Barb Wire Kicks Ass!

After smacking Our slaves around a bit, Barb Wire wants to step it up a notch- SHE WANTS TO KICK THEM RIGHT IN THE BALLS. No problem! That's what slaves are for! We can do whatever the hell we WANT to them! LOL! So i line them up for her and command them to spread their legs...

Only Boyfriends Get Kisses - Slaves Get Kicks

My slave has been home cleaning the house while Me n My hot boyfriend were out on a date. When we get back we decide to have some fun with him. :) We tell him how much we enjoyed the expensive dinner HE paid for because we used HIS credit card to pay for our meal. LOL! AND we paid for the table next to us too! Just because we could. And it wasn't our money anyway.. LOL Then I start making out with My boyfriend right in front of My slave. I LOOOVE torturring him like this...hahaha. He starts to whimper, so I ask him if he wants something from Me too?

Then I spend the rest of the clip giving warm, loving kisses to My hot BF and hard, cruel KICKS to My slave's NUTS! Kick, kiss, kick, kiss...too bad for slave only BOYFRIENDS get kisses - SLAVES get KICKS! :)

Tasha Kicks Balls

Tasha is continuing to have fun abusing slaves she can't believe that we can just use them for ball-kicking practice. Like they are human dummies or something. (Which is what they ARE, after all. LOL!) Princess Jennifer gives her a REALLY good demo and then lets Princess Tasha have a turn. She takes a little while to warm up to it, but gets going eventually. And as usual Princess Jennifer is really letting her slave have it. They even experiment with different positions for the slave so that kicking it in the balls is as convenient for Princess Tasha as possible. Unfortunately, this video had to be cutt short because the stupid slave's balls had a little "accident" and the Princesses obviously didn't want to keep kicking it with the "red stufff" getting all over their pretty shoes and feet... :( 

Kicks For Dollars

We put a slave out on the street to earn money for us by letting strangers kick him in the nuts as hard as they want for a dollar. LOL. And I sent Princess Ivy to go out and check on his progress- and make sure he's "earning" for us!

Well, she decided to have a little fun while she was there- with a fistful of 50 dollar bills, some wicked cruel ballbusting shoes, and a mean attitude! She proceeds to degradingly stuff dollar bills into his mouth and demand he allow her kick after kick right out in public!

What a great way to earn $$$ with your slaves! :)

Smash-Nuts Selena!

Princess Selena is being shown by Princess Salma how she can simply haul-off and kick a slave in the nuts as HARD as she wants whenever she feels like it! But neither of the Princesses are comfortable being around naked male slaves- even if they are busting their balls. So they simply do the "Crocodile Dundee" test to make sure it isn't wearing a cup (it most definitely is NOT!) and then they go to TOWN on its nuts and laugh their asses off the entire time! (With Princess Selena doing most of the kicking, since it is her first time doing it. But Princess Salma gets some REALLY good "demo" kicks in too in order to put on a good show for her friend!!)

Ballbustin Asian Sisters

I had so much fun donating My slaves to Princess Jennifer to abuse during her "tryout". :) She is DEFINITELY "mean" enough to be a "Mean Girl"! After a few kicks in the balls to My slave, she asked if it was ok if her step-sister Princess Ivy could get a few kicks in. I told her I couldn't care less what she does with this piece of meat and to "have at it"!
So I left them to have their way with him...and apparently they did quite a number on him! Of course, slaves have no choice but to take the abuse dished out to them. And the shoes Princess Ivy slammed into his balls over and over again were VICIOUS! (COVERED in SHARP metal spikes all over the toe!) This testicular assault actually rivaled anything even My daughter has done to this ballkicking slave! These are some pretty BRUTAL kicks with some very BRUTAL shoes! The girls even make the slave lick his own "red mess" off of the spikes on Princess Ivy's gorgeous shoes! And they just LAUGH at him while making him do it. SOOO cruel! :)

How humiliating it must to be a slave...not to mention painful. LOL.

Training My Human Wallet

*(Editing slave's note: This clip is shot in even HIGHER quality HD than O/our usual clips. Hence, the bigger file size. Please let U/us know what you think by using the "feedback" button located on the store's page.)*
Princess Paris is still VERY new to using men as slaves. She primarily sees them as sources of income- nothing more. She says "buy Me this" or "give Me money" - and they DO. Because they are SLAVES and they NEED to OBEY Her COMMANDS! But this one that she has been using a lot lately as her human wallet sometimes actually tries to resist giving in to Her financial demands! Can you believe this?? The nerve. And this, after she was kind enough to even volunteer its services to all the other girls in her sorority! It got to clean the sorority bathrooms and to serve all those hot girls and this is how it repays her?

So she decides to take it to the famous "Humiliation Princess Rene" for some "re-training". Since Princess Paris is new to all this, maybe she can learn a few things... And Princess Rene definitely shows her a thing or two about "slave conditioning"! They play a game with the slave. They make it take out $200 and give it to Princess Paris- then they let it kiss her feet. THEN they give the money back to the slave! But as soon as it touches his hands, Princess Rene moves into position, commands it to spread its legs for her, and SLAMS her pointed-toe shoe right into its balls!

