The Smelly Turk Gets A Second Chance

This slave did such a bad job at his first "slave tryout" that he was kicked out of Mean Girl Manor and sent home in the middle of us filming our abuse of him. Ever since then he has been literally begging and pleadingwith us over the phone and email and text to let him come back for a second chance. So now that he knows what he is in for, We took a vote and decided to finally give him another round of pain and suffering- so he can at least try to earn his redemption as a decent pain slave for us.

Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke start off with some ballbusting to see if he has changed his ways. (The first time he was here he quit after just a few measly kicks to his groin.)  They start out soft and give him harder and harder kicks based on Princess Bellas instructions from behind the camera. But the slave keeps anticipating the kick and jumping back to try to lessen the blow! He also has to be told over and over to keep his legs spread nice and wide for us! Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke do everything they can to help the wannabe slave "succeed" in letting its balls be demolished. But the pathetic slave can’t let its balls be destroyed for us and ends up begging us to stop!  Ugh! This is the last straw causing Princess Bella to come out from behind the camera screaming at the slave to get the fuck out of her house- right now! If the slave can’t even take a few kicks to its balls, then he is of absolutely no use to us and can’t stay at Mean Girl Manor for even one second longer!  (Yes, this is totally real and Bella was PIIIISSSED!!!!!!!!)

Despite the lack of hardcore action due to the pathetic slave quitting this is still a really good clip for people that like to see weak slaves "broken" and the reality of how we treat slaves here. It provides a fascinating glimpse of some real behind the scenes drama as the slave is literally kicked out the door of Mean Girl Manor- for REAL. (He is literally tossed out the front door of Mean Girl Manor in broad daylight while he is still naked!  This is NOT some "scripted" clip! LOL! This is totally real and Bella was PISSED!)  You can tell Princess Bella is seriously pissed off at the time wasting slave for real! As the camera follows the slave around you can even see other naked male slaves cowering in the background that were not even part of the shoot. It shows how the Mean Girls really are in charge of things at MGM and how the Manor really isfilled with kneeling naked male slaves that have proven themselves as dedicated, obedient bitches for Mean Girls to use however they want.  Slaves are kicked in the balls around Mean Girl Manor not to fulfill the slaves "fantasy"- but because it makes money for the Mean Girls!  And now you know why we don't want most of you losers coming here that say they want to "give it a try".  We do not have time to have our entire day wasted for you to "try" something.  Unconditional obedience is a simple choice.  And if you can't (or WON'T) make it- then we don't want you!  This is also why we require ID be sent in advance, along with a hefty deposit, and even make losers PAY to be in our clips now.  Can't handle it?  Too bad.  Blame The Smelly Turk.

"If you can’t take the kicks on camera then get the fuck out!"

Ballbusting: Bella Vs. Aria

Princess Bella and Princess Aria play the favorite game around Mean Girl Manor- a BALLBUSTING COMPETITION! Princess Aria is new and has a lot to prove so she really wants to win. She needs to make a lasting impression on not only the slaves, but more importantly to the other Mean Girls so that they don’t treat her like some sort of "newbie".  The crueler you are to the slaves around here, the more respect you get from the other Mean Girls.  It's just the way it is.  So slaves need to suffer in order for new "Mean Girls" to gain in status around the Manor. 

They take turns kicking the slave and they both really want to win, but Princess Aria is the star performer in this competition. I guess she just had more to prove so her kicks are REALLY hard. The slave tries to cope with the force of the kicks by jumping backwards and this stupid move just causes him to get kicked in the dick a couple of times by mistake. Total "toe-punts" LOL.  It looks suuuper painful and I’m surprised his dick wasn’t torn open by Princess Aria’s boot. To put a stop to his moving backwards stuff, Princess Bella stands behind the slave and plants her boot right in the small of the slave's back, forcing his hips forward. And now with no way of minimizing the impact, the next series of kicks from Princess Aria are so devastating and the smacking sound SO loud we kept thinking the slaves balls might literally explode at any moment!  Haha!!!

