Wake Up, Slave!

Yes, I know you where REALLY druuunk last night, but a promise is a promise! And you said you were "so in love with me" that you would doing "literally anything for me" and guess what I want? (YES, I am really taking you up on this! I even recorded it on my phone when we were at the bar so I' pretty sure it is legally binding!) I have decided that I want you you to literally be my personal slave. Yes, I mean it! I have always fantasized about having my own personal slave, so... Hey, no one made you profess your undying love for me- but you did. So don't be butt-hurt just because I'm holding you to your promise to "do anything" for me! Now get out of bed and get to work! I have a long day planned for you! Oh, and I have some surprises in store for you as well...You see, I couldn't help but brag to some of my friends about what you promised me, so...

Out With the Old (slaves), In With the New (slaves)

I’ve had the same slaves for the past year and they become more and more worthless as the days go by. I’m building My empire and I want new slaves who can keep up with Me and do EVERYTHING I say. you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to show Me how devoted and obedient you will be for Me - the time is now. It does not matter if you have little or no experience - if you are willing and able to do these three things, I will provide you with all the guidance (and punishment) you need to mold you into My perfect slave. your reward: a hot girl who’s out of your league acknowledging your existence for once. Now open your wallet, get on your fucking knees and listen to the following instructions...

Oops I Fell Asleep

I must have fallen asleep with you rubbing my feet last night. Oops!

But now that i'm up you better get back to rubbing if you want to get out today. I'm going to put on my dirty Jimmy Choo Red Heels too and make you lick them clean...

If you're good maybe I'll let you out for a couple of hours so you can take me for a pedicure!

Fill My Closet

Just moved into the new Mean Girls Mansion and My new closet isn't going to fill itself. That's what I have you for. Let Me remind you why you work so hard for those paychecks.

Let's Play a Countdown Game
Who Makes The Rules?

Ever hear of the "Golden Rule"? Well, "She who has the gold makes the rules." It used to be your gold- but then you gave it all to ME...so now I run things! You'll have to listen to ME because I run this house now, and you will do what I say! Starting with...

Caught You Jerking Off At The Party

OMG how gross there a house party going on here and your in the bathroom jerking your little dick off its so disgusting. the only reason your here is because your the younger brother of a real man and you got us beer. So go on don't stop now I want you to finish what you start just to humiliate you. Lets see if you can get any harder or bigger because you are jerking off with me in the room now. I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm just doing this because It going to be so much fun picking on you for the rest of the night with all my girl and boyfriend joining in HAHA I'm going to humiliate you in front of like 200 people so get ready loser

Let Me Own You

I wore this entire shiny bikini with your favorite shiny heels...just for you. Here’s the catch...I want to own you. So I’m going to let you stroke your cock to me rubbing myself through this incredible shiny suit. Just this once though

Women Taking Over

In a major scientific advancement led by a team of all-female scientists, the most beautiful women in the world have been selected to grow to over 100 feet high.  They are now taking the "#me too" movement to new heights.  They are walking around through cities throughout the country, and literally CRUUUSHING any man that refuse to bow down to them, kiss their feet, and apologize for males' past transgressions against women.  

 You are one of those men, and now find yourself staring up at the beautiful Amazon Goddess Amber.  What will she decide to do to you?  Will she callously squash you under her shoe?  

 What if you completely debase yourself, sacrificing your "manhood" right here in the middle of the street, and try to beg as hard as hard as you can for your life?  Will she let you live...or will she STILL squash you anyway after watching you grovel at her feet just for her amusement?  She seems to like the feeling of having a full-grown male's body "popping" underneath her shoe...guess you will just need to watch the clip to find out?

Socks For My Gym Bitch

Happy new year, losers! This year, your resolution is to stop being so damn worthless. I got a gym membership (and no, not to get in shape because I’m already perfect!) - but to build stronger arms to slap you with and a fatter ass to smother you with. you are now My gym bitch - do everything I say in this clip and you might get a whiff of My sweaty thong or gym socks!