Slave Videos

Learning Restraint


I have been having concerns about what to do with My slaves when I'm out of the house. (Like when I'm out on a date, for example) I always wonder if one of My slaves is in my closet, sniffing the inside of one of My shoes without permission or something.

So I decided to call up a REAL dominatrix from LA to show Me how to REALLY restrain and punish My slaves! :) (Since I'm not a real "dominatrix" or anything...I thought it would be good to learn from the one!) And besides, it would be good for My videos...LOL.

So I let her show Me how to tie up my big one. (slave 1) I relaxed and had a drink on My throne while she showed Me how to tie him up GOOD! You should see him struggle at the end of the video, bound and struggling helplessly at My feet! :) I love it! And this is how I plan on leaving him when I go out on My dates from now on...except it will be in My CLOSET, surrounded by My shoes that he WON'T BE ABLE TO TOUCH! HAHA! Is that mean? :) Oh, and did I mention that we just left him there, tied up on the floor in front of My throne- while Me and Mistress January went out on the town to party and have a few more drinks? LOL!

-Queen Kasey

Intro To Bridgette B

I invited over pornstar Bridgette B. to let her abuse some of My slaves. This is the first clip where she arrives at My home, sees how I live, and gets to begin enjoying the fun of being waited on by slaves...and abusing them as much as she wants.

She seems to like having the Power over them! There is not a lot of action in this clip, just Bridgette B meeting My slaves for the first time and playing with them a little bit...I wanted to catch her reaction when she came over and a slave answered the door..,LOL.

-Queen Kasey

Human Pinata


A couple of girls contacted Me about staying at the "Mean Girl Mansion" where I live while they were in CA visiting for their birthdays. (They were both turning 25 and are fans of this store/site!) They thought it looked like fun being served hand and foot by servants that they can treat like dirt all weekend- and they wanted a free place to stay because they didn't have alot of money. I had NO problem with that- as long as they thought up some creative ways to mistreat My slaves while they stayed here and captured it on video for My store! :)

So I left them My video camera, a few slaves to boss around and abuse, and a HUMAN PINATA to start things off! (MY birthday present to them...) :) This was their first clip- and BOY did they turn out to be ABUSIVE and MEAN!!! They knocked every dollar off the slave with PVC BATONS and riding crops- and could not care LESS about the pain he was in! They wanted their MONEY! (I love these girls already!) They turned out to be some of the meanest girls ever on this store I think, after looking at the footage they left Me...they "KOed" every slave that was given to them- including this one. You will see at the end of the clip that the video needed to be stopped short when Princess Tiffany karate-kicks the slave in the nuts. (AFTER they have knocked all the $$$ off of it's body!!) he was seriously injured...

Watching this video, it was like if you rubbed honey all over the slave's body and threw it into a bee's nest...LOL! (In fact, he probably would have PREFERRED that! LOL!) But all that mattered was that you could tell the girls were having (u>FUN! :)

ENJOY, slaves!

-QUEEN Kasey



Queen Kasey decided that, as a Queen, She should have Her own personal treasury printing money for Her. So She has created a formula that will turn one of Her slaves into a "Human Mint" for Her! Once the formula is administered (slaves are here for Her to experiment on as much as She wants, after all!) it transforms her slave's insides into a money-printing machine! And the way it is operated is by KICKING IT IN THE BALLS.

So with each kick to it's nuts, Her slave will uncontrollably spit out MONEY! And the harder it is kicked, the BIGGER the bills are that come out!

The clip starts with Queen Kasey explaining Her plot to Her Blonde Bimbo slave girl. Then She makes her slavegirl pull the male slave out of its cage and administer the formula...and they wait for it to passs out...

Then the slave girl is made to kick the slave in the nuts to see if it really worked...and it DOES! But the slave scum only spit out a NICKEL! NOT good enough!!! The Queen demands that the slave girl kick Her new "human ATM" HARDER in the nuts! Until finally this worthless piece of sh*t is spitting out $20 bills at The Queen's feet while She relaxes on Her throne and enjoys her new source of "income"!

