Our New Wierd Looking Ashtray

So sometimes when we're relaxing out by the pool in the backyard here at the Manor, we forget to grab an ashtray before lighting up...  so what's the solution.. use a loser slave of course...  and My new little pathetic soulless ginger is the perfect brand of ugly and disgusting to use for the task.. so We have it laid at Our feet and Princess Mia and I have a great time discussing things, ignoring Our nasty little ashtray, and regularly ashing and spitting in its mouth.... hahahahaha....

This pathetic fool sat there taking Our hot ashes in its mouth, being spat upon and degraded, just for the chance to be in Our presence...  it is so sickly looking and pasty it probably got sunburned in the ten minutes it laid there eating Our ashes and spit, loving every minute of the abuse just to have any chance to be of use to Us...  but what would you expect? That We'd actually talk to this loser if it wasn't doing everything We said to amuse us and debase itself for Our attention? I think not... hahahaha... loser beta males know where they belong around Us... kneeling, bowing, begging, and doing everything We fucking say if they hope to have any chance at remaining in Our  good graces...

This pathetic and literally burnt to a crisp piece of slave meat is trying to earn a regular place in Out stable, and it will endure countless more trials and tribulations to prove its worth and become a regular bitch slave for Myself and every other Mean Girl here at the Manor

Goddess Platinum

New Ashtray

This is Day 1 of me testing out a new, pathetic slave who thinks it's worthy enough to serve the Mean Girls and I. I really do hate how it has to wear a mask...obviously it thinks it's something special. Special enough that it thinks someone is going to recognize it and care. Which lets face it...nobody cares about this useless creature.

You do realize the only reason this thing begged me to allow it to serve us is for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be around the World's most perfect women. We all know it would never be around such perfection in its real life. I wonder if anyone has ever even loved this freak...I'm assuming!

Since this is this slaves first tryout I will run it through the wringer and push its limits. This slave really hates anything gross in its mouth, so I obviously had to do an ashtray really test how obedient it would be. 

Once I was done smoking and using it as an ashtray, I walked back into the Mean Girl Manor and left it in the blazing heat. I heard it gagging and I'm pretty sure it threw up...hahahaha...fucking loser. So pathetic. We will see if I end up using this loser again. 

It was obedient though...I'll give it that.

Nasty Ashtray

The other day Princess Mya and I were hanging out; thinking of ways to fuck with our geezer slave.

Neither Princess Mya or I smoke, but we know how much geezer absolutely hates nasty stuff in its mouth.

So we decided it was time to smoke some cigarettes.

We handcuffed geezer to the railing on the deck with kneeling on its wrinkly old knees.

It had no idea what it was in for! We forced open his mouth and made it accept all of our ashes in between us spitting in its mouth and on its face! Lol!

It was a beautiful day out, so we were in no rush...we even decided to have a second cigarette.

We moved geezer so it was laying in front of us so we didn't have to see its nasty old face while we were enjoying the beautiful weather and our smokes. Nothing worse than an ugly worthless, disgusting, pathetic piece of crud ruining the pretty scenery.

Geezer absolutely hated every time we put our butts out on its tongue. Hahahaa!

We thoroughly enjoyed our cigarette break.


Goddess Platinum

Loser, its Cold Outside- Smoking Addition

Tina and I are all bundled up in our fur coats, boots, long pants- you name it. Meanwhile, this pathetic wretch of a slave of ours has been kneeling naked like a fool in the cold all morning, just waiting to be used as a human ashtray during one of our Smoke breaks during filming.

He has seriously just been waiting out back on the porch of the new Mean Girl Manor for our ashes- or until we need to beat him in a clip lol. Fucking pathetic...but he will have his wish. Along with a healthy dose of humiliation and spit in his face.

My Porch Ashtray-Bitch

How would you like to be stationed PERMANENTLY out on my porch, and just kept there 24/7 to be used as nothing more than my fucking human ashtray whenever I come out for my smoke breaks? Just kneeling there all day like a fool, mouth open, and waiting to have my hot ash dumped into it while I spit on you and laugh in your face. 

Well this clip gives you just that kind of experience, freak.

Now download, open up, and say "Ahhhh"....

