Origins Of Mr. Squishy

Every slave serving at Mean Girl Manor has to be prepared to take a ballbusting on demand. At any moment any one of The Mean Girls can grab any slave for a ballbusting. They might be filming it for a new clip or it might be just for fun or stress relief. But either way when any of The Mean Girls decides to grab a slave for a ballbusting the only acceptable response from the slave is to spread his legs wide and take it without complaint. Goddess Raven and Princess Aria have chosen a slave for today’s ballbusting but he is having second thoughts and wants to back out. They tell the slave he has no choice and make fun of him for being such a pussy as they kick him in the balls. They are only a few minutes into the ballbusting when he falls to the floor and says he can’t continue. This is completely unacceptable! Goddess Raven can’t believe the slave can’t even take a simple ballbusting!

Goddess Raven is not going to let the slave get away with this. She wheels a cart into the room that has a built in ball crushing device attached to one end. The slave is ordered to stand and place his cock and balls into the device. Goddess Raven tightens the screws and the plates of the ball crusher close together like a vise trapping and crushing the slave’s balls. The plates are see-thru so you can see at all times just how flattened and crushed the slaves cock and balls really are. The slave is in agony and is begging to go back to the ballbusting instead. At least the ballbusting pain was temporary now his balls hurt all the time. His pleas fall on deaf ears as Goddess Raven just tightens the device even more! They make the slave sweep the floor clean with a broom as they enjoy watching him struggle to walk around while trapped in the device. This isn’t some temporary punishment it will be permanent. The slave now know around the manor as “Mr. Squishy” has to spend the rest of his life hobbling around with balls crushed in maximum pain 24/7.

Mean Girl AirBnB Tour- The Human Punching Bag

So The Mean Girls have started this new little endeavor called the "Mean Girl Air BnB"!  Its where ANY hot girl from around the world can come to Vegas and stay at Our "Desert Punishment Camp" for FREE- as long as they help us train and punish the slave-staff that is kept there to wait on them 24/7! 

And we filmed the arrival and "tour" of our next guest- "Ms. Platinum"

Princess Beverly meets her at the bottom of the steps of the property to hand the keys over to her and give her the "tour"- and Ms. Platinum cannot believe her eyes!  She gets to stay in this nice place in Vegas and be waited on hand & foot 24/7 for FREE..?  Hell YEAH!  She loves it.  And she hasn't even seen the best part yet- the SLAVE LABOR that she can command at the snap of her fingers!

This clip includes the part of the "tour" where Ms. Platinum encounters the "human punching bag" that she can take all her frustrations out on from her stressful travel into Vegas.

After her tour, Platinum said she felt like this is the ONLY way for a hot woman like her to travel!  And that we should set these places up all over the world- fully staffed with slaves! LOL.

"Ms. Platinum" loved this concept of "hot women owning losers as slaves" so much that for those of you interested in serving her online or in real life see this clip she made while here: Serve Goddess Platinum in Real Life (1080 HD)

***Or buy her something off her wishlist to get her attention: HERE  (Make sure you include a giftnote with your email address on it if you want her to actually contact you, dumdum!)

Beaten And Kicked

The Mean Girls are having a pool party so of course they have slaves at their beck and call ready to be abused by them. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look amazing in their bikinis. Party music is playing and all the Princesses are dancing around and having a great time. They grab one of the slaves and just start beating and kicking him purely for their own fun and entertainment. They drag the slave to the middle of the backyard and force him to stand with his legs spread far apart. All the girls take turns kicking him the balls as they continue to dance around in their bikinis cheering each other on! They have even more fun abusing the slave because every time he goes down from a kick to his balls he is whipped until he stands back up. When he stands back up he is kicked in the balls again! Beaten then kicked, kicked then beaten, it’s a never ending circle of pain!

I can’t think of anything better than a Mean Girl Manor pool party with all my favorite Princesses dancing around in bikinis using and abusing slaves however they want. I love the fun and party atmosphere of this clip combined with some real hard ballbusting. They get running starts on these kicks and they jump up and down and cheer as the slave collapses to the ground. Princess Lilly (off camera) even comments on how loud the sound is after some of the kicks saying “god I love that sound so much!” 

