Mean Girl English Lessons

Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly like to fuck with the Mexican house boy because he can’t speak anything but broken English. They decide to give him an English lesson by making him repeat humiliating things about himself. Superior Goddess Brooke tells the slave he has to repeat everything she says. Say “I’m a pussy”. Say “I love to suck big black cocks”. Princess Beverly and Superior Goddess Brooke listen to the slave repeat his humiliating lines, and then they beat the slave with riding crops for every little mistake. Of course the hapless slave can’t really speak English, so he is guaranteed to be beaten over and over again as they continue to give him more & more humiliating (and complicated!) lines to say! They have no pity for the slave because he’s "just a stupid, inferior Mexican piece of sh*tt" that deserves to be humiliated and laughed at.


Super Duo Whips A Common Criminal

Super-Gurl and Wonderful Woman love to visit Mean Girl Manor because it's the only place they really feel at home in such a retarded male-dominated society. But as they are on their way out, they stumble upon a burglar stealing stuff out of The Manor!  They question him, and find out that he is not only dishonest, but STUPID too! So they go into Crime Fighting Mode and...whip the fuck out of him!! After all, its Mean Girl Manor, so Wonderful Woman and Super Gurl can be as CRUEL as they want to be to a MALE criminal here!

White Pigs Don't Matter

We are just having a party at the Mean Girl Manor. This one fat cop had the nerve to come tell US to turn the music down. WHO THE FUCK does he think he is? Saucha X and the rest of us dragged his ass into the back room and put a pig nose on his fat ass. Not so tough without yer uniform now, huh? Funny how just a little while ago this stupid bitch was telling us to turn the music down and NOW HE'S OINKING for Saucha X to get her to stop beating his ass with a whip. Maybe if he oinks like a pretty little pink piggie good enough she'll stop? When we're done, this pig will never, EVER come to the Mean Girl neighborhood again. Not after being made to act like a piggy for Saucha. You bet he'll turn right the fuck around next time he gets a 'loud noise complaint' LOL!

Aria Learns To Whip

Princess Bella and Princess Aria are two of the hottest girls you will ever see and they are wearing what might be the hottest outfits I have ever seen in a Mean Girls video. They look amazing in them and ass lovers will go crazy over how hot they look in these outfits. They have a slave restrained to a bench and are standing over them with floggers in hand ready to whip the waiting slave. First they make the slave tell them how excited he is to be whipped and make him beg for them to start whipping him. Princess Bella graciously agrees and begins whipping the slave. Princess Aria watches for a few moments before joining in by telling the slave, “I’m Princess Aria and I don’t think we have been properly introduced yet. I’m Princess Bella’s best friend and she has taught me everything she knows!” Princess Aria begins whipping the slave and together they double team the slave whipping him all over his ass and backside as he moans in pain the whole time. Princess Aria needs to learn to whip so they switch from using floggers to the more painful single tail whips to give her more experience with different whipping implements. Princess Aria learns from the slaves increased screams that the single tail whip is a lot more painful than the flogger.

This is a good whipping clip not too extreme but not too easy either. I love seeing a new Princess learn her power and learn that’s its ok to beat slaves for any reason at all. For example, Princess Aria accidentally hits and breaks one of the light bulbs in the Chandelier above her head with her whip. She knows it’s not really the slaves fault but she decides to beat him harder for it anyway. She is learning the proper way to treat slaves around Mean Girl Manor. 

Misery For An Old Miser

The old slave is kneeling naked before Goddess Raven offering up a stack of money he agreed to bring in order to be allowed to serve Goddess Raven in person at Mean Girl Manor. But when Goddess Raven grabs the handful of money she discovers the entire stack is made up of only $1 bills. This is an outrage for Goddess Raven. The stupid slave needs to learn the hard way that $50 and $100 bills are the only acceptable form of payment. Princess Aria walks in and comments on how the dirty old man needs to bring much more money to serve at Mean Girl Manor. The Mean Girls were going to use the old man’s money to go shopping at the mall today. They wear shoes that cost $1,500 a pair so what are they going to do with the $9 dollars the slave brought? Maybe buy a cup of coffee? Since they can’t have fun shopping today they are going to have fun beating the slave instead. Goddess Raven and Princess Aria take turns hand spanking the slave’s ass and then beating his ass some more with paddles until he learns his lesson to bring more money next time. The slave is made to crawl back into his cage with his ass glowing bright red from his punishment spanking. 