-Princess Carmela

Queen Grace- Her First Human Ashtay

I am using one of our live-in losers as my human ashtray. Grace has never seen anything like this before haha. So I just explain to her that these idiots will do ANYTHING to be around us just because we are so fucking far out of their league. So I like to REALLY dehumanize them as much as possible? Why? Just because its fun for me to abuse other people that are obviously beneath me I guess. It just feels good to me for some reason. And I like seeing what depths they will go to make me happy and serve ANY purpose I give them in my life.

So we basically take turns ashing and spitting into this idiot's mouth and insulting him right to his face. Grace can't believe someone would let themselves be treated like this. But I explain to her that he is LUCKY to be getting this from us! Otherwise, we wouldn't be around him at ALL! Haha. And she sees it for herself when the freak THANKS us for our ashes and spit.

Human Ashtray Because We Can

My cousin Tina and I are sitting out on the deck having a Smoke. I snap my fingers, and my bitch slave comes scurrying over to light our cigarettes. She asks me where the ashtray is- and I just point right at this loser's fucking face kneeling in front of us and laugh. Tina can't believe we can actually just ash right into this bitch's mouth! But after she sees me do it, she can't wait to try! She laughs her ass off as she dumps her ashes into its open, waiting mouth.

We even take turns burning it with our lit cigarettes! I laugh that I can literally do anything I want to this loser just because he is so fucking OBSESSED with me. And to prove my point (and kinda show off in front of my cousin) I literally stub my lit cigarette out on this fucking loser's tongue and casually toss my cigarette butt into his mouth for him to "dispose of" like it is nothing.

Tina can't believe all the uses we can have for these pathetic fucking slaves!

-Princess Carmela

Smoking Break Ash Bitch

We don't have to be super angry all the time. Here Carmela is taking a smoke break to relax. Well we're MEAN all the time, but not really angry all the time. Carmela is nice and calm, gently ashing and spitting glob after glob of Her princess saliva into the ash slave's mouth. It's working out pretty well for us here, Carmela gets to ash and hock spit into his mouth, and he gets to get rid of all that garbage. We don't need to get angry when you losers just do your job right. We don't get pissed, you do what you're told, and you don't get hurt. Everyone wins!

No Ash Left Behind

Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni are two of the newest Mean Girls. They are quickly learning to use the slaves in any way they want. Today they have a slave serving as their human ashtray. The slave is lying naked on the cement beneath them as Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni take a cigarette break and flick their ashes onto the slave’s chest and blow smoke right into his face. Whenever any ashes fall on their boots or on the ground the slave has to lick it up. After a while they decide to start depositing their ashes directly into the slave’s mouth. The slave is commanded to open his mouth as they ash on his tongue and make him swallow it while they watch. They enjoy the sizzling sound the ash makes when it hits the slaves tongue. Queen Quenzi comes up with the idea to tap their cigarettes against the slave’s teeth. Queen Quenzi explains that moisture on the slaves tongue can put the ash out but if you tap it properly against his teeth the hot ash will fall right down his throat! It’s so great to see two of the newest and youngest Mean Girls eagerly using a slave like this and abusing him with no regard for his wellbeing. 

Efficient Uses Of Slaves

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella decide it’s time for a smoke break. The Mean Girls have most of their outdoor furniture put away for the season so they have no table or ashtrays available outside. But with slaves around it’s not a problem. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela make their slaves kneel before them so they can use them as their human ashtrays. The slaves are commanded to open their mouths and both Princesses ash directly onto their slave’s tongues as they make fun of them and belittle them for being such losers. Princess Bella slaps her slave in the face repeatedly just because she can. Princess Carmela flicks her ashes onto the top of her older slaves head right onto his bald spot and spits in his mouth. The Princesses stub their lit cigarettes out directly on their slaves tongue and then toss the whole butt into their mouths. Princess Bella screams at her slave “Swallow it Bitch!” She then instructs the slave to chew it all up and open his mouth so she can see it’s all gone. They mention how this can’t be healthy for the slaves but they don’t care.

This clip accurately demonstrates exactly how the Mean Girls view slaves. They see them as nothing but losers, basically subhuman, that can be used for anything and that should be grateful they are able to serve some purpose for a superior hot girl.