GoddessNO- BallBusting In SPIKED Shoes!

GoddessNo is the MEANEST "Mean Girl"!  And She PROOVES it in this video!  She puts on Her black leather platform pumps that have REAL METAL SPIKES ALL OVER THEM- and Her first thought is "I want to kick my slave in the BALLS with these"!  So She makes Her slave come in the room and strip naked for Her so he will FEEL the SPIKES even more with every kick!  Then She takes aim and kicks him in his exposed, tender genitals as hard as She can over and over while She LAUGHS at him and mocks his PAIN!  

An unbelievable video...must be watch to be believed.

GoddessNO- Legs Of A GODDESS & The Invisible Man (FULL HD)


You are SO fucking just had a dream come true- you are INVISIBLE and inside your GODDESS'S apartment. She just came walking through the door after a long day walking around in her stockings and heels and sits on the couch and starts playing with her shoes and feet.

And because you are INVISIBLE, you can crawl right up to her stockinged feet and get as clooose to them as you possibly can without touching her...BUT BE QUIET!! Or she will hear you!!

All you can do is stare at her stockinged feet and get close enough to try to quietly sniff them without her hearing you...

You are SO lucky to be able to just kneel there and stare at the LEGS OF A GODDESS without her knowing...


***you get so close that in HD you can see every stitch in Her stockings!!! You can practically SMELL them...***

Ghetto Girl- Dancin ON The Customers!

This is a continuation of our series with "Ghetto Jazmyn"- and her domination of men for the first time! (see previous video description - "Ballbustin ghetto Style" - about how we met her & opened her up to this...)

In this part, she decides that she would rather dance ON a customer for a change, rather than FOR them! She wants to dance for HERSELF- right in front of the mirror to check out her booty and she wants a soft slave-body underneath her to "practice her dance moves" on! She figures if she can dance on a soft body, then dancing on stage will be even easier!

And she really doesn't care about the slave under her either- an one point her stiletto heel actually goes INTO it's eyesocket! (THAT one left a mark for a while that was hard to explain...!)

And Queen Jazmyn CAN dance...there is no doubt about THAT! But watching her (a REAL dancer/"entertainer") do it ON a customer of hers is even better!

Ghetto Girl- Lick My Boots, Bitch!

This is a continuation of our series with "Ghetto Jazmyn"- and her domination of men for the first time! (see previous video description - "Ballbustin ghetto Style" - about how we met her & opened her up to this...)

In this part, she realizes her power over submissive men and makes use of it by making a slave kneel before her, crawl to her feet, and lick her boots- AFTER she has been out dancing all night in them!

You can see that she is enjoying the "newness" of all this as she looks down at the slave and relishes in her power over him- making this white boy lick her boots! While she sits there like a queen on a throne...

Princesses Jessica & Kayla- MORE Balbusting

This is a little extra ballbusting clip where the girls take turns holding the slave while the other one lines up his groin to deliver a kick to...and they BOTH have a good laugh at the slave's expense!

Ballbustin- Ghetto Style!

This is something a little different from MMG- our first "interracial" video! This is Princess Jazmin, who we met walking through the Miami airport in SKY-high stiletto heels. We HAD to approach her! As it turns out, she is a dancer at a club in the area and was open to the idea of smackin around guys for a change...and she is YOUNG! Only 19yrs old...

The video starts off with our interview with her in a hotel room- totally unrehearsed and you get her honest answers about being in the video, being approached in the airport, and what she thinks about abusing guys that let her and pay her for it!- including kicking them & walking all over them.

Then you get to see her kick two white slaves in the balls and laugh at them! She is wearing some thick-soled black leather dominatrix-style boots to deliver her kicks and doesn't hold back! She also grinds her heel into one slave's balls just for fun as she gets into it...

Double Princess Beatdown

Princess Kayla likes just BEATING ON slaves- with her own two hands...and feet...and legs...and whatever else she can use. So in this part of the series she shows Princess Jessica how she can just beat on this slave however she wants. 

