Ball Waxing Torture

This morning Goddess Platinum text me and told me to make sure I was free in the afternoon. You know it's going to be a fun day when you get one of those texts. LOL!

When I got home and walked into the living room Platinum had her geezer slave laid on a piece of butcher paper and completely restrained.

Platinum told me that she made sure her geezer slave didn't shave its pubic hair for the last almost two months, just for this very occasion. Hahaha We are going to give this freak its very first cock, balls and asshole waxing! Wow! It's like a million years old and never once in its extremely long life had it ever been waxed? Well this is going to hurt like HELL!

We heat the wax nice and hot and went to town! You ever see a grown, pathetic excuse of a male scream in pain? You will now! Oh and to top it off, its balls were still black and blue from us ballbusting it till its nuts almost fell completely off. Honestly it probably would have felt better if they did fall off compared to the way they look. Lol!

We took our time and made sure we got allllll the hair, specially the hair in the really tender areas. This was definitely bringing CBT to a whole new level and so funny to watch it squeal like the little piggy it is!

Prince$$ Mya ;)

Foot-Freak Masturbation Entertainment

Me n' Dandy are bored so we are talking about how we could use a slave to entertain us.  Dandy notices that there is a slave kneeling over in the corner that we could use.  Apparently he was left there hours ago by Goddess Platinum.  We call it over and command it to "masturbate for us!!" while it kneels at our feet- just for our entertainment so we can laugh at it.

I mean, how pathetic is that?  It has to kneel their and jerk itself off like a fool while we literally just laugh in its face and mock it for not being good enough to have REAL sex with any woman as hot as us!  So sad...  

Not to mention, we know this pathetic fuck has such a bad foot fetish that it literally can't help but start getting a hardon and jerking off if we tease it with our feet!  OMFG...SO pathetic!!  Can you imagine??  Someone just sticks their foot in your face- and you start uncontrollably getting hard and masturbating??  What a FREAK!  But we will have some fun with it...

Oh, and toward the end of its "performance" for us, we inform it of a little "extra humiliation" we have planned for it whenever it finally cums!  Let's just say that after we tell it our plans, all of a sudden it doesn't even WANT to cum anymore!  Oh, well we can't have that, now can we??  If we say "CUM"- a slave will CUM!  

Eventually I start teasing the slave with how SWEATY my gorgeous feet are getting inside of my clear plastic ankle boots...and now the slave is TRYING DISPARATELY not to cum!!  Haha!  But it has no choice- once my boot comes off the slave literally cums THE SECOND MY PERFECT, SWEATY FOOT TOUCHES IT'S LIPS!!!  

HAHA sooo pathetic.  But guess what??  Its time for the second part of your "entertainment" for us now, loser...

Prince$$ Mya ;)


Why The Fuck Does A Male Work Here?


I walked into my big corner office and as I was walking in I realized there was a male...a sad excuse for a male working in the office. Mind you, he was just a glorified personal bitch, but still WTF!?!

I asked my assistant why is there a male in the office? “She’s like, a what?”... Exactly! 

I called my secretary and had her send up the new guy. Lol! 

Once he entered my office I asked who hired him? How he was working in here? Did he not happen to notice there wasn’t a single male working there? Well that’s because I made them all quit. 

Now my entire schedule is going to be out of whack because I need to make sure this male quits, TODAY! 

I force him to strip down naked and make it clear he is NOT WELCOME! Then my assistant and I make it even more clear by canning that freak till he can’t take it anymore and quits. Hahaha! 

Now that is much better, no more stupid, useless, nasty males! 

I Offer My Slave To You

I love being an honorary guest over at the Mean Girl Manor. It's really sooooo much fun, not only because I get to go hang out with gorgeous Goddesses' and Princesses', but best of all I get to go abuse all the Mean Girls little pet slaves. LOL! Like really think about it... I torture and abuse all those slaves and then I go home and don't have to deal with the dumb asses anymore. I get the very best of all worlds. I really don't think you understand how much work goes into owning slaves and dealing with brainless imbeciles day in and day out. It is a fuck ton of work that I reap the benefits of, with zero work.

Today I went over and hung out with the oh so brutal Goddess Platinum. Goddess Platinum is the BOSS Goddess, she runs the Mean Girls and says what goes. I totally love hanging out with a badass Boss Goddess! 

When I arrived at the Mean Girl Manor I started by wiping off the soles of my shoes on the doormat slaves tongue and then Goddess Platinum told me she had a surprise waiting up in her room for me. We walked upstairs and Goddess Platinum had this old submissive slave cuffed the end of the bed. She informed me that this slave is basically useless for anything other then beating... oh and she whores it out. Bahahaha! Goddess Platinum told me that since I have had an opportunity to beat some of her other slaves it's only proper for her to offer up her little pain slut to beat as much as I see fit. Haaa that's like music to my ears!!!

This old fuck was literally as dumb as a box of rocks. It was restrained but yet still trying to get away from me once it started to feel the pain of my wrath. Lol! You cant get away from us you wrinkly sack of turds!!! Then it was so damn loud we put a ball gag on it. 

