Mirror-Slave, Mirror-Slave On The Wall...

I decided to "re-purpose" My new slave into something useful to Me...a "MIRROR-SLAVE" thats stands at attention all day long in My palace throne room, holding a mirror so I can gaze upon My own beauty whenever I feel like it- which is like all the time. LOL.
It's just like the Evil Queen in all those Disney movies you watched growing up- only I'm waaay hotter. (And probably meaner and more sadistic too!) ;) I always LOVED the evil Queen in all those movies...and I wanted to BE her! To have all that POWER and have slaves serving you and pee-ons lives that you could out on a whim if you wanted to...yay! I would SO LOVE that! And I guess I have it now! :)

Anyway, I make this idiot answer My questions (including "who is the fairest?" :) among others over and over.. And what do I do to make sure I get the RIGHT answer EVERY time! I kick it in its NUTS after each question before it answers, that's how! HAHA! And you better believe that this bitch ALWAYS tells Me its ME after THESE pointy-toed stilettoes get SLAMMED up into its nutsac! LOL! And he has to keep holding that mirror for Me too, no matter how hard I kick him! HAHA!! Aren't I CRUEL???

Btw, I told My editing slave to leave it in at the end where the slave finally "breaks" from Me kicking him! :)


Fishnet Foot-Ball

"So I brought My GF over that I met on-set the other day. When I told her I actually own slaves and I can just haul off and kick them in the balls n stuff whenever I wanted, she couldn't believe it. So when she came over and actually saw them bowing down to Me and stuff when I walk into a room, she was like amazed. She then when I was sitting on My throne and using one of My slaves as a footstool I asked her if she wanted to try kicking My slave in the nuts as hard as she wanted- and she TOTALLY jumped at the chance!

She was a little hesitant at first, to be honest. And then I gave her a demo and I like totally DESTROYED My slave's nuts and dropped him right in front of her. LOL. I wanted to show her that I seriously do not care what she does to him and she can kick him as hard as she wants! Then she did a little better.

But it still wasn't quite good enough for My entertainment...(I am getting SOOO sadistic the more I get into this "FemDom" stuff...LOL!) So I decided to challenge her- If she could kick My slave hard enough in the nuts to get him to stop saying he loves Me, then I would be impressed and she would win and she could have one of My slaves for her own. BUT if she can't break My slave it STILL says it loves & worships & ADORES Me even after all of her kicks...then SHE has to be MY SLAVE TOO!!! HAHAHA!!!

Little does she know that this is My most loyal slave...and she could probably send his balls up into his THROAT and send him to the hospital - while I sit on My throne and LAUGH at him and ENCOURAGE her! - and he would STILL grovel at My feet and say he "loves Me"! LOL! (Pathetic...)

I even whisper a little "encouragement" into My slave's ear before I turn him over to My friend...and she definitley TRIES to "break" him and uses various different angles, etc...but you will need to download the video to see what happens!"

-Goddess Randi


Goddess Gabriella (AKA "The Persian Princess") wants to ty her hand (or foot?) and ballkicking. So happily hand over to her the ballkicking slave I inherited from my daughter. I simply drag him out of his cage, walk him over like a dogg to a spot in front of the throne (so I can sit & watch) and give her the "green light" to kick away to her heart's content! She even asked if her cute little ankle boots were "ok" to wear because they had little spikes and studs all over them. I assured her not to worry- this is what ballkicking slaves were made for! LOL!
But then something funny came up in conversation that apparently The Persian Princess was a SOCCER player in college! LOL! My slave literally DROPPED to his knees and began SHOWERING My feet - and Gabriella's - I guess in some futile attempt to beg for MERCY after hering this girl really KNOWS how to KICK and kick HARD! LOL...oh mercy is given of, course, and I stand him up and command him to spread his legs for her...

She took some time warming up, but she REALLY gave him some good ones!! :)

-Queen Kasey