Hooked On Ballbusting

This was so cruel...but SO fun! We have this loser literally hanging from the ceiling- and its legs pulled open nice and WIDE using chains and a pulley system so that me and Carmela can simply run up and KICK it in its balls as hard and as often as we want!

We even have an extra slave there to pull the other slave's chain (so-to-speak) so that its legs are niiiice and wide and we can get a super clear shot at its slave-balls! The slave hanging from the ceiling probably didn't want to have that done any more than the other slave wanted to be in charge of the "pulling"- but we don't care. We use slaves for whatever purposes we want, as long as it benefits US- even if that means helping us abuse other slaves lol.

By the way, funny story- the poor slave hanging from the ceiling was sooo happy when we told it that we were going to FINALLY be taking its metal chastity cage off...until it found out WHY we were taking it off! (Which was basically just so we could kick its balls in! haha)

Oh, and Carmela had her slave buy me a nice new pair of "platinum" ballbusting boots to try out for this too! The toes are NICE and POINTY! I can't wait to try them out...poor slave...haha. (We kick this bitch HARD btw!!)

There are also some awesome "slo-mo" kicks throughout this video that people seem to like!  Like we make the editing slave do a "slo-mo" of all the best kicks so you can really see them connect!

-Goddess Platinum

Knee To The Love Sack

This poor slave has the unfortunate situation of falling in love with me.  Too bad, so sad.  It happens to these losers all the time.  They serve me and I treat them like DOGGSHTT- and yet they STILL fall in love with me. Its like they just can't help it.  I guess I really AM just that beautiful though.  So i guess its not really all that surprising.

So when I hear this loser whimpering at my feet and saying something about how he "loves me"- I just can't help but take advantage of it.  I decide to make him stand up and spread his legs so I can get niiice and close to him...until he is just sooo hot and bothered...and I am whispering in his ear, asking him about how much he "loves me", and then...WHAM!  I bring my knee up as hard as I can up into his balls!  Haha!!!

He keeps crumpling at my feet each time I slam my knee into his pathetic slave-balls, but instead of breaking his "love" for me, he just keeps groveling at my feet and STILL professing his "love" for me!  Which just makes me laugh in his face, quite honestly.

Over & over I keep dragging him to his feet, looking deep into his eyes, and as he pours his heart out about how much he "loves me"- I lean in nice and close, and just as I am giving him just a glimmer of hope that I may actually return his feelings for me...I SLAM my knee into his balls again!  It is just so funny...I can't stop doing it!

About halfway through the clip I decide to up the ante, so to speak.  I add this little "spiked knee brace" thing to my outfit- and I make the slave look nice and close at it.  I make him feel how sharp the spikes are and ask him if he STILL loves me and if he will really endure "anything" just to be around me- no matter how badly I treat him.  To my surprise, he STILL says "yes!"  This is seriously like SO pathetic.  At this point, I figure this old loser deservesto be treated like this.

I look into his eyes and literally tell him to his face that I think he is PATHETIC for being "in love" with a girl half his age- and I SLAM my knee up into his balls again and LAUGH in his face as he goes down in a heap at my feet.  And guess what?  He STILL kisses my feet and prefosses his "undying love" for me!  Haha!!

There is apparently no end to this.  I can treat this gray-bearded old loser like absolute dirt and he will just put up with it no matter what.  And that is exactly what I will do!  Why?  Because I am a spoiled brat, that's why.  And because I CAN.

It must really suck to have your feelings toyed with like this by an 18 year old brat- and not be able to do anything about it except keep letting her walk all over you. You losers all all so pathetic lol.

-Princess Amber

Ballbusting Like A Boss

This is Princess Skylar's first ballbusting of a slave.

She told me off-camera that she has kicked guys in the balls before, but it was like a "one-time" thing, and it was just because she was mad at them for something they did. But she has never gotten to just kick a guy in the balls as much as she wanted just because she felt like it! (Not to mention being able to make the loser stand their with its legs spread wide open to let her do it, and then literally make him THANK her for each one afterward!)

She can't believe what we get to do to these losers around here. She really lets him have it too, once she has seen me bust thid worthless idiot's nuts a few times and drop him to the floor!

-Princess Carmela

Ballbusted For A Bad Day- and a Good Friend

I am sitting her with my girlfriend that has never seen the "princess" side of me before.  I tell her about the day that I have had, and how I'd like to take it out on somebody- so I make a phone call and tell "some loser" to running over just so I can abuse it and take my frustrations out on him.

She can't believe that someone would agree to that for me.  But I explain to her that this freak I just called is obsessed with my FEET, of all things- which I think is pathetic, but it makes him really useful to me!  Like when I say anything, I mean he will put up with ANYTHING just to let him kiss my feet!  Haha.  My frend doesn't really believe me, and I can't wait to show off in front of her!

