Slave Videos

Mom, Meet My SLAVES!


Ok, My mom has known about Me doing porn for awhile, and she was totally cool with it.  But when I told her about this "fetish" stuff and that I actually own SLAVES now...she didn't believe Me.  She didn't think that people would really voluntarily be SLAVES for other people in real life.  She was actually a little worried about Me! LOL!  So I told her to come on out to visit and I would show her My new life as a fucking GODDESS!  :)  
And I decided to have 3 of My slaves there to greet her so I could show off a little bit! :)  I made on of them film the whole thing so you losers could PAY to watch Me introduce My mom to the joys of slave ownership! LOL!  
I even make one of My slaves serve as a mule to carry my mom around throughout the house so she didn't have to walk around this huge mansion on her own two feet!  HAHAHA!!!  You NEED to download this clip, SLAVES!  And My mom wants some of her own now too now that she sees how I'm living like a Queen off the back of "slave labor"! LOL!
SHOCK Therapy


Basically, I trample, then torture the out of this loser with a zapper while I laugh at it, and then I make it GROVEL at My PERFECT feet afterward to show its WORSHIP and OBEDIENCE to ME as it's OWNER!!!


The Mean Therapist - PART 2

This is Part 2 of ME taking advantage of a patient that comes to Me for hipno-therapy to help him with his weird foot fetish. Did I help him?? HELL NO! LOL!!! I made it WORSE! HAHAHA!!! (go see Part 1 if you haven't already, slave!) The only thing I have changed for him is that now instead of obsessing over ALL feet, he now only obsesses over MY feet! So I can take full advantage! (God, I hope I get more foot-fetish would be so easy to turn them all into complete and utter SLAVES for Me!)

In Part 2 I bring in My secretary so SHE can see how much power I have over this patient and what a fool I can make him into just for My FEET. (I like showing I snap My fingers at him when she brings him into My office and he literally DROPS to his hands and knees right in front of Me like he had just been shot in the legs! We laugh our asses off. My secretary recognizes him because he was in the office early this morning (under My trance still) cleaning our office like a good little bitch. I explain to her that he will be doing this from now on so we can get rid of our cleaning crew that we actually had to PAY. LOL. Because this loser will do it for FREE! HAHAHA!!! I even tell My secretary how I had him clean My HOUSE for Me too! (And My house is But his bitch-ass will do ANYTHING now just to be allowed to kiss MY feet...we decide that he should be made to wear a janitors uniform too while he does it! HAHAHA...this corporate CEO is going to be our new JANITOR and work for us for FREE!

My secretary is shocked to find out that I am making this loser pay $5000 PER SESSION just to see Me! And I have decided that he needs to see Me twice a week! LOL! I will have Med School paid off in no time! :)

I decide to have some fun by showing off the power I have over him in front of My secretary by literally slapping him across the face with My stockinged foot. I mean, how disrespectful is that? I make him take My work pumps off with his TEETH and then slap him right across the face with My foot over & over as he kneels their before Me like a love-sick puppiedog! Then I make him give us BOTH a footmassage at the same time!

I wonder what I can make him do next...??? :)



My girlfriend Miesha likes to come over and use My slaves sometimes. She says its fun using and abusing people that just LET her do whatever she wants to them. Plus, I've turned her on to the POWER you can have over them- just by cutting off their oxygen while sitting on their face- until they pass out! :) She loves it.

In this clip she just got done working out and decides to HANDCUFF one of my slaves (this one I call "#3" because My inner-most circle of slaves don't have names- they just have numbers because that is all they are to Me...numbers.) to a hard bench and proceed to smash his face under her sweaty booty. lol. I wasn't there for it but I instructed on of my other slaves to film it for Me to watch later and put on my store. :)

My favorite part is when she tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend right before she went to the gym! HAHAHA!!! Slaves are SO pathetic! Oh, and then I love that he at the end I wonder how that bench felt under it's head? HAHA slaves are meant to be abused like this though, IMO. It reminds them of their place and how disposable they are to Women like Us.