(Clip is heavy on plot, for those that like that. Ballbusting is real but not as intense as in some previous MMG clips.)



Foot-slaves NEED feet. It is what keeps them alive, functioning properly, obedient, subservient, and docile toward their Female Owners and Masters. Goddess knows this. So She sends Her Blonde Bimbo slave girl out to where the slaves are kept caged and shackled (until they are needed to be used) to take care of the slaves' NEED for FEET.

The Blonde Bimbo is a surrogate to the slaves for Goddess's feet, and they know this and have accepted it. They actually eagerly look forward to her feedings..and the Bimbo enjoys seeing them humbly BEG for HER feet...

She drags them out of their cages (She ranks far above these males, as a FEMALE slave...) and proceeds to literally shove her perfect feet down their throats until their hunger for FEMALE FEET has been satiated...and then they are unceremoniously thrown back into their cages...(until they are needed or it is time for their next "foot-feeding"!)

Worship My Mom's FEET!


So after showing off to My mom how I use men as My SLAVES now, I HAD to show off and show her how they literally fucking WORSHIP Me as a GOD while I sit on the THRONE that I have in My house! :)  I make them bow down and shine My shoes with thei TONGUES at the snap of My fingers - one tongue for each shoe - right in front of My mom!  She is blown away!  I even explain to her how I make them do this when I am all dressed up, right before I walk out the door to go on dates...SOOO empowering!  And My mom thinks its hilarious... 
So I have to let her experience it for herself!  My mom sits on the throne and I command My slaves to worship My mom! LOL!  She gets her shoes shined my slave tongues for the first time and she is totally laughing her ass off at how pathetic My slaves are for Me.  Then I make them take her pumps off and worship her sweaty feet!  I explain to her that these foot-losers fucking LOVE it, so the sweatier, the better- it's like a drug to them...  And My mom is a total natural at bossing this bitches around and being worshipped- that must be where I get it! LOL!
Mom, Meet My SLAVES!


Ok, My mom has known about Me doing porn for awhile, and she was totally cool with it.  But when I told her about this "fetish" stuff and that I actually own SLAVES now...she didn't believe Me.  She didn't think that people would really voluntarily be SLAVES for other people in real life.  She was actually a little worried about Me! LOL!  So I told her to come on out to visit and I would show her My new life as a fucking GODDESS!  :)  
And I decided to have 3 of My slaves there to greet her so I could show off a little bit! :)  I made on of them film the whole thing so you losers could PAY to watch Me introduce My mom to the joys of slave ownership! LOL!  
I even make one of My slaves serve as a mule to carry my mom around throughout the house so she didn't have to walk around this huge mansion on her own two feet!  HAHAHA!!!  You NEED to download this clip, SLAVES!  And My mom wants some of her own now too now that she sees how I'm living like a Queen off the back of "slave labor"! LOL!
SHOCK Therapy


Basically, I trample, then torture the out of this loser with a zapper while I laugh at it, and then I make it GROVEL at My PERFECT feet afterward to show its WORSHIP and OBEDIENCE to ME as it's OWNER!!!


The Mean Therapist - PART 2

This is Part 2 of ME taking advantage of a patient that comes to Me for hipno-therapy to help him with his weird foot fetish. Did I help him?? HELL NO! LOL!!! I made it WORSE! HAHAHA!!! (go see Part 1 if you haven't already, slave!) The only thing I have changed for him is that now instead of obsessing over ALL feet, he now only obsesses over MY feet! So I can take full advantage! (God, I hope I get more foot-fetish would be so easy to turn them all into complete and utter SLAVES for Me!)

In Part 2 I bring in My secretary so SHE can see how much power I have over this patient and what a fool I can make him into just for My FEET. (I like showing I snap My fingers at him when she brings him into My office and he literally DROPS to his hands and knees right in front of Me like he had just been shot in the legs! We laugh our asses off. My secretary recognizes him because he was in the office early this morning (under My trance still) cleaning our office like a good little bitch. I explain to her that he will be doing this from now on so we can get rid of our cleaning crew that we actually had to PAY. LOL. Because this loser will do it for FREE! HAHAHA!!! I even tell My secretary how I had him clean My HOUSE for Me too! (And My house is But his bitch-ass will do ANYTHING now just to be allowed to kiss MY feet...we decide that he should be made to wear a janitors uniform too while he does it! HAHAHA...this corporate CEO is going to be our new JANITOR and work for us for FREE!