She punches him, slaps him in the face, strangles him, takes him to the floor, & ***s him with a leglock scissor hold while Princess Jessica decides to "help out" by stepping up onto the slave's body in her heels. Then she kicks the heels off and the much smaller Jessica says that she can *** the slave out better than Kayla with alot less effort! so Kayla lets the slave out of her strong legs- and Princess Jessica simply walks up the length of his body in her sexy black patterned nylons and casually steps right onto the slave's neck! This goes on for awhile, with one foot on the neck and the other on the slave's face. Then Jessica steps up onto the slave's face with BOTH feet! Just for her own amusement...? 

Then the girls drag the slave over to the wall so they can balance and begin getting REALLY violent! Princess Jessica is standing on it's face in her stockings while Princess Kayla (standing 6 feet tall & weighing over 150lbs!) begins JUMPING UP AND DOWN on the slave's stomach! She stamps her feet over & over into its gut while Jessica just remains standing on its face, looking down at the abuse Kayla is doing and LAUGHING! It is as if she doesnt even realize she is standing on its FACE under her feet... 

Then Princess Jessica takes her turn to "jump around on it" while Princess Kayla is stuffing Her size 10 foot into its mouth and slapping it across the face with her foot- showing TOTAL disrespect for the loser!  

Physical abuse and emotional disrespect all at once- this is what happens when you turn on a camera, throw a slave at the feet of 2 truly sadistic young girls, and say "its a slave- beat it up however you want"...

Extreme Verbal Abuse

GoddessNo says some of the meanest things to Her amuses Her to berate them and say the meanest things She can think of.  It's like a "release" for Her, knowing She can say whatever She wants to the losers that serve Her and they HAVE to take it.  In fact, they not only have to TAKE it, but they have to THANK Her for insulting them!  

Facesitting Goddess

In this video Goddess No is watching TV & chatting on the phone. But of course, with Goddess No, She always has the option of boosting Her already sky-high self-esteem by sitting on a another human being's face while She does it! So right from the very beginning Goddess snaps Her little fingers and calls for Her slave while She is sitting on Her beanbag and watching TV on Her 60" plasma TV. She always has Her slave's balls wired with a ballzapper, so She sends him a quick shock using Her remote control to get him to "hurry up" a little extra for Her! Goddess loves that ballzapper- She always has the remote in Her hand. She loves it because She can control Her slaves with a simple push of a button. And She knows they HATE it- which just makes Her laugh. (She couldn't care less...) Once the naked slave rushes in, he positions himself the way he knows his Goddess likes, then She carelessly plops down on his worthless face without a second thought. Next thing you know, She is calling up one of Her girlfriends and chatting with Her as if the slave wasn't even there anymore. She doesnt care at ALL that he can barely breath underneath Her... Then you hear Goddess No bragging to Her GF: "Yeah, I'm sitting on My fucking slave right now!" Then they start laughing and Goddess No tells Her girlfriend that She is totally serious- then puts the phone on speaker so Her friend can yell out at the slave & tell him how pathetic he is! (And you can definitely hear it on the video!) At the end of the video, after Goddess No has finished Her conversation with Her girlfriend, She remembers that his balls are still "wired-up" for electicity, so She decides to have some fun with him while he is helpless beneath Her ass. She picks up the remote control to his balls and begins sending shock after shock to his balls- WHILE SHE IS STILL SITTING ON HIS FACE!!! The slave jerks and writhes violently underneath Her, and you can see Her body moving up and down as his head jerks with every electric sock She sends to his nuts! And She eventually puts the remote to a setting of "10" without a care in the world as to how painful it is for the slave- after all, that's what he is THERE for, in Her opinion- to receive pain from Her! (And a "10" is like having a cattleprod pressed to your nuts!) But Goddess finds this EXTREMELY entertaining...She even comments one time as She is riding her slaves face up & down with each shock, "Hey, this is FUN- like an amusement park ride!!"... Anyone who watches this video will WISH he was that slave underneath Her...Goddess is even wearing Her hot, pointed-toe red stiletto Dolce&Gabban heels- and it is just around the house while She is relaxing!!