REAL Worship



This is the same loser that answered My ad on Backpage and actually did as he was TOLD and sent Me an amazon GC to show he was serious about showing up and WORSHIPPING ME. (See what can happen when you do as you are TOLD, losers???) He showed up - although he was several hours LATE and VERY nervous...LOL. But I decided to reward him after he paid Me MORE $$$ and properly WORSHIPPED ME at My feet. (see clip "Real Worship") And he is really WEAK for FEET and FACESITTING, so... :)

In this clip I let him kiss, lick, and basically ADORE MY perfect feet, in ADDITION to sitting on his face AND making him BOW DOWN and worship Me!! Basically, this clip is like "Real Worship" and "Backpage Facesit" put together ALONG WITH Me making this maggot lick the DIRT off the soles of My dirty feet!

I bet you losers wish that was you, huh? WELL THEN DO AS YOU ARE TOLD WHEN YOU ASK TO BE IN A VIDEO OF MINE, SLAVE!

Btw, this is a lower-quality vid (not HD) due to length)

Last Will and Testament Of A SLAVE


This is a COMPLETELY REAL event that was simply filmed for documentation purposes. I have owned this slave for awhile now and it is COMPLETELY obsessed with My FEET. Like, it is My live-in slave and it literally serves Me 24/7 and gives Me all of it's money. I barely leave it with enough to live on. So I decided to make it official and make SURE that I get EVERYTHING when it finally croaks. (Which it WILL- I even talk in the clip about how I will make SURE of that by working it to daeth and feeding it garbage! LOL!) And Cadence is amazed that even though I am flat-out SAYING that I am going to work it to daeth RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT- it is STILL signing the paperwork for it's last will & testament! LOL! When he hesitates for a second, I EVEN PUT MY STOCKINGED FOOT ON TOP OF ITS HEAD AND SHOVE ITS FACE DOWN TO THE PAPER AND MAKE IT SIGN IT!

I even talk casually to Cadence about the different options of what I might do with my slave when it having it stuffed and made into a PERMANENT human coffee table for Me and My guests when they come over...or have him skinned and made into a killer pair of boots! LOL!

And this idiot just kneels at My feet, staring at them, obsessed...this freak actually would probably LIKE to be made into a pair of boots for Me! HAHAHAHA!!!! I just would like it cuz no other girls would have boots like MINE when I show up to the party! HAHAHA!!!

By the way, this is TOTALLY real! It is a totally legit printout of this loser's will and he really IS signing it in this video!! I even have Cadence sign it as a witness! So I get EVERYTHING when it dies! Oh, and I let it kiss My feet after it literally signs its life away for them...LOL! What a fucking pathetic fuck.

I can't wait...I look SO hot in black! :) And slaves are easily replaceable for someone as HOTTT as ME. :)


Ms. Cadence's ASHTRAY

My friend Cadance ("Ms. Cadence" to YOU losers!) is laying out with Me by My pool having a smoke when She realizes I only smoke "electronic" cigs now (I gave up smoking except for the rare video here & there..) and therefore I don't have any ashtrays for her to use! Not to worry...I simply call over one of My many slaves and turn it over to Her to use as a HUMAN ashtray! Cadence thinks it is SO cool and happily begins ashing into it's open gaping, mouth...she fucking HATES!

We even have fun with it by ashing just below it's nose and making it "snort" the hot ashes up its nose! LOL! Human ashtrays are SO much more fun & entertaining than real ones! LOL. And the best part is stubbing out your cigarette butt on it's tongue like it's NOTHING and depositing the butt into it's MOUTH. I feel so powerful and so much like a true all-powerful GODDESS when I watch losers swallow My cigarette butts like they're candy...makes Me almost want to take up smoking again! HAHAHA!!! I'm sure My house slaves would love that! :) -GR

Backpage BALLBUST!

THIS video is why slaves need to PAY ME to be in My videos. This loser answered an ad I had online and BEGGED and BEGGED to be in My videos and sacrifice his BALLS for ME- but he had no MONEY, he needed to wear a mask, blah blah blah... But he BRAGGED about how much PAIN he could take! (Direct quote from his email to Me: "On a scale of 1-10, I can take a 9 for You, Goddess!") So silly me I gave him a chance.

