Caning Madness

***See "An Hour of Madness" for full background of how this slave found itself at Our mercy!*** This particular clip is JUST the CANING portion of this slave's Torment test...it was really struggling to survive this haha. Which made us enjoy tormenting it even MORE,

Whips For The Non-Pain Slave

This slave that I own will do ANYTHING I say! He is not even into feet or pain or anything- he is just into ME. I can get him to do literally anything, and on top of that he EVEN PAYS ME TO DO IT. This is not some BS stuff I'm making up just to sell clips, either. This is a real slave situation where I'm in total control over this loser LOL. Bella is hanging out with me at Mean Girl Manor today so I let her have a crack at my slave just for fun.  She says she wants to whip him.  I know he's not "into" that- but I don't give a flying fuck.  It is my SLAVE, and if Bella wants to whip him, it is MY decision as to whether he will be whipped or not- not his!  So of course, I let my bestie Bella whip the fuck out of him as much as she wants- just to "show off" how much he will suffer for me, basically.

He of course has no right to intercede on his own behave because he is MY property- totally. I just relax, prop my feet up on his back as if he where a fucking human footstool and enjoy watching Bella have her way with him. I even make him thank Bella for beating him! HAHAHA.

I love watching non-pain slaves take pain just because I WANT them to....it almost fucking turns me on to watch them suffer just in order to demonstrate their devotion to ME...and because they know it is the only way they could EVER please a girl like me.

Now THAT is real slavery and real devotion- suffering simply because it pleases your Owner.  (Or in this case, her best friend LOL.)

Princess Beverly

The Slave Gauntlet

The slaves have to run a gauntlet of pain composed of an all-star cast of Mean Girls! Featuring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, Princess Aria, Goddess Harley, and Queen Kasey! The slaves start at one end of the gauntlet and have to crawl past all of the Mean Girls each one holding a whip, crop, or other instrument to beat the slaves. Some of the Mean Girls have a whip in each hand so the blows rain down upon the slaves’ non-stop. As soon as one slave goes through the next is sent in just behind him like cars going through an automatic car wash. Except when they make it to the end they have to right back through again! By the time they make it through each station of the gauntlet they are covered in welts and marks from the whippings and beatings. If that wasn’t painful enough they Mean Girls also kick the slaves in the ribs and jam them with the points of their high heels. The slaves are reduced to a trembling mess before it’s all over. This is a great clip to buy because the action is non-stop and it has an expanded all-star cast you don’t get in other clips. It’s always more fun when a whole group of Mean Girls is abusing the slaves together. They are always egging each other on to be even more brutal!

Whip Slave Nasty

This slave was SUPPOSED to worship Bella and Carmela's feet, but he ended up stinking really, really bad. So instead of getting feet we decided to whip his smelly ass. A slave that doesn't shower doesn't get rewards like FEET, he gets the sh*t beat out of him. The smelly pig is squirming and rolling around trying to get away from the whips, but we are PISSED and won't stop until he learns to clean himself before coming to serve our perfection. You are dirt to us, but that doesn't mean we want to smell you.

Carmela's Choice

Princess Carmela is walking around Mean Girl Manor looking gorgeous in her short black skirt and high heels when she discovers a bound and naked slave with a handwritten note duck tapped to his head. The note reads “Hey girl I was playing with this slave and left him tied up for you so you can do whatever you want to him so have fun” Oh that Princess Beverly! She is such a sweetheart how nice of her. Princess Carmela inspects the slave knowing she can do whatever she wants with the bound slave. She tells the slave his scars are starting to look a little weak so she’s going to scar him back up by whipping and caning the shit out of him. Princess Carmela has an assortment of whips and canes to choose from and deploys them all in a most brutal fashion.

Fans of severe corporal punishment and whipping will love this clip! Princess Carmela does real damage with the long tail whip and bamboo cane and other implements of her choosing. The slave is in a lot of pain and is shown no mercy as he cries and begs for the beating to stop. Princess Carmela does stop the whipping a couple of times but only long enough to allow the camera to zoom in and show all the new scars and welts now crisscrossing the slave’s body. Princess Carmela even points a perfectly manicured finger at the slaves back to happily show the camera where she has drawn blood. 

Cocky Slave Whipped In The Hot Box

This slave has been left chained up in the “Garage of Pain” at the mean girl punishment camp somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The Mean Girls like to party in Vegas on occasion and during their stay they can punish at will any slaves that have been sentenced for punishment from a Mean Girl Tribunal. It is like a hot box out here in the garage where the slave has been kept chained up for days. But it’s “attitude” still doesn’t seem to be broken. It is a new slave and still doesn’t understand that the only way it will survive ownership by The Mean Gilrs is by COMPLETE supplication at the feet of ALL Mean Girls and any of their friends. They are PROPERTY, not “people” anymore. This particular slave was sent for punishment for not putting enough olives in Princess Chanel’s boyfriend’s martini. He was one olive short, and just to show off in front of her boyfriend, Chanel sentenced him to 6 weeks at punishment camp! Plus she didn’t like his attitude- and rightfully so. He didn’t seem grateful enough to serve her and her boyfriend as a couple. 6 weeks out here should correct that, though! Princess Beverly had a very annoying plane ride to Vegas anyway. She actually had to share a charter Lear jet flight with some stupid bank executive. Not to mention it is SO hot out in this garage!