My secretary is shocked to find out that I am making this loser pay $5000 PER SESSION just to see Me! And I have decided that he needs to see Me twice a week! LOL! I will have Med School paid off in no time! :)

I decide to have some fun by showing off the power I have over him in front of My secretary by literally slapping him across the face with My stockinged foot. I mean, how disrespectful is that? I make him take My work pumps off with his TEETH and then slap him right across the face with My foot over & over as he kneels their before Me like a love-sick puppiedog! Then I make him give us BOTH a footmassage at the same time!

I wonder what I can make him do next...??? :)



My girlfriend Miesha likes to come over and use My slaves sometimes. She says its fun using and abusing people that just LET her do whatever she wants to them. Plus, I've turned her on to the POWER you can have over them- just by cutting off their oxygen while sitting on their face- until they pass out! :) She loves it.

In this clip she just got done working out and decides to HANDCUFF one of my slaves (this one I call "#3" because My inner-most circle of slaves don't have names- they just have numbers because that is all they are to Me...numbers.) to a hard bench and proceed to smash his face under her sweaty booty. lol. I wasn't there for it but I instructed on of my other slaves to film it for Me to watch later and put on my store. :)

My favorite part is when she tells him that she had sex with her boyfriend right before she went to the gym! HAHAHA!!! Slaves are SO pathetic! Oh, and then I love that he at the end I wonder how that bench felt under it's head? HAHA slaves are meant to be abused like this though, IMO. It reminds them of their place and how disposable they are to Women like Us.


Eat My Pie, Slave!

GoddessNo decides to feed Her slave...but she wants to make sure it realizes its place and doesn't get any ideas that it means anything to her! It is just a thing that she has to keep alive so it can continue to live to serve She feeds it...with Her feet!  Stepping all over its food- and it slurps it up without hesitation because it KNOWS where it belongs- at its Mistress's FEET!

Electrocuting My Slave's Balls

One of GoddessNo's favorite ways to torture Her slaves...electrocuting their balls.  Simply because it causes the maximum amount of pain for them with the minimum amount of effort from HER....

Watch Her as She sends a shock to its balls with the simple push of a button- and how She just LAUGHS as it jumps and yelps in pain!

Barefoot Trample Tease

The Beautiful and casually abusive GoddessNo in one of Her early videos- when She first started walking all over slaves...and in this one She walks all over one of them, even squeezing his dick between Her toes at one point, laughing at how pathetic he is while She does it.  She even steps on his face!

Princess Bridgette Abuses Her Power

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men. 

After humiliating this pathetic loser and makng him BEG like a fool at her feet, she decides to have one of her friends help her literally abuse him- because he will apparently take ANYTHING just to be allowed around her.  So why not stomp all over him?  She can obviously walk all over why not do it LITERALLY??  And let her friends have some fun doing it too while she is at it. 

After all, her beauty gives her almost unlimited power over losers.  What fun would that be if you didn't take full advantage of it??

(Clip is not in HD.)

Worship and Grovel for Princess Bridgette

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men.  (Clip is not in HD.)

Princess Bridgette Facesitting in Lingerie

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She sits on her slave's face in lingerie just to tease him with what he can never have.  Meanwhile, her BFF drills her heels into the slave's balls at the same time.  She thinks its funny because she knows she can do whatever she wants to Princess Bridgette's slave...

Princess Bridgette in Hoooters Trample

A classic Princess Bridgette clip.  She comes home from her job at Hooters and decides to trample her slave in her smelly socks she wore all day at work.

Princess Bridgette Gets a Wax Foot Bath

This is some old, lost footage of Princess Bridgette using a slave to give her a foot bath to her perfect feet.