Me and My GF Cadance were looking forward to kicking his nuts in. (ESPECIALLY her! She is MEAN! LOL!) And this loser loser barely lasted 8 minutes of us kicking him in the nuts! We TOTALLY broke him! He was on his knees, quietly begging Me to stop at the end...PATHETIC. He basically crawled out of My castle like a broken little BITCH. It's a decent video while it last though I guess cuz we kicked him as HARD as we could, drilling the pointed toes of our boots right into his nuts! LOL! Hey, if you aren't PAYING Me anything to be in the video, then you need to PAY with your NUTS! LOL!


Double-Slap SPATOOEY!

***This is almost all filmed from a first-person view from behind the slave's head so you feel like YOUR face is the one being spit on and slapped by US!*** :)

Me and Ms. Miesha have this loser all disoriented already from the drinking "game" we just made him play. Now we are going to have even MORE fun by spitting in its FACE and slapping it as hard as we WANT! And Miesha can pack a PUNCH! LOL!

She is loving this being a "Mean Girl" stuff! And I'm loving showing her all about it! At one point we are trying to time our slaps so they hit the losers face at the same time! LOL!


Foot-Shavings For Dinner

I have to say there is something SO gross about eating someone else's deadd skin- ESPECIALLY if it is off their FEET. LOL. But at the same time, from MY perspective there is also something truly worshipful about it! (And MY perspective is all that matters anyway!) Watching someone willingly and GRATEFULLY eat the deadd skin scraped off My feet...BEG for it, even...HAHAHA!!! I LOVE IT! Listening to slaves BEG just for My discarded WAYSTE to CONSUME to show their DEVOTION to their Goddess

In this one My main slave that pays Me the most $$$ every month gets to lick the skin-scrapings off of My gorgeous, PERFECT feet after I use this new callous-remover thing another slave sent Me. ISN'T HE A LUCKY SLAVE?? DON'T YOU WISH THIS WAS YOU???


Entertain Me Sissy!

I am sitting on my throne enjoying My role as the Queen of My castle- and using My sissy slut as a human footstool. I decide that I want it to serve a more functional purpose- to ENTERTAIN Me! And I recently had a dance pole installed in My home for ME to practice on when I feature dance at clubs across the country, so I decided that it (the sissy slut) could entertain Me by dancing FOR ME on the pole! LOL!

So in Part 1 I stick him up on the pole and order him to "DANCE FOR ME, BITCH!" HAHAHA!!!!! And I even whip him throughout his pathetic attempt to "dance" in order to "encourage" him to do better! I am laughing throughout its "performance" because it is DEFINITELY not erotic! It is HILARIOUS! I guess I WAS a way. LOL.

The way this is filmed, it is sort of like YOU (the viewer) are the one dancing up there...except this sissy faggot loser is the one being whipped instead of :) Who else wants to entertain Me??? :)

In PART 2 I decide that there is no WAY he is going to earn Me enough $$$ by dancing on a pole! I tell him to his face that he is repulsive and PATHETIC! So instead, I grab its leash, yank it off the stage, and reposition it against the wall- and explain to it that it will make Me $$$ by being BEATEN for Me!!

Worship My BUTT, Bimbo!

LOL this is a great clip. And SO much fun to film! (At least for ME, LOL!) Nothing feels better than having another LESSER human being's tongue shoved DEEP inside My asshole- male or female. I love it. I love the physical feeling of having it inside My asshole and I love the EMOTIONAL feeling of knowing this lowly SLAVE is experiencing the HUMILIATION of tasting My ASS and the SH*T deep inside it! LOL!

This was filmed after I pulled My Lezbo Bimbo out of Her cage, beat her, and let Her have HER ass licked by one of my male slaves. I figured it was MY turn and she needed to be reminded of her place.

So I sit right on her face and enjoy the feeling of her tongue in My ass...while I watch some of My own porn movies (where I fuck REAL men- not losers like YOU! LOL!) and I even smack her pathetic pussy with a riding crop a little bit to "encourage" the bimbo to get her tongue in there DEEPER! :)


Lezbo Bimbo Gets LICKED!

