My Champagne Lifestyle

THIS is the kind of life I live, SLAVES- while you live your miserable little pathetic existence...luckily, we BOTH realize that the only thing that could really make your wretched little life worth living is dedicating it to making MINE even BETTER!

Watch as I show off to My GF by ringing My "champagne bell" and having My servants scurry over to us on their f*cking hands and knees to deliver our champagne to us!

Then as we are sipping it (and mocking these pathetic losers that serve us) I show my GF what other uses I have for them- and command them to begin worshipping our feet. Mine are filthy from walking at the beach earlier in the day so I even call over another one of my beasts of burden to WORSHIP Me- so I have one slave-mouth for each foot while I sip My champagne in comfort! LOL!

THIS is the life I was born to live! And you probably wish you were serving ME too, DON'T you, loser??? Well, the FIRST thing you can do is BUY THIS CLIP!!!


Slave Faces Make Warm Seats

It was actually a little chilly the other day here in southern I had My slave make a fire for Me. But that isn't good enough- I want a nice, warm seat to sit on too! And look how HOT I look in My fishnet bodystocking & boots a slave gave Me! I deserve everything I want! LOL! So of course the slave immediately complies with My orders and positions itself into a seat for Me.

I try a few different positions until I get comfortable...and couldn't care less about the fishnets cutting into the slave's face beneath Me! LOL!

And there is a little surprise at the end of this one... Let's just say I really do NOT care if slaves can breathe or not! (hint, hint ;) As long as I am warm and comfortable that's all that matters!!


Pay MY Bills- Get REWARDED!

This is another glimpse into the life I live. And My GF is there to film it and laugh. :) I lounge outside by My pool and make My slaves report to Me what they have done for Me while I am relaxing. Namely, what bills they have PAID FOR for Me!! And it cracks me up that all I have to do is sit on their faces and they will gladly sacrifice their lives and their wallets for that privilege!! LOL! Just to have a girl as HOT as ME treat them like sub-human pieces of furniture! :) And watch the preview to see how little I care about these losers! Yet they still WORSHIP ME!! My life is so's good to be ME!!


-Goddess Randi

Public Humiliation Outing - Part 1

OK, now THIS is My NEWEST "favorite" clip I've filmed so far! LOL! I guess it was fun for ME at least- not so much the slave! :) In this first part I invited My GF Miss Mariah out for some shopping and want to show her how I literally own f*cking slaves now. (She's not a porn star or anything- just a regular girl) She thinks it's hilarious, and of course the FIRST thing she wants to do is make them take us SHOPPING! :)

I make the slaves walk literally like 10 feet behind us- then make them wait by the door "until we need their credit cards"...LOL! My GF is amazed at how I treat them. I told her they are just like human wallets to Me. :)

At one point I make my main bitch lay down RITE IN THE STORE so I can STAND ON HIS PATHETIC BODY IN MY DIRTY FLIP-FLOPS AND LOOK AT CLOTHES THAT ARE HIGHER UP ON THE RACK. I even make this f*cking loser BOW DOWN and KISS MY FEET right in front of the sales lady! LOL!!! And he HAS to do it because he knows if he doesn't I will take My feet away from him for like a WEEK- and he would f*cking kiilll himself! LOL!!! PATHETIC!


Public Humiliation Outing - Part 2

In part 2 I REALLY up the ante! :) I make this BITCH get on his F*CKING HANDS AND KNEES and put a COLLAR & CHAIN ON HIM and literally WALK HIM LIKE A DOGG RIGHT DOWN A CROWDED SIDEWALK OF PEOPLE BY THE BEACH!! LOL!!!!! He is SOOO f*cking humiliated!! He was begging me before the camera was turned on not to do this to him!! :) But I don't care! I told him this sh*t WILL MAKE MEEE $$$!!!!! So his bitch-ass better fucking CRAWL for Me or I will take My perfect feet away from you!!! And I don't give a F*CK how many people stare at you and laugh!! That is what it is THERE for!! It is a SLAVE for Me to use HOWEVER I WANT!!

(I even tell a bunch of random people walking by that this loser is my f*cking slave! LOL! AND I make him LICK THE FILTH AND DIRT OFF THE SOLES OF MY FILTHY FLIP FLOPS IN FRONT OF A BUNCH OF BLACK GUYS!!! They were TOTALLY amazed that I could make this bitch do something that gross and disgusting! And I just f*cking stand there and talk to these guys like its nothing while My bitch is down there lapping at the sole of My flip-flop...LOL!