It was still so loud that Goddess Platinum went and got her duct tape. She not only taped its mouth, but its eyes and basically everything but its nose. She had to make sure the freak could breath cause we can't have it dying on us till we are done playing with it.

We went back to beating it and it was somehow getting loud again so Platinum taped it up even more. What a sight to see, hilarious!

Then we beat the snot out of it. I couldn't stop laughing at how dumb this bitch was! Once it couldn't take anymore and kept trying to hide its body parts from us, Platinum told it that it had to take a solid 3 mins of our cropping and caning without moving and we would stop... But if it couldn't be obedient enough to do that we would NEVER STOP! When we had enough of dealing with this pathetic loser, Goddess untapped its mouth and forced to apologize to me for sucking so bad. Then we beat it more and made sure this time it was extremely obedient and stayed as quiet as possible. Lol!

Like I said... I love hanging out with Mean Girls!

Mistress Tiffany :P

Fuck My Big Electric Ass Plug

I demand that slaves pay their weekly tithings to the Mean Girls or to whichever Goddess or Princess own them... Well this ancient old geezer slave has really been slacking when it comes to money. I’m constantly training it to suck good dick for me so I can whore it out, and then it will actually be a good dick sucker and have repeat customers. Today we are going to work on anal. Lol!

I happen to have a really big ass plug that is also an electric shocking ass plug. Hahaha.. this is going to be sooooo funny! I had one of my handy slaves attach it to a board so this freak can fuck if in front of me. 

After this old sack of turds finally stretched its ass over this giant hard ass plug and I make it ride it I throw in some shocks and OMG it must hurt way more then the ball shocker cause it freaked out. Lol!

I have made Geezer fuck a dildo and use the small electric ass plugs but this one is massive and it has never been able to get it in its ass before. I’m sure once it was done riding this huge ass plug it had a gaping butt hole. Lol! When you are older your body starts to lose its elasticity.

I forced this old submissive bitch to fuck this ass shocker while I shocked it over and over. And over again while I laughed my ass off. The one time I shocked it so hard it jumped off the ass plug. Hahaha 

I love being the boss! I love having so many slaves and forcing them to do whatever will make me lots of money and what will entertain me. 

-Goddess Platinum


English Class

When my Aunt Platinum had a Czech slave write in and beg her to allow it to come serve us Mean Girls, it’s English seemed great. This slave was extremely submissive and it did everything my Aunt  told it to do. But the night before if flew over 12 hours to come serve us it sent one more email telling her it didn’t speak English very well. 

So when it showed up and like I tried to ask it a few questions it just knelt there with this stupid, ugly, dumb blank look on its egg head face. OMG! Is it realllllly that bad at English? Wow! 

So my Auntie and I decided we needed to teach this little submissive, dumb Czech slave English, Mean Girl style! Hahahaha 

My Aunt Platinum and I get into our super sexy shiny school girl skirts and got down to business. 

Now you need to realize that this stupid freak from Czech loves like foot worship and fun, easy fetishes and we really needed our English lesson to sink in and stick. Lol! 

I had the loser on a leash and made it crawl into our school room where Aunt Platinum was waiting. It looked scared but who knows cause we don’t speak freak. Haaaaaa 

Auntie Platinum and took turns making the slave say all different things in English and if it said it wrong, wham! Barefoot hard kick to the balls! We did this over and over and over again till it got better. I think it helped! Lol! 

<3 Princess Amber <3

You Fucked Up

Ugh.... my stupid fucking geezer slave is just so incredibly dumb! It just doesn’t have any common sense and I constantly have to tell it the same things OVER and OVER and OVER again. I think it is going senile. It seems to be a common thing when losers get really old and decrepit. Lol! And that slave is definitely oooooolddddd and nasty af! 

Well you know what that means.... I’m going to have to beat the crud out of it, AGAIN! I don’t feel bad at all, it’s almost like a bad creature that you need to beat to teach it a lesson. Grrrrr it’s time to teach this wrinkled ole sack,  cause it has gone and done it again... it fucked up my video... AGAIN! I have told it sooooo many times not to fuck around in my clips. When it fucks around in my clips it costs me money, and NOBODY MESSES WITH MY MONEY!  It knows it’s not ever allowed to say “no” or be disobedient but it also knows to keep its head down and don’t ever look at the camera, don’t look at other slaves unless it’s told to... just do as you are told!

Well I was editing and there it goes again, smug little fuck was watching another slave get tortured and smiling... I’m sure it's just happy it’s not the one getting tortured, but nope this is not going to fly. 

I restrained this loser realllll good. Just how I know  this loser really hates and this is it; it hates to be on its stomach with it’s legs and arms cuffed. It hates to not be able to move and for me to whip downwards as hard as I can. So that’s exactly what I did. 

Then I beat it hard and long till I thought it finallllly got it through it’s old disintegrating brain.

-Goddess Platinum

Jackoff Lantern

Sometimes Amber and I really push the humiliation of our slaves to new levels.  I have had this one in chastity for a couple of weeks, and just to increase its degradation I added a pig snout to its face and commanded it to only communicate using pig noises during that entire time!  No human words!  (After all, those are for HUMANS- and slaves are more like pigs than humans LOL.) 

