Sock Sucker Roommate

~~This loser came to Our open slave tryouts at Mean Girl Manor but didn't want to get beaten. He just wanted to act out his fantasy and smell Our socks. LOL. So he brought Us a small tribute and We made it happen! See how easy that is, losers??
The Plot:

I am roommates with Princess Jennifer and Goddess Nina. They use me to do all their laundry and clean the house for them. But I am always complaining about how messy they are and how they fart all the time in the house and how their socks and feet really stink from them working out all the time. They finally get tired of me complaining and spraying febreeze everywhere, and decide to kick me in the balls, dropping me in a heap at their feet. They then begin teaching me a lesson about complaining to them or saying that they "stink"!

They take their shoes off and begin shoving their sweaty, smelly socks in my face and forcing me to smell them! THey order me to "inhale real deep, loser!" and say that I will learn to NEVER complain again! I am to worship their socks.

At the end, Goddess Nina sits down on my head and FARTS and says in a mocking tone, "Try and febreeze THAT away, loser!" and laughs as she walks off.

*There is bonus footage contained at the end of the roleplay where after the clip is over Princess Jennifer allows this new slave to worship her bare feet. He is in HEAVEN - as he SHOULD be! - and is now begging to serve her now in real life as her footslave. (See what can happen if you TRIBUTE and are OBEDIENT, slave?)*

My Girlfriend's Hot Sister

Jennifer is the hot sister of my girlfriend. She is one day going through her sisters things at our house and finds gym bag. Because she's nosy she decides to go through it in it she finds a couple of pairs of her cum-stained panties along with pictures of her! She always thought i looked at her funny but this totally confirmed that i am using her sister to steal her panties and worship her behind her back! In there is also a letter too which talks about how in love i am with the princess and how i fantasize about truly loving her all my life and would do anything to be with her.

Around that time i walk in to the closet and she looks at me with an evil and mean grin. She grabs me and asks me about the letters in the bag. She looks at me and make fun of my appearance and tells me that she would NEVER love a guy as ugly and fat as me. And the only reason she's in the house is cause she likes the fact that i pay for her stuff whenever she's over. She slaps me a couple of times. I'm so infatuated with her that I bow down in front of her in tears letting her know how much i worship her and would do anything to be close to her and how i cannot live a minute without dreaming about her presence in my life. While I'm crying she just laughs and tells me how pathetic i am. she pulls me by the hair and than spits in my face, telling me that I'm nothing but a pathetic loser. After which, feeling so confident the power her looks and beautiful body have over me, she orders me to look at her body and says how DARE i think that i would ever be allowed to be close to a women as beautiful as her!

She takes her panties and makes me lick them. She tells me you wish my sisters pussy tasted as good! She tells me that she will own me and i am now responsible for doing whatever she says or else shell tell her sister. i Start kissing her feet and start caling her "princess". I tell her that i would do anything for her love. She just laughs again and says you won't get any love you will just make sure that my every need is completely taken care of physically and FINANCIALLY and reminds me that i am lower than dirt to her. SHe make me suck her toes while verbally abusing me for being such a loser. After which, she grabs me and tells me that i would be LUCKY if she even decided to use my tongue as her toilet paper. I am very hurt but i kiss her feet and thank her profusely for letting me be a part of her life. She than goes to her purse and takes out a chastity device . She orders me to take my pants off and tells me that she is going to stuff my cock into it. I will always have to ask her permission for everything i do and my only purpose in life from now on is going to be making money for her ...(video ends here)

Pay to Lick My Shoes

We decided to show "Princess Perfection" how PATHETIC male foot-losers will be for her, since this is still all so new to her. One of the slaves at Mean Girl Manor has actually been literally BEGGING her- just to let him kiss her FEET. (Which she thinks is HILARIOUS.) But she won't let him- which makes her laugh even harder because he literally throws himself at her feet and GROVELS for her to let him just kiss her feet. SOOO fucking pathetic...
So we come up with a better idea- we decide that she will let him LICK THE DIRT OFF THE BOTTOM OF HER SHOES...IF...he pays her $100 PER LICK! HAHAHA!!

And she is amazed to see that this stupid fucker actually hands over a $100 bill every time she lets him drag it's worthless tongue across the sole of her shoe...DOWNLOAD THE CLIP TO SEE HOW MUCH $$$ PRINCESS PERFECTION MADE OFF THIS STUPID FOOT-FREAK IN LIKE 10 MINUTES!! (While laughing right in his fucking FACE the entire time!)

Shopping Slave

One of Our favorite things to do with slaves is of course take all their money. That is what slaves are for. They are PROPERTY, so whatever belongs to them belongs to ME.
I decided to humiliate one of My slaves by dragging it through the mall, making it walk behind Me carrying My bags, and bossing it around and laughing at it in front of all the sales ladies in every store we went into. I flat-out told some of them "this is My slave"- they thought it was hilariious and said stuff like "I want one!" LOL.

By the way, this is ALL REAL. I really made the slave buy Me all this sh*tt IN REAL LIFE. And made another slave come to walk behind us and film it. LOL. Then I make the loser kneel out in the parking lot to rub My feet as people alk by and put My new shoes on My feet before I make him drive Me back home- to My boyfriend.

(FYI- This is a really long video and was filmed on a smartphone, so it is a little shaky and hard to hear what is being said.)

Get A Job For My Boyfriend!

