Ballbusting and Taxes

The IRS has instituted a new tactic to punish taxpayers that are late with their tax payment to the government.  They are now sending hot women to male taxpayers' homes to literally "extract" the $$$ from them!  The IRS has found that this strategy is VERY effective...and "Ms. Platinum" is their top agent.

She has been sent to this taxpayers house because he is literally ONE day late on his payment...and he owes BIG money.  Ms. Platinum is in charge of "high dollar targets". When she barges into his home and announces who she is, he says he cannot pay "right now" and says he needs an extension.  She explains that the IRS has authorized her to "make arrangements for that".

But in order for that to happen, the first step is that he has to BEG.  He has to literally kneel at her feet and BEG for the extension.  After explaining the power that she has, he eventually relents and drops to his knees.  Ms. Platinum is so beautiful...he is soon literally groveling at her feet, showering them with kisses and BEGGING for his extension.  The dire nature of his financial predicament combined with Ms. Platinum's incredible beauty are just too much for him.

Ms. Platinum decides that she will grant his "extension", but the length of that extension will be determined by what he is willing to endure in order to "earn" it.  "Joe Taxpayer" doesn't understand?  So Ms. Platinum casually explains to him that he is to strip naked andspread his legs for her.  She will then kick him in the balls as hard as she wants over & over- until he just can't take it anymore.  Each kick he takes to his balls earns him one more week to pay histaxes!

He can't believe that this is the "deal", but he has no choice but to take it!  Soon is getting his balls destroyed by this smoking hot, no-nonsense, and extremely CRUEL IRS agent...and he soon finds himself as another powerless taxpayer cruushed under the heel of "AgentPlatinum"!

By the time she is done with him, he is literally begging her to let him write his check out at her feet!!!

The Final Tribunal Part 3- The Punishment

This is just the last segment of "The Final Tribunal- Deaath by Ballbusting". This is the final segment in which we have already read off the slaves crimes and strapped it into the "Testicle Torture Rack of Deaath" so we can administer its punishment at our leisure- and there is NOTHING it can do to stop its punishment. This clip is just pure testicle destruction- just kick after vicious kick. The slave is in obvious agony and really did suffer some MAJOR DAMAGE to its testicle. Haha.


Worship The New Queen

Queen Quenzi is the newest Mean Girl at the Mean Girl Manor and any time there is a new girl the slaves go nuts trying to make them happy. The slaves think “maybe this time the girl will go easy on us and we can have a cake walk serving them”. Unfortunately the Mean Girls just keep getting meaner and Queen Quenzi is no exception. In fact it is Queen Quenzi’s opinion that the only way a slave should be allowed to worship her is if his balls are in a tremendous amount of pain. If the slave wants the privilege of bowing before her and kissing her feet he must first submit to a ballbusting.

Queen Quenzi grabs a slave by his leash and commands him to spread his legs wide. Without a moment’s hesitation she kicks the slave square in his balls, really hard, over and over, until he falls to the ground hunched over in pain. Only then he is allowed to crawl to her on his knees, as she sits on her throne, and begin kissing her feet. But all that pain in his balls only earns him about 30 seconds of worship before Queen Quenzi yanks him right back up by his leash for more ball kicking! She repeats the same cycle always kicking his balls until he goes down and then allowing him like maybe a minutes rest to bow down and kiss her feet before yanking him back to his feet for another round of ballbusting. Queen Quenzi may be new but this is not some light ballbusting from a beginner. She kicks like she is trying to destroy the slave’s nuts! I don’t know where they find them but it looks like they have added yet another merciless ballbuster to Mean Girl Manor.

Kicking Princess Bella's Slave

This was a fun clip. Bella is behind the camera for this one. She basically just "gave" me this loser to kick in the nuts as hard and as much as I want! He is like totally obsessed with we are both basically laughing in his face that she can make him do anything for her. (It's funny- we talk about him like he is a "thing" for Bella to use however she wants- like he isn't standing right there next to us in the room! LOL) Bella doesn't give a **** though- I fuckin love her. She knows that she can talk shttt right in front of this losers face about how he doesn't mean ANYTHING to her- and he will STILL do whatever she says! Fuckin awesome. Now THAT is a good slave, IMO!

