Give Us Even More Money

This is the part "The Return of Euro-Trash" where we make him lay his tribute out at Our feet- while we literally mock him to his face for it and take ALL the money he has saved up since the last time he saw us! I mean like we literally TELL HIM TO HIS FACE that we think he is pathetic for doing this AS we are taking all his $$$ from him! Haha.

We laugh about how hard he probably had to work for all this money- and how we are just TAKING it from him in a matter of seconds!! We then make fun of him by telling him how little we think of him, and how all he is going to get for this money is pain, suffering, and humiliation...

BTW this is TOTALLY REAL!!! No fake "roleplaying" or "scripts" here! This is a REAL slave of ours that REALLY came to see us and meet us!!

Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley

Taking Out The Trash

This is just the beginning part of our real-life "session" with our "Euro-Trash Slave". 

From a 1-minute opening of us explaining how he got to come here, to what we plan on doing to him- to us actually driving over to his hotel and grabbing him right out of his room and tossing him into the trunk of our car and taking him to the Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound"!  Oh, and of course we filmed him PAYING us and literally laying $4,000 out AT OUR FEET!  Haha

Princess Skylar (who we just met for the 1st time and was awesome!) filmed the whole thing for us so we could make even MORE $$$ off of this loser by filming our abuse of him and selling it!!

Wanna know why THIS loser gets to experience this and you haven't??  Because he:

-Joined Our site when told to do so

-He sent his ID as commanded!

-He sent a nice deposit and proof of travel to prove he was SERIOUS!

-He agreed to be filmed AND to do it without a mask!

-And most importantly, he paid us a LOT of money to show he knows that we deserve it more than he does!

Can you do all of those things?  Then you can come here too.  Or do you have a problem with any of that? can just keep watching and dreaming, loser!  Too bad so sad.  Because quite honestly, we get sick of slaves that wrote to us and just TALK about coming here, or have a problem with our demands.  Be a REAL slave like this one, and you can come here too!!

-Princess Ashley

Euro Trash- The Abbduction

So we went to this slave's hotel in Vegas and literally abbducted him, tossed him in a car trunk, and then drove him to our Mean Girl Desert Torment compound to abuse and tortuure him. This clip was shot mostly on our girlfriend's iphone when she came with us to watch us k1ddnapp this loser. This is totally REAL btw!! Then we get him back to our place, sit on our thrones, and make his Euro-trash ass PAY us!! After smacking him around a little bit he is more than happy to give us ALL his money and grovel at our feet! (Watch the clip to see how much we make him give us and how scared he is of me n Chanel! LOL)

FEATURING: Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel


Cruushing Your Credit Card- and Your Head


"You come from shopping, hands full of bags. You yell at your slave, slapping him hard across the face for not having enough money on his credit cards for you! After several hard face slaps you order him to stick his tongue out. You cruelly wipe your dirty boot soles on it while laughing at him. When your boot soles are clean, you want to trample his face with them while checking your new gifts on your phone that you bought with his credit card online. You stand on his face until he is literally crying in pain."

The School Girl And The Loser

***Paid Custom Clip From A Member of Our Website***

A Young School Girl that knows she was born to be a Goddess is about to have a party. The clip starts off with Princess Cindi in a usual looking School Girl Outfit, with bare legs and wearing her favorite pair of flats walking back home with Her secret "Old Man Slave", who she ordered to spend his entire lunch break shopping for her.  He is holding all her bags and then serving her at home.  She is a super bratty Young Goddess and arrives home with her slave following behind, looking exhausted, holding all her bags and she Immediately jump on the sofa and orders her slave to put the bags away and get on his knees to spend the rest of his lunch break at her Feet.

Princess Cindi is an intelligent and Super Bratty School Girl who has a Man 3 times her age shaking, tired and financially drained by a her- a Young Female Supremacist. She lifts her foot and orders him to remove her shoe and start massaging her feet....Now she starts with Your plans for Your Super Bratty School Girl Party...

You Outline what You Want, when You want it and How You want it...You demand and Your slave obediently agrees...You then simply verbally humiliate him...mock him for how she is a Young Girl and has a man 3 times his age completely Broken and on the verge of Crying..all whist on his knees massaging Your feet while You sit back and ignore him...

You then Order him to lick and worship your feet and demand every last penny off of him while you ignore him and talk to your friends on the phone....You Eventually make him say a prayer and Bow down 10 times before You, and then you Slap him, kick him and then you send him off to go back to work and make you more money!

Serving Your Superior- 18yr Old Princess Amber

Princess Amber is Goddess Platinum's niece and just turned 18!  Now that she is "legal", she is absolutely ready to follow in her aunt's footsteps and start owning her own SLAVES!  Download this clip to hear her tell you about the application process for serving her, how to make yourself stand out among the many applicants she is sure to receive, and what she will want to use you for if you are accepted as one of her "peasant minions".

This clip includes Princess Amber's personal email contact info!!!  And she WILL contact you (either by phone or email) if you follow the instructions in this clip!

