The Ultimate in Paw-thetic

This Dalmation survived Cruella Platinum's execution of ALL of its 100 brothers and sisters!  Cruella decided to keep it alive because it was just SO obedient to her every command. It groveled at her feet constantly and even helped her with the execution of her plan to turn its siblings into designer clothing for her to wear around town!  Not to mention, it can...talk!  (Kind of...)  how amazing is that!??  But now her loyal puppee is groveling at her feet, literally begging her to...what?  What is it that this mutt wants?


Wait, it seems to want to...be TURNED INTO A PAIR OF SHOES for his beautiful Master??  Can this be real??  It actually WANTS to be slaughtered and turned into nothing more than a designer pair of pumps for his Beautiful Master to wear on her FEET?  Cruela Platinum dangles her perfect stocking-clad foot in front of the mutt's face and asks it AGAIN- "Is this REALLY what you want??  To be literally skinned alive for me, and turned into SHOES that I just slip my feet into without giving it a second thought?"  


The dawwgg begins to BEG for it!  It even begins masturbating to the thought of being turned into FOOTWEAR for its beautiful Master!!  Who knew a DAWWGG could have such a strong foot fetish??!  But Cruella Platinum DOES have the most beautiful feet in the WORLD, so it's not surprising that this poor canine is groveling for its on demise like this because of her perfect feet...


Soon, the beautiful Cruella Platinum is relishing in her power over this pathetic mutt.  Playing with its very life for her own amusement.  Dangling her perfect foot in front of it, and laughing at it while it masturbates like a pathetic hound, kneeling before her on her throne.  


She decides to make a "deal" with it- if it cums into her Jimmy Choo shoes that she has been wearing all day - basically ruining them - she WILL turn HIM into a pair of shoes for her feet!  She then begins teasing it, laughing in its face that if it dares to cum in her shoe- it will essentially seal its own demise.  She begins MOCKING it, even trying to convince it NOT to cum!  She reminds it over & over of the horrible things she will do to it if it cums!  She even COMMANDS it to pull its paw away and stop masturbating over & over...yet the stupid, pathetic, self-destructive canine STILL BEGS ITS MASTER TO LET IT CUM!!  There seems to be nothing Cruella can do to discourage this desperately loyal pooch!  It really WANTS to be turned into a pair of shoes to be worn on her feet??


Cruella mockingly decides as the mutt is on the verge of cumming that she will instead turn his fur into a "fur lining" for the insoles of ALL her shoes!  Will this change in plans finally get him to reconsider sealing his own doom?  Or will it put him over the edge??  Cruella  looks on with evil anticipation to see if she can say ANYTHING cruel and humiliating enough to get the loyal mutt to STOP masturbating to her beauty...and her perfect FEET.  Of course, she doesn't care one bit about the mutt's suffering...she just begins thinking about how nice, a comfy fur lining inside all of her designer shoes will feel as she slips her feet into them from now on!

Cruella's Annimaal Cruelty

Cruella Platinum wants to make some shoes out of live pupees.  Specifically, Dalmations.  But when she tries to place an order with her favorite fashion designer, he refuses to skin pupees alive for her footwear!  OUTRAGEOUS!  Well, she will just need to take matters into her own hands then.  

Pre-Production Meeting With Platinum And Amber

This is just some sort of behind-the-scenes footage of me n my aunt Platinum getting ready before a shoot at our new place. We are doing our makeup and discussing what we plan on doing to the slaves today. Like, how repulsed we are by them, how pathetic we think they are, laughing at them for being just blatantly used like this, and also just bouncing ideas off of each other about what we can do to them in our clips today that will make US the most money!!

We are using one of our regular slaves as a step-stool and bench while we do our makeup and discuss our ideas for the day... Seriously though, these idiots really ARE like nothing more than objects for us to use however we see fit.

-Princess Amber

Real-Life Vegas Loser Interview

This was a local Las Vegas slave that BEGGED to serve me online. Of course, he has to PAY me for that privilege. This clip was his "intro" to me where he basically had to crawl up the steps at The Mean Girl Punishment Compound and present himself to me at my feet.