So I decide that I want to kick him in the nuts like HARD- with some pointy steel-toed boots! Haha. But me n Bella laugh that this bitch has no choice in the matter. Bella just snaps her fingers and gives the order- and this bitch's legs INSTANTLY SPREAD WIDE. LOL I am impressed! And even though you can't see her in this clip, Bella is just sitting back, laughing, and filming the whole thing for our profit. (And of course commanding her "bitch" to keep getting back up and letting me kick it in the balls again, and again, and AGAIN...)

Her slave did pretty good. Even though he was obviously in agony, he kept getting up when commanded- and that is all that matters in a slave. Obedience and the ability to suffer for our profit and entertainment! Bella decided she MAY keep him a little longer based on his obedience...haha.

-Princess Beverly

The Slave Superball Jackpot

Princess Chanel has two naked slaves standing in formation in front of her. They are each holding an extremely valuable gold bar that some online slave gave to Princess Bella. Princess Bella is offering the gold bars up as the grand prize in a Mean Girls ballbusting competition. If Princess Chanel can bring both slaves down to the ground at the same time then she wins the jackpot and gets to keep the gold bars. If not then Princess Bella will keep the gold for herself. So far none of the other Mean Girls have been able to win the jackpot but now it’s Princess Chanel’s turn.

Princess Chanel is confident in her ball kicking ability and predicts it shouldn’t be too hard to win. She has good reason to be confident because she has really powerful kicks and doesn’t care about the slaves balls at all! She will gladly do permanent damage to the slave’s balls if that’s what it takes to win. Princess Chanel slams her foot into the slave’s balls alternating kicks back and forth between the two slaves. Princess Chanel and Princess Bella are both surprised at how well the slaves are surviving the ball kicks so far. As the kicks keep coming the slaves are doubled over in pain and sinking closer and closer to the ground but do everything they can to try and stay upright as Princess Bella has commanded them not to go down.

I really liked this clip. Such a great idea to have the slaves balls used for a contest and to pit their loyalty between Princess Chanel and Princess Bella so the slaves can’t win no matter what. And I love how Princess Chanel makes it clear she doesn’t care about the slaves balls at all. At one point the slaves are in so much pain they are both groaning out loud and Princess Chanel is annoyed by the noise they are making! How rude of the slaves to annoy Princess Chanel like that as she kicks their balls. 

DeeZ NutZ Going Viral

Princess Bella and Carmela are bored. They want to film a viral video of a stupid slave getting kicked in the nuts. Because its funny and lots of people would laugh at it. And this stupid loser on a leash is gonna be the star! We give him lots and LOTS of kicks while capturing every groan and cry. He just can't take it anymore at the end, BEGGING and PLEADING for us to stop. Not even one more kick he says, like that's gonna fucking make a difference. We'll stop when we are good and ready, we've got to get the perfect video.

Spin Again Ballbust

Princess Carmela and Princess Ashley make the slave play a game called “spin again ballbust”. The slave is standing in front of them legs spread wide hands behind his back. The girls will spin the wheel with all the random numbers on it and whatever number comes up is the number of times they get to kick the slave in his balls. Princess Ashley and Princess Carmela takes turns spinning the wheel and kicking the slave in his balls switching back and forth with one spinning and one kicking. As soon as a number comes up the kicks are delivered without delay and the wheel is immediately spun again. There is no rest for the slave unless it lands on “stop” and even then he only gets 30 seconds before they spin the wheel again. The only way for the ballbusting to end is for the wheel to land on zero but with the slave’s luck it seems like that may never happen and the ballbusting will go on forever.