Finally the idiot shows up, and he is literally the definition of PATHETIC.  He like throws himself at my feet an BEGS to do "anything I want" just so he can kiss my perfect feet.  I tell him I want to kick his balls in- and he is crushed.  But we both know he has no choice.  So in a matter of seconds he is stripped naked and standing at attention with his legs spread nice n wide for me- just so I can kick him in the balls as hard as I want while my GF watches and laughs at him!

I kick him over & over...and the whole time, I am teasing him with my feet and telling telling him "just 1 more kind and maybe, just maaaybe he will be allowed to kiss my feet!"  Which is all lies.  I plan on kicking him WAY more times than just one!  But he doesn't know that and foot freaks like him don't deserve to be treated with any respect or dignity- so I really don't care if I ma getting his hopes up, just to CRUUSH them again!  I think its funny that my FEET can do this to him- and so does my friend!  This is great entertainment for us!

I won't go on to explain any further, except to say that you should watch this just to see how mean I am to him at the end.  (Does he EVER get to kiss my perfect feet?  Or am I just a terrible, cruel "foot-tease"??  You will need to watch to find out!  Haha.)  Oh, and I even let my friend have a couple of good kicks on his balls!  Just because I am a good friend- and because I have no respect for this loser foot freak.  It deserves to be kicked by EVERY girlfriend I have, IMO!!!

-Princess Gemma

Gloria Allblue - Paying Restitution

Female power-attorney Gloria Allblue is suing disgraced Hollywood producer "Pervy Weinberg" FOR $300 MILLION DOLLARS!  His constant sexual harassment of young starlets has finally caught up with him- and Ms. Allblue is making sure he PAYS for it on behalf of her clients. 

So now Pervy Weinberg comes crawling into her office and is literally BEGGING her for relief and "mercy"! He explains that his entire net worth is "only" $100 million dollars! It is all he has, and if he gives it to her clients he will be penniless- and STILL won't be able to pay off the other $200 million that he owes!

So Ms. Allblue comes up with a devilish plan- and it starts with this asshole writing that $100 MILLION DOLLAR CHECK OUT AT HER FEET. Pervy Weinberg has no choice- so he does as he is told and hands the check over to Ms. Allblue.

He thinks it is done and it is settled now, but Ms. Allblue assures him that it most certainly is NOT "settled" and he has a LOT more "restitution" to make to her clients!She informs the Pervy Producer that he will be "making up the difference" on his restitution by ALLOWING ANY WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO KICK HIM IN THE BALLS AS MANY TIMES AS SHE WANTS!

And it will START with Ms. Allblue! She wants to get the "first kicks in" on this male chauvinist pig! And then her clients can have THEIR turns...and then after that, literally ANY woman in the world can "get her kicks" on his balls! She calmly explains to "Pervy" that it was his balls that got him in trouble in the first place, wasn't it?? So this will k1lll 2 balls with one stone!

Ms. Allblue spends the rest of the video putting the fat, pervy producer into different positions so he will be "trained" to simply get into whatever position the woman kicking him wants him in for her kicks. She teaches him 3 different positions and he will need to know to get into them simply by having a woman say the number and snap her fingers- then she may kick him as hard as she wants while he is in that position. Over & over & over again...until he has made his restitution.

And after "getting her kicks" by training him, Ms. Allblue explains that he will be paying back that $200 million that he owes- $1 per kick! So he has quite a ways to go in paying back all of Womankind for his perverted ways!

The once-powerful Hollywood producer is now literally in tears as he grovels at the feet of this vengeful female attorney- and she is obviously loving it...


Hooters Ballbusting Boss

***Custom Clip***

This customer is being a real jerk to waitress Skylar.  So she calls in her new boss that just transfered from "corporate".  Skylar heard the new boss is a "real ballbuster". So she asks for her help with this customer!


The two of them come out, and "The Boss" puts this customer in its place almost instantly.  She slaps him right across the face!  His attitude changes almost instantly.  He is stunned and starts stammering and apologizing- but its STILL not good enough for the "new boss"!  She wants her waitresses treated like GODDESSES and this customer needs to APOLOGIZE to her and do whatever Skylar wants in order to "earn" her forgivness!!


Skylar is loving it, and decides that she wants this old man to LITERALLY BOW DOWN AND KISS HER FEET AND BEG FOR HER FORGIVNESS!!  One more hard slap across his face from "the Boss", and that is exactly what he does!  He drops to his knees and begins kissing Skylar's old Hooters tennis shoes and BEGGING her to forgive him!  Skylar is loving this newfound power!  But its still not enough...


The Boss calls out to the rest of the restaurant, announcing that they are now "closed".  The place clears out.  Then she orders the unruly customer to "STRIP NAKED" right there in the restaurant so that her and Skylar can debase him and sexually harass him like he was doing to Skylar- only FAR worse!!  They slap his ass, grab him, and smack him around like he is a piece of meat.


Then The Corporate Boss wants to put the "finishing touches" on this asshole so he NEVER does this again.  She orders him to literally bow down and kiss HER feet in her power work pumps, and spread his leags nice and wide for Skylar.  Little does he know, he is doing this just so Skylar will have a nice, clear shot at his BALLS while she winds up and kicks him from behind as hard as she wants!!!