Oh, then at the end I make both losers (I had two of them there- I gave one to my GF) bow down to me and literally WORSHIP ME in front of everyone! :) Then I make them worship My feet while people are walking by. Oh, and we use them as seats too! SOO much fun!

Public Humiliation Outing - Part 3

Ok, after I make these b*tches buy us stuff and walk them down a crowded sidewalk on their hands and knees on leashes like doggs- Me n My GF Mariah decide to use them for a pony race! YAY! :) After all, I told her- we can USE them for whatever we want!! :)

So I lay out the ground rules and tell Mariah we are going to race the slaves to the trash can WAAAY off in the distance. lol. (I figure MY slave can make it there- and hers probably can't!) Besides, I think racing these pieces of human garbage to a trash can is pretty appropriate! Oh, and of course I make the rule that whoever wins gets BOTH slave's credit cards for the rest of the day!

But just to make SURE I don't lose...I brought along a secret weapon- my stilettos with sharp metal SPIKES all along the backs of the heels! PERFECT for spurring MY slave on HARDER so I can win!!! :)

It was SOOO much fun humiliating these losers in front of EVERYONE at the beach! LOL! You can even hear people in the background cheering me on to "ride him harder"!! LOL!

Belting A Slave for FUN!

I LOVE owning slaves. This is SO much more fun than porn! LOL! THIS slave cheated in a human horse race I had with one of my girlfriends the other day. (Don't worry- I made another slave film it! It will be up soon!) Anyway, I use it as an excuse to beat the F*CK out of him- using his own belt! LOL!

The weird thing is - and I never knew this about myself - I REALLY f*cking ENJOY it! WATCH THE PREVIEW CLIP AND LOOK AT THE SMILE ON MY FACE!!!

Maybe it's because of the beltings I took from My daddy when I was a little girl? Revenge and POWER feel GOOD! :) I just kept hitting this old man with a belt, HURTING him as much as I could- and he kept TAKING it for Me!!! I LOVED IT! I actually got a little turned on filming it...and a little wet again watching it. :) I'm so fucking hot. ;) WHO ELSE WANTS TO BE BEATEN BY MEEE??? :)


My Fabulous Life



It goes without saying that I live the life of a GODDESS. But unlike some of these "goddesses" out there that really live in some shithole apartment- I truly DO live a life of luxury! And it's all made possible through slave-labor! LOL! As it SHOULD be! :) I don't have to pay for any of this! You slaves do!

I am giving a tour of My new fabulous home- that a SLAVE is paying for of course! (And just to kiss My FEET! LOL! PATHETIC!!) I am showing off My fabulously HUGE walk-in closet especially, when i see the slave that i had positioned in there earlier in the day with his head pressed to the floor right where I left him. Can you believe i actually went to HIGH SCHOOL with this loser?? I didn't even remember him- and he did My homework like every day back then! LOL! I didn't even know his NAME! He was a slave back then i guess too! And i didn't even KNOW about stuff like this back then- I just thought it was natural that losers like this one would do anything I said. LOL. But apparently he saw me on here and wanted to officially be My "slave", so...whatever! SERVE ME, bitch! :) Anyway, the floor wasn't clean enough to my liking, so I punish him.

My girlfriend that is filming this for me thinks it's HILARIOUS that I get to treat guys like this and be worshipped as a GODDESS for it! :) You can hear her comments from behind the camera throughout the video.

Spikes To The BALLS!

This one was SOOO much fun to film!!! Me n My GFs are just sitting on top of the cage that I am keeping My slave in and talking about stuff like he's not even there. We totally forgot about him, actually! LOL! Then we start talking about doing another video and I explain to them how I heard that that ballbusting videos sell REALLY well and all you need is an obedient, pathetic slave to sacrifice it's BALLS for you to kick as hard as you want! :) And the harder you kick it, the more $$$ I make!! :) They are amazed that there are actually guys out there that will just sacrifice themselves for My profit like this! So I decide to give a demo on My slave in the cage. (He is soooo excited when I rattle his cage by kicking it with My gold stilettos! LOL! Little does he know his balls area bout to get f*cked up!)