To be honest, we just like seeing what these freaks will do for our perfect feet and asses.  And there just seems to be no limit to it.  So we decide to torment it even FURTHER!

I take its chastity off and command it to kneel before us and STROKE its little cock for us while oinking like a pig!  While we basically laugh in its face.  But of course, it still obeys without question.  What a fucking fool we make out of it.  Then we decide to play some "red-light, green-light" with it.  When Amber shows off her perfect ass in her green shiny pants, it can stroke.  But when I stand up and shove MY perfect ass in its face wearing my red shiny pants- it has to stop!  This seems to be really frustrating for the slave.  Aww...too bad!  It is fun for US!

At certain points the pig-slave is on its knees and just literally humping the air like a complete pathetic fool because it isn't allowed to touch itself anymore!  Haha.  And all it can do as we mock it is to "oink, oink" in response which just makes us laugh at it even MORE! 

Then we decide since it is almost Halloween, we will make this idiot fuck a pumpkin for us while we watch and laugh!  We even joke that this is probably as close as he has ever gotten to "sex" or a "girlfriend"!  We even name his new "girlfriend" for him and put a wig on it at one point.  This idiot actually has to hump a vegetable for us.  What an idiot.  We can't stop laughing.

Oh but it gets worse for him after he cums...because me n Amber have very little patience waiting for slave's boners to go down before we can lock them back up, so we have a very cruel way of shrinking that "thing" between its legs as quickly as possible and locking it right back up until we want to "play" with it again!

-Goddess Platinum

Stuck Slave Sitting

Ugh...I'm stuck watching this stupid old slave for my Aunt Goddess Platinum. I have way better things to do then spending my time making sure this old freak does as he is supposed to. How annoying. Well, I know that this is one of our pain bitches...soooo...I guess I'll just beat it for a while. Maybe lock it up later. Who knows. 

I just need to make sure it has zero free time to do as it wants. Because I know my Aunt Platinum always has the loser put to work. You know its actually lucky it gets to spend the day with a hot, young chick. I'm like 18 and it's like a million years old...LOL. Maybe it will drop from a heart attack...get a little too excited. A hot young princess can only dream. 

I dragged the loser into the throne room and cuffed it to the throne, on it's knees where it always should be. And then I whip it for a while. I need to waste a lot of time. Ugh...the hottest guy in the world was texting me while I was whipping this old fart. Sooooo I made it beat itself for a while.....hahahaha....such an obedient old fuck. It did make me laugh really hard. And then I went back to beating it myself. I caned it and then when I was sick of slave sitting it, I just left it there. If it's locked up it can't have any free time? Lol...like I said. I have better things to do, but this was entertaining for me.

-Princess Amber

Left To Rot

I was at the Mean Girls Desert Compound and I invited Miss Tiffany over because she is just as sick and twisted as I am. I was fed up with two of my annoying fucking slaves and I wanted her to help me teach them a lesson that they would never live from.....lol. 

It's 120 deg. out and we pulled the slaves into the desert by their stupid collars and made them dig holes. Of course we didn't tell them what the holes were for, but they'll soon learn. 

When you are a live in slave, or a slave coming to serve us, you are held to a higher standard than other slaves. But all must be obedient and these two freaks were failing. Once they were done digging their holes, big enough to squeeze their ugly bodies in, we buried them up to their necks. The entire time they were digging, sweating and dying of thirst, we were sipping on our cold drinks and laughing. I'm sure it got even worse when they were buried.

After we buried them with all that hot, sharp desert rockiness we sat alongside them still sipping our cold drinks; forcing them to lick our dirty boots clean. All their digging made our boots dirty. After a while it got unbearably hot so we went in to enjoy the A/C; plus we have way better things to do then sit here and deal with these losers. So...we just left them there to rot!

Miss Tiffany and I got ready for our super hot dates and then after we were done with real men we went dancing...we pulled an all nighter :)

The next day we were so hung over and it was so hot we literally laid in bed and binged watch TV. We got served in bed all day from our other live in slaves and before we knew it we had wasted away that entire day.

The following morning we felt a lot better. We were hanging out by the pool when I realized that I had totally forgot about the slaves we had left to rot in the desert. Since it was still another blazing hot, 120 deg. day, I thought it would be a good idea for Miss Tiffany and I to go see if the freaks were still alive. If they were and they begged us, we would let them lick the sweat off our feet. And they are lucky if they even get that!

By the time we got over to the desert compound it was late in the afternoon and still oh so hot. And to our surprise they were still alive. I was thinking for sure that creatures OR the sun would have gotten them, but nope...still very much alive. So we sat along side them in their deep, sandy, rocky holes. Still buried up to their necks and just made fun of them...forced them to beg us for drinks. And since they begged us good enough we let them suck the disgusting sweat off of our perfect feet.

Besides their current living situation, these slaves are the luckiest slaves alive. Just to be able to get our perfect toe and foot sweat LOL. And then we got too hot again so we left them to rot. 

We will come back....eventually.....if we feel like it....HAHAHAHA!

-Goddess Platinum