Take It Like A Man

The Mean Girls are worried that maybe they are losing some of their ballbusting mojo. The Mean Girls have consistently set the standard as the best ballbusters around. But lately some of the slaves at Mean Girl Manor are barely able to take the minimum amount of kicks required to make them happy. So Goddess Saucha is here to get everyone back on the right track by giving her slave an epic ballbusting. Goddess Saucha is really fit with strong muscular legs that look super intimidating. I can’t imagine how much pain they are capable of delivering to a pair of slave balls. The slave is about to find out just how much pain as Goddess Saucha holding the slaves leash so he can’t escape begins kicking the slave right in the balls. The slave is immediately doubled over in pain from the powerful kicks but Goddess Saucha is just getting warmed up. She has the slave get down on all fours because Mean Girl research has shown that ball kicking a slave from behind on all fours is the most painful for a slave.

Goddess Saucha is completely successful in her mission of bringing the ballbusting mojo back! This is a classic Mean Girls ballbusting clip that all fans will want to have. The kicks from behind smash into the slaves balls so hard you wonder how he can possibly take it. Despite all the abuse his balls are taking the Mean Girls have no mercy at all! Princess Bella (off camera) even suggests Goddess Saucha change into her pointed shoes so the kicks will hurt even more! The slave is genuinely begging for this ballbusting to end and just when he thinks it’s over he has to take even more kicks. 

Naked and Afraid

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven just finished whipping the sh*tt out of this slave. And it did suuuch a good job taking their whipping, that they let him know that he’s earned a reward!  And what will he get??  They laugh and let him know that he is going to get a BALLBUSTING as his "reward"!  Haha!

They make sure the slave is chained up with spreader bars holding his arms and legs far apart so he can’t do anything to prevent the ballbusting he is about to receive as his "reward". Princess Bella and Goddess Raven take turns kicking the slave’s balls and making him literally THANK them for doing so!

Even with the spreader bar on, the slave keeps trying to jump and squirm out of the way desperate to lessen the pain in his balls. But every time the slave moves, the girls just take an extra “do over” kick- and make sure it is even harder than the original!  And Princess Bella and Goddess Raven are experienced ballbusters, so you’re not going to be able to cheat your way through a ballbusting with them!  There is only one way it will end- and that’s with this once stubborn and proud slave literallybegging the girls for mercy like he is their bitch... 


Ashley's Anniversary

Today is Princess Ashley’s "Mean Girl anniversary". It’s the day she one year ago when she learned that hot young girls in America have a right to "slave ownership" and officially became an "American Mean Girl".  And its tradition over at Mean Girl Manor that on your anniversary you get a house slave of your own for the entire day that you can use in any way you want.

Princess Ashley loves kicking losers in the balls so she decides she’s going to ballbust the slave all day long! Usually slaves get a recovery period after having their balls nearly destroyed during one of the mean girl’s ballbusting sessions, but not today. In celebration of Princess Ashley’s anniversary the slave is expected to stand with legs spread wide and balls available for kicking all day long for as much and as long as Princess Ashley desires. She takes full advantage of the situation kicking the slave’s balls until she gets tired or bored and decides to do something else like take an afternoon nap. When nap time is over she returns for more ballbusting. She stops a few other times to get dinner or do some on line shopping but always returns to ballbusting the slave throughout the entire day.

One of the best parts is when the shoes another online slave ordered for Princess Ashley are delivered to her, but they are the wrong size. It’s totally not the slave’s fault as he had nothing to do with it but Princess Ashley is so pissed that she takes out her frustration by kicking him the balls over and over again as hard as she can until she feels better!  The slave should be honored that his otherwise worthless balls were able to serve some purpose like making Princess Ashley feel a little bit less annoyed. Haha!

Hot Blonde Like To Ballbust

Princess Chanel is so hot she gets the slave to volunteer for a ballbusting just because she asks. She knows he won’t refuse because he’ll do anything just to be in the presence of a super-hot blond like Princess Chanel. The slave has to sacrifice his balls all because Princess Chanel finds it funny to kick a guy in the nuts and then see them fall to the ground in pain. With zero concern for the slave Princess Chanel keeps kicking the slave in the balls over and over and won’t stop until she gets the perfect reaction from the slave. What I love about this clip is you can tell Princess Chanel finds it the most natural thing in the world to dish out abuse to a loser’s balls. In fact you can tell that Princess Chanel truly believes that losers don’t deserve to be around a girl as hot as her without paying some kind of price. Even when she is kicking you in the balls she is doing you a favor just by allowing you to be near her. The kicks in this video are really hard! Especially the ones delivered from behind with the slave on all fours. It ends with the slave writhing around in pain collapsed on the floor and begging for mercy. 


