Scream for Our Rent Cuck!

So my REAL man boyfriend calls me and tells me that we need to pay our rent. (I totally forgot it was the end of the month.) How to pay it? Easy. I just explain to Alpha over the phone that I simply need to beat the fuck out of our cuck-slave, record its beating, and sell the clip to pay our rent! And the worse I beat it, the more $$$ we will make!! Maybe we will even make enough to pay for a nice dinner out for the 2 of us if I beat it bad enough!

Alpha loves the idea. So I drag my cuck-bitch slave out to the Torment Chamber and casually explain to it that it is about to suffer terribly- just to pay me n MY Alpha boyfriend's rent for us with its suffering!

It has no choice, really. This is the only way Alpha will allow me to keep this loser in my life, so it's either this, or I have to get rid of it- and I know my cuck is so fucking pathetic that it will let me use it for whatever I want. It is sooo desperate to be in my life lol.  Pathetic. 

So I chain it up from the ceiling and make it balance on a wobbly rock- just so I can laugh at it while it dances on that fucking rock as I beat it. And BOY do I give it a BEATING!! Apparently my looong whip keeps wrapping around my cuck slave's body and the tip is cracking right near its poor little cock n balls haha!! It is really hurting him bad and making him SCREEEAAAM!!!! But I think that's great because this will make this clip sell better!

And I don't really care about how much my slave suffers because it really doesn't matter to me. It's just a "thing" for me to use and abuse in whatever way benefits ME the most! :) So buy this clip if you want to see my cucky-bitch SUFFER to help pay my rent!!

-Princess Carmela

Goddess Tina Beats A Pig

My cousin ("Goddess Tina" to you losers!) has never whipped a loser before. So I decide to give her this fat one to beat on. She laughs at how fat he is and tells him to his face that he is lucky just to be BEATEN by a girl as hot as her. (I love how mean my cousin is! haha) She actually hits kinda hard! Although not as hard as ME, of course! But we had fun pulling this fat loser out of his cage and beating him just because we are HOT and we CAN. Tina is loving that she can be a total bitch like this- and make $$$ for it!! -Princess Carmela

Caning-Boy Job Opening

This pathetic slob actually showed up for an INTERVIEW for a JOB at Ms. Platinum's business looking like this, can you believe that? Flipflops and a sweatshirt with holes in it? REALLY?? That's not going to work here...although there may be ONE position he would be good for...

The candidate is desperate for work and says he will do "anything". Hmmm...Ms. Platinum thinks about it for a minute. Yes, he may be good for this one specialposition she needs to fill in the office... She explains that her all-female salesforce sometimes comes back very frustrated from their sales calls if they don't make the sale. And she has found that having an "office caning-boy" is a very good way for her female sales reps to take out all their pent-up frustrations out on! That way they can feel "refreshed" and energized to go out and make more sales calls without taking their frustrations from one customer out on another.

So she explains that his pathetic, ugly, sloppy ass actually could be useful to her business! And he is so desperate for money that he begrudgingly accepts a "tryout" with Ms. Platinum. She proceeds to put him through his paces...slamming a huge rattan cane into his ass over and over - swinging it like a baseball bat - while verbally degrading him the entire time.

She explains that his sole purpose will be to accept constant punishment day in and day out from her (or ANY of her female sales reps!) and he will be paid literally by the cane-stroke! Although she laughs that he will only be getting paid PENNIES per stroke! But she promises that her sales reps will make sure he racks up as much $$$ as possible...maybe even several dollars a DAY!

***(Goddess Platinum actually cracks and breaks one cane on the loser's ass at one point during the filming of this clip!)***

Learn to Love the Cage

One of the slaves at the Mean Girl Desert Correctional Compound is complaining about being left locked up in a cell for days and even weeks at a time. So Princess Carmela teaches him to “learn to love the cage”. First, she makes him beg to get out of the cage. Then she takes him out of the cage- but only to whip him as severely as possible! In a short period of time this piece of human garbage is literally begging to go back in the cage!! He BEGS Carmela to put him back in the cage- and he says he actually WANTS to stay there for as long as the Mean Girls want to leave him in there now! Princess Carmela is SO good at psychologically reconditioning slaves...

Whipping Madness

This particular clip is JUST THE WHIPPINGportion of this slave's "Mean Girls Torment Test"...