Bread and Boots

****PAID Custom Clip****

"You wear black high-heel stiletto boots (pls. no platform boots) and hold a whip in your hand. You go to a cage in which a slave is locked with a shock collar around his balls. After having welcomed you by kissing your boots he gets his first whiplashes and is shocked. Then you put him on a leash and lead him to the wet muddy flower beds. You make him kneel before you and tie his hands behinds his back. He gets some heavy face slaps and you spit in his mouth and face. As the slave complained about his food earlier you are going to give him a feast. You take a couple slices of bread and throw them into the wet muddy flower beds. You step on the slices of bread, pushing them further into the wet mud. At first, you order the slave to lick the sole of your boot clean. Then he must eat the bread directly from the muddy ground like the pig that he is and you push his head down with your boot. Finally you force the slaves to thank you for the delicious food. You walkaway after giving him some more lashes and spitting into his face/mouth and order him to finish his meal . Pls. also bully the slave and whip and shock him during the clip."

Mean Girls Team Up


Princess Chanel and Superior Goddess Brooke are sitting around the Mean Girl Manor talking to each other about their recent experiences treating men like loser slaves now that becoming a "Mean Girl" has taught them the true power their beauty gives them over men. They have both been here at the Manor for a few months now and are developing a friendship. They decide that they want to "team up" to take over Mean Girl Manor by taking complete and total ownership of all the houseslaves. They are both super-hot tall amazon blonds and can pretty much bully guys into doing anything they want. They know if they team up they can quickly become the top "Mean Girls" and take all the best slaves for themselves.

They find a slave sweeping the floor and decide to use him as their personal play toy and demonstrate their newly found talents at beating men and completely enslaving them They both have a good laugh at how easy it is to get this loser to do anything they want simply because they are hot, mean girls. Pretty soon this slave is begging at their feet for mercy and pledging its allegiance only to THEM! At that point, the newest "Mean Girls" decide that they will do this to ALL the slaves around here...it will be a "Mean Girl Manor coup"!

Whipped For Being Stupid

So this is a new slave that said in his emails to us that he could take "anything" we wanted to do to him. (He specifically said we could trample, whip, and ballbust him as much as we wanted!) After his interview (see clip titled "Slave Wannabe- A Real Turkey") we decide to simply lay him down so Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Chanel could stand on him in their stilettos. Not only can he NOT take it even for a SECOND- but he touches Brooke and Chanel's feet and causes Chanel to fall off him and break her shoe!

So the rest of the clip Chanel and Brooke just basically beat him. And he fucking DESERVES it. This is one of the biggest losers we have ever had here. He was stupid, foreign, he STUNK, he LIED about what he could do, and he almost hurt Princess Chanel in the process. You can hear me literally yelling at him from behind the camera, telling him what a piece of sh**tt he is!

Princess Bella

Mean Girl Retreat

The Mean Girls "Desert Punishment Camp and Vacation House" is a private location we send our bad slaves to get further punishment. It is also a training ground for new Mean Girls! This is where they can feel the rush of power that comes from turning 18 and being legally allowed to totally torture losers who are literally twice their age- but were basically put on this earth to be abused by hot young girls like them. (Of course, for the "main Mean Girls" it is also a place to go for relaxation and further pampering haha.) Queen Quenzi and Duchess Dani are the newest "Mean Girls" and go hunting through the house to find a random slave to abuse. They literally can't believe that they can do this. They drag him out of the closet where he was being stored and start whipping him for no other reason than to amuse themselves and make his stay a living hell- just because they CAN.

The funniest part is he doesn't even know who the hell they ARE when they start beating on his ass! HAHAHA!!! Oh but he'll know Queen Quenzi and Duchess Dani when its over!! And he better get used to this kind of abuse. Let this be a lesson not to fuck up with us, or you'll end up here.

Caning Chore Chart: Episode 8 - Goddess Raven Leaves Her Mark

Even the Mean Girls have to do chores every once in a while. Normally they don’t ever need to lift a finger around Mean Girl Manor because they have slaves to do everything. But there is one chore that each of the Mean Girls is responsible for completing. A “Caning the Slave Chore Chart” is posted on the refrigerator at Mean Girl Manor like any normal to-do list would be at any typical house. Each of the Mean Girls is scheduled to cane the slave on a different date and then mark it off once completed.  This time it’s Goddess Ravens turn to cane the slave. Princess Aria is the new girl and she is there to learn how to properly discipline a slave.

The slave is secured to a whipping cart so he can’t escape the beating he is about to receive. Goddess Raven inspects the slave’s backside admiring some of the old marks from previous beatings. Goddess Raven says that a true Goddess knows how to properly leave her marks up and down a slave’s body and tells the slave she will be leaving her marks all over his ass. She lays into the slave with the cane concentrating on his ass and leaving deep red marks with every painful strike. She demonstrates to Princess Aria her favorite way to cane a slave. Using a two handed grip she swings the cane like it was a baseball bat and the slaves ass was the ball! It’s not long before the slave is whimpering in pain and begging for it to stop. But Goddess Raven has no intention of stopping she has to finish beating the slave before she can mark her name off the chore chart as complete. Goddess Raven asks the slave what his level of pain is on a scale of 1-10 and slaves answers a 10! Goddess Raven responds that she thinks she can take his pain level up to "at least a 12"!