even know about these "chastity" things until recently when my aunt Kasey introduced me to these slave weirdoes. Who knew they made things that let you actually LOCK UP men's cocks and have COMPLETE control over them!?? I love it!
So in this clip I like play with it, smack it around and tease the slave. LOL! I even make it "jerk off" with its chastity on- and of course it CAN'T. HAHAHA!!! Then I talk right into the camera to all you LOSERS at home for most of the video. Telling you how I bet YOU losers wish it was YOU that was locked up by ME! HAHA! Fucking LOSERS!!!! How PATHETIC!! And then I give you all a nice long COUNTDOWN at the end while you watch me tease the slave's locked up cock...cuz it looks just like YOURS will after today...cuz this is the LAST TIME YOU MIGHT EVER CUM!!! :)

-Princess Sierra

Slave Meat

This is probably the craziest, cruelest video I have ever done...
My friend Gia and I are walking thru My house when we walk by My sissy slave standing at attention - where I left him hours ago - against the wall. Gia is totally freaked out at his SUPER-swollen BALLS hanging between his legs. I calmly explain to her that I just completely destroyed its testicles for one of My ballbusting clips the other day (because they make ME $$$, YAY!) and apparently its balls swelled up to a ridiculous size afterward... (Obviously I couldn't care LESS. LOL.)

And to SHOW her how little I really do care about these stupid SLAVES and that I think of them as NOTHING more than ANIMALLS for Me to USE and TORRTURE for MY profit...I casually reach down and to show off to her I RIPPP it's nuts right off!! LOL!!!! Of course, I stuff its panties in the sissy's mouth first to stifle its screams... :) The bitch apparently from the pain I guess...?

Eventually when he regains consciousness We make him crawl into the kitchen where we are going to COOK THEM UP right in front of him!! LOL!!!! We make him kneel there in the kitchen as we FRY those up! YUM! You should see the look on his face...it's "priceless"!! :)

Then we make HIS bitch-ass serve up his own testicles to us on a PLATTER for us to dine on! HAHAHA!!! And I make him KNEEL there next to the table and WATCH as Me an My friend Gia carve up and EAT his BALLS right in FRONT OF HIS FACE!!! He looks like his life is over...and I guess it IS as a "man". HAHAHA.

We totally rub it in to him too. Mocking him while we chow down on his sacrificed man-parts. And I have to say...there is a POWER rush from doing something like this to a slave! Talk about OWNING and DOMINATING someone! You are literally INGESTING them! And I will actually sh*t out his testicles tomorrow morning during my morning dump - when I am half awake - and not even give it a second thought. LOL! Poor slave...too bad they are born into a life of such insignifance and are able to be used and abused like this by SUPERIOR (and cruel) people like Me! :)

-Goddess Randi

A Shocking Orgasm

Goddess Gabriella had SO much fun with this one. She couldn't believe that I could actually hook up a remote-control electrical shocking device to My slaves' testicles. When I explained to her that I can do anything I WANT to these "things", she LOVED it. I went on to explain to her how this one (slave) is ALWAYS begging and pleading with me to let it cum. And once in awhile I actually grant that wish, but it needs to be fun for ME to watch! :)
So since I get to do it all the time, I let "The Persian Princess" sit on the throne, command the slave to KNEEL before her, and hand her the remote control to the slave's cock. She can't resist and presses the button right away to "test it out"- and she giggles with delight when he jumps and she sees that this sh*t is REAL! :)

We command him to "start stroking" to our beauty NOW if he wants to cum! And of course, he quickly complies. But this is where it gets FUN for us! The Persian Princess is revelling in her newfound POWER and hits the button over & over, whenever she feels like it COMPLETELY ruining the slave's "fun"...LOL. But of course, he KEEPS stroking desperately! HAHAHA!!!

He is having trouble cumming after awhile and Goddess Gabriella is getting "bored" so she shoves her foot into its mouth. (I taught her about how these losers are COMPLETELY obsessed with feet & asses...) After a few short minutes of being laughed at & MOCKED while it has a foot shoved deep into its mouth, the pathetic creature FINALLY starts cumming...

And that's when Gabriella REALLY starts to lay on the "juice"!!! LOL!

There is nothing funnier that setting the ballshocker on "10" and holding that button in the entire time a slave is cumming the second you start seeing a dribble coming out of its dick! HAHAHA!!!!!