This is a really hard core ballbusting clip with super hard kicks that will make you wince. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if some permanent damage was done to this slave's nuts.  (But who cares?  It's just a fucking slave.)  You’ve probably seen other videos where the slave might have been kicked as hard, but the slave has like balls or something because they don’t really react. What makes this one different and more interesting is that the slave in this video is in obvious pain and by the end of the clip it is crying real tears!

You can tell the pain and tears are 100% real and the slave is so desperate for it to stop that you’d have to be pretty heartless to keep kicking him- but that’s exactly what the Mean Girls do! They must really hate this slave.  And Princess Aria is absolutely determined to prove herself and nothing is going to stand in her way! So you can guess how many fucks she gives about the slave’s balls? That’s right zero fucks given! 

Slave Punishment Camp

Queen Quenzi and Duchess Dani are LOVING their new "jobs" as the newest Mean Girls at the Mean Girl "Desert Punishment Camp and Vacation House". They just turned 18 recently and can't believe that they can actually get paid to kick losers in the balls as much as they want!! All we have to do is send them a slave that fucked up at Mean Girl Manor- and they can do whatever they want to them. Complete power over a stripped, quivering adult male at their feet. Quite a rush for an 18 year old! (Trust us, we all know the feeling from being there ourselves- it is awesome. You get used to it over time...but that first time kicking some loser's balls in after you were just in high school a few months ago and had to take "orders" from retarrded old losers like this- it is fucking GREAT. And they DESERVE it, lets be honest!)

Here we filmed them in the basement of the Punishment Camp as they got two slaves together and gave them some pretty nasty kicks to their balls. BOTH of them were going up and down like pathetic little fleshy elevators! Kick, down on the ground, back up, kick, down again. Sooo pathetic. The best part is that this was their first time kicking slaves balls in and they were GREAT at it! And obviously having SO much fun now that they are both 18 and able to do whatever they want to grown-ass losers...

Word of advice, don't get sent here. Quenzi and Dani will DESTROY your balls. Just do your fucking job as a slave in the first place.

Ex-Wife Orders Custom Clip

This dirtbag here at MGM had everything. A beautiful home, and a beautiful black wife. But he had to go RUIN it because he was an idiot. Unfortunately for him, his wife has some friends in some pretty high places. US! Lol! Saucha X is working with us at MGM now, and when she heard about what happened from his ex she was not happy. And she really lays it out to him in this clip. If there's one thing she won't take, it's disrespect toward a fellow black woman. She knows that they stick together, and every abuse, every mean thing he said to his ex...she's going to make him feel. Right to his balls. He may have been able to get away with talking like that to his ex, but it's NOT going to happen with Saucha X. She'll have him on his knees, begging her to stop beating the slime out of his balls. And she'll have him taking back every ounce of disrespect he showed his beautiful back wife, one scream at a time.

Aria Learns To Ballbust

Princess Aria is the new girl at Mean Girl Manor and also one of Princess Bella's besties.  (Yes, in real life!)  Because she is new at owning slaves Princess Bella explains to her that the best and quickest way to make your slave do whatever you want is by kicking him in the balls. Since ballbusting is such an important tool to use when managing slaves Princess Bella is going to teach her friend how to do it properly. Princess Bella brings in the slave and tells Princess Aria that this is the worst slave they have at the Manor because he's not submissive. This slave will be the perfect way to demonstrate how to fix any slave behavior problems with ballbusting. Princess Bella shows Princess Aria how to kick the slave in the balls so it will really hurt. She instructs Princess Aria to never go easy on the slave when ballbusting because you need to hurt them as much as possible to make them submissive to you. Princess Aria is a fast learner and has no problem kicking the slave in the balls as hard as she possibly can. They both laugh every time she lands an extra hard kick finding it funny how much it hurts the slave. Princess Bella says she just loves the loud ball smack sound that a really hard kick makes. The sound is how you know it was a good kick.

