A Pirate Gets Busted

This slave admitted to us via email that it was not a member of Our site, but that it had watched Our clips for FREE on PIRACY sites!!  Well, since he was a "local", we warmly welcomed him over to the "Mean Girls Punishment Compound"...for a "free session".  (wink wink)

Little did he know that we were going to restrain him, spread his legs nice n WIDE open for Us- and then take turned kicking his balls up into his throat!!  The whole time, we are reminding him that he NEEDS to pay the "price" for watching Our clips for free on any site other than OURS!

By the end of the clip, the slave is a b100dy mess.  (Princess Carmela especially tears him apart with her ankle boots covered in SPIKES!)  Skylar's pointy-toed "money" boots are covered in the slave's red stuff- and she commands him to lick it off.  This should remind him that if he had spent HIS OWN MONEY to watch Our clips, maybe he wouldn't find himself in this position?

By the end, he is begging Us to show him mercy and promises never to watch a pirated clip of Ours again!  HAHAHA


Ballbusting The Shoe Store Loser

A beautiful blonde walks into a shoe store right at closing time.  The wimp of a sales clerk tries to tell her that they are "closed", but she easily overrides him and demands that he lock the door behind her and wait on her in the otherwise empty store for as long as she wants.  She sits and dangles her shoe from the tip of her toe under his nose- she can tell instantly that he is mesmerized by her feet.  ("Great. Another foot-freak that works as a shoe salesman" she thinks to herself.  "This will be almost too easy!")    

Within minutes she is bossing him around, humiliating him for her own amusement, and making demands that he must comply with to keep her as a "happy customer".  He begins literally begging her on his knees to "just buy 1 pair of shoes!" so that he can at least make his quota for that month.  After mocking him for being so pathetic, she eventually agrees- on one condition.  He needs to let her kick him in the balls as hard as she wants over & over with every pair of shoes she tries on!  

And when she finds the right pair, she promises she will buy them!  Watch the clip to see the ultra-humiliating ending for the pathetic shoe salesman...


You WILL Stand For Spiked Ballbusting!

I am sitting on my throne at the New Mean Girl Manor, just admiring myself and soaking up how good I have my feet make losers drool and give me whatever I want...and just relaxing from a hard day of beating slaves for my profit.

I'm actually kind of tired, but I still want to cause some trauma to a loser's balls...  What is a Goddess to do?  I know!  I command my fatso slave to crawl over to me as I remain relaxing on my throne, and then I command him to literally "stand and present his balls to me for kicking!"   That way I can kick his balls in with just a simple flick of my kicking leg- without even uncrossing my legs if I feel like it!  SOO easy!

AND I am wearing my new SPIKE-COVERED ankle boots to make it even EASIER to cause pain to my slave!  Its so good to be The Goddess...


-Goddess Platinum

It Deserves Spikes

Goddess Platinum and I are in the mood to kick a slave in the balls. I am finding that it is just SO much fun to command a grown "man" to stand there with its legs spread and simply LET you run up and kick it in the balls as hard as you want! Watching him crumble at your feet is so...empowering! We decided to cause some REAL fear in this slave though- by wearing shoes covered in SPIKES!

And this old loser STILL has to stand there like a fool and "spread 'em" whenever we command it to!! We kick it from the front AND back- so sometimes it doesn't even know when or where the kick is coming from! All he knows will be coming from a foot covered in SPIKES! Poor loser. And we literally make it THANK US for it afterward too! After all, I AM British- so I insist on slaves being ULTRA polite to me! No matter how badly I abuse them.

-Queen Grace

$1000 Ballbust Bounty

I had a custom request to ballbust a loser for 20 minutes as hard as I could...and I would get a bonus up to $1000 if I really fucked him up. Let's just say this guy begged to go to the emergency room before I was even close to being done with him, haha!

Goddess Nikkole and I left him hanging by his hand cuffs after he quit...then after our lunch, we came back and kicked him in the nuts even more! I really loved the fact that I kept telling him that this was all because he was just a slave being used for me to make $1000. LOL. I made him thank me and beg to help me get the money as he was being kicked in the balls !!!

- Princess Cindi

Ballbusting Tryout # 217





This slave wrote in to us on our Fetlife profile, begging to have its balls kicked in by The Mean Girls.  (Can you blame him??  lol)  And he is local, so after he sent in his ID, we brought him in.  He crawls into our garage at the Mean Girls Desert Punishment Compound and is instructed to sign the appropriate paperwork at our feet.  Then he is collared and leashed, and walked over to the area where his balls will be "put to the test" to see if he can make a good ballbusting video slave for us!  And YES, this is 100% real!  Your heart would be pounding out of its chest at this point, wouldn't it, slave?  Of course, most of you don't have the balls to follow through and do this in real enjoy this video of someone with REAL BALLS.

