Kick Me For A Dollar

This bum is out on the street after losing his job and is desperate for money. His great idea for making money to set himself apart from the other bums on the street? - Letting people kick him for a dollar per kick.

Unfortunately for him, two mean, bratty Princesses - Princess Mia & Princess Heidi - come walking by and think its HILARIOUS that this loser has to beg for change and is willing to even get KICKED in order to earn his money! Being the spoiled, selfish, young brats that they are, they negotiate a special deal for themselves- they not only get to kick him AS MUCH AS THEY WANT for a dollar, but they ALSO want a "two for one" deal! The girls laugh their a**es off as the pathetic bum actually ACCEPTS their offer! He is sooo desperate for a dollar! The girls think this is even funnier because they both have rich daddies and could give him alot more- they just don't want to because they are so spoiled and selfish! They just laugh at this bum's predicament and take advantage of his misfortune...and see it as an opportunity for their own entertainment!

So now the girl can kick him as MUCH as they want, as HARD as they want, and ANYWHERE they want on his body! Of course, they decide to go straight fro the groin! That is ALWAYS the most fun & entertaning place for a young girl to kick a guy! But then they move on to kicking him in the ribs (at the SAME TIME!) and even STANDING on the bum ike he's nothing more than a doormat to them- and they actually pose and take pictures with their iPhones for each other while standing on him in their stilettos!

Poor people are like human garbage to these two spoiled Princesses...they even make him shine their shoes with his TONGUE and lick the dirt off the soles of their shoes before leaving him in the alley!

But do they even let this bum keep their measly dollar they crumpled up and threw in his face earlier? You'll have to see the video to see how heartless these "mean girls" are...

Princess Jeanie Learns About Slaves

Princess Bridgette has told her cousin, Jeanie, all about how she owns submissive men as "slaves" now- and how much FUN it is to use and abuse them! She can't believe it- so Princess Bridgette sends 2 slaves over to serve her! And they HAVE to do WHATEVER "Princess Jeanie" says and let her do WHATEVER she wants to them! The video starts with Jeanie on the phone with Princess Bridgette, telling her how they are kneeling before her right now and she still can't believe that grown men can be her slaves! But she seems to take to it very quickly...

Before you know it, Princess Jeanie has them stripped naked and kneeling before her- She LIKES this newfound feeling of POWER over men! She makes them lick the soles of her Ugg boots that she has been walking around in ALL DAY. She laughs at how pathetic these losers are for her...she reminds them that they HAVE to do ANYTHING she says! Or else she will tell Princess Bridgette!

She eventually allows them to take off her Uggs- just so she can shove her feet in BOTH their faces and make them SMELL her OLD DIRTY SOCKS that she has worn for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT!! Both slaves comment how much they smell when she asks them about it- and she just LAUGHS!

After making her new slaves take off her Ugg boots and socks with their TEETH, now its time for the newest "Mean Girl Princess" to have her FEET WORSHIPPED! This clip is simply Princess Jeanie experiencing the joys of being able to shove her feet into other peoples' mouths at her will, and enjoy the feeling of having her toes sucked without any concern for the losers doing it- they were GIVEN to her to be USED, after all! She is LOVING this feeling of being WORSHIPPED! And she doesn't even care that her feet have been in her old dirty socks and Ugg boots all day- these are SLAVES and they HAVE to do whatever she WANTS...and right now she wants her FEET WORSHIPPED!!

You Have To PAY To Rub My Feet!

"MMG goes to LV" continues...

And in this one we live out a fantasy that many of you probably have had whenever you see a gorgeous girl walking down the street in a pair of heels. Did you ever want to just walk up and ask if you could rub or kiss her feet? Well, we did!

A sexy woman is walking through the parking lot in a pair of killer stiletto heels outside of a hotel. We can't resist, so we approach her and fighting through the sheer embarrassment- ask her to let us rub her feet- and she says "ok"!