Bring Down The Giant

Today we have a special ballbusting compilation clip. Princess Carmela, Empress Jennifer, Goddess Savana, Queen Kasey, Goddess Raven and Princess Cindi have all agreed to a "kick in" their favorite clips of beating on this loser's balls. This is one of our favorite slaves.  To look at him you would like he was like some military general or something.  A tall, distinguished looking old man- not your typical creep we get in here. Well that's why it was sooo much fucking fun to take him down!  But let's face it- every male is turned into a loser SLAVE by US and ends up groveling at Our feet!  And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  


***We also put in a lot of slow-motion replays so you can get an EXTRA good look at the damage we did to it's balls haha! Oh and we only took the best parts of each or our clips- so it is 7:30 of just pure kicking this giant losers nuts up into his throat!***

BallBusting Contest Duchess Danni vs. Queen Quenzi

Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi are having a ballbusting contest. This is quickly becoming the favorite sport at the Mean Girl Manor. They are going to keep doing this until every mean girl goes up against all the other mean girls to determine who the best ballbuster is. Plus they just love kicking guys in the nuts so they just literally do this every week now. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi are both hard ball kickers with no fear of destroying the slave’s nuts. In fact they kick the slave’s balls so hard that the biggest problem with the contest is the slave wants to quit only halfway through. The slave says he can’t take anymore so they make him grovel at their feet and beg for mercy. They tell the slave his begging better be convincing otherwise they will start up again. When the slave says “please I can’t take anymore” Duchess Dani hears “please kick my balls some more.” She commands the slave to get up and the ballbusting contest resumes until there is a winner. But you’ll have to watch the clip until the end to find out who won. This is another great Mean Girls ballbusting video. 

Ballbusting Slave To His Knees

Princess Bella and Princess Aria are looking incredibly sexy in their outfits and are ready to have some fun ballbusting one of the house slaves. (Why?  Just because they CAN!  And because keeping their balls in constant agony keeps them extra submissive and obedient.)  Princess Bella and Princess Aria are BFFs in real life from before Aria even officially became a "Mean Girl".  And now Bella is Aria's "Mean Girl Mentor" and has been showing her how to "take control" of slaves, walk all over them, and treat them like the pieces of sh*tt that they are compared to Superior Females.

Princess Bella starts off with full force kicks into this slave's balls right from the beginning. There is no "easing into" anything with Princess Bella when it comes to ballbusting!  And some of these are some serious toe-punts!  She really hates this slave.  (YES, in real-life! LOL.)  So she couldn't care less about its suffering.  Before long Princess Bella’s powerful ball kicks have collapsed the fat slob to its knees. Princess Aria tells Princess Bella, “You really know how to bring these losers to their knees. I’m so glad I have you as my 'Mean Girl Mentor'!”

Princess Aria’s turn is next and since she’s the "new girl" around Mean Girl Manor, she’s still working on improving her ballbusting technique and is glad to have the extra practice time.  “I’m getting so much ballbusting practice in I’m probably going to become an expert,” says Princess Aria as she just continues kicking the slave in the balls over and over like its nothing.

Goddess Rodea (from behind the camera) shouts to the Princesses to "bring it down to its knees!!" and Princess Bella and Princess Aria just laugh and respond with a flurry of kicks bringing the slave to the ground.  Its kinda funny how we all just laugh and talk casually while these poor slobs have to stand there with their legs spread like fools and get their precious "family jewels" literally DESTROYED by us.  like those stupid testicles are sooo important to them- and we just slam the pointed toe of our boots into them as hard as we can over and over while we laugh and chat about the most random stuff...

The slaves only respite from the onslaught of ball kicks he’s receiving is when he is down on his knees groveling and kissing the boots of his tormentors.  But Bella and Aria are heartless.  All they do is laugh at his pathetic begging and order the bitch to stand back up over and over again and submit his battered balls to even MORE kicks!  ("We need to kick you some MORE so we can make MORE money off this video, you piece of sh*tt!!  We don't CARE how much damage it does to your fucking balls!")

The slave is getting kicked in the balls over and over basically just so Princess Aria can get more ballbusting practice in. And it is being filmed just so we all can make $$$ off her bashing this loser's balls in.  And she in turn will use the ballbusting skills she develops to dominate and control even more slaves! (And make them COWER before her- or else!)  It’s exactly how things should be!  Princess Aria almost has no pause between her kicks. The second the toe of her right boot touches the ground the left boot is already on its way up to deliver another kick! This allows her to deliver a rapid fire series of kicks that’s sure to be the cause of a lot of suffering in slave’s balls going forward.  She is bringing a lot of "toe-punts" right into this loser's ballsac too.  Sooo painful!  Haha!!  Even this fat tank of a slave was "down for the count" for awhile after Bella and Aria were finally done using him for this "practice" video.