Oh It's Your Birthday?

OMG! Can you believe my stupid slave was dumb enough to tell me it was its birthday? Hahaha.

This freak actually wanted time off...are you kidding me? Like, it actually thinks it has something more important to do than serve me? But, I am really glad that it reminded me that it is it's birthday so that I get to do what I do best. Which is giving it it's birthday spankings...only more brutal. 

I decided it was probably lying to me about how old it was so I made sure to paddle it way more than it told me. And I got a little excited and forgot what number I was at a few times, so I had to start over! Hahahaha....

By the time I was done celebrating this freaks birthday it decided it no longer wanted any time away from me and that its time was best spent serving me. How freaking dumb of this loser to forget that! But I reminded it...

Enjoy the birthday celebration!



-Goddess Platinum

PMS Therapy


Every single month I have to deal with this stupid fucking slave, and every single month this piece of sh*t makes me bleed. Like seriously, I think his inner sissy period is trying to sync up with mine or something. I don't know what is causing it, but I know it's this freak. It really pisses me off.

So of course I have to deal with this loser and wouldn't you know it...I started my period again. Since I've had enough of his sh*t, I'm going to teach this pathetic loser a lesson. 

I'm going to take out my PMS on it.

I invited our honorary guest, Miss Tiffany, over because she is as cruel as I am. She will help me teach this creature a lesson on how much PMS hurts....when we take it out on it!

We strung the freak up from the ceiling at the desert compound. Then shoved tampons up it's pig nose. And then we just beat the freak....hahaha. I mean it was tearing up and crying like the little sissy bitch it is.

Just so you know...I felt so much better and all my PMS was gone after torturing this fat fuck. 



-Goddess Platinum

Human Piñata

Princess Amber and I were super excited for the party tonight! I found out that the party was going to have a big piñata filled with lots of money, and I needed to make sure that Princess Amber and I would win it all. I decided that the best way to train to kick butt at the party was....a human piñata.

I strung my slave up to the ceiling by its ankles and wrists to surprise Princess Amber. She loved it! We proceeded to practice our piñata smashing on our human piñata while making it sing fiesta songs to us....hahahaha! 

I think that we will have more fun with my human piñata than we will winning all the money at the party later.

The Mean Girls NEVER lose.



-Goddess Platinum

Late Again

I invited Mistress Tiffany over to the Mean Girls Manoras an Honorary Guest and my one stupid slave really, really fucked up by being late. How Disrespectful! I decided to cuff the freak to my throne and allow Miss Tiffany to whip it until she felt like she taught it a lesson that it would never forget. Miss Tiffany is extremely mean and doesn't take too kindly to pathetic slaves being late. Especially wasting her time. I'm pretty sure this slave will never be late to anything ever again after Miss Tiffany is done with it.

She whipped it until it cried....hahaha

Actually it will probably be an hour early! Lol!

Don't ever piss off the Mean Girls and especially not Miss Tiffany. We will be sure to teach you a lesson you will never forget.



-Goddess Platinum

Playing With The Old Man

Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I were hanging out and we decided to bring one of our slaves out to play.

I love hanging out with Princess Amber because not only is she super hot, but she is just as twisted as I am. LOL! I love teaching Goddess Maci how to use and abuse pathetic losers.


Since my old ass geezer slave always gets on my nerves I decided it was the one we would mess with. I want to teach Goddess Maci to be amazing when it comes to whipping and beating slaves. So Princess Amber and I took this opportunity to show Goddess Maci to not hold back and to make your slaves very obedient… and to do that you have to beat them, and beat them as often as possible.


Goddess Maci makes me so proud! She is really getting the hang of being a Mean Girl and I love watching her grow and become just like her big sister and her Aunt.




-Goddess Platinum

What Loser Can Take More?

Mya and I were chillin this morning...talking about all kinds of girl stuff. We stumbled on the topic of our pathetic slaves. We were trying to figure out which slave could take the most painso we just decided...fuck it. Let's try it out.

We grabbed our two nearest slaves at Mean Girls Manor. A bunch of whips, crops and paddles...and then we put them to the test!

We took turns whipping, cropping, paddling and beating the snot out of them. Lol! I don't think the slaves had fun but per usual we had a blast. It's so good being a Mean Girl. Best. Life. EverHahahaha.

Who do you think was better between these two losers? Watch and see...



-Goddess Platinum

Princess Chanel & Princess Ashley Return Eurotrash


OMG guess who's back! Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley! Two of the all time favorite Mean Girls!