But she is obviously an experienced "mean girl", as she demands that we PAY her to rub her humiliating.

Next thing you know she is laying on the bed in the hotel room while she laughs at how pathetic the loser is at her feet- PAYING to rub them. They are also all sweaty as she says she has been "walking around all day" in them and demands that the loser puts a pair on knee-hi nylons on her feet before rubbing them. She doesn't consider him "worthy" to touch her bare feet anyway...

She even makes the guy kiss the soles of her shoes before taking them off just for her own amusement...she wants to make him BEG for it in addition to paying her for the privilege.

A very embarrassing and humiliating video...mostly filmed from the angle of the slave- as if you were the one approaching her and then rubbing her feet.

Mean Girl High-Jump

"Mean Girls" goes to find more mean girls! And this one starts off with an interview- where you hear her matter-of-factly explaining to the male interviewer the "meanest thing she's ever done" to a guy...and its pretty mean! (The cameraguy seems to zero in on her really cute feet throughout the "interview"...)

Then she decides that the "meanest" thing she could think of to do to a slave would be to make it lay on the floor next to the bed and see how high she could jump in the air before landing on him! So she decides to do it. (check out the screencaps!) She catches some air...before knocking the air out of her slave upon landing over and over!!

Worship My Feet, Honey

This isn't the usual "Mean Girl" clip. This is a sort of behind-the-scenes look at what its like for Princess Mya and her (somewhat) submissive female loveslave.

Princess Mya comes home to find the house a mess. Her lesbian loveslave was supposed to clean the house while she was gone! Princess Mya is furious...

But she can't really get mad at her loveslave as she gets on her knees like a good girl and begs forgiveness and then tenderly takes off Princess Mya's boots and socks and worships her feet until she is forgiven...

Princess Mya's First Ballbustng

This is Princess Mya's first ballbusting experience- from when Princess Kayla first exposed her to the joys of kicking slaves in the nuts!

Its a short clip, and the slave remains clothed in this one...but takes some pretty hard kicks for this gorgeous Princess!

Princess Mya's First High Heel Trampling

This is Princess Mya's (AKA "Princess Jessica") first Trampling experience in heels- from when Princess Kayla further exposed her to the joys of walking all over slaves!

First she makes the slave LICK her boots, then she walks all over him in the boots she just made him LICK!

Have A PAINFUL Holiday

You know how most people wish each other a "Happy Holidays"? Not Princess Mya- at least not when she's dealing with SLAVES! In this clip she is continueing her abuse of her slave and not only WISHING him a "painful holiday season"- but ensuring that is exatly what he gets!

She goes after him with the riding crop to start with- while the much larger slave kneels before her, obediently on his knees. She lashes out as much as she wants. Then more kicking and eventually she takes her boots off to smother the slave's face with her sweaty feet in her red & green stockings! (see preview clip)

But then she decides its time to have more fun by jumping up and down all over him in her stockings, and even chock him by standing on his neck!

Yes, Princess Mya is one sadistic little elf...luckily, she is MUCH nicer to than she is to slaves!

Princess Mya's First Human Pony Ride

This is Princess Mya's first experience riding a slave. She has never re-purposed a slave into an to be ridden for her enjoyment before. but she seems to enjoy it! She borrowed some riding gear from a neighbor that actually owns real horses- but didn't know that Mya owned real slaves! So they thought it would be funny to use the horse's riding equipment on the slave! And what fun they had! Laughing the entire time as the slave-horse struggled to keep up with the demands of its Owner...and Princess of course doesnl't spare the dressage whip!

And Princess Mya looks SO hot in that riding helmut- worth purchasing the clip just for that alone, for those fans of Princess Mya!

Angry Mall Elf


Did you ever see one of those cute little mall elves at the Christmas display at the mall and feel just a little guilty for even looking? But they just looked sooo cute in those Christmas-colored tights...