So she takes her anger out on the slave… The slave actually dares to complain to Princess Beverly that he feels his “sentence” was too harsh! Like his opinion counts for anything around here?? And he gives her ATTITUDE! This piece of scum needs to learn…and the best way to “teach” a slave anything is with a WHIP! Princess Beverly lays into him HARD. She beats the craapp ot of him with whips, canes, riding crops…until eventually he is broken and seems to have had an “attitude adjustment”. Princess Beverly even walks out of the room and turns the lights off at one point to leave the slave to “think” about its situation for awhile, and to “bake” a little bit MORE out in the hot box!! When she comes back a few hours later, she flips the lights back on and begins BEATING on the slave AGAIN without mercy!

By now the slave realizes how this is going to go…and begins BEGGING to be sent back to Mean Girl Manor and serve Princess Chanel AND her boyfriend, and anyone else he is told to! He pledges that he will do ANYTHING he is commanded to as the blows continue to rain down on him and his back fills up with welts and cuutts! This COCKY slave has learned its lesson and is obviously completely broken already. But Princess Beverly decides that it will still receive several more WEEKS of punishment to make SURE it never forgets that its life is now OWNED by The Mean Girls and its opinion mean NOTHING anymore!

Learn to Take a Thrashing

Princess Beverly and Superior Goddess Brooke are testing out a new slave’s ability to take pain. The slave said he wants to be a pain slave for The Mean Girls but a lot of slaves talk a good game but then can’t actually take much pain. Do you know why you are here today slave asks Princess Beverly? Yes, you’re going to whip me answers the slave. They start out light in the beginning using floggers and go a little bit harder each time training him to take more and more. Before long Princess Beverly is using two hands and beating the slave with the flogger as hard as she possibly can. They are impressed with the slave’s ability to handle the flogger so they decide to step it up a level by whipping the slave. If the slave can handle a whipping without complaining then they just may have a use for him. Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly don’t hold back at all and they both whip the slave hard! You can see deep purple welts form across the slaves back and the close up camera shot even reveals the braid pattern of the whip embedded in the slave’s skin. If you think you have what it takes to be a pain slave for The Mean Girls buy this clip first before volunteering to see an actual pain slave tryout. 

Slave Transfer

Slave Piggy had been slacking off on his slave duties recently always doing just the minimum amount of work. No one likes a mediocre slave so he was sent to the Mean Girls punishment camp in the desert for some intensive slave retraining guaranteed to fix any behavior problems in even the most stubborn of slaves. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi are in charge of running the camp and have returned to Mean Girl Manor to drop slave piggy off now that his training is complete. They deliver the slave to Princess Bella for inspection so she can determine if the slave is ready to serve again at Mean Girl Manor.

Duchess Dani opens the trunk of the car to reveal a confused and cowering slave piggy lying naked and collared inside the trunk. Princess Bella is skeptical that they have really fixed the slave and wants to see how he behaves before deciding if he can stay at the manor again. Princess Bella orders the slave to crawl out of the trunk and commands him to bow down and kiss her feet and lick the bottom of her shoes. The slave does as commanded while begging Princess Bella to please not send him back to the camp. He tells Princess Bella it’s terrible there and he’ll do anything to stay at the manor. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi give Princess Bella a demonstration of how they have literally whipped the slave into shape. They whip him non-stop from all directions with Princess Bella grabbing her own whip and joining in until the slave is being whipped to shreds. The slave has obviously been brainwashed as he keeps repeating over and over between his crying and screams “please, please, I just want to work now!” “Please just let me work!” Whatever they did to him out at that desert camp has obviously turned him into a mindless zombie work drone. Princess Bella is so happy with the results she decides to send the Mexican house slave to the camp next. He is obedient most of the time but they caught him jerking off in the shoe closet. The Mexican slave has just witnessed the whole scene and is terrified he doesn’t’ want his brain scrambled like the piggy slave.

I love this clip. The whipping is really brutal and it’s from three Mean Girls at once! Plus the whole idea of a Mean Girls work camp out in the desert is terrifying! I know I wouldn’t want to be sent there and would make sure I was a good slave. 

The Punishment of Porch-Monkey

This is the second part of a slave trial where the porch monkey gets punished. In this part Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke punish the guilty slave who admits to being a nigger. Princess Carmela tells the slave we don’t like niggers around here so we are going to beat the black right out of you! The slave is commanded to crawl out of his cage and is surrounded by Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke who begin flogging the slave. As the slave screams out in pain Princess Carmela reminds the slave why he is being punished. You’re just a worthless nigger right? Then why do you act like you don’t know why you’re being beat! Princess Carmela slaps the slave in the face repeatedly while Superior Goddess Brooke continues flogging him from behind. The slave is verbally abused and beaten until locked back up in his cage.

Finding His Breaking Point

We hear all the time about how you losers will do ANYTHING for us. How you'll go as low as possible, or take as much pain as possible. But you gotta understand that when you agree to take anything for us, we WILL find your breaking point. When we get a loser like this that thinks he can handle Bella AND Carmela both whipping his ass, we make them break. You can hear this loser scream in agony. It's even louder that the whip smacks he's in such pain. THIS is what happens when you say you can take pain for us.