Mean Girl Manor Slave Tryouts

In this clip you can see what it's like to tryout to be a REAL slave at Mean Girl Manor. We trample them, beat them, and humiliate them for nearly a half hour. This is a compilation video comprised of 3 slave tryouts from guys just like you.

Trying out the New Pain-Slut

This is the kind of slave We like at Mean Girl Manor- one that just wants to be HURT. In ANY way We want to hurt him! I completely kick this loser's balls in (because that is My favorite way to cause PAIN to slaves) and he keeps TAKING IT for Me! I love it. AND he did as he was fucking told to earn this invitation to be "tried out" by Us- he sent his fucking $100 deposit, We set up a time, and he got his chance! (see how EASY that is for all you losers that write to Us and say "i want to be used in your videos" then act like it is "too hard" to just do as We say in order to make it happen??) And he got his money right back for being a good slave and making it through his tryout! Even though he was a little too "friendly" during his tryout...We corrected that eventually.

Electrocuting the Dickless Wonder

~~The parade of losers through Mean Girl Manor We hold Our ongoing "open slave tryouts" for all the pathetic retards that are so desperate to serve and suffer for Us.
This one We just call "The Dickless Wonder" because he SERIOUSLY, had like NO dick whatsoever. We couldn't even believe how small it was when we ripped his pants off! We weren't expecting it and We all just like BURST out in laughter and started mocking him right to his face. (It's so funny how bad you can treat slaves when you think about it...and this was NOT like a "planned" video or anything. This was just a real, legit tryout so We had no idea what We were dealing with.)

And the whole (true!) story was that this one wouldn't even let Us ballbust him. So we're like, "Ok, then we're gonna strap Our BALLSHOCKER on you bitch!" Then We realized We couldn't even attach it to him because there was like no DICK to even wrap the ballshocker's strap around! OMFG! This loser was born with an "INNIE" penis or something. A true "mangina" LOL.

So what did We do? We made his ass HOLD IT TO HIS OWN BALLS while We turned the remote up to "10" and sent some serious JUICE into his BALLS. And in OUR opinion he DESERVES like ALL of this for having such a small cock! We didn't even feel bad about it all, as We passed the remorte around, laughing Our asses off as he screamed in pain. I mean, in Our opinion, this one was BORN to be a SLAVE with a cock like that!

We plan on bringing "Dickless Wonder" back around Mean Girl Manor just to LAUGH at him and his little dicklette! LOL!

-The Mean Girls

Boner Boy Try Out

We are in the process of doing "slave tryouts" at Mean Girl Manor. (Yes, this is real , losers! Not some fake scripted clip. This is really a loser slave that came to one of Our slave tryouts) We get losers writing in to Us and begging to be in Our clips all the time so We decided to actually respond to some of them and give them a shot at seeing how much of Our abuse they could really take for Us.

This one We decided to call "Boner-Boy" because he is like REALLY young and had a fucking BONER the ENTIRE time We were beating on him and abusing him!! It was fucking HILARIOUS! And the WORSE We beat on him and LAUGHED at him, the bigger and harder his BONER got! LOL! Like at one point We are literally caning him and laughing at him and kicking him all at the same time WHILE he's licking Our boots- and his fucking dick is like spewing pre-cum everywhere and its not even bein touched! Cuz he like can't stand it he's so turned on by being abused by US! How fucking PATHETIC is that?? I guess We ARE that hot

We seriously beat the out of this loser. He is like totally black n blue by the end of it. We whip him, cane him, REALLY ballbust him HARD, faceslap him, trample him in Our stilettos- like EVERYTHING. And he just TAKES it. Like a GOOD FUCKING SLAVE SHOULD. And there is a REALLY awesome part where We are BOTH kicking him in the NUTS at the SAME TIME- one from the front and one from behind! We even are nice and give him the opportunity to jerkoff while looking at Our beauty. But there is a catch- We are going to KEEP KICKING him in balls while he does it! LOL! Then We let him run Our feet as a reward at the end...all in all, this was probably the greatest day in this slave's life.