We are ALL wearing shoes with WICKED SPIKES all over them! LOL! And my friends are like all worried about if it's "OK" to kick them with these kinds of shoes. (They are so "in" right now. I love them!) :) Can you believe one of my friends actually asks the SLAVE if it's ok to kick him with the spikes?? I had to explain to her that he doesn't have a CHOICE! I make the decision of whether its ok! It is just a SLAVE and it is MY slave and it will do whatever I want!!! Ugh...

I also call int he slave that I had cleaning and decide to use him too. Can you believe he FLINCHED when My gorgeous friend, famous pornstar Sarah Jessie went to kick him!! I was APPALLED and SOO embarrassed!! So I put him on his hands and knees and hit his bare ass as hard as I could with My paddle! LOL! He squealed like a little pig! :) THEN he was much better about holding still- but still went down after only one f*cking kick. Ugh...VERY disappointing. :(

So we decide to focus on the stronger slave instead- and he takes a bunch of good, hard kicks from all of us like the good, obedient BITCH that it is for Me! :) We all take turns slamming our shoes and feet into it's balls- and it stands there and TAKES it like a good slave SHOULD for it's Owner! (So I can make $$$ off of it!! LOL!!!)

Pretty quickly we realize it is leaking the red stuff all over because of the spikes- and we are all laughing our ass*s off- until Sarah Jessie realizes there actually is some on her GORGEOUS $2000 Christian Louboutins!! (Look at how wicked those spikes are! LOL!) Again, I am embarrassed and COMMAND my slave to lick his own red stuff off her shoes IMMEDIATELY! Of course, he does it. So Being made to lick your own red stuff off the shoes of the woman that kicked you and caused it while they all laugh at you and mock you! LOL!

Oh well, that's just the poor life of a f*cking SLAVE!!! To do ANYTHING I say to entertain me and make ME $$$!!! :) WHO ELSE WANTS TO SACRIFICE THEIR BALLS FOR MY PROFIT??? ;) GODDESS RANDI

Don't Let Them BREATHE!

Next I'm going to show my GFs how you can cut off a slave's OXYGEN with Your ASS if you want to! They literally have to do WHATEVER you say! LOL! So I call three of them back in the room with My "servants bell". We now have one slave's face to sit on for each of us! :)

I explain to them how to do it so you make sure they aren't getting any oxygen. And Me n Sarah Jessie's tight leather pants aren't making it easy on the slaves underneath US! LOL! I like to add to MY slave's agony by DRILING my stiletto heels into his thights while I am sitting on him! :) (He is actually bl**ding from two huge gouges from my heels in this video and I make the videocamera slave zero-in on it while I point at it & laugh! :)

Then we have a contest to see who's slave can last the longest underneath our's so funny to me that these losers let themselves be USED like this by girls! They are just furniture for us to sit on! And we are LAUGHING about the fact that they might dye under there! LOL!

My fav line: "It's kinda hot to know that someone might dye underneath you..." :)


Smoking Hot GODDESS

This was a customer request. he paid good money just to see ME smoking a cigarette! And look what he got...ME in a fishnet bodystocking and heels smoking a cigarette! Oh, I guess I should mention the bodystockng and heels were bought for Me by another It is GOOD to be a GODDESS. Now all you other losers need to download it to add to My bank account! Because you KNOW I'm the hottest Goddess on C4S and you will do ANYTHING to see my perfect body doing anything! LOL! Besides, it's all you're good for- downloading My videos, wanking cock, and SENDING ME GIFTS!

Oh, and did I mention I take my top off underneath halfway thru so you losers can see My PERFECT new breasts thru the fishnet!! I am SO hot!! I love being ME.

Who wants to be My human ashtray n the next clip? LOL!

-Goddess Randi

Worship Your GODDESS!

This is Goddess Randi. And this is My first official video post to this site now that I have TAKEN IT OVER. LOL. This video is fucking awesome and ALL you losers should watch it. It shows how ALL of you should be treating Me- like the GODDESS that I am!!!

