How To Serve Me With Gifts

Slaves are always writing in, or bugging us on twitter, How do I reach you? blah blah blah Well, its simple really- IF you download these videos, watch them, and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! Send me gifts loser. DUH. And then you might actually hear from me and be USED by me. Maybe even MEET me! (How much would you losers just loooove to grovel at MY feet in PERSON haha I bet!) Anyway, in this video you get to watch me open some of my gifts, laugh at the losers that bought them, and give YOU my info on how to reach me, BUY me stuff, and get my attention!

-Princess Carmela

Real Findom Session

This is a REAL slave that came to Mean Girl Manor in real life to tribute to me. If all slaves would just give in and do this they would get more pleasure out of life. This slave gave me $1,000 today- and thats on top of all the other times he has kneeled down before me and given me cash. This is what all you slaves SHOULD be doing! Including YOU! You should be here kneeling before me and tributing me like the superior princess I am! (And yes this clip is real btw- this slave came here just to kneel before me as I sat upon my throne and give me the CA$H that I deserve just for being HOT and totally out of his league!) This loser was lucky just to kneel before me, PAY me, and kiss my FEET!

-Princess Cindi

2500 Cash Point Meet

My real financial slave came crawling back to me after flaking and being a dummy, haha. So I had him meet me during my filming at Mean Girl Manor. I made him send me a $500 Amazon gift card ahead of time (not in the video- in real life) just to as a penalty to be invited back to the Manor so he could even be allowed the PRIVILEGE of kneeling before MY beauty and giving me MORE $$$! LOL! So he gave me $2800 plus the $500 gift card I made him send as proof that he was really going to show up. Oh plus another $200 because I wasnt going to let a financial slave that begged to be wallet ra-ped go with any cash left in his wallet. What kind of service would I be doing him if I actually let him keep any money?? haha! After that I made him realize that this is only the down payment on the amount he will be paying me for the rest of his life, I sent him on his way. Poor little guy rode his bicycle all the way here to drop off all his cash for 15 minutes then I just laughed in his face and sent him on his way back home. Pathetic. And totally OWNED by ME.

-Princess Cindi

Worst Slave E.V.E.R.

This lame ass wrote me a bunch of emails about how he was going to do ALLL this stuff for me. He was going to turn over his finances to me (yes, in real life!) let me beat him as much as I wanted (as long as I didn't bludgeon his face) and was even going to let me TATTOO him! (He even bought me a tattoo gunn!) I was so excited that I invited Princess Carmela and GoddessNo to join me. (As well as support me cuz I still didn't know if this guy was some sort of creepo lol!) Then he shows up and barely even wants to kneel before me! Plus he smelled lol. He says he isn't "sure" anymore about really serving as a slave in real life. Then he says he was "hoping to get peeed on"! LOL! So I am KIND enough to go fill up a cup for him - which I would THINK would be like NECTAR to a loser like him because it came out of ME! - and he only drinks like half of it! (and fucking COMPLAINS about it the entire time too!) This is how he shows his "worship"?? WTF? Then we start to whip him to see what he can take- and let's just say it isn't good. After all of his big talk, he quits after only a FEW cracks of our whips! - and one of the other slaves needed to actually kick him out of MGM. (That last part isn't in the video though- it was too bad to even put in THIS video! LOL) One word: Unacceptable. And that is why we are so hesitant to bring new losers here sometimes. (For those of you who have written in to us, you know what I'm talking about.) You losers make all kinds of promises- and then don't follow through with any of it. its all talk. But at least he tributed me, so that was good. Other than that, this idiot was pretty useless as a slave. No "i Worship Princess Cindi" tattoo, no REAL beating, and no bank accounts turned over to me. I am NOT a happy princess!

Date Night Cuck Cash

My poor slaves. They will let me treat them like total sh11tt and still worship me haha. I am literally standing on this slave's FACE and doing my makeup for a date later, while telling the cucked loser about how HE is going to be the one paying for my date tonight. :)
Eventually I step off his ugly face and sit on tub and order the idiot to hand over money just to kiss my feet…and I literally tell him to his face that I think he is pathetic and that all the $$$ I am taking from him will go toward my date with my stud BF tonite! But guess what? He is so pathetic and in awe of MY beauty, that he DOES it!! Haha. I take $3000 DOLLARS from him! (just to kiss my FEET!) Apparently, he had to take it out of his college fund or something? LOL I don’t care…all I care about is that it is MINE now! Fucking loser haha. And after I take it all and am tired of his groveling, I just walk out and command him to clean the fucking bathroom while I’m out with my man! And of course the bitch does it lol. (And it better be SPOTLESS by the time we get back!)

-Princess Cindi

Real Life Slave Applicant

At the end of a filming day, this slave did a pretty good job so he got to actually kneel at my feet and BEG to be a real-life slave for me. (Like off-camera: serving me, earning me money, running my errands n stuff.) I made him beg and grovel like a little bitch lol- so pathetic. Losers like this are a dime a dozen to me... If you want to see what he gets then you have to watch this video...

My Gay Whore Calls Johns

This is what I do to slaves that say they want to worship me but complain that I already took all their money yesterday. Unless you have a job that pays cash everyday, for you to hand to me...You need to be a whore for cash, NOW! I don't want to wait until your next payday at the end of the week to get more cash from you!

I am going to show you how I get on craigs list and make this slave call these craigs list ads. I am listening while he books is gay cock sucking appointments...and If he screws up I will whip the living crrrrap out of him! As you will see, he needed a severe beating several times when he made these calls! I don't care how many times the guy want's to ass you... I want my $20 you stupid whore so you better convince him that you are super GAY for cock.
- Goddess Suvana

Buy Me a Car or Eat My Dust

True Story, My biggest fan bought me a new car. I never actually met him in person but he loves my hot legs so much that he agreed that my legs belong in a new car, LOL. Is this your fantasy too??? Do you want to go ALL IN and Get me cars...if not you may end up just eating my dust, literally.

You see, After I showed off my new car to Empress Jennifer, she had an idea. If I tell a lower slave to come over to Mean Girl Manor, The lower slave should lick my tires clean because they did not buy me any new cars. So, if you don't buy me nice things... you will literally be eating my dust!

- Princess Cindi

Drowning For A Date

Two women with GREAT bodies are wearing bikinis at a pool party. Two losers approach them and hit on them. They are appalled and laugh, then whisper a plan to each other. They tell the losers that whoever can hold their breath the longest can go out with BOTH of them.

The two girls hold the two males underwater with their legs. While the boys are underwater, the girls talk about shopping, gossip, tv, etc. They also laugh while the boys are underwater that they aren't going out with EITHER of them even if they hold their breathe FOREVER and drownn! The girls even see bubbles, and they don't let the boys up and keep ignoring them longer. SO they either drown or get rejected and laughed at- their choice! (Whether they know it or not!)

At the end one that eventually "wins" is really a LOSER- because he passess out under water and the girls just push him away with their foot and laugh as they watch him float off face-down in the pool!

Shopping Cuck

After a full day shopping, My fucking cuck comes home and drops all My bags all over the floor. It needs to learn to respect My things, so I had the human credit card kiss everyone of them. LOL! Once the kissing was done, I needed My shoes to sparkle for My boyfriend later. (You can actually see the dirt and grim being removed by the slave's tongue!) Can you believe after all that I allowed this slave to do for Me, it complained about not making rent next month? As if I care! As long as it can take Me shopping to get all the fancy things My boyfriend likes, and if not, there are a dozen more eager to take its place.
-- Goddess Randi