Well, in this clip Princess Mya (all of 19yrs old!) is one of those elves and comes home P*SSED OFF at all the old perverts checking her out at the mall! But what those pervs didn't know is that this "sweet little elf" actually owns a SLAVE that she keeps at home- just to take all her aggression out on!

She comes home to find it waiting patiently - on hands & knees, just like she left it - for her return. Then she immediately goes into a tirade- making him lick her elf boots clean, kicking him, stomping on him, jumping up and down on him, kicking him in the balls, the ribs- wherever she feels like it. She smacks hi across the face, spits on him, and verbally degrades him throughout. As only Princess Mya can.

***the slave actually came out of this one with quite a few bruised ribs from Princess Mya's fury!*** It must be nice for this little elf to have a "thing" like this waiting at home to take all her aggressions out on- as she she seems to thoroughly enjoy it!

Ballbusting Insult

"My f*cking slave got mouthy in between shoots as we were humiliating the lezbo whore. So I decided to kick him in the balls a few times to put him back in his place. Sometimes her forgets...

Princess Mya gets in on the action and luckily we had another service-slave there that was smart enough to keep filming and capture the action as we pound this loser's nuts from front and back and remind him of who's the BOSS around here! "


Ass Worship Whore

"This is the FULL MOVIE- showing the lezbo whore worshipping both MY a** (GoddessNo) and Princess Mya's! We just pass her around with her leash like the subhuman ass-sniffing whore she is...LOL!

And of course, we make her bow down and kiss our FEET at the end and THANK US for allowing her the privilege of worshipping the a**es of two girls that are so much HOTTER than her! HAHAHA!!!"


Mean Referee

"Thats Right im a mean Bitch- even when I am dressed as a respectable (although SUPER-hot!) referee. I get totally dr*nk with power. I cant Help but Kick, Stomp, and walk all over this pathetic slave LOL. Being a Referee Never felt so good. Unlike a real game THIS Referee gets to have Contact with the LOSER LOL


Trampling a Gifthorse In The Mouth

Ok, so Princess Mya didn't actually trample this "gifthorse" in the MOUTH, but she DID step on its neck and trample it everywhere else! Including a few stomps to the groin and some jumping up & down on its chest!

This is all true and happened in real life- Princess Mya has just dragged this loser through "The Fetish Factory"- an awesome kinky alternative S&M shop in Fort Lauderdale, FL and made him buy Her a hot little shiny dress. So how does she pay him back? By making him lay down on the pavement right in public outside the store and trampling the sh*t out of him for everyone to see! She really doesn't care how embarrassing it is for him. This is his "reward" for buying her a gift!

This is a VERY short clip (C4S minimum, actually) and there were some slo-motion effects thrown in not only because they look cool, but also to bring it up to the 3-minute mark. (Princess Mya is shown jumping up & down on the loser with Her heels in slo-mo.) Also, the camera was literally given to a passer-by who just happened to be there, so the camerawork isn't great. But its a totally "real" & spontaneous PUBLIC clip . No lights, no scripting and completely out in public. (this guy that filmed it thought it was the craziest thing he ever saw! LOL!)

You Have...a SLAVE!

 "I am so abusive to slaves- especially in front of other girls. It's like "marking your property" or something, I guess... Anyway, in this one we are just sitting on the counter, eating, and sometimes chewing up food and spitting it down onto the floor to feed the slave- and amuse ourselves.

At one point Princess Kayla even uses the slave to clean Her jeans- while they are still on her! She spills mustard on herself and asks me if she can use the slave to get it out- I say "of course!" and the slave starts sucking the stain right out of her jeans with its mouth while she laughs!

Then eventually I hop down onto the slave's body at the end - IN MY NEEDLE THIN METAL HEELED STILETTOS! - to remind it of who its OWNER is! Princess Kayla watches and laughs while I stomp around on it and even jump up and down on its chest in my metal-heeled stiletto pumps!