I then made him strip naked to humiliate him, and he had to tell me what he thought he could be useful to me for. By the way, this clip is a good example of how all you slaves suck. You probably shouldn't even download this clip. He is totally lame, acts retarded, and like can barely answer a simple fucking question in a complete sentance. I swear most of you idiots can barely understand English.

It's like you are being given this opportunity to SERVE ME, and when you are asked the fucking question "WHY should I LET you serve me" or "what can you DO for me"- you can barely answer it!! WTF??? And you wonder why no one wants you and you aren't serving anyone.

It's because you are WORTHLESS and STUPID and can barely form complete sentances- THAT'S why! Don't even download this clip. Honestly, its boring AF.

Princess Carmela

A Tour Of Mean Girl Manor- Vegas

Major Announcement- We have opened a new "Mean Girl Manor" in Las Vegas!  Princess Amber basically had one of her rich slave-worshipers buy a house for her. (Now isn't that a nice gift??) She will be living there full-time and be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the new MGM, as well as all the house-slaves kept on premises.  This clip is over a 20-minute tour of just some of the new grounds.

We walk together through the new place, taking it all in, exploring the massive new space, and of course we abuse a few slaves along the way that we have stationed in various rooms to serve specific purposes for us.

There is a "ball-kicking loser", a "footslave freak", a "facebusting bitch", and a "trample toy"...just to name a few. Aww...do YOU wish you could be one of our permanent live-in slaves?? Or maybe at least a local part-time loser that we use to serve us a few days a week? Well, anything is possible...but it will take some EFFORT on your part, LOSER.

Anyway, this new MGM is mostly where we will be worshiped and served from now on. Unless of course a slave needs to be taken to the Desert Punishment Compound...which is still in operation.  But all the slaves are basically terrified of it now LOL. They have learned the hard way that it is just sooo much better for them to OBEY their Female Masters instantly and without question...

-Goddess Platinum

This Slaves A Real Drag

(This is part of our clip "The Return of Euro-Trash")

This is just plain ABUSE. LOL. We have been abusing this loser all day and Ashley decides to just start dragging it around on its leash- while it has its hands cuffed behind its back and is made to CRAWL behind her!

We whip it, beat it, and kick it! (And we do it all outside, right out in the open- with our neighbors walking by haha!!! The slave was sooo embarrassed!! Not to mention it was in PAIN...apparently its like really hard to crawl on your knees on hard cement while your hands are tied behind your back?? LOL We don't care- we just drag it around like a canine on a leash and kick it around like a soccer ball lol.

(Princess Skylar is filming it all for us and laughing her ass off while we abuse the F*CK outta him! You can hear her behind the camera in a lot of the clip..)

FEATURING: Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel

Waterboarded by the Mean Girls

We are always trying to come up with new ways to Torment our slaves. So me n Princess Skylar have this one handcuffedto a wooden plank and completely at our mercy. All we have to do is casually place one foot on its ugly face and gently push downward- and it is effortlessly submerged underwater for as long as we like!

And we actually kind LIKE the feeling of all the airbubbles on our feet as it is gasping for air!

But eventually the air bubbles stop...and this makes is really sad because we like how the air bubbles felt on our feet!!

Oh well...time to bring in a new slave to replace him with...

-Goddess Platinum

Maid To Wear Panties

So I decide to allow this loser that contacted me online through Our site the opportunity to serve me, since he is local, he MAY be useful, and most importantly he is paying me. I learn that he will basically do ANYTHING for me - or any of the other Mean Girls - just for the pathetic privilege of receiving a pair of our oldest, smelliest, most-worn panties LOL. How pathetic is THAT?? Can you imagine working for like DAYS for someone - doing like hard labor and being beaten regularly - just for their discarded panties?? LOL! Slaves never cease to amaze me with how pathetic they are for hot girls like us...and they DESERVE to be used for it!

Oh and I don't know why but I scratched the hell out of the slave with my fingernails during this clip too lol.


-Princess Carmela

Fan-Slave Visit 99

So we get losers that write in to us all the time, begging to worship us, serve us, blah blah blah... And yes, some of them get to actually do it! Why?...How?  Simple. They are MEMBERS OF OUR SITE and OBEY OUR ORDERS.

This slave was one of those. What exactly did he do?  He:

-Joined Our members site

-Sent his deposit when commanded to

-Sent a picture of his ID and his cell #

-Agreed to be filmed without a stupid mask on

-begged to PAY

-Traveled to Vegas and followed all of Our instructions to a Tee when we called/texted him...and this hour-long video was a result of his obedience!

TBH the video itself is kind of boring. He mostly just grovels at my stockinged feet for like 45 minutes and worships me in silence like a lump. You can hear the TV in the background as I relax after taking all his $$$ and letting him grovel before me.  Then I literally just use his ugly face as my footstool while I watch TV haha.

At the end I give him a chance to impress me and make a really GOOD video by letting me stand on him in my stilettos until he can't take it anymore- and the longer he can take it, the longer he gets to remain in my presence before I kick him out!  Unfortunately, like most slaves he is too weak and can't take much- so after just a few minutes I kick him out the door and make him leave for disappointing me.

But before kicking him out, I decide to totally disrespect him one last time by standing full-weight right on his FACE in my stockinged feet though! LOL

The best part though is the beginning when he is commanded to literally crawl up the marble steps outside on his hands and knees with his $$$ in his teeth- just for me to take it from him and laugh in his face for being this pathetic!  haha


-Princess Amber

Shocking Piggie Slave

Poor fat piggie slave. We are staying at the Mean Girl Desert Compound, and he is serving us during our stay- and we are sooo mean to him! But for me n Chanel its just kinda natural for us to be mean to fat, ugly people...lol.

Chanel teases him with her feet, and the poor fatty is like sooo desperate just to kiss them! She dangles her shoe in front of his face, and he just starts drooling like the pig he is. And we mock him because we think it is SOO funny that Goddess Platinum is keeping him in chastity literally 24/7 now! Can you imagine NEVER being allowed to touch your own penis or cum without someone else's permission? That is just so pathetic.

We ask him if he wants to be unlocked from that thing that Platinum locked on his cock? Of course he says YES and starts like literally BEGGING for us to unlock him! Chanel has his chastity key down inside her shoe. It was given to her by Goddess Platinum when we checked in- and she cares like SO little about it that she put it down inside her shoe. OMG how humiliating. His fat ass has his own dick locked up so he can't even touch it- and Chanel was literally walking around with his key DOWN IN THE TOE OF HER SHOE all day! Like we seriously don't care.

So we unlock him and fatso is sooo grateful- but we have a surprise for him! We have a fully-charged, industrial-strength BALLSHOCKER all ready to attach to his balls in the place of his chastity cage! This is gona be SO much fun! Soon we are taking turns shocking the slave's balls and laughing our asses off while he flops around on the floor at our feet! (He looks like that thing really must be painful?) And we make it real simple for him- the more he kisses Chanel's feet, the more shocks he gets!!

We want to see how many shocks he will take just to kiss Chanel's feet while he tells her how much he "loves" her! (Haha OMG it is like SO pathetic!!)

We even make fatso put on a pig nose and "OINK" for us while it kisses our feet and we shock it!! And we keep increasing the voltage to its nuts the whole time too!

This is so humiliating AND painful for the slave- but it just keeps taking it, until we crank the ballshocker all the way up to "15"...

By the end of the video, the slave is literally BEGGING for us to put him back into chastity! HAHAHAHA!!! Which we gladly agree to do.

BUT...it will be with an extra surprise for the slave!!  After all, we agreed to "put it back into chastity"- but we never said that meant that we would be taking the ballshocker OFF!! LOL

Oh, and we met Princess Skylar while we were there- she made a "guest appearance" in our video and helped us torment piggie-slave! That was so nice of her.  :)


-Princess Ashley