<SLAM!!>  Skylar's foot crashes into the jerk's balls!  He goes down like a sack of potatoes at her boss's feet!  They both laugh their asses off.  But its not over yet...Skylar says she wants to get a LOT more kicks in to REALLY teach him a lesson!  So the Ballbusting Boss orders him back up and "into position", so her favorite waitress can get as many nice, hard kicks into his balls as she wants!!!  


This is not going to be the beer-drinking night at Hooters that this customer had envisioned....

Mean Girl AirBnB- The Frustration Relief Dummy

This is the second part of "Ms. Platinum's" tour of the "Mean Girl Air BnB" from the first time she came here- before taking over the entire "Mean Girls" operation.  This is JUST the "ballbusting/faceslapping" part of the full video.  Do a search to find the full video on our store!

She walks into Our "Desert Punishment Camp" property and casually mentions to Beverly about how frustrating her travel was today. (Babees crying on her plane, turbulence, etc...) Princess Beverly has the perfect solution- a loser that she can slap around as much as she wants until she feels better! Beverly walks her over to a fat, naked loser that has been kept kneeling in the corner of the room for just such a purpose, and Platinum can't believe it! This is seriously part of the "amenities" of this place?? She can literally just "slap around" the servants here as much as she wants just because she a female and she's "hot"?? This is incredible!

After a demo from Beverly, they both go to town on this fat ugly loser! They slap him across the face over and over, making him kneel before them and "take it like a bitch" as well as making him literally THANK "Ms. Platinum" just for slapping him dismissively right across his ugly face! Then they begin mixing in some ballbusting! Platinum was already blown away, but now she REALLY can't believe she can just literally KICK THIS LOSER IN THE BALLS AS HARD AS SHE WANTS WHENEVER SHE FEELS LIKE IT ALL WEEKEND LONG??? This is crazy!

And after a bunch of slaps across the face and some kicks right to this loser's balls, Platinum says she really IS feeling much better! Like she can feel all the stress just melting right off! And then she asks the most mind-blowing question of all...she asks Beverly how much she "pays" these workers of hers to take all this abuse and put up with being treated like this?? Beverly just LAUGHS! Then she explains that these idiots don't get paid SH**TT! they work for her 24/7 for FREE just because she is HOT and they know damn well they are lucky to serve ANY purpose in her life! Needless to say, Platinum is stunned by this little revelation! She really can't believe someone would put up with being treated this way at all- let alone for free!

She is actually kinda concerned about being "too mean" to these males- even though they are obviously pathetic and deserve it. So Beverly issues her a challenge- if she can get any of them to quit during her weekend stay by being "too mean" to them, she gets a $1000 bonus! So not only is her stay FREE and she gets waited on hand & foot 24/7, but she can be as much of a "bitch" as she wants to these idiots and she will get PAID $1000 if any of them even dares complain about how mean and abusive she is! This is GREAT! She basically has carte blanche to be a complete and total bitch to these idiots!

There aren't a ton of ball kicks in this clip, but the ones that are delivered are BRUTAL. Platinum is in heaven...this place is SO much FUN! What's next??

Goddess Tina's First BallBusting

Goddess Tina (my real-life cousin) has kicked a guy in the balls only ONE time in her whole life. She tells the story about it in the opening minute of this clip. But I just laugh and can't believe that she has ONLY kicked a guy in the balls ONCE! I brag that I kick losers in the balls WHENEVER I fucking feel like it!

Tina wants a demo, so I call out a slave to crawl over, spread its legs, and let us kick it in the balls as much as we want. The slave doesn't want to get kicked in the balls, but I don't give a fuck. It better not embarrass me in front of my cousin! So eventually I have it "stand at attention & spread 'em!" for us!

And from there, we basically just take turns destroying its balls. Tina has a ball. (Pun totally intended lol.) She can't believe that she can do this as much as she wants to losers whenever she want- AND get PAID for it too!

-Princess Carmela

***PS-  We also put some "super slo-mo" replays in this of the really good kicks!  So you can reeeaaally enjoy them in slo-mo!***

Karate Kicks to the Nuts

So true story- I actually am trained in karate. And my instructor told me to work on my kicks. Little does he know that I am a "Mean Girl" now, and literally have SLAVES at my disposal to use for whatever I want- including BALLKICKING PRACTICE! So I drag this loser out of its cage and chain it up with its legs spread nice n wide for me to have clear access to its sensitive testicles. Then I let the kicking begin! There are a bunch of "snap-kicks" in this, with me taking direct aim at this fat loser's nuts. Poor thing seems to really be in some pain. Too bad. "Practice" won't be over for quite awhile...

-Princess Gemma

Ballbusting Madness

This particular clip is JUST the BALLBUSTING portion of this slave's Torment test... The slave did fairly well at this and we REALLY had to kick it HARD to cause real pain for it.