The ball kicking continues until the inevitable result with the formerly non submissive slave begging for mercy and groveling at the feet of his Princesses kissing their boots and begging them to make it stop. Of course they don't stop right away they keep kicking him some more just to be on the safe side and make sure the slave has been kicked into complete submission. I love the whole concept of this clip. Slaves do what they are told or their balls will suffer. I love how Princess Bella is so excited to teach her best friend all about the wonderful benefits of ballbusting that she actually hugs her with excitement at the start of the clip. You can tell her excitement is real like she just can't wait to introduce her friend to how much fun it is kicking slaves in the balls. She just knows Princess Arias is going to love ballbusting as much as she does..

Mean Girls Tryout a New Pain Slave

We put out calls for pain slaves from time to time. We had one recently, and this guy showed up, begging to take our abuse. You losers are all so pathetic.  We actually think its fucking hilarious that you freaks will come crawling to us, literally begging us to kick your balls to mush just so we can laugh in your face and film it for our profit!  Princess Bella and I go through this ugly, hairy thing's application and are actually somewhat impressed. More slaves should treat this kind of stuff like a job- because it kind of IS your job, right loser?  Your job is to spread your legs whenever commanded by your Superiors and LET us kick your nuts as much as we want!  The more destruction we cause to your testicles, the more money we make!  That is your job, kick-bag!  You are a profession kick bag for Mean Girls LOL.  And that is how it should be for losers like you.  It is all you are good for, and you know it. 

So Bella and I get this hairy little bitch up against the wall and start laying in some stone-cold kicks to his balls. I even decided to wear my ankle boots covered in METAL SPIKES for this. I literally gives NO fucks that his groin is going red and raw a few minutes in...he needs to continue to take it- simply because that is what is commanded of him.  I hold his leash so he doesn't fall over from the kicks and Bella continues to brutalize his pathetic man-meat while we just laugh and try to out-do each other. We really don't care about the destruction we are causing to its balls because, is just a slave, right?  So who the fuck cares?  We like it when slaves shut up and take it, but we like it when they break down and beg us to stop even more haha. So we keep kicking until our new Hobbit kick-bag is curled up on the ground, kissing our boots and literally begging both of us for mercy. Oh, what a power rush it is to make men REALLY grovel at your feet in fear and beg for your mercy...

- Princess Carmela

Cheer Me Up Ballbusting

Superior Goddess Brooke is a cheerleader and she has a game coming up later today. But shes had a fucked-up day and is in a bad mood. That's a problem because a cheerleader cant be in a bad mood come game time. Luckily Superior Goddess Brooke has a solution in mind. She instructs the slave that he will be used for some cheer me up ballbusting!

Superior Goddess Brooke is wearing that iconic cheerleader uniform the one with the tiny little white shorts and the exposed midriff. She grabs the naked slave by his leash and orders him to get down on all fours. The slave cant even properly take the first kick that Superior Goddess Brooke delivers to his balls! Superior Goddess Brooke is disgusted with the inability of the slave to take ball kicks properly but she makes it clear to the slave that it makes no difference its not like shes going to stop.

Superior Goddess Brooke tells the slave hes being a little bitch and then brings out the handcuffs to make the slave even more helpless than he was before. Superior Goddess Brooke makes it clear to the slave that he will be kicked in the balls. She even makes the slave repeat back to her yes you are going to kick me in my balls. Superior Goddess Brooke seems genuinely irritated that the slave cant simply take her kicks to his balls over and over as much as she wants without moving or making a noise. In fact shes so upset she tells the slave shes now in an even worse mood then before and as a result will need at least three more slaves to come over she can kick them in their balls too!