This might just be the hottest video I've ever shot. My lezbo-bimbo blonde slut-whore has taken a beating for Me, GIVEN a beating to another slave for me, groveled at My feet & WORSHIPPED Me like the GOD I am, and endured extended time in her cage... Now I plan on rewarding her for beating My male slave so well and breaking him- by turning his face into a seat for her to sit on at My feet.

I position the male drone on it's back with it's head facing up at My feet. Then I grab My pet lezbo bimbo by her leash and position it on top of the male slave's face- so I can look into her eyes from up on my throne and watch her as she is having her asshole licked and devoured by a male slave that has no choice but to try desperately to please her... I even grab her by her hair, spit in her face, and push her down onto the worthless male slaves face HARDER so it's tongue gets deeper into her ass! And whisper into her ear to explain that it doesn't matter if it can breathe underneath her.

It's like playing with dolls for Me- living, breathing, expendable human dolls that do whatever I say! :) I wish I had these kinds of toys when I was a little girl! LOL!


Beat Him For Me!

Being the GODDESS that I am, I have come to the realization that I own enough slaves now that I don't need to beat them all Myself- I can make the slaves beat each other for My entertainment! While I relax and enjoy their suffering for MY amusement from the comfort of My throne... :)

ESPECIALLY now that I own a female slave! And she has been such a good little slut, I decide to reward her by giving her one of My male servants to abuse to her heart's content. She is so excited- poor thing has never beaten another person before! LOL! She doesn't know the thrill of making another person willfully suffer for her own amusement...such a deprived little slut. lol.

So I explain to her that even though she is still nothing more than slave property to ME- she is still FEMALE, which makes her much higher in ranking than any of these male pieces of . And she can beat them as much as she wants- whenever she feels like it. (Although she is still required to grovel at MY feet like a cowering whore whenever in MY presence!) I then position the male piece of meat against the wall and command it to gaze at MY picture up on the mantle while it is BEATEN by My slut. I command him to think of ME the entire time it is being beaten. Then I position the slut where I will have the best view, and sit on My throne to enjoy the "show". :)

My slut chooses the cane to use on her victim...good choice. :) She is too soft at first, but eventually she breaks him as I encourage her to hit him HARDER! And of course I can't help but get a few cracks in at the end to show her how it's really done. lol.


My Lezbo Bimbo In A Cage


After making My new pet bimbo lezbo WORSHIP ME and grovel at My feet, I decided to store her in a cage like a dogg. LOL. I am inside watching TV, but I can see her outside in her cage, peering in at me, with eyes begging to be near Me...poor lezbo slut. She doesn't know what she's asking for!

So I open the door and and she starts begging for Me...begging to be near Me. I explain to her that I will bring her in- but it will only be to BEAT her...and she gladly accepts it! LOL! Slaves are so pathetic...even the female ones. ESPECIALLY the female ones.

So I open her cage door and drag her into My room by her leash- to be BEATEN with a CANE. :) And just look at that ass as it gets red welts all over it while I laugh at her and tell her what an inferior, blonde lezbo bimbo she is. :)

This slut might end up being one of my favorite new


Meeting Lezbo Bimbo Fan

Basically, this is some chick that has watched My videos and contacted me and wanted to worship Me. So I make her literally do just that! And push My foot right down Her throat while I laugh in her face, humiliate her, and call her a "Lezbo Bimbo" right to her face! She is My new lezbo-bimbo pet on a leash. LOL. I love it. :)



My Fabulous Life



It goes without saying that I live the life of a GODDESS. But unlike some of these "goddesses" out there that really live in some shithole apartment- I truly DO live a life of luxury! And it's all made possible through slave-labor! LOL! As it SHOULD be! :) I don't have to pay for any of this! You slaves do!