Apply to Serve Goddess Platinum


Better than silver, better than gold...INTRODUCING: GODDESS PLATINUM!


"Ok, so losers have been hitting on me my whole life because let's face it- I'm fucking hot.  And yes, I have always KNOWN it!  But usually I have just laughed in their faces, turned my nose up, and walked away. 

But now I am reconsidering that approach.  I have learned from the other "Mean Girls" here that maybe some of these idiots actually could be useful to me?  So I am considering giving those of you that are obviously beneath me a "chance" to at least be in my life in SOME way- even if it is just as my "bitch", basically.  Are YOU pathetic enough to accept being nothing more than My BITCH?  Will you seriously accept being treated like total sh*tt by me, used, and then tossed away like the human gargabe that you are compared to Me??  Ok, then watch this video and apply to literally be My SLAVE then!  LOL I am totally down for that, as long as you are completely obedient and 100% focused on benefitting ME.

But before you even think about it, just know that I have been taught by the other Mean Girls what the "deal" is with you losers.  That most of you are full of sh*tt and will waste my time.  So guess what?  I have some very strict rules if you want to serve me- either online or in real life.

Watch this clip if you want to find out exactly how to serve me.  Oh, and also to see how perfect my feet are too haha."


***Clip includes Goddess Platinum's direct email address for contact- but be forwarned, if you do not send tribute and/or a gift from her WISHLIST before contacting her, do not expect a reply!***


Locked Up For More Money

So this married freak comes to Mean Girl Manor (YES, in REAL LIFE!!) to pay me just for the privilege of worshiping at my feet.  He wrote an email to Us like a lot of you do- but this one was at least smart enough to be a member of Our site and send us a tribute before contacting us.  So guess what?  We actually took him seriously, wrote him back, and brought him in to take more of his money in person!

This video is a REAL video of us meeting, financially abusing, and mocking a loser "fan" of ours.  By the way, he really is a complete idiot.  He barely speaks English (like most of you idiots) can barely answer a question, and his dick is like SOOO small!!  And to top it all off, it isn't even circumcised!!  Plus, the biggest sin of all- he didn't bring us enough $$$ to make us happy!  You can hear one of my girlfriends filming this for me from behind the camera as she is laughing throughout the entire clip because this guy is SO fucking pathetic.

And he thinks he is going to get away with just having a pigg mask put on him and being made to oink for our entertainment.  Nope, sorry loser.  You're not getting off that easy haha.  We lock him in one of OUR chastity devices that we keep at The Manor (so his loser ass does NOT have any keys to it!) and then, guess what??  We send him home to his WIFE like that!  HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  And he will STAY locked up until he comes back with MORE $$$ for us!!  (Have fun trying to avoid sex for a few weeks with your fat, ugly wife and that tiny little dick of yours until I get PAID, bitch!)  I explain to him that I OWN his ass (and his tiny little cock) now and that I will even turn his ugly wife into my bitch if I feel like it.

Oh, and this clip has my direct contact email address in it- for any of you other losers that will PAY ME to be treated like craapp like this little piggy haha.


-Princess Cindi

High Heels Tease Your Cage

My slave is not allowed to have any sexual satisfaction of any kind! He is allowed however to feel my high heels digging into his caged dicklette. After he puts my sexy shoes back on I put him in position for my next task. I give my new slave (in training) a chastity inspection and a brief interview on how long he should be locked up for. Hes one of these self-locking freaks thats begging me to keep him under LOCK AND KEY. I dont even know if Ill even accept his key first, Ill have to see if he is worthy of that HONOR. I then poke and stab his exposed ball with my sharp STILETTO HEELS. Its the only part of his genitals exposed so you know Im going to torture the fuck out of them. I just have this gut feeling he wants to give me more money so I press him both literally and mentally with my sexy high heels shoes to his nuts, that should make him pay up. He is turning into quite the pathetic obedient slave I want him to be, LOL.

Queen Kasey

Financial Domination Complete


Princess Carmela commands her slave to bring her a special gift remarkably humble in appearance considering her extravagant lifestyle but the symbolism speaks volumes. She demands her naked slave bring a zip lock bag full of quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. However, this is not just any bag of spare change this bag has special meaning; it represents the very last of the slaves vast fortune he has been shoveling out to her for months now. His cars, real estate, boats, investments and art collection all hers now.

With uncontrollable laughter she falls into a giggling fit unable to grasp the ridiculousness of his circumstance her bratty plan is now complete. Carmela even makes the slave strip off his last set of clothing and throw it in the fireplace so she can burn it! Now she can confess that she has no feelings for the dumb loser and swiftly kicks him out of her life heartbroken and alone, he has no clothing, no money, nothing! Absolutely everything is gone now even down to the last red cent!Princess is now richer then Rockefeller but its not enough she out looking for her next victim before he even crawls out her front door in shame and hopelessness.

Princess Carmela