Tina and I put him through his paces.  We SLAM the pointed toes of our boots between his legs over and over.  We command the slave to hold on to the chain above its head for dear life and remain standing with its LEGS SPREAD for as long as it can take it!  The slave is having a hard time staying up, but it manages...for a little while. 

Me n Tina have SO much fun trying to BREAK this loser and bring it to its KNEES- where it belongs!  It hangs onto the chain above its head for dear life, just trying sooo hard to be obedient and stay up for us no matter how much pain it is obviously in.

But soon, it is on the floor, feeling around for its own testicles to make sure they are still there HAHA! 

Tina and I decide to "up the ante" and "see-saw' kick him now!  (That is what we call rapid-fire kicks, with one of us in front of him & one behind!)  Pretty soon the slave doesn't know where the kicks are coming from...he just knows they HURT LIKE HELL...and he goes down again!  YAY! At this point, we decide to start moving the slave into different positions that we think our fans will want to see him get kicked in.  We just want to see if he can take a pounding into his testicles from all angles...  (Me n Tina talked later about how funny it is - and FUN! - to be able to just literally put some loser into any awkward position we feel like, and then run up full speed and KICK IT IN THE NUTS AS HARD AS WE WANT!  LOL)

To be honest, this slave isn't really a "hardcore pain slave" in our opinion- but it just TRIES soooo freakin hard to please us with its suffering.  Which is what we LOVE!  It goes down over & over and is in REAL AGONY.  But it keeps getting back up and spreading its legs for us whenever it is COMMANDED TO- and any good slave should OBEY ITS MASTERS!  (No matter HOW much pain it is in!)  

One of our best ballbusting clips, actually!  (Even without any sound!)  We will be using this loser's balls again soon...

Do you think you could come here and handle kicks like this, loser???  OK, then PROVE it!


-Goddess Platinum

Ballbusted For Foot Worship

I am just minding my own business at the new Mean Girl Manor when a slave crawls out from behind the bar. Apparently the sight of my dangling Louboutins was just too much for him to handle haha. So I decide to have some fun with him.

I will let him kiss my feet- IF he can handle enough abuse for my sadistic entertainment! And he is so desperate for my stockinged feet in these hot Loubs that he says "yes" before he even knows what I want to put him through! I decide it will be...BALLBUSTING! And I begin putting him into multiple positons, and...WHAM! kick after kick into his poor little balls.

It really IS like SOOO much fun to slam your pointed toe of a designer shoe into a loser's balls and just watch him CRUMBLE at your feet and whimper!

Such a powerful feeling...I love it! Eventually I break I ever let him kiss my feet?? Maybe...but maybe not! I can do whatever the fuck I want around here.

-Princess Skyalr

Mean Mrs. Claus

Most people don't know that Santa has a foot fetish.  Well, it finally got the better of him last Christmas.  He entered a house and saw the most beautiful pair of feet he had ever seen in all his years sticking out from under a blanket.  That very night upon his return to the North Pole he divorced Mrs. Claus and sent her packing.  Now he is married to his smoking hot "trophy wife" that the elves refer to as "Mean Mrs. Claus".  She knows her feet control Santa COMPLETELY and the pathetic old man will do ANYTHING for them.  She even made the elves literally build her a THRONE to sit on at the North Pole. And she has decided that if she has to live at the cold, desolate North Pole year-round, then she better get WHATEVER she wants!


Mean Mrs. Claus begins demanding that she will leave Santa if he doesn't CANCEL Christmas, and re-assign all his elves to work on making HER gifts year-round!  She wants the elves basically turned into HER OWN SLAVE-LABOR FORCE and made to churn out DESIGNER BRAND bags and shoes for her EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!  Santa literally BEGS for her to not make him do this- but she simply crosses her legs and waves her PERFECT size 6 foot under his nose...and he is instantly turned to mush.  He becomes nothing more than a jolly old foot-perv, kneeling at her feet.  He still tries to beg her to reconsider, and mentions all the "boys and girls of the world that count on him"- but she could not care less.  She wants PRADA and GUCCI and LOUIE VUITTON!   In fact, she decides to show him how little she cares about this old foot freak AND all the little "boys and girls of the world"...