I am giving a tour of My new fabulous home- that a SLAVE is paying for of course! (And just to kiss My FEET! LOL! PATHETIC!!) I am showing off My fabulously HUGE walk-in closet especially, when i see the slave that i had positioned in there earlier in the day with his head pressed to the floor right where I left him. Can you believe i actually went to HIGH SCHOOL with this loser?? I didn't even remember him- and he did My homework like every day back then! LOL! I didn't even know his NAME! He was a slave back then i guess too! And i didn't even KNOW about stuff like this back then- I just thought it was natural that losers like this one would do anything I said. LOL. But apparently he saw me on here and wanted to officially be My "slave", so...whatever! SERVE ME, bitch! :) Anyway, the floor wasn't clean enough to my liking, so I punish him.

My girlfriend that is filming this for me thinks it's HILARIOUS that I get to treat guys like this and be worshipped as a GODDESS for it! :) You can hear her comments from behind the camera throughout the video.

Pimped For KICKS!


Hot, spoiled bratty 19yr old Princess Heidi has a confession for her friend Princess Mya- "Remember that guy we kicked for a dollar awhile back? Well, I saw him the other day again and he was SOOO pathetic, he BEGGED to do ANYTHING just to be able to kiss me! I was like SO grossed out! But I told him 'OK' just to mess with him- as long as he brings me ALL the $$$ he earns from getting kicked in his BALLS all week!" Both girls laugh hysterically at how pathetic that is...

But it gets better- Princess Heidi then says that she never said WHERE he could "kiss her", so she is going to make him kiss her FEET! After all, technically that would still be kissing "her"! Both girls think it's HYSTERICAL that this loser is going to give her all his $$$ he earned from being kicked in the BALLS by other girls- and all he gets for it is to kiss her FEET while she MOCKS him for it!

When he gets there Princess Mya films it with her iPhone so they can share it with their girlfriends later and laugh at how pathetic he is. The loser actually seems grateful just to get to kiss Princess Heidi's FEET! PATHETIC! So she wants to see how much he'll debase himself for her- and makes him lick the dirt off the soles of her pumps! The girls go into hysterics as this loser eagerly laps at the sole of her shoe!

Then Princess Heidi finally lets him slip her shoe off and give her "worshipful kisses" upon her royal feet- while she and Princess Mya LAUGH at him! He's SOOO pathetic! Princess Heidi even cuts his food budget while she mocks him- she had him only eating one burger per day from McDonald's dollar menu- and that was his ENTIRE food supplu for the day! But now she wants it cut to only 50 cents!! He is desperate and doesn't know what he will eat. Princess Heidi's suggestion?- he can eat more dirt off the soles of her shoes! The girls think that's a great solution!

Then Princess Heidi mocks him right to his face before sending him away- telling him that he better BEG girls to kick him in the balls EVERY day, ALL day, ALL WEEK- and EVERY DOLLAR he gets for EVERY KICK goes to HER!!! And she doesn't CARE if his balls get kicked up into his stomach and he STARVES in the process! Her and Princess Mya will just think it's FUNNY!

"Biggest Fan" Abuse (FULL CLIP)

Goddess Randi and Goddess Helly are taking their abuse of their "biggest fan" to new extremes.  To the point that they are literally walking all over him!  And now Goddess Helly has her own slave to walk all over too!  They face-slap them, spit on them, and face-sit them in addition to walking all over them- in their stilettos!  And they think it is hilarious to treat these losers like such total human garbage...

Angry Mall Elf


Did you ever see one of those cute little mall elves at the Christmas display at the mall and feel just a little guilty for even looking? But they just looked sooo cute in those Christmas-colored tights...

Well, in this clip Princess Mya (all of 19yrs old!) is one of those elves and comes home P*SSED OFF at all the old perverts checking her out at the mall! But what those pervs didn't know is that this "sweet little elf" actually owns a SLAVE that she keeps at home- just to take all her aggression out on!

She comes home to find it waiting patiently - on hands & knees, just like she left it - for her return. Then she immediately goes into a tirade- making him lick her elf boots clean, kicking him, stomping on him, jumping up and down on him, kicking him in the balls, the ribs- wherever she feels like it. She smacks hi across the face, spits on him, and verbally degrades him throughout. As only Princess Mya can.

***the slave actually came out of this one with quite a few bruised ribs from Princess Mya's fury!*** It must be nice for this little elf to have a "thing" like this waiting at home to take all her aggressions out on- as she she seems to thoroughly enjoy it!