Now if you have been a fan of Mean Girls for a while you would know who EuroTrash is. And if not, he is a pathetic slave from Europe, that flies in and pays the Mean Girls to kick his ass, LOL!

This time EuroTrash begged Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley to fly in (and of course that loser paid for all accommodations) for one day to do their annual beat down. And man oh man this year was a doozy. This year EuroTrash paid each girl $4,000 just to have the opportunity to be in their perfect presence and get the crud beat out of it. What a fucking loser!!! LOL!!

We started by going to the hotel, throwing EuroTrash in the trunk, taking him to the desert compound and throwing it in a cage until we were ready to deal with it. When we were ready we pulled it out and did our first beatdown...watch to see ;)

Then we threw it back in the trunk and took it over to the Mean Girl Manor to finish the job...hahaha!

I'll leave it at that...watch and see!

***EuroTrash got exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be "beaten severely with no limits".  To be honest, Ashley & Chanel "broke" him a LOT in this video though. If you want to be one of our slaves we work within your fetish/limitation. Apply at Our americanmeangirls members site***


-Goddess Platinum

Miss Dandy's First Beatdown

You all know we have a brand new Mean Girl and if you didn't you know now.

Mistress Dandy is brand spanking new to Female Domination. She's always been extremely dominant, but she's new to the femdom world. So I have taken on the amazing task of teaching her how to be amazing; even though she already is. She needs to learn the Goddess Platinum way...

This is Mistress Dandy's first time ever paddling, cropping and whipping a slave! And man oh man was she excited...You all know I had to use my geezer slave who is also a very obedient pain slave. So I strung that loser from the ceiling of our desert compound garage. I don't think I've ever been so excited to whip a slave before. Teaching gorgeous women how to be extremely cruel and abusive to loser beta males just turns me on so much.

I want you to take note at how tall, powerful and gorgeous Miss Dandy is. She could literally squish geezer by just stepping on him. She wears a size 10...and is the perfect image of an Amazonian Woman. Plus she's super hot.

Miss Dandy is like a red-headed Marilyn Monroe, oozing insane amounts of sex appeal. A loser like you would never be able to handle a vivacious woman like her, but you can dream about it...LOL!


-Goddess Platinum

Goddess Maci Does Her Chores

I was standing in the kitchen at the Mean Girl Manor when I decided to look over the Caning Chore ChartThis is when I realized that Goddess Maci hadn't ever done her caning chores since she finally turned 18 and joined the Mean Girls.

I called Princess Amber, (Goddess Maci's for real, real life, big sister.) and Goddess Maci into the kitchen and informed Princess Amber that her little sister hadn't done her chores yet. 

I already had our usual fat slave sprawled out on the futon with its hands and ankles handcuffed to each leg of the futon. I was really hoping it wouldn't exceed the max weight limit on the futon. Hahaha

Princess Amber and I walked Goddess Maci into the front living room where I had our slave ready and waiting to get caned. 

You know Princess Amber and I insisted on helping Goddess Maci with her chores... We want to play and have fun too!!!

Let's just say Goddess Maci will never skip her chores again and she will be very excited for them from now on. LOL! 

It's AMAZING being a Mean Girl!

Goddess Platinum

Round 2 Geezer Whipping

I'm sure by now you all watched the first geezer Beat Down clip I posted back in April. If you haven't watched it you better go buy it NOW!!! It was a brutal beat down by Princess Carmela and I and the old fuck actually blacked and konked out after he couldn't handle my ball busting. (Which let's all be real for a second... There aren't many males on this planet that can actually take MY BALL KICKS!)

Well I truly do love beating this old sack of k9 logs. I have actually brought him on as one of my pain slaves so I can harm and hurt him as often as I want to... It's actually pretty amazing and abusing him is fast becoming one of my favorite things I do to pass time. LOL!

This was my geezer slaves second trip to the Mean Girl Manor to serve me. He is realllllllly fucking stupid and says a lot of dumb crud just to piss me off. So by the end of this trip a lot of anger and frustration had built up. I couldn't severely beat him till the end, so I tortured him a little bit everyday. I figured this wrinkly sack of verbal diarrhea would be completely useless to me if I went crazy on him before the very end of it's trip.

This clip is the first half of round 2 geezer beat down. 

I invited Princess Mya over to join in my fun. It was only fair for me to have her come out to play with me since she had to put up with the geezers stupidity the day she came to the Mean Girl Manor.

Princess Mya and I have a blast whipping geezer over and over again with different types of crops, paddles and whips. 

Maybe one day you will have the balls to come out to the Mean Girl Manor and let us play with you?!?! Probably not though. LOL!


Goddess Platinum