They play this game with the slave for awhile...every time he hands the $$$ to them, he gets to kiss their feet. Every time the money is in HIS hands- the girls slam their feet into his balls!!

Mean Dallas Cheerleader - Kick Practice

You might have seen that TV show where girls try out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? Well, Randi is one of the girls trying to make squad. She got some feedback at the last session that her kicks "just weren't high or hard enough". So she is practicing after-hours, when the cheer-coach walks in.
Luckily the cheer-coach is also her mother! So "coach" has a special drill for her darling daughter to do that is SURE to take her kicks to the "next level"! Coach-Mom calls in her personal assistant and explains that he is going to be used by her daughter for kick drills! She actually makes him stand there nice & still with his legs spread WIIIDE open so that Randi can work on harder kicks with her cowboy boots up into his groin. Mom explains to Randi (while her assistant stands there being talked about like he is nothing more than a kick-dummy for them to practice on) that if she can REALLY focus on kicking her assistant's nuts up into its stomach, that her kicks will SURELY improve enough to make the squad! Randi can't believe that her mom can use her assistant like this, but...whatever! All SHE cares about is making the squad! She couldn't care LESS about this idiot's nuts! So if this helps, she will totally give it a try!

And so the "extra practice" begins...and shortly into it, Coach decides that the assistant needs to take his pants off so her daughter can get a REALLY good view of what she's aiming at! Then the REAL ballbusting begins!

Eventually the assistant is BROKEN and Randi feels like she's "really ready now"! And she couldn't care less that she just destroyed a grown man's balls in the process! All she cares about is making the team. It is like she doesn't even NOTICE that this poor loser is curled up on the ground in pain. She even comments to her mom that as the coach, she should use her assistant like this ALL the time-

"and make this a regular drill for ALL the girls on the squad!!!"

Mirror-Slave, Mirror-Slave On The Wall...

I decided to "re-purpose" My new slave into something useful to Me...a "MIRROR-SLAVE" thats stands at attention all day long in My palace throne room, holding a mirror so I can gaze upon My own beauty whenever I feel like it- which is like all the time. LOL.
It's just like the Evil Queen in all those Disney movies you watched growing up- only I'm waaay hotter. (And probably meaner and more sadistic too!) ;) I always LOVED the evil Queen in all those movies...and I wanted to BE her! To have all that POWER and have slaves serving you and pee-ons lives that you could out on a whim if you wanted to...yay! I would SO LOVE that! And I guess I have it now! :)

Anyway, I make this idiot answer My questions (including "who is the fairest?" :) among others over and over.. And what do I do to make sure I get the RIGHT answer EVERY time! I kick it in its NUTS after each question before it answers, that's how! HAHA! And you better believe that this bitch ALWAYS tells Me its ME after THESE pointy-toed stilettoes get SLAMMED up into its nutsac! LOL! And he has to keep holding that mirror for Me too, no matter how hard I kick him! HAHA!! Aren't I CRUEL???

Btw, I told My editing slave to leave it in at the end where the slave finally "breaks" from Me kicking him! :)


Fishnet Foot-Ball

"So I brought My GF over that I met on-set the other day. When I told her I actually own slaves and I can just haul off and kick them in the balls n stuff whenever I wanted, she couldn't believe it. So when she came over and actually saw them bowing down to Me and stuff when I walk into a room, she was like amazed. She then when I was sitting on My throne and using one of My slaves as a footstool I asked her if she wanted to try kicking My slave in the nuts as hard as she wanted- and she TOTALLY jumped at the chance!

She was a little hesitant at first, to be honest. And then I gave her a demo and I like totally DESTROYED My slave's nuts and dropped him right in front of her. LOL. I wanted to show her that I seriously do not care what she does to him and she can kick him as hard as she wants! Then she did a little better.

But it still wasn't quite good enough for My entertainment...(I am getting SOOO sadistic the more I get into this "FemDom" stuff...LOL!) So I decided to challenge her- If she could kick My slave hard enough in the nuts to get him to stop saying he loves Me, then I would be impressed and she would win and she could have one of My slaves for her own. BUT if she can't break My slave it STILL says it loves & worships & ADORES Me even after all of her kicks...then SHE has to be MY SLAVE TOO!!! HAHAHA!!!

Little does she know that this is My most loyal slave...and she could probably send his balls up into his THROAT and send him to the hospital - while I sit on My throne and LAUGH at him and ENCOURAGE her! - and he would STILL grovel at My feet and say he "loves Me"! LOL! (Pathetic...)

I even whisper a little "encouragement" into My slave's ear before I turn him over to My friend...and she definitley TRIES to "break" him and uses various different angles, etc...but you will need to download the video to see what happens!"

-Goddess Randi