Then once I feel it knows its place (based on its grunts and screaming- LOL!) I finally step off and we casually walk out to go shopping, leaving the slave there where it a heap of pain on the floor! :)

As for where the name for this clip comes from, it's actually taken from one part of the dialogue back and forth between Me n Princess Kayla as we talk and joke about owning slaves- but you'll just have to buy the clip and watch to see exactly what I'm talking about, SLAVE... -

Everyone Loves SURPRISES!

"So I invited over my friend 'The Duchess' and show her all about owning slaves and what you can do to them! She's black, so she LOOOOVES the idea of owning slaves that SHE can smack around and beat on! LOL! She totally loves it. In this one we take turns sitting on the slave's stupid face and punching it right in the balls!!! :) We laugh our A**ES off in this clip! ESPECCIALLY when the slave gets hard as we are punching it right in the D*CK! LOL!"

*(Need to watch the video to see where the title comes from!)*

Stiletto Trample The Whore

Me n Princess Mya couldn't believe this. Some guy was bringing us over his "girlfriend" that has been watching our videos and she apparently is like totally OBSESSED with us and was BEGGING t be in our videos! LOL! Like she was BEGGING to be used by us as our own personal lezo whore! Me n Mya thought it was HILARIOUS and couldn't WAIT to get a crack at this bi*ch!

This first video is just a warm-up. She had just been dragged in on a leash on all fours like a dogg and didn't even talk to us- she just crawled her bitch-ass over to our feet and started kissing them! LOL!! I walked in a couple minutes later and Princess Mya already had the whore laying on the GROUND, face-down and Mya was walking all over her- in her heels! Just for fun. Like, this bitch has NOOO self-respect! She let's us do WHATEVER the f*ck we want to her! She is so in love with us, she will do WHATEVER we say!! So Mya literally walks all over her!!

Humiliating The Lezbo Whore - Parts 4-6

"This is the last part of the "Humiliate The Lezbo Whore" video series. You could call this the "Grand FInale" Me n Princess Mya are going to town on this b*tch while she moans like a dogg in heat...LOL!!!

We basically defile and dehumanize the b*tch in this video...look at the preview pics. And this is the final one because we finally broke her at the end! HAHAHA!!!! She cums and her pussy hurts SOOO bad from the cucumber at the end when I kept f*cking her with it that she begged us for mercy!!! LMFAO!!!!! "


Humiliate The Lezbo Slut - PART 3

"OMG, this whore will do ANYTHING we say! Our abuse of her gets worse and WORSE in each of these videos- and she jsut keeps TAKING it for us!! And we are having SO much fun humiliating her!!! We even talk in the video about how its like playing with a robot that does whatever we say- no matter HOW humiliating or disgusting it is!

We make her lick our shoes- including the soles! And she actually acts like she LIKES it, she's such a lezbo slut! We make her bow down to us as her superiors and kiss our feet and Princess Mya even shoves her size 8 foot into the lezbo's mouth! We even make this b*tch lick the FLOOR under our feet while we LAUGH at her and tell her how PATHETIC she is!! Princess Mya even grabs her by her ugly little pigtails and pulls her face around the floor a little bit like her tongue is a f*cking mop for us to use to clean our floor! LOL!!

And at the end Mya even pulls out a cucumber and puts it between her legs and makes the bi*ch suck it like its a C*CK! Its SO much fun for us girls to be like guys and pretend we have a c*ck to shove in this b*tches mouth! LOL!"


Humiliate The Lezbo Slut - PART2

In part 2, Me n Princess Mya take this slut's humiliation to a whole other level- we drag her over to the main room and start making the bi*ch lick our shoes- while STILL being led around on a leash like an ! LOL! And she just does WHATEVER we say...

Then we start shoving our toes down her throat and comparing her to our male slaves that we are used to using...WE EVEN START TALKING IN THIS ONE ABOUT PUTTING HER OUT ON THE STREET TO MAKE US SOME MORE $$$$!!!