Princess Barb has decided that that the slave that she is using as her main source of income is not providing her with enough money, even though he gives her everything- just for the privilege of masturbating to her beauty once a month. She has called him to kneel before her during his monthly masturbation session while she sits on her throne and explains to him that she has decided to increase her demands of him. She currently takes his entire paycheck and has him living on the street- but that is no longer enough. You see, Her boyfriend has now found out where she gets all her money from! (Even though she never works, she always had money and he started asking she had to explain to him that she has some loser that works a full-time jib FOR her- and his paychecks are direct-deposited into HER account. So the LOSER works, and SHE gets paid for it! Anyway her BF thought it was HILARIOUS and they both had a good laugh about it...

So Barb Wire casually explains to the loser that she is now COMMANDING him to get a SECOND job- for her boyfriend so he doesnt have to work anymore either. And the paycheck from this 2nd full-time job will be direct-deposited into her BOYFRIEND'S bank account! And she will NOT let him cum until he agrees to her demands!

"You don't need to sleep! You are a SLAVE- all you should do is WORK! You will go from job #1 to job #2, and then BACK to job #1 over and over again! We don't care about you! We just want to relax and get as much $$$ out of you as possible!!!"

Worship For Dollars

After kicking our slave over and over in the balls - for a dollar per kick - (LOL!) Princess Ivy decides to tease the slave... She wants to see how easily she can get the money right back from him- so she uses his obvious foot fetish and submissiveness against him.

All she has to do is dangle her perfectly pedicured size 6 foot in front of its face and it starts drooling. Then she walks over to her car - with the loser crawling all all fours right behind her like a dogg right out in public - sits down, and demands that if he wants so much as ONE kiss on her perfect feet then he needs to give ALL the money right back to her! And the LOSER can't hep himself...even after all those kicks to the balls to earn every measily dollar...he gives every penny right back to her in one lump sum just to kiss her feet that have been sweating inside those pumps while kicking him all day long out in the sun...

SOOO pathetic! And right out in public too! Foot freaks are such mindless zombies to girls like us. LOL.

Farah's Financial Fucktards

This is very simple-


Other girls have them and now I WANT ONE!! (or several! LOL!) So DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO IF YOU WANT TO APPLY TO BE USED BY ME!!!

In the clip I show off My PERFECT FEET and SUPER HIGH ARCHES that are going to make you foot losers DROOL and open up your wallets for Me! LOL! (Sooo pathetic, but whatev...) I probably have like the highest arches you have ever SEEN.


-Queen Farah



Queen Kasey decided that, as a Queen, She should have Her own personal treasury printing money for Her. So She has created a formula that will turn one of Her slaves into a "Human Mint" for Her! Once the formula is administered (slaves are here for Her to experiment on as much as She wants, after all!) it transforms her slave's insides into a money-printing machine! And the way it is operated is by KICKING IT IN THE BALLS.

So with each kick to it's nuts, Her slave will uncontrollably spit out MONEY! And the harder it is kicked, the BIGGER the bills are that come out!

The clip starts with Queen Kasey explaining Her plot to Her Blonde Bimbo slave girl. Then She makes her slavegirl pull the male slave out of its cage and administer the formula...and they wait for it to passs out...

Then the slave girl is made to kick the slave in the nuts to see if it really worked...and it DOES! But the slave scum only spit out a NICKEL! NOT good enough!!! The Queen demands that the slave girl kick Her new "human ATM" HARDER in the nuts! Until finally this worthless piece of sh*t is spitting out $20 bills at The Queen's feet while She relaxes on Her throne and enjoys her new source of "income"!

(Clip is heavy on plot, for those that like that. Ballbusting is real but not as intense as in some previous MMG clips.)

My Fabulous Life



It goes without saying that I live the life of a GODDESS. But unlike some of these "goddesses" out there that really live in some shithole apartment- I truly DO live a life of luxury! And it's all made possible through slave-labor! LOL! As it SHOULD be! :) I don't have to pay for any of this! You slaves do!

I am giving a tour of My new fabulous home- that a SLAVE is paying for of course! (And just to kiss My FEET! LOL! PATHETIC!!) I am showing off My fabulously HUGE walk-in closet especially, when i see the slave that i had positioned in there earlier in the day with his head pressed to the floor right where I left him. Can you believe i actually went to HIGH SCHOOL with this loser?? I didn't even remember him- and he did My homework like every day back then! LOL! I didn't even know his NAME! He was a slave back then i guess too! And i didn't even KNOW about stuff like this back then- I just thought it was natural that losers like this one would do anything I said. LOL. But apparently he saw me on here and wanted to officially be My "slave", so...whatever! SERVE ME, bitch! :) Anyway, the floor wasn't clean enough to my liking, so I punish him.

My girlfriend that is filming this for me thinks it's HILARIOUS that I get to treat guys like this and be worshipped as a GODDESS for it! :) You can hear her comments from behind the camera throughout the video.

Princess Bridgette Abuses Her Power

This is a classic Princess Bridgette clip.  One of her very first clips.  From when she first discovered the power that her incomparable beauty and perfect feet have over old, pathetic men. 

After humiliating this pathetic loser and makng him BEG like a fool at her feet, she decides to have one of her friends help her literally abuse him- because he will apparently take ANYTHING just to be allowed around her.  So why not stomp all over him?  She can obviously walk all over why not do it LITERALLY??  And let her friends have some fun doing it too while she is at it. 

After all, her beauty gives her almost unlimited power over losers.  What fun would that be if you didn't take full advantage of it??

(Clip is not in HD.)