Fishnet Facesitting

I LOVE using slaves as human furniture. But I HATE when they BREATHE!! So I put some tape over my slave's mouth to stop that. Then I attach some nipple clams to its nipples- just for my own entertainment! And I have my riding crop with me just in case it DARES to breathe any of it's gross hot breath on my PERFECT ass!

And My ass DOES look perfect in these fishnets and G-string! What a lucky loser- I dont care how much pain its in!

So now I can settle in and read my book in perfect comfort...well, for ME anyway! LOL!


POP Goes The Penis!

A slave was REALLY hurt in this one! And of course, us Mean Girls not only dont CARE- but we think its FUNNY! HAHAHA!!!

GoddessNo and Princess Sophie are enjoying our time at FetCon when we decide to take my slave up into a room at the hotel and use him to amuse ourselves. So I start by making him perform in "Red Light / Green Light" for us! (Princess Sophie has never played it with a slave before!) We make fun of him for having such a small dick and tell him right to his face how he could NEVER satisfy us!

Then I decide to show Princess Sophie the only thing this slave's balls are good for- kicking them up into it's stomach to give us a good laugh! (And get some exercise for us! LOL!)

So we take turns- I let Sophie kick him right in the balls while he sucks on My toes like a good little bitch! Then we switch & its My turn to kick him.

And THEN we decide to turn it up a notch and REALLY kick him hard!! So Sophie holds his arms up so he cant squirm out of the way and I get a good running start and slam My foot into his balls. THEN I decide to borrow Sophie's shoe so I could do some more damage and cause some more PAIN for My slave- and boy did I! LOL! I hit it right in its semi-hard d*ck with the toe of the shoe and...well, let's just say My slave's cock n balls had a "catastrophic event" and we had to edit most of the rest of

I HATE when slaves cant take My wrath! Oh, but the best part was when I watched this later I didnt even remember the "interview" we did at the end where I talk into the camera about how much I love to torture and hurt slaves...and what I WISH I could do to them! LOL! And Im laughing about it while my slave is "recovering" in the other room...LOL! You'll have to watch to find out what I REALLY want to do to slaves...

Beating The "Worm"

Goddess No takes Her sadistic torture to new levels- by making Her slave go outside and pick out a 'switch' from a tree & bring it to Her. So She is basically making him pick out his own torture device! Then She proceeds to make him strip naked, LAUGH at him and mock the size of his penis, and then torture him by whipping his cock with the cane-like switch. There is also some ballbusting & stiletto trample in the video, as Goddess No just cant resist the temptation to walk all over Her slaves & kick them in their nuts to remind them of who OWNS them! And She looks SO hot in those white boots- YOU'D let Her torture you too!

Beating The Old Dirty Bastard

This is a GREAT video. (And the last for at least a while from the infamous Goddess No...) The premise is simple- a guy answered an ad on craigslist to be beaten by Goddess No in a video. And it turns out that when he shows up, he is old enough to be Her grandfather! Does She care? NO! She thinks it's HILARIOUS to beat on this "dirty old bastard" as She calls him... She even commented later about how hilarious She thought it was that this guy just comes over to 'volunteer' to 'get his ass beat' by Her!! The more She learns about it, the more She loves this stuff... And the contrast between Her young, 20-something body and his old naked flesh being beaten by Her while She laughs...its quite a site... There is a lot of HARD ballbusting, stiletto trampling, and CBT with Her riding crop & stiletto shoes. And this guy couldn't take all the beating that Goddess No wanted to give the end he was begging Her for mercy. ( a guy 40yrs older than Goddess No, naked and on his knees in front of Her, BEGGING for Her 'mercy'...She thought it was hilarious!) You know, it's amazing how people say "yeah, i can take stiletto trampling" or "i can take some hard ballbusting"...and then when they get in front of Goddess No and realize that She really doesn't give a about them and hauls off and kicks them as hard as She can...then tramples all over them without taking an ounce of weight off of Her sharp heels (like a lot of women in other trampling videos) all of sudden you see the fear in the slave's eyes as they realize how much it really hurts...and how Goddess No REALLY doesn't care!