I invited 2 of my pornstar girlfriends over to introduce them to some of my "slaves". When I told them about it they thought it was hilarious and they wanted to see it themselves! So I literally "summoned" 4 of them with a bell and made them crawl before Me on their hands and knees with CA$H in their teeth for Me (of course!) :) and present it to Me just for the honor of kissing MY perfect feet!! Of course, I am sitting on My THRONE - where I BELONG! - when they do this! My GFs thought it was PATHETIC but HILARIOUS!! We laughed our asses off throughout this video.

We especially laughed out loud (right in their faces!) about how we fuck REAL men- and these losers are groveling and PAYING US just to kiss our FEET. And after I make them all strip naked at the snap of my fingers (just to show off My POWER to My GFs!) we make a BUNCH of comments and are laughing our a**es off at how small some of their dicks are!!! Seriously, they could NEVER have ANY of us!! And the loser that brought the least amount of $$$ for Me gets KICKED IN THE BALLS at the end by all of us! LOL! My GFs didn't kick him HARD enough for me so I gave him a GOOD one before sending him away! Fucking loser...


Princess Jeanie- Burning Slaves Is FUN!

Princess Jeanie is sitting outside and decides to have a cigarette. So now that she owns slaves, she simply calls one over- and it comes crawling to her, naked & with cigarettes and lighter in hand. It amuses Princess Jeanie that these losers allow themselves to be USED like this...but they deserve to be treated like this if they are this pathetic.

Princess Jeanie then casually uses her slave as a footstool, flicks her ashes on it and ashes in it's mouth. She even eventually callously stubs her cigarette out on it's ass! The slave was left with a bleeeding burn mark for days afterward... (Luckily, Princess Jeanie doesn't allow it to sit on the furniture!) And of course she mocks the slave the entire time...

Princess Jeanie- EAT MY ASS!

Princess Jeanie starts off by shoving the slave's tongue as deep as she can get it up her ass- just to humiliate it for Her own entertainment. And she makes it get up there a little further by SMACKING IT IN THE BALLS with both her hands AND her feet!


Then she decides that the slave's tongue is STILL not deep into her ass far enough! What to do?? So she decides to borrow a trick from some of the other Miami Mean Girls and attach a BALLSHOCKER to the slave! She sits comfortably on its face now, while sending electric shocks to the slave's BALLS! You can see its body tense up when she sends the shock to its balls!

But she is finally happy because she swears this slave can now taste what she had for LUNCH! LOL!

Pimped For KICKS!


Hot, spoiled bratty 19yr old Princess Heidi has a confession for her friend Princess Mia- "Remember that guy we kicked for a dollar awhile back? Well, I saw him the other day again and he was SOOO pathetic, he BEGGED to do ANYTHING just to be able to kiss me! I was like SO grossed out! But I told him 'OK' just to mess with him- as long as he brings me ALL the $$$ he earns from getting kicked in his BALLS all week!" Both girls laugh hysterically at how pathetic that is...

But it gets better- Princess Heidi then says that she never said WHERE he could "kiss her", so she is going to make him kiss her FEET! After all, technically that would still be kissing "her"! Both girls think it's HYSTERICAL that this loser is going to give her all his $$$ he earned from being kicked in the BALLS by other girls- and all he gets for it is to kiss her FEET while she MOCKS him for it!

When he gets there Princess Mia films it with her iPhone so they can share it with their girlfriends later and laugh at how pathetic he is. The loser actually seems grateful just to get to kiss Princess Heidi's FEET! PATHETIC! So she wants to see how much he'll debase himself for her- and makes him lick the dirt off the soles of her pumps! The girls go into hysterics as this loser eagerly laps at the sole of her shoe!

Then Princess Heidi finally lets him slip her shoe off and give her "worshipful kisses" upon her royal feet- while she and Princess Mia LAUGH at him! He's SOOO pathetic! Princess Heidi even cuts his food budget while she mocks him- she had him only eating one burger per day from McDonald's dollar menu- and that was his ENTIRE food supplu for the day! But now she wants it cut to only 50 cents!! He is desperate and doesn't know what he will eat. Princess Heidi's suggestion?- he can eat more dirt off the soles of her shoes! The girls think that's a great solution!

Then Princess Heidi mocks him right to his face before sending him away- telling him that he better BEG girls to kick him in the balls EVERY day, ALL day, ALL WEEK- and EVERY DOLLAR he gets for EVERY KICK goes to HER!!! And she doesn't CARE if his balls get kicked up into his stomach and he STARVES in the process! Her and Princess Mia will just think it's FUNNY!