Wrecking Balls

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella have come up with a super fun new game called “wrecking balls”. The game starts with the slave shackled to a board so he is forced to stand spread eagle style. A heavy weighted ball is hanging from a string and positioned at just the right height to allow the girls to swing it toward the helpless slave’s balls. If they correctly aim the swinging weight they can score a direct hit right into the slave’s balls. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela decide to make it a contest and see which one of them has the better aim and can hit the slave in the balls the most. Princess Carmela goes first and scores a direct hit on her very first try! Princess Bella misses on her first attempt but unfortunately for the slave any time one of the Princesses misses they just take a do over until they score a direct hit!

I really loved this clip! It never ceases to amaze me the creative ways The Mean Girls have of hurting slave’s balls. I love how they just grab a slave and apologetically decide to hurt his balls just for the fun of it. I love how Princess Bella and Princess Carmela throw their heads back in laughter every time they score a direct hit. I would be terrified to see that wrecking ball swinging right towards my balls and unable to close my legs or do anything to prevent it from happening. That’s not some tennis ball or lightweight ball either it’s a heavy metal ball that you can tell weighs at least several pounds. 

Ballbusting Contest Bella vs Beverly

It's time for another ballbusting contest over at Mean Girl Manor! In this corner wearing the fuchsia striped mini dress with knee high black boots is Princess Beverly. In the other corner wearing the teal striped mini dress with knee high black boots is Princess Bella. The queen of ballbusting Princess Carmela will be judging this unlimited kick contest. Let's get ready to kick some balls!

Whenever the Mean Girls have a ballbusting contest you know the kicks are going to be extra hard because each mean girl really wants to win. They even ask the slave who he thinks will take him down first Princess Beverly or Princess Bella and he wisely answers both! Princess Beverly comes out strong and seems to be winning the contest with her really powerful kicking style. But don't count out Princess Bella just yet. She has a few tricks up her sleeve like getting a running start and kicking the slave's balls from behind so he can't even see it coming. Some of the kicks in this clip are so hard that the even an experienced ballbuster like Princess Carmela is left staring open mouthed in disbelief as she judges the contest from her throne. A classic ballbusting clip from the Mean Girls that all ballbusting fans will love. 

Advanced Ballbusting

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor.  I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Superior Goddess Brooke is the new shining star at the Mean Girl Manor. She is on the fast track to be one of the top tier Mean Girls with a little extra training. Princess Carmela decides to give her a lesson in advanced ball busting. Princess Carmela is an award winning ballbuster and one of the best ballbusters around. She gives Superior Goddess Brooke a few pointers the day before to be a better ballbuster to help her bring her “A” game to the Manor in tormenting slaves. Superior Goddess Brooke needs to test out her new skills as a world class ballbuster so its practice, practice, practice!

Superior Goddess Brooke tells the slave about some of the ballbusting tips she received from Princess Carmela, like getting a running start, and picturing the area between a slaves legs as a soccer ball. Superior Goddess Brooke proceeds to demonstrate her new skills on the slave kicking him directly in the balls! After one particularly hard kick Superior Goddess Brooke says “Oh that was a good one! I think Princess Carmela taught me well didn’t she?” Superior Goddess Brooke continues to kick the slave in the balls while encouraging him to take even more kicks by asking him don’t you want me to be the best ballbuster in the house? After one devastating kick the slaves chin actually hits Superior Goddess Brooke’s knee as his head is drops towards the floor from being double over in pain. But Superior Goddess Brooke has no sympathy for the slave instead she is mad at the slave for hurting her knee with his chin! You pathetic loser! All you deserve in life is to be kicked in the balls over and over. The final kick leaves the slave writhing in pain on the floor.

The is another great ballbusting clip from the Mean Girls with lots of really hard kicks that cause the slave to double over in pain and collapse to the floor holding his battered nuts. And I love the idea that the slave is enduring this just because one of the Mean Girls decided to pull him aside and use his balls for target practice. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "9".