This was the slave's weakest area, as we could tell it was reeeaaally having a hard time taking our whips for some reason haha. Hmmm...but did we care? Absolutely NOT! In fact, we felt like it made a better video for us because you could REALLY tell that it took everything this slave had not to "break" and beg Us to stop beating him!  (Which would have involved his pathetic ass having to pay us more to quit beating him, obviously haha.)

See how that works?  We don't have stupid "safe words".  How LAME.  No, if you come here and SUCK- we just make you pay us to stop beating you.  That way we either get a GREAT video, OR you pay us extra for totally sucking!  See, isn't that a great system??  LOL We win either way!

-Princess Carmela

Princess Gemma Is Gluten Free!!!

This was such a fun clip. Gemma is one of our first guests at the "Mean Girls Air BnB" and one of our idiot servants brought her pizza when she demanded to be fed immediately. Well, it turns out that Gemma is gluten free and she is VERY upset! She shares with me that she gets SO tired of waiters at restaurants bringing her foods with gluten in them! Well I explain to her that here at The Mean Girls Air BnB she can literally BEAT the waitstaff until they get her order right! She can't believe it, and asks me if I am serious about this?? I assure her that I am- and I give her a whip to use on the idiot servant that messed up her order!

I also explain to her that if you beat the servants hard & often enough, they will learn to literally fear you and will do literally anything to keep you happy and make sure they don't mess up again! I command this fatass idiot to lay itself at Gemma's feet, and to BEG for her forgiveness- and beg her to beat him as much as she wants!

Then Gemma goes to town on it! Throughout the clip Gemma makes the fatass loser literally yelp "Princess Gemma is gluten-free!!" after each and every crack of her whip on its back! LOL!!! Now that is how you train a waitstaff!

-Princess Carmela

Beating Our Cuck Turns Us On

So me n Alpha have really found that we LOVE beating my cuck-slave sort of as "foreplay" before we fuck. Like, we beat him as much as we want until we get totally turned on from it, and then we go fuck in the bedroom. But then we thought, wait, why don't we beat it WHILE we are fucking around in the bedroom?? So we did! Basically we just make out in bed and play with each other under the covers while we take turns BEATING my ugly, bald, scrawny cuck-slave! Is that weird that abusing my cuck-bitch turns us on so much?? Watch this clip and then write in to me if you want to come serve us as your Masters, slave! How much would YOU pay to be beaten by Us?? haha

Goddess Platinum's First Whipping Victim

True story- Goddess Platinum is the newest Mean Girl and she has never whipped a slave before. And this slave used to be one of the cockiest slaves we owned. But he was so blown away by Platinum's beauty (and he has been so broken by the rest of us!) that he literally BEGGED to be her 1st whipping victim! Haha. How easily males are broken around here...and Goddess Platinum was MORE than happy to take advantage of this "broken bitch" begging to be beaten by her! Watch this clip to see an authentic whipping at Our "Mean Girl Desert Punishment Camp" carried out by Goddess Platinum for the very first time...while she literally uses this bitch for "target practice" with her whip! She still can't believe that there are "men" in this world that she can just beat, abuse, and walk all over like this- and they will WORSHIP her for it!

Whipping My Horses


This was a custom where I ride 2 slaves around, whipping them as I go. I give them both a turn at carrying me to see who can do the best job. The winner will get the most amazing award EVER...my SPIT! Haha.

And the loser?? It gets WHIPPED TO SHREDS! A very simple and fun game I think, don't you? Watch to see how cruel I can be. And there is even an outfit change after I take a break and come back later to punish my slaves even more...

-Princess Beverly

We Don't Care About Your Stupid Limits

The title says it all with this one.  This is one of Princess Carmela's real life personal slaves in Vegas that she "donated" to the shoot for us to use for whatever we wanted.  So we chain him up in the garage of Our Mean Girl Desert Punishment Compound and go to town on him!  OMG it was SOOO much fun!  We didn't have to worry about any stupid "limits" and just chained him up and BEAT him! 

We actually keep adding more & more chains to him and restraining him more and more as the clip goes on.  We even have to gag him with our dirty panties to keep his screams muffled because he is such a screamer LOL.  Let's just say this bitch gets BROKEN when we were finally done with him! 

I want a new toy to play with now!!  Who is next??  Haha.

-Princess Adrianna