Mean Mrs. Claus teases St. Nick with her perfect foot...and then commands him to stand up and drop his pants!  he will present his JINGLE BALLS to her to KICK as hard as she wants over & over!  And if he can take it all for her amusement, she will allow him to continue on with Christmas as usual!  If NOT...and he crumbles at her feet, begging for mercy...he will agree to CANCEL Christmas and turn his elf workforce into HER OWN PERSONAL SLAVE-LABOR TO WORK 24/7/365 IN HER FACTORY MAKING DESIGNER SHOES AND BAGS FOR HER YEAR ROUND!!


To make it even harder on Santa, she orders him to place her wicked pointed-toe Jimmy Choo stilettos onto her feet- so she can drive those pointed toes as hard as possible into his "Christmas Sac"!!


Will Santa be able to take all her kicks to save Christmas?  Or will he eventually crumble at her feet and beg for mercy even though it means a lifetime of enforced slavery for his elves and a world without Christmas for little ones around the world?  How mean and selfish can this beautiful "trophy wife" be???

Slave Delivery Service

***Custom Clip***

Princess Skylar runs a very successful business. She literally BUYS men. In this era of "Me Too", any man that runs afoul of the law and into financial trouble can literally be BOUGHT by a female. In this fat loser's case, he abused his ex-wife, who susequently divorced him and took him to the cleaners in the divorce settlement. As a result, he owed his wife over $300,000 and was facing domestic Viol***e charges. That is when Princess Skylar's corporation stepped in and paid off his ex-wife the $300K and convinced the judge to turn this male pig over to her to "manage into a reformed male".

Now Skylar loans him out to rich, successful business women to abuse in any way they see fit in order to relieve the stress of their daily lives and just generally exert their dominance over an insignificant member of the male species. The clip opens with Skylar walking her new "property" into Ms. Grace's office on the end of her leash on all fours. She explains to Ms. Grace that the device on the male's neck is a high-powered shock collar attached by the authorities before releasing the prisoner to her "care". She holds the remote control, and the eletric shocks are so powerful that this male is left no choice but to obey her EVERY command- no matter WHAT it may be!

All she needs to do is push that button ONCE and hold it down for a few seconds and the male will be rendered out and collapse. Any longer than that, and...well, we're sure you can guess what would happen! Skylar also shows off how the male also has its "male parts" in a state-mandated chastity device! She has been granted the only key. And she laughs that literally the ONLY time she unlocks his cock & balls from their prison is when she turns them over to a client like her to kick as hard as she wants over & over!

Very quickly Ms. Grace decides that she wants to kick this fat, ugly male's balls up into its throat. (Especially after she hears what it did to his ex-wife!) So Skylar gives Ms. Grace a demonstration and then begins positioning her property into different poses so Ms. Grace can experiment with which postion she likes best for destroying the male's nuts. These are some REALLY hard kicks and the poor male is in obvious agony- but it really doesn't matter. He only exists to accept as much pain as these high-powered business women want to dish out to him. He really has no choice in the matter. Ends with a nice Victory Pose, as this male is COMPLETELY defeated!

Trick Or Treat Smell Our Feet

We were all dressed for Halloween and decided to toy with one of our foot-freak slaves that we use to serve us.  We make it kneel in between us and BEG to smell our feet.  Since we had been in our heels and ankle socks all day, we knew it couldn't resist.

But of course, since we are MEAN GIRLS, there is always a catch!  We make the slave take turns literally BOW DOWN to one of us and BEG for our feet with its ass up in the air and its LEGS SPREAD WIDE.  Then we make it say that famous Halloween chant "Trick or treat, smell my feet!"   Whoever's feet AREN'T being kissed is seated comfortably behind the slave, with her leg drawn back and ready to SLAM her foot up into its nuts whenever she feels like it!  

SUCH a fun game to play with a slave!!  Sometimes we let it have a whole minute of sniffing and kissing our feet...other times it just barely reaches out toward our foot with its puckered lips, and...SLAM!  A foot crashes into its balls from behind that it never saw coming!  haha!!

Me n my Auntie Platinum take turns tormenting the slave, and by the end, the poor foot freak is like soooo confused...haha!!  I mean, it keeps having these gorgeous sweaty feet dangling right in front of its nose, but...its been kicked in the balls so many times and is in so much pain that it is actually hesitating to kiss the perfect foot right in front of its face!  

Poor thing...this must be like heaven & hell all rolled into one for the slave.  Oh well, we don't care!  As long as its fun for US!!

-Princess Amber

***(Some really good "super-slo-mo" kicks in this clip!)***