Destroying My Slave's Balls For My Friends Entertainment

Goddess No decides to call up some of Her friends during a video session so they can hear Her kicking Her slave in the nuts repeatedly! You can actually hear Her friends laughing hysterically on the speakerphone and shouting encouragement to Her! This is totally real- and you can tell by Goddess No's reaction how much She loves to kick Her slave in the nuts & cause Her slave pain! With each brutal thud of Her pointed-toe, metal-tipped stiletto pumps into his balls, She shrieks with laughter and yells out to Her friends on the phone- "I just kicked him in the nuts again!!" and you can hear Her friends humiliating for the slave...but he'll do anything for Goddess No. And so would you, seeing Her in that red outfit... The clip continues with more testicle torture, as Goddess No then makes Her slave put on it's "ballshocker"- so She can send an electric shock to his nuts at the push of a button and make him scream in agony for Her friends... Of course, there are also some disrespectful slaps across the face, callous stiletto trampling, and stomps of Her heels into the slave's flesh, as usual...we even get a nice close-up of those killer shoes dangling from Her perfect toes as She impatiently waits for Her slave to attach his ballshocker... And the video ends with a special torturous treat for the poor slave...!

Eat My Pie, Slave!

GoddessNo decides to feed Her slave...but she wants to make sure it realizes its place and doesn't get any ideas that it means anything to her! It is just a thing that she has to keep alive so it can continue to live to serve She feeds it...with Her feet!  Stepping all over its food- and it slurps it up without hesitation because it KNOWS where it belongs- at its Mistress's FEET!

Electrocuting My Slave's Balls

One of GoddessNo's favorite ways to torture Her slaves...electrocuting their balls.  Simply because it causes the maximum amount of pain for them with the minimum amount of effort from HER....

Watch Her as She sends a shock to its balls with the simple push of a button- and how She just LAUGHS as it jumps and yelps in pain!

Barefoot Trample Tease

The Beautiful and casually abusive GoddessNo in one of Her early videos- when She first started walking all over slaves...and in this one She walks all over one of them, even squeezing his dick between Her toes at one point, laughing at how pathetic he is while She does it.  She even steps on his face!

Princess Kayla- The 19yr-old Ballbusting Model

Princess is just plain MEAN, as she continues her humiliation of the poor migrant worker that adores her sooo much. She brought him in to use him for the photoshoot, but know she just wants to "kick him in the balls"- just for fun! And the total loser that he is, he lets her! And all she does is play with him and insult him.

She casually sits on the couch making the poor migrant worker kneel n front of her and humiliates him even further by making his strip for the 19yr old Princess! So his balls are hanging there, completely vulnerable between his legs- and easy target for her to flick her foot out and kick whenever she feels like it! And the shoes she is wearing have metal studs on the top of the toe- which is exactly the part she is flinging up into his naked balls!

And she does this while casually smoking a cigarette and even SPITTING on the loser! She even slaps him in the head a few times with her shoe- because she CAN! And it AMUSES her!

And all this loser does no matter how badly she treats him is grovel at her feet and tell her how beautiful she is...LOSER!

Beating My Bitch In Front Of My Friends

This was the video that started it all... Goddess No opens up to her friends about Her "slave" bitch that does whatever She says- and lets Her treat him like absolute . Some of these girls knew about Her having a slave (a new concept to ALL of them) and some didn't. Goddess uses this as an opportunity to show them what a 'submissive male' is and how badly you can treat them- as well as have some fun in the process. There is a lot of mocking laughter from these girls as they watch Goddess No LITERALLY walk all over Her 'bitch' and capture it all on tape in a hotel room in miami as She basically humiliates & degrades him for their amusement...including several stiletto stomps into his groin! (Which totally leave Her friends gasping in amazement as this loser THAKS Her for it afterward...)