Princess Jeanie in real life has to attend "anger management" classes. (long story...) So her cousin Princess Bridgette suggested she look into getting a slave to beat on to make her feel better and take all her aggressions out on! So Jeanie looked into it...and found an even better opportunity!

Apparently the same court system that is making her take her classes is also making males that have been busted for "sexual harassment" available for women to beat on as much as they want! In order to teach them a lesson in how to properly respect women!

Unfortunately, this poor ass-grabbing loser has been given to Princess Jeanie to beat on...and she isn't dressed to mess around...of course, she covers his face so he doesn't even get to enjoy how hot she looks...

But she goes to town on him with a CANE! Something never done before here on MMG. She leaves his body covered in red welts...criss-crossing his entire body...

The flurry of cane-strokes at the end finally BREAK him, when you can hear him beg faintly for "mercy"...

I doubt he will ever be disrespectful to a woman again!

Goddesses Smoke Break

Goddess Randi is continuing to off to her friend what she can make this dork-loser do for her. Even during a smoke-break she is humiliating, degrading, and using him- as a human ashtray!

Goddess Randi snaps her fingers and "it" lights her cigarette instantly- her friend is amazed. They then take turns spitting and and ashing into its mouth while they idly chat like it is nothing to them to use another human being as an ashtray. To amuse themselves even further, they spit and ash on the floor - obviously on purpose - just so they can command "it" to lick the filthy garage floor at their feet! Both girls are getting off on the power their beauty has over this dorky "fan" who will "do anything" for Ms. Randi.

Eventually they put their cigarettes out on its tongue and then lay the cigarettes on its tongue and order him to "swallow it like a dick" while they laugh. The human ashtray needs to swallow these cigarettes that are waaaay more than just the "butts"- but the girls don't care that he almost gets sick. Goddess Randi just callously looks down at him and yells: "If you puke I WILL make you lick THAT up off the floor too!!

And at the very end they make a comment about "feeding it" that is even more cruel...

Princess Jeanie- Individual Attention

Almost forgot to put this one up! One of Princess Jeanie's slaves is BEGGING for Her "individual" attention as the 2 of them grovel before her and worship her BEAUTIFUL feet...and he gets what he wants, unfortunately!

Princess Jeanie gives him his "individual attention" BALLBUSTING! She makes him get on all fours, spread his legs, and smacks his balls over and over from behind with her beautiful bare foot!

To add to her slave's humiliation and remind it of it's place, she even chews up the grapes another slave brought her and spits them all over this ungrateful wretch at her feet...making him EAT the ones that miss him and fall onto the carpet...LICKING them out of the carpet!

He will think twice next time before he begs for "individual attention" from Princess Jeanie! He will learn to be happy with even just ONE of her perfect feet in his mouth!

"Biggest Fan" Abuse (FULL CLIP)

Goddess Randi and Goddess Helly are taking their abuse of their "biggest fan" to new extremes.  To the point that they are literally walking all over him!  And now Goddess Helly has her own slave to walk all over too!  They face-slap them, spit on them, and face-sit them in addition to walking all over them- in their stilettos!  And they think it is hilarious to treat these losers like such total human garbage...

"Biggest Fan" Abuse- Part 1

Randi & Helly are feature dancers at a strip club. They have been featured in several adult videos and that's why they were invited to be "featured" at this club, so they KNOW they're hot- even hotter than the other girls at the club. They get their own dressing room and everything. They are also REALLY mean & cruel to the "fans" that throw themselves at their feet...

In this case, a dorky guy actually makes his way backstage during one of their breaks, professing his love for them and claiming that he is their "BIGGEST FAN" and will "DO ANYTHING" they say- big mistake!

They laugh in his face, call him a "dork" and take him up on that offer! They make him get on his knees, bark like a , spit big thick loogies right in his face and into his mouth, and then "Goddess Randi" makes him literally lick the dirt off the soles of her shoes while both girls laugh at him!

He literally BEGS to be Goddess Randi's "SLAVE" - which she finds hilarious! - because he openly admits he's not "man enough" to be with her like the "normal studs" that she is probably usually with! And Ms. Randi actually AGREES with him and laughs in his face!