The slave in this video actually likes getting ballbusted so this one has more of a fun tone to it as compared to some punishment ballbusting videos. Spinning the ballbusting wheel is a lot of fun for the Princesses. Princess Carmela and Princess Ashley love it when the wheel lands on a high number like “10” and they clap their hands together with excitement looking forward to giving the slave ten kicks in a row. If it lands on a low number they make sure the ball kicks are extra hard to make up for the low number. 

Clothespins Whipoff

Princess Ashley and I wanted to play a game with this stupid slave. We get bored easy so we made a game where we stick him like a pig with colored clothespins and then whip the sh*t out of him till they fall off! The loser is supposed to keep count of who gets more. We beat his ass with our crops so bad that he's actually squealing and crying on the floor at the end. LOL I don't think he cares who wins, he just wants the game to be over so we stop hurting him.
Princess Carmela

Origins Of Mr. Squishy

Every slave serving at Mean Girl Manor has to be prepared to take a ballbusting on demand. At any moment any one of The Mean Girls can grab any slave for a ballbusting. They might be filming it for a new clip or it might be just for fun or stress relief. But either way when any of The Mean Girls decides to grab a slave for a ballbusting the only acceptable response from the slave is to spread his legs wide and take it without complaint. Goddess Raven and Princess Aria have chosen a slave for today’s ballbusting but he is having second thoughts and wants to back out. They tell the slave he has no choice and make fun of him for being such a pussy as they kick him in the balls. They are only a few minutes into the ballbusting when he falls to the floor and says he can’t continue. This is completely unacceptable! Goddess Raven can’t believe the slave can’t even take a simple ballbusting!

Goddess Raven is not going to let the slave get away with this. She wheels a cart into the room that has a built in ball crushing device attached to one end. The slave is ordered to stand and place his cock and balls into the device. Goddess Raven tightens the screws and the plates of the ball crusher close together like a vise trapping and crushing the slave’s balls. The plates are see-thru so you can see at all times just how flattened and crushed the slaves cock and balls really are. The slave is in agony and is begging to go back to the ballbusting instead. At least the ballbusting pain was temporary now his balls hurt all the time. His pleas fall on deaf ears as Goddess Raven just tightens the device even more! They make the slave sweep the floor clean with a broom as they enjoy watching him struggle to walk around while trapped in the device. This isn’t some temporary punishment it will be permanent. The slave now know around the manor as “Mr. Squishy” has to spend the rest of his life hobbling around with balls crushed in maximum pain 24/7.

Mean Girl AirBnB Tour- The Human Punching Bag

So The Mean Girls have started this new little endeavor called the "Mean Girl Air BnB"!  Its where ANY hot girl from around the world can come to Vegas and stay at Our "Desert Punishment Camp" for FREE- as long as they help us train and punish the slave-staff that is kept there to wait on them 24/7! 

And we filmed the arrival and "tour" of our next guest- "Ms. Platinum"

Princess Beverly meets her at the bottom of the steps of the property to hand the keys over to her and give her the "tour"- and Ms. Platinum cannot believe her eyes!  She gets to stay in this nice place in Vegas and be waited on hand & foot 24/7 for FREE..?  Hell YEAH!  She loves it.  And she hasn't even seen the best part yet- the SLAVE LABOR that she can command at the snap of her fingers!

This clip includes the part of the "tour" where Ms. Platinum encounters the "human punching bag" that she can take all her frustrations out on from her stressful travel into Vegas.

After her tour, Platinum said she felt like this is the ONLY way for a hot woman like her to travel!  And that we should set these places up all over the world- fully staffed with slaves! LOL.

"Ms. Platinum" loved this concept of "hot women owning losers as slaves" so much that for those of you interested in serving her online or in real life see this clip she made while here: Serve Goddess Platinum in Real Life (1080 HD)

***Or buy her something off her wishlist to get her attention: HERE  (Make sure you include a giftnote with your email address on it if you want her to actually contact you, dumdum!)