HAHA I Made You Late Again

Good morning sunshine! I see you have some morning wood again! Let's take care of that before you leave for work

Edging To A Special Day

You have to look a this video everyday till Christmas. You have to edge for one min longer every day till December 24th. and don't just cum on Christmas eve either!! Because I will have more instructions for you by then...

Mean Dom Nice Dom

Together we are going to mind fuck and bully you to the brink of ruin. We are going to drive you insane and your are going to love every minute of it. Think of us as the "good cop/bad cop" of your life. You do what Goddess Platinum says or face the wrath of Princess Skylar! You are totally our bitch now...

Worship the Golden Princess

you don’t deserve this view, loser. Buy this clip then get on your knees on the ground where you belong and thank Me for existing.

Latex Slave

I'm wearing your favorite...black...latex....dress. It's so tight on my amazing curves. Don't you like it? 

I left it all dull and worn so you can be the one to grease it up for me. Do you deserve it?

Help me grease up my ass and my tits. It's so tight I won't be able to reach.

You are my new latex slave and you know you can't control yourself around me.

 Get over here and grease me up...NOW!

Downsizing Your Chastity Fetish

How long have you been in chastity now, my cock-locked slave? How many months has it been without an orgasm for you? I bet you forgot what it even feels like. How sad. 

But trust me, serving me is better than any stupid orgasm you've ever had anyway.  Aren't I right? Of course I'm right.  I see your dick has shriveled to practically nothing by now.  Again, how sad for you. but today I’m "resizing you".  What does that mean?  Well you will just have to watch this clip to find out...

Jerking to Bankruptcy

Jerking for me doesn't come for free...and I'm not talking about the price of this video either. Jerking off comes with consequences, but we know you can't help to feed that greedy monster between your legs! 

You have to spend to jerk and I know you can't resist my beauty.


After posting these in a teaser clip on My Twitter, I’ve had so many losers ask if they’re for sale. Which is weird and gross, like I’ve had these for years and I NEVER wear them with socks so they’re not even wearable anymore, just stinky! But, if you really want them... you’re going to have to buy this clip to find out how to take them off My hands (and feet) for Me! 

Amber The Amazon

It's funny...we both drannk the same potion but for men apparently it makes you like totally shrink down really tiny, and for girls it makes us like into giants or something haha. Now I'm like WAY bigger and stronger then you! So you better be careful or I could sit or step on you or something- and I probably won't even notice it! OMG this is going to be so awesome being this BIG! Hmmm...download and watch this clip to hear what I want to do to all the "big strong men" in the world now that I am like twice their size!

I Found Out My BF Is a Sissy

I find out you're a sissy in the most unexpected way and wow... I'm really shocked at first but it starts to make sense after a while. Am I going to have to break up with you now? Or am I going to turn you into a full-